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Holy damn! Halfway through March already? My birthday just days away? Wow. Probably the most concentrated, contested and colorful week so far this year! But first, before I forget, don’t forget to vote for my “Angry Momo” fanart entry at Angry Mimi’s Peachy BlogFirst Round and Final Round, lol. Vote! Do it! Do it now! Secondly, my Trendy Toyboxers, welcome to another five-course meal of humming-and-sizzling images and dozens of ruminating-and-illuminating leaps on art, anime and life. What else? This week, we dart around angry young mascots, peek backwards at scantily-clad police-girls and hot-wired cyberpunks, rewind across motorized birthday gifts, and hopscotch through a haphazard maze of random sandwiches, felines, smog tests, supermarkets, dentists, girl scouts, spanked maids, double laptops, and MP3 players! So what are you waiting for? Let’s pump up the volume and begin the show…

Part 1 of 5. March 2009. Momo Mascot Madness! To jumpstart this March-packed broadcast, remember my first fanart of “Angsty Momo” back in November 2008? Here she is.

Well, when Mimi-chan announced her fanart contest on Feb 20th, I initially had no plans for a new piece by March 7th. But as reader interest somehow began to snowball, I found myself becoming more and more swept by the idea! Despite my overwhelming Tiger Team duties, and with the help of Mimi-chan’s one-week deadline extension, I finally began tweaking my original “Momo” on Saturday, March 7th. Four nights later, I actually completed my new “Angry Momo” fanart! Here’s my message to Mimi-chan on Thursday, March 12th.

Hey Mimi,
Well, I actually finished my contest entry! Who’d’ve thunk? It’s my glorious “Part 2” companion to “Part 1”. The only thing I wasn’t satisfied with in “Part 1” was that Momo-chan wasn’t “angsty” or “angry” or emotional enough, lol. So this time, I infused as much emotion as I could. Hope it comes across!

Then on Saturday, March 14th, the fanart contest voting began! Spanning three days, this “First Round” voting continues through March 16th. So don’t forget to vote! For *me*, preferably, lol. I’ll be your best friend?

Part 2 of 5. Massive Masamune Attack. Ah, Masamune Shirow’s glorious cybergirl art! Continuing my retrieval and re-exposure of my ancient figure photoshoots like “To Heart” (Nov 2006) and “Shuffle” (Nov 2006), I decided to bring back my “Sexy Cybergirls” photoshoot from March 2007. Hehe, yup, March, of course! Almost exactly two birthdays ago, lol.

But before we flash back to 2007, here are some revealing scenes from Masamune Shirow’s 2002 poster series Galgrease featuring the silver-haired Galhound herself! Here’s the cover of Series 1, Collection 6. (Sorry, Mimi-chan, if this is too ecchi!)

Inside, we enjoy our first glimpse of the black-capped Galhound!

Whoa, someone’s being inspected for naughtiness, lol.

But being naughty can sometimes be nice, lol.

At last, the sizzling poster featuring Galhound’s definitive akimbo pose!

Whattaya think? Nice? Hehe, feel free to enlarge these eye-popping posters to their fully greased glory! Now that you’ve seen Galhound’s 2002 origins, let’s flash forward to my March 2007 figure photoshoot, just five years later.

Part 3 of 5. March 2007. Sexy Masamune Cyberpunks. Yup, here they are! Like I hinted above, here’s my pic-for-pic “Sexy Cybergirls” photoshoot from two birthdays ago. Featuring the hot-wired cyborg Motoko Kusanagai from “Ghost in the Shell”, my 48th figure (of 92) in March 2007. Plus the silver-haired police-girl Galhound from “Galgrease”, my 2nd figure (of 92) in May 2006. Here was my amusing description back then (edited for accuracy), lol.

March 22nd, 2007

Okay, enough with the high-school childishness, lol. Bring on the full-figured women of cyberpunk sci-fi! For this post, I introduce one of my newest and rarest pieces, the raven-haired 1/6-scale “Motoko Kusanagi Hard Disk” (in resin) based on the original 1991 sci-fi manga Ghost in the Shell by Masamune Shirow. Sculpted by Yoshimasa Nakao and released by ALPHA, Motoko stretches to a towering 13-inches tall.

