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Hahaha, when I read the last line of this blog post, the words suddenly called to me, begging for a Despair poster, lol. But what image to use? So I hopped onto Google. Then somehow, I don’t remember how, I stumbled upon this random image of Danny Choo and his buddy Hector Garcia taking a break from their Imperial trooping earlier this year. And voila, this poster was born! Frivolous? Sure. Mindless? Maybe. But I couldn’t help it, hehe. ^_~


12 thoughts on “Blog 164 > Mimi Says

  1. Ahaha nice one Jayman! Although it seems like i’m back and going on Youtube more than ever ^^; (Don’t think i get the meaning behind it hehehe)

  2. @Mimi: Ah, the internet is quite an addictive siren, lol. Meaning? Who said anything about a meaning? If anything, the absence from the internet doesn’t necessarily mean u “have a life” if you’re trooping around in cosplayable armor (Danny excluded), lol. ^_~

    P.S. LOL, or maybe I meant not-so-cosplayable armor? O_o;

  3. Man, this is the second blog I’ve stumbled upon that has motivational posters for fun! Yeah, we do have a life off the Internet; just when do we start that life, correct? ^^;;

  4. @Mimi: Hahaha, thanx! ^A^

    @J85: LOL, true. Doesn’t *normal life* seem so normal? Yet the internet is so much more *imaginative*. So where’s this other de-motivational poster? ^_^

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