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Oooh, a new post… Ahhh, the lazy rainy-to-sunny holidays… Awww, thanx again Mimi-chan for your gracious mention of our Zazzle T-shirts. Like I commented on your post, 50% of the proceeds will be donated to your college fund~ because MIT is freakin’ expensive! Moreover, thanx to Lindsay@Zazzle for modelling our virtual T-shirt image~ doesn’t she make the shirt look smexy?

Now for some fascinating stuff… During one of my random Google searches, I stumbled upon which somehow calculates the value of your blog or website. Maybe some of you have seen it already, but I never have. Till yesterday. So I tried it out on a bunch of DC-related otaku blogs, including my own. Fascinating! I’ve listed 10 from lowest to highest~ here’s what it spit out…

[1] Mimi’s Rage = $335.80. First on my list is Mimi’s Rage, a small blog run by Mimi’s fan club. Its tiny value isn’t surprising considering how new it is~ since earlier this month, November 2008. But it should be a good base reference for the following blogs.

Mimi’s Rage

[2] Gordonator = $2562.30. Second is Gordon’s blog. This is rather surprising. Combining his Team Blue trooping, Stormtrooper cosplaying and Gundam reviews, plus tons of comments, I’d expect at least double this value. Maybe the result of his switch from Blogger to earlier this year?


[3] Clan Blue Panthers a.k.a. Panther = $2664.50. Third is the blog of another Team Blue member, Panther. Despite the partial outsourcing of his blog responsibilities to refocus on his studies, this value still compares to Gordon’s. A positive effect of his recent blogging drama?

Clan Blue Panthers a.k.a. Panther

[4] Meimi132 = $3372.60. Fourth is Meimi132’s blog. Another impressive value for such a new blog~ started in mid-July 2008. But what’s intriguing is comparing to Panther’s, the lower Daily Pageviews despite the higher Net Worth. Ah, perhaps the power of


[5] xJAYMANx & xJAYMANx_toybox = $4066.10. Next is my own website and blog. While my website URL has been around since 2000 and my blog since mid-2007, what’s funny is not that this value is low, but that this value is so high for my lack of effort, lol. My rare DC comments~ maybe a handful per week~ plus rather infrequent blog updates~ about once a week. So who knows? Simple longevity?

xJAYMANx & xJAYMANx_toybox

[6] Meronpan = $4277.80. Sixth is Meronpan’s blog. Everytime I visit his figure posts, I see tons of comments. So this value is not a surprise. As far as I can tell, he’s another jumper from Blogger to started in mid-June 2008. And just like Panther-to-Meimi132, there’s a comparative drop in Daily Pageviews despite the rise in Net Worth from xJAYMANx-to-Meronpan. The same effect?


[7] Angry Loli a.k.a. Mimi = $5139.20. Seventh on the list is Mimi’s blog. Like Meimi132, this new blog was also started in mid-July 2008. But with her rising DC-idol status, her supporting fan club and fan art, and eccentric high-school rants, expect this value to grow even larger, hehe.

Angry Loli a.k.a. Mimi

[8] Puppy52 a.k.a. Chun = $6402.10. Eighth is Chun’s blog and website. With her February 2008 redesign and her smiling artistic updates both on her blog and DC, it’s no wonder her popularity shines towards the top. If we add her unique Zazzle T-shirts, this value is sure to rise, lol.

Puppy52 a.k.a. Chun

[9] How a Girl Figures a.k.a. Dancing Queen = $10446.30. Ninth is Dancing Queen’s blog. Now this really surprised me. Almost twice the value of Mimi’s or Chun’s blog. While I don’t visit her figure-oriented blog as often as other blogs, there’s always an impressive array of figure photos and comments. But with posts since mid-2007, YouTube videos in her honor, plus Gurren Lagann in her eyes, maybe it’s not surprising after all?

How a Girl Figures a.k.a. Dancing Queen

[10] Danny Choo = $244477.00. Ah, finally, the big daddy of otaku-oriented blogs,! More than 20 times the value of Dancing Queen’s blog at a quarter of million USD. Wow.

Danny Choo | Website Value

However, what’s disconcerting is that despite this huge value, DC’s traffic stats are only a third of what they once were back in June 2008. Really? Take a look at the next two graphs below from WebsiteOutlook and Alexa, respectively.