In addition, I welcome the return of one of my earliest pieces in May 2006, the lavender-haired 1/8-scale “Galhound” (in PVC) from the 2002 poster series Galgrease, also by Masamune Shirow. Released by Yamato, Galhound stands about 7 inches tall. One background note: While Galhound wasn’t the first figure I acquired, she was the first figure that caught my eye before I ever thought of starting a collection. You could even say she planted the idea in my head!

As of this post, both figures are pretty rare on eBay or otherwise. Furthermore, it’s interesting to note Masamune’s fascination with black, silver, and purple color schemes. Not that I mind. LOL!… In this Canon photoshoot, I saved 45 shots, then narrowed it down to 35 shots.

Finally, here’s the 35-shot photoshoot! Recognize Galhound’s akimbo pose?

Motoko comes into focus.

I love the use of wires and cables in her overall design. But a bitch to clean!

Despite their similar color schemes, their huge gap in scale was a major photographic obstacle.

But I did the best I could back then.

A closer view of Motoko’s hard disk connections.

Another view of her (umm) intriguing (cyber) surf wear, lol.

Galhound surveys her surroundings.

While Motoko arches her lovely back.

And reveals her rear ports, lol.

Another back-arching stretch.

Another hard-disk connection.

If this is the future of an all-female police force, where’s my time machine?

Ahh, one of my favorite Motoko shots!

Yet another!

Unfortunately, her gaze is rather dazed and distant. Intentional?

While Galhound’s stare is dead-on deadly.

Even more hard-disk connections!

Galhound: “This is the police! Have you been naughty?”

“Have you been nasty?”

“Or have you been nice?”


Motoko: “Unknown cyberbrain detected.”

“Prepare a Triple-A viral barrier.”

“Correction. Make that a Triple-X viral barrier.”

“Viral penetration neutralized.”

If you haven’t seen or read any “Ghost in the Shell” titles, the above probably made no sense, lol.

But that’s okay. I’m sure Motoko will forgive you.

If anything, check out the “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex” Season 1.

That anime series is probably the smoothest and easiest dive into this cyberpunk universe.

The more-political manga and more-philosophical films might be a little tougher to digest.

Then again, the array of enhanced female forms are rather easy on the eyes.

If you know what I mean, lol.

Yeah, you know what I mean!

Too bad Galhound doesn’t appear in any “Ghost in the Shell” title.

And that’s it! My cyber-indulgent rewind back in time, lol. Need I say more? Next, from one set of shiny black surfaces, we reflect off another set of shiny black surfaces below.

Part 4 of 5. March 2008. Midnight Murano Memory. Leaving 22 March 2007, let’s leap forward to 22 March 2008, lol. Why that day? Because on that day last year, I finally bought my most-affordable “dream car”, the 2005 Nissan Murano! With an approximate worth of 400-500 anime figures, hahaha. Damn, one year already! In fact, here’s what I named her back in my Human Pets & Masters post, lol.

My metal pet “Jemma Chernaya”, haha. “Jemma” came from my friend’s name “Meg” reversed into “Gem” but with a J. Luckily, “Jemma” still means “gem or jewel” in Latin, lol. And “Chernaya” came from my friend Lena in Russia, where her nickname “Chernaya” is the Russian word for “black”. Put it all together, you get the “Black Jewel.” Something Lulu of Code Geass could be proud of, eh?

Yup, here’s my brief photoshoot on 22 March 2008, after bringing “Jemma” home. Just three days after my birthday! Here I am, still stunned by what I did, lol.

But hey, why not? My 1991 Toyota Camry was falling apart anyway!

Oh yeah. Finally. A motorized vehicle which finally fits my artistic style.

Unfortunately, I’ll be paying for it for a while, lol.

Here’s another brief photoshoot taken the following week. Both of my cars. In fact, I owned both cars for two months until I sold the Camry to my friend Vanessa’s colleague Barbara in May 2008. Yeah, it was nice switching back and forth from compact sedan to cross-over SUV. Nice while it lasted, lol.

Yup, 1991. I’d driven the old Camry since my parents bought it for me for college in 1991-1992. That’s about 16-17 years straight! And Barbara is still driving it one year later!

Yup, out with the old…

And in with the cool, hehe.

So what’s the lesson to be learned? Well, even now, I still love looking at and driving my “Jemma”. Like a visual breath of fresh inspiration to start my day. Maybe someday I can find a new girl who can infuse the same kind of illogical (yet logical) inspiration. Of heart and mind.

Part 5 of 5. March 2009. Random Ran Dumb. Hahaha, that’s funny. Random. Ran dumb. Okay, maybe not, lol. But now, we’ve finally reached the random portion of my mega-post. Yup, the Tiger Team tactical task force continues! Week 2 of 7. Between non-Tiger technical training sessions, here’s a roast-beef sandwich to power a Thursday lunch-time Tiger flowchart brainstorm.

A tasty close-up.

A feline close-up of Sylvester the Cat, lol. Guess what I’m drinking?

A couple of days later, Saturday, finally did the annual smog test for my “Jemma”. Epic pass!

After the smog test, grocery time. Such a beautiful 70-degree Fahrenheit afternoon!

Yeah, that’s the Vons supermarket, lol.

A view towards the west. Wow.

A view towards the east. Spectacular Vegas skies. Feel free to enlarge it, lol.

Guess who’s wearing a “Firefly” Browncoat T-shirt?

Okay, time to back up. Why is a photo of my dentist Tiffani here? Well, during my Wednesday lunch (the day before my Thursday roast-beef sandwich), I finally drove to her dental office and picked up her daughter’s Girl Scout cookies, haha.

2008 | My Dentist Tiffani

Yup, “Crispy Cinnamon Snacks” on the left. “Peanut Butter Sandwiches” on the right.

Oh, remember spunky NaTasha from the departmental party a couple week ago? Well, these are her cheesy-but-free MP3 players, lol. I still gotta download and transfer dozens of Rhythm-n-Blues and Hip-Hop tunes onto them. Bahhh, lol.

Also on Wednesday, I finally finished the post-modern magical-realistic “Spanking the Maid” by Robert Coover. It’s barely over 100 pages, but it took over 3 months of sporadic bathroom reading since January 2009! Even scarier is that while I received my “Genshiken” Volume 9 back in December 2007, I forgot that I *never* finished it! So I’m finally going back to it 15 months later. In fact, I realized this fact only because I was looking for “angry face” manga references for my new “Angry Momo” fanart! Gahhh!

At last, here’s everything thrown together. My “Angsty Momo” home laptop. My “Tiger Team” work laptop. My Girl Scout cookies. And my unconventional books.

Whoops! Don’t forget NaTasha’s MP3 players, hehe.

Ahh, and finally back to my pissed-off punk-parented “Angry Momo”, lol.

Wow. March 2007, March 2008 and March 2009. What a way to kick-off my March birthday week! Did you stay awake through another five-course meal of art, anime and life? Did you enjoy our angry young mascots, scantily-clad police-girls, hot-wired cyberpunks, motorized birthday gifts, and haphazard maze of random sandwiches, felines, smog tests, supermarkets, dentists, girl scouts, spanked maids, double laptops, and MP3 players? No? Well, you must’ve enjoyed the company of Momo, Motoko, Jemma, Tiffani, and Galhound, right? Not even Sylvester? LOL, no worries, I forgive you. As long as you vote for my fanart entry at Angry Mimi’s Peachy BlogFirst Round and Final Round, lol. Vote, my Trusty Toyboxers, vote. Like I mentioned, this “First Round” voting continues through March 16th, while the “Final Round” voting continues through I-don’t-know-when. Wait, let me check — through March 19th! Coincidental day! And if you’re interested, here’s Mimi-chan’s reply to my “Angry Momo” entry (edited for safety), lol.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahahaha I love it!! OMG! Hahaha you are great Jay you leave me speechless like this haha. xDDDD … Ahaha LMFAO you are epic >:D Wooo!

<3 Mimi

Awww, with her enthusiastic reaction, who needs a contest? ^_~


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  1. @xJaymanx: That is one sweet ride!!

    I hope its not just 1 long episode…. I wanted more Fuuko…. bah… nvm, any Clannad is good Clannad.