Danny Choo | Traffic Stats @ WebsiteOutlook

What happened to DC? Well, here’s my interpretation back in September, which I still hold today. To paraphrase: “I’d pinpoint it to sometime in April-May when DC first launched the ability for readers to submit Member News. Once he did that, he triggered a double-edged effect~ (a) the amazing and inspiring interaction of readers and bloggers, but at the same time, (b) shifting away the burden of providing news from his own unique perspective, to the eyes of his members … at a flooding pace and scope difficult for the busy reader to match, without getting turned off by it.”

Danny Choo | Daily Reach @ Alexa

Incidentally, of the 10 sites I listed above, no less than 3 were started or restarted in mid-June or mid-July! Is it a coincidence that the “amazing and inspiring interaction” on DC also caused these same readers to decentralize, spread out or break away with their own blogging pursuits? Take another look at the graphs. Where does the line drop the steepest? Yup, in mid-June and early-July. But my concern is that the line doesn’t seem to trend in an upward path. Instead, my guess is that readers are visiting Mimi’s, Chun’s, Dancing Queen’s and other more-individualized “breakaway” blogs, directly.

On that note, have you noticed the female balance-of-power yet? Haha, if we take DC away from the equation, the top 3 values on my list are held by girl bloggers. Come on, guys! What’s up? Where’s our web appeal? LOL, dumb question. Fewer girls in a crowd will always attract greater attention from guys.

Apple iMac. Speaking of appeal, that Apple iMac’s got loads of it. Especially the 24-inch iMac. Mmm, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Ever visited an Apple Store? Of course you have, lol. My first time was back in September 2007 in New York City. Mmm, and I fell in love with it ever since. Often in the back of my mind, due to my skinny wallet, but always towards the top of my wish list. Months and months on my wish list. But with my aging 3-year-old Dell laptop pausing to take a leak more often these last few months, I’ve thought about an iMac more seriously. At the Apple website. At the nearest Apple Store two days ago. Plus the Thanksgiving Black Friday sale today. And oh yeah, guess what? I ordered one, lol. With 24-inch screen. Upgraded to 4GB RAM. Niiice. ^A^

Property of Mimi’s Rage. Last but not least, I bought something else~ Yup, a long- and short-sleeved “Property of Mimi’s Rage” T-shirt, both black, lol. Can’t wait to try them on. ^_^


32 thoughts on “Blog 177 > Mimi’s Zazzle & iMac’s Dazzle

  1. mmm, maybe i should start a blog xD. altho not much exciting happens in my life

    about to order my mimis rage t shirt too :3

  2. No, thank YOU for creating those wonderful shirts! Very interesting post, i’m kinda surprised that my blog’s worth more than i expected lol. Hmm Gordon should be wayyyyy up there; it’s probably because of his switch? However, I wouldn’t say that people have switched to reading member blogs as a result of the success of the member news section. I think his decrease in traffic is a result of poorer-quality member posts. No offense is aimed to DC at all, ^__^ just stating what I think is true. At first, many posts were interesting and new, but as time went by, there became less to talk about and every member became acquainted with every other member, so there was less motivation to visit DC (Girls and the mystery factor always draw people in, but that was de-mystified within a few weeks of the Member News debut, since everyone got to know more about everyone else.) ^^ Sorry for the long reply! I can’t quite thank you and Punk Trooper enough for all that you have done. With all respect,

  3. @Mimi-chan: I’ll let u know if the shirts turn out as smexy as the virtual ones worn by Lindsay@Zazzle above, haha.

    Ah, but when u say “less to talk about”, it’s no longer about the *quality* of how a post was written, but the *quantity* of topic repetition, right? That’s what I meant, so I think we agree. Especially about Gordon too. Shocking. LOL, no worries, I know what u meant.

    P.S. Did u register for your own Gravatar yet? That way, you can personalize your comment icon-avatars for any blog with the feature. Like mine. And avoid my default Toybox icon-avatars. >_<

  4. @Joe1991: Who knows? Someone or anyone might stop by to read it… Hey, awesome! I’m sure Mimi will be glad to know you’re adding to her bleak college fund, haha. >_<

  5. Thanks Jay! I’ve been wondering where everyone gets those customized avatars from.. :] And of course i’ll buy a shirt too!
    Yeah, there hasn’t been as many interesting posts as of late… maybe it’s just grown on me too much xD

  6. @Gordonator: Hahaha, I genuinely tilted my head back and LOL’d at that! Umm, just charge people when they take your name card, lol. But there’s *always* the option to sell your trooper armor, right? ^_^;

    @Mimi-chan: Aww, very cute! No problema. Actually, I got the Gravatar idea from Gordonator himself, way back in July-August… But buying a shirt from your own fan club? That’s eccentric enough to be cool, lol. Still, shouldn’t u get one for free? >_<

  7. Whoa… mines worth that much?? Awesome…. makes me feel weirdly happy hehe. I’m tempted to put the banner on the site lol. Eeeeeeee! Sugoi…..