    Last entry? 17? Nope lol. Mines 4. I do like 17 though.
    The hair colour is a bit wrong.. stupid big computer screen is wrong… I’ve tried fixing it so it looks like my laptops.. but nothings worked so far… I’ll just have to compensate when colouring in photoshop. Or just use psp. Works the same lol.

    Meimi132´s last blog post > Momoponato & Lady Reaper

  2. @Dan-the-Man: Haha, yeah, my thoughts exactly. Especially when my old Toyota was beginning to fall apart. No matter how well I took care of it, lol. Ahh, while it’s nowhere near the Prius’s 40-50 mpg, my “Jemma” is currently at 20+ mpg. About the same as my Toyota! Sadly, since she’s a newer model, my registration renewal (the reason for the smog test) is gonna cost $300 USD! Or 4-5 anime figures, lol.

    @M-chan: Awww, thanx… Hehe, exactly, Clannad is Clannad. All good… Oh no-no, not the last in the list, I meant the last one at the deadline! It sounded like u just made it. And since Mimi-chan mentioned a last-minute entry, I guessed it might be u, lol. Not true?… Ah, yeah, coloring can be a pain. Before the iMac, I used to switch between my home laptop and the 20-inch monitor attached to it. In my experience, laptop colors are more deceptive and annoying, lol. But why not use the color picker (eyedrop tool) to select Mimi-chan’s original colors directly? That’s what I did. Then u know they’re correct when u switch to the big screen. And u can step the intensity or brightness up or down from that original color. No?

    @Mimi-chan: Awww, thanx again… Hey, no problem. I even encouraged Taketombo and Puppy-Chun to enter. Even if it hurt my chances, lol. Haha, nope, all cookies for me! But really, thanx. And looking forward to your epic brog changes! ^_~

  3. Aww, I wanted to vote but the poll was down. :( Hope Mimi manages to fix it soon! Tech probs aren’t nice. I found it pretty amusing that yours and 8 (which is more cute grouchy..) were the only really angry pictures out of the bunch. XD Awesome, will definitely vote when I can.

    That lady on the Galhound cover has really… boobs. >.> I’m amused to see this post is more porno than your post on Pirates, which actually is porno. XD -laughs- Also, what is Galhound wearing down there in that last pic?! That doesn’t quite look like hair, but unless it’s some kind of adhesive g string.. >.>

    What’s with guys and black cars? -wry- Also, your dentist is hot! :D

    jenn´s last blog post > Kemono no Souja Erin 10 – Selfpreservation Girl

  4. @Jenn-chan: Yeah, Mimi-chan’s definitely cyber-wrestling with her blog, lol. Winning some of her battles, yet losing others, haha. But knowing her, she’ll defeat those nasty little “blog goblins”. Even if it means throwing her computer out the window! LOL!… Awww, thanx, Jenn-chan! Exactly! Momo-chan *should* be angry, shouldn’t she? I mean, Angry Loli, right? And the daughter of Punk Trooper? That’s why I wasn’t completely happy with my first “Angsty Momo”. Not quite angsty at all, lol.

    Hehe, yeah, u noticed their *pointiness* too? Ah, that’s one of Masamune Shirow’s fetishes, I suppose. But now that u mentioned it, hehe, this post kinda *does* have more pornographic tendencies than my “Pirates XXX” post! Then again, I can always argue than porno cartoons aren’t really porno, haha. A flimsy argument, but who knows? Might convince the anti-anime crowd, lol. Or not… Hmm, I assume u mean the poster dated 20021022 at the top. Galhound is the silver-haired fem. Did u mean the other policegirl? In both cases, I’d say they’re wearing some sort of leather or latex-based material over their *private* regions, lol. Yup, another one of Shirow-sensei’s fetishes! Not unlike the fetish of black leather or black cars!

    Hmm, I don’t know. I’ve always worn black since forever. And in terms of technology, I’ve suffered thru my black Sony stereo phase in the 90’s, then my silver computer phase in the 00’s. But cars are more like clothes and stereos, not desktops of laptops, lol. If that makes any sense?… Ahh-haha, I’ll let Tiffani know next time I see her. Unfortunately, that black dress wouldn’t be appropriate attire when poking-and-prodding thru my pearly bicuspids. >o<

  5. Mmmmmm, that food looks good. I don’t remember the girl scout cookie flavor, but there is one that is absolutely delicious. hahaha, are you photographing your reflection off of the car door. You’re funny, Jay. It seems that you’re still mighty busy with your tiger team.

    I used to shop at Vons, but it’s not the closest thing to where I live right now.

    Wow. In that last picture, the girl on (my) right has a stick(?) in her mouth? Looks really provocative and misleading, haha. That’s pretty unique to own any figure who is missing the rest of her clothing to cover her arse. I have some figures like that, too. I think that’s a fairly easy area to gauge whether or not the sculpt is smooth and nonexistent of mold lines, haha.

    Still not here. Just roaming around everywhere. Gotta let my eyes do some more recuperation.

    Jem´s last blog post > Limiteds to the right and left of me

  6. @Jem-chan: Hehe, too bad the food is all mine! Roast beef *and* cookies, hehe. Hmmm, u better not be talking about the taste of, umm, was it peppermint? Argh, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to peppermint, lol. Ever. Haha, what’s so funny about my reflection? In fact, I look downright cranky. Must be the blinding sunlight. Grrr. And no, Jem-chan, not the “grrr” of a Tiger Team. >o< Ah, yes, u got it. Shirow-sensei seems to like nightsticks rammed down policegirl throats, doesn't he? Click for a more enlarged analysis, lol. But hey, I don't know how *un*-misleading it can get! The phallic implications seem pretty clear to me, lol. And only *u* can transform the topic of arse areas into mold lines. Nobody else. So get better. Give your eyes some rest. And eventually your eyes can do some more appropriate roaming, with or without arse clothing, lol. P.S. Yo, looking forward to the epic "BSG" finale?

  7. @xJaymanx: lol I could have found verticle shimapan if I looked beyond Sankaku hehe, but mesa was being lazy, and all the verticle shimapan in the shimapan idol gallery was….weird…. and mostly just pics of the oshiri. I didn’t think just an ass would make up for the abundance of boy-candy I posted heheh.
    (Oops, I…didn’t rant.. but I went on a bit lol)

    Meimi132´s last blog post > Japanese Boy Candy + a suprise inside!

  8. @M-chan: Hahaha, awww, laziness is a virtue!

    But funny u couldn’t find any proper verticals. Hmm, I wonder if that’s why horizontal shimapan look better? Or more natural? Hmmm. There’s gotta be a poll on that, eh? Nahhh, u didn’t linger at all. In fact, it was *too* short. But I’m sure I’ve seen a bunch of shimapan in my roommate’s bedroom floor. Or her bathroom floor, lol. But never counted how many verticals or horizontals! ^_~

  9. My Brother is a Big Masamune Shirow Nut.All Iknow is the GITS Stuff.Soo your Dentist allows you to take pictures of her and post them? :D

    So how did those Girlscout cookies taste?I always thought that they bake them themselves.

    Ive got a Question about your Possibly Random Links Section.
    Id like to steal that Idea and include a one column rotating ad for fellow blogs under my blogposts.How do I do that?
    I know jackshit about Coding so could you please explain it nice and slowly? PLUHEZE

    Blowfish´s last blog post > Gift Saber Outdoor Shoot

  10. No fair. Share. I don’t remember what flavor it was, but it was like paradise entrapped within those cheesy Girl Scout boxes. De-licious! Cranky? I remember in highschool, it was the thing for asian or filipino guys to have a cranky or dogging look for the pictures. That’s cool. Is your dentist in a dress? It’sssss grrrrreat!

    Yes, that is my specialty. You have found me out. My figures are still in their boxes, but have you ever done that where you see how smooth the arse is. I have 3 figures with soft chest. I checked out one out of curiosity and she’s soft, haha. I enlarged the picture and it looks worse to me. The girl with the police stick up her mouth looks like she has a stick somewhere else, too. Show and tell, perhaps? LOL, I will ask before I really misinterpret, but you weren’t implying for me to browse the internets with or without underwear, right?