    And yes. I wuv Haruka-chan. The figure would have had to be pretty awful for me to give it a bad review lol.

  8. @M132: LOL, I know! Especially comparing ours to Gordon’s, and his blog gets tons of comments. There must be other factors obviously. Lucky!!!… As for Haruka-chan, I think those pantsu shots helped a bit too, lol. >.<

  9. @xjaymanx: I do wonder how they work it out lol Either way, aint a bad thing lol.
    And yes lol, pantsu shots are important for a blog, or at least while your starting out lol. Fanservice my friend. I try to cater to the masses lol. I do love Strike Witches too tho hehehehe.

  10. @Coco: Yeah, that WebsiteOutlook seems erratic, lol. Works for specific WordPress and Blogger subdomains, but not for DeviantArt. I guess, better luck next time? ^^;

    P.S. Hey, I recognize your name from Mimi’s~ no wait, from Puppy-Chun’s blog, right? Welcome to the Toybox!

  11. @Coco: Aww, thanx, could be worse. Haven’t posted any of my anime art on DeviantArt, but I left a comment on your profile~ Your Linsay reminds me of Primula from “Shuffle!” ^_^

  12. hm…..i dunno…..

    you created those shirts?
    hm i dunno whats the story behind this and why you create and sell shirts for someone to get them money for university if i got this right…..i always experienced people have to work hard for themself and care about their shit alone.

    anyways. i dont really like the design of the shirt and dont think its sexy^^
    no matter who is wearing it.

    but nevermind, hope your fine since you didnt reply my mail….

    Miyabiko´s last blog post > Blog 25: Hiromi arrived & 노래방 with the girls

  13. That was an interesting read especially that theory on the lower pageviews of2008.As a Coincidcence i started my blog in July aswell.I wonder why that many started their blog around that time

    Blowfish´s last blog post > Reinforcements!

  14. @Miko: Hey sorry, if I didn’t reply immediately, probably cuz I didn’t know what to say or add to what I’ve already said, or didn’t want to feel so down or depressed at the time. But I admire your ever-blunt honesty, hehe… I’ll email this too, okay? Gotta be patient sometimes… >_< @Blowfish: Hey thanx! Nah, not a real theory, but maybe it isn't a coincidence either. Especially if you started your blog in June-July too! Dozens, if not hundreds, of others were probably inspired the same way. Makes sense, right? Hehe, I'm just looking at the numbers... ^_^

  15. Check mine~ I was very surprised with my value xD;;; I only started around June maybe? And I rarely post, lol~

    Yes, I’m back~ I had very slow internet until the start of the new month, still haven’t posted my next entry yet though ^^;;

    Would you mind another fanart to add to the shop? Would like to contribute to Mimi’s edumaca~tion xD;; I should be drawing fanarts of Danny mascots too, and is yours the purple haired girl? :3

    Koshiko´s last blog post > Somewhat Unofficial Mascot for

  16. @Koshiko: Hey, no problem. And not bad! Then again, being a girl usually boosts the value, lol. And guess what? In addition to the three I listed above, plus Blowfish’s comment, yours is the 5th blog I know that started in June-July… Positively not a coincidence.

    Hmm, more fanart for the shop? Sure, why not? Assuming it passes my rigorous artistic standards. Just kidding, just email it over, and I’ll check it out (resolution, transparency, etc.)… As for the blue-haired girl, you probably mean Akiko~ Mirai’s tsundere rival (in my “Art” section), lol. Actually, I haven’t really named her as mascot. I thought about it once. Maybe I’ll redesign her or create someone new. Instead, could Angsty Momo have a twin sister-mascot? >_<;