    My eyes are definitely resting, so it’s good. I’m not completely out of the water, yet.

    Jem´s last blog post > Limiteds to the right and left of me

  11. @Miko-chan: Hehe. Ohh, u mean “Ghost in the Shell”? Yeah, tough to explain unless you’re already familiar with cyberpunk fiction (like Blade Runner or The Matrix)… But at least u tried to watch it, lol.

    @FlyingBlow: Ahh, no worries. At least your brother will enjoy these images, lol… Actually, if u knew how crazy my dentist is, u wouldn’t bother asking! I’ve got some other photos floating around my blog, of her and me acting like dorks in her office, haha. But then again, we both look horrible in them… LOL, maybe at one time decades ago, they used to bake their own. But definitely not recently. They taste just like pretty good store-bought cookies. Damn good… Hmm, Possibly Random Links, sure! But first of all, while u say u know jack-shit, it can’t be zero. How much coding have u coded to tailor and tweak your blog?

    @Jem-chan: Hehe, sure I’ll share. For something in return, lol… But yeah, these GS cookies are the first I’ve had in a *looong* time. And they’re still pretty good! Haha, the cranky or pissed-off look? Yeah, I know what u mean. Especially on MySpace or album-cover-type photos, lol. Not my traditional style, but then again, here’s my best attempt yet. Definitely the enraged look. Cool enough? Hehe, thanx, I’ll let my dentist know!… But I won’t tell her about your arse-inspecting or chest-fondling fetishes, lol. Well, let’s just say that the police girl seems to wish another kind of stick was rammed down her throat! Whoa-whoa-whoa, I didn’t imply that! I meant roaming for underwear-less figures or females! But I can see how my poor-wording could lead to that misinterpretation, haha… Wait-wait-wait. Don’t tell me u actually browse the nets like that, do u? Ahh, I’m glad your eyes are improving. Reminds me of my stress-sensitive left-eye thingie. So I gotta constantly adjust brightness levels and limit my screen-staring. Annoying but necessary {sigh}. Well, Jem-chan, thanx for commenting! Seven more minutes and my birthday ends, hehe. Not bad. Could’ve been worse. ^_~

  12. All I did with my Blog was taking an already exsisting theme and tweak it a bit to my liking.I killed off a video section and a two column sidebar aswell as some minor things.
    I had to search the Internet,SupportForums or ask people with knowledge alot while i was working on it and im happy that it turned out decent.

    I thought that I just have to copy and paste some code into the singlepost.php but it isnt that easy huh?No Idea if singlepost.php is the right file to edit after all.
    If this is too much work for you: just forget it.Theres no need to worry to stress you with some serious coding

    Blowfish´s last blog post > Gift Saber Outdoor Shoot

  13. @FlyingBlow: Actually, you’re right, it *is* a simple copy-and-paste into “singlepost.php”. But u need to set up a few things on your side. Here’s the basic randomizing code:

    In this example, I have three files “yourrandombanner1.php”, “yourrandombanner2.php”, and “yourrandombanner3.php”. Which explains the code above. Then in each of these three files, u simply insert the unique image and link code. Simple! Good luck!

  14. Okay if i understood everything right I paste the Code into the singlepost.php after the last } bracket and then include the 3 example Banner urls into the text.
    If i had 10 Banners then there would be 10 urls correct?

    I have to create for each Banner a own php file wich includes the image and link.

    Is that correct so far?

    How do i create those Banner.phps and what do i have to write for it to work?
    Url of the Image and where to link to right?Just how? ^^;;;;;

    I said i know nothing about coding :(

    Sorry for the trouble! your work is soooooo appreciated

    Blowfish´s last blog post > Gift Saber Outdoor Shoot

  15. @FlyingBlow: Hmm, depends on your “singlepost.php”, but yeah, towards the bottom of the file. As for the randomizing code, the (1,3) or (1,10) takes care of the randomizing where “$num” represents 1 through 10. So u don’t add extra lines here. Just keep the one line, but replace it with the location of the PHP files. However, u do need 10 PHP files. One for each banner link. Identical filenames except for the number. Can u FTP (or upload) your files directly to your blog location? If u can’t, then things are gonna be a lot tougher. >_<; P