  17. what’s up with that daily pageview number? It seems a bit high… by a factor of 10 ^^;; my humble little blog struggles to stay at 100 views per day (according to the wordpress stats… and that’s views… visits or whatever the term would be are probably way lower)

    my site is indeed a result of danny’s influence and i noticed once i started it, my activity at dropped off, especially for news items — i felt like spamming if i just made a news item for posts going on my blog (though that hasn’t stopped me from spreading a little love to my reviews from time to time ^^;;) – especially because my posts are *already* duplicated at

    At any rate, i love stats and it was interesting to see what website outlook thinks of all our blogs.

    meronpan´s last blog post > ただいまもどりました~

  18. Well me thinks part of the multimedia-ness was that they danced around in front of them, getting high/stoned and singing. Or something… I don’t really see it either…

    And as for god creating evolution, that wouldn’t be correct since all the years christians have been bitching about evolution being evil etc. Going against god whatnot. I know they rewrite stuff when they think its out of date. But there are so many branches of christianity. And anyways, I aint getting into no relgion argument at this time of night… I need sleep since I didnt get any last night :sob: I kept falling asleep during movie night, I fell asleep during Dylan Moran….the shame…

    Meimi132´s last blog post > How far does multimedia go back?

  19. @Meronpan: Haha, yeah, the definitions of pageviews and pageloads are kinda arbitrary. Some places define page *loads* as fully-completed, while other places count page *views* as either complete or incomplete loads. I’m not a developer, but the latter makes more sense if image searches count. After all, tons of visitors seem to bring up my images before jumping to my site, fully loaded or not… But don’t complain~ yours got a higher worth even though mine got a higher pageview count, lol.

    Yeah, post duplication can be a thankless pain. And it almost feels *cheap* or like *cheating* if I need to say “Hey DannyChooligans, come over to my place!” LOL, but that’s just me. In any case, thanx for the perspective. Much nicer than getting *one-line drive-by* comments~ That’s my aim, lol. ^_^

    @M132: LOLZ! I totally laughed-out-loud at the cavemen “dancing, getting stoned, singing”. But maybe there’s a point there, depending on how the cave-paintings were painted~ In a wild ceremony? Or in a quiet personal setting?

    That’s true, *evil*-ution, eh? But if I recall correctly, it all stems from the point-of-view that mankind was created in the image of God, superior to monkeys and other animals, not equal to them. If mankind was just another animal, then… um… argh, you’re right, this argument is too cumbersome even for an 8pm Vegas evening, lol. Sleep is good. All-nighter, not-so-good. >_<

  20. Rigorous artistic standards ay? Lol~ I’ll email you a sketch first then :3

    Also fellow Sydney otaku, Optic, started his blog around the same time x3 must have been one of those inspirational posts Danny might have posted around that time that inspired a lot of people :3

    And I didn’t notice earlier, but congrats on your new mac, not a big fan but then again, I haven’t had the opportunity to really figure the system out [the fact that the last one I used was one of the lower spec ones didn’t really help].

    I was sure I posted before… must have lost it when I accidently closed the browser yesterday or so u_u~

    Koshiko´s last blog post > Somewhat Unofficial Mascot for

  21. The 1984 post on my blog is for uni once again. He asked us what was so important about the day the advert came out(it was shown during the 1984 superbowl interval or something) And it revolutionised stuff. EVEN THOUGH today we were told the people who started Mac were bastards and stole the idea from a smaller company…. Ironically called Windows…

    Meimi132´s last blog post > Solid Theater Tama-chan 1/6th PVC Figure Review

  22. @xJaymanx – I think it has to do with the way they’ve arranged the links now. Less clicks to what you want to do apparantly. Which is true, most of the important pages have dropdown boxes to the rest of the links. Like appearence, links, posts, pages etc. I spose it’ll be quicker to get about. But I was never exactly in a rush when using WP….lol

    Meimi132´s last blog post > Your thoughts on the new WP Dashboard?

  23. @M132: Okay, I get the 1984 thing now. Basically a history lesson. Haha, Mac stole from a company called Windows? But I once saw a based-on-real-life TV show about where Bill Gates is portrayed to steal ideas from Steve Jobs!

    Ah, I see. WordPress 2.7. Yeah, fewer clicks would definitely help. What? Never in a rush? Three posts a day seems pretty hasty to me, lol. ^_^;

  24. @Koshiko: LOL, thanx, I’ll look forward to the sketch. Ah yes, DC inspirational posts would’ve easily added to the momentum of breaking away. Ah, and thanx again, I finally posted about my iMac. So far so good. But no mascots for me yet, lol. >_<

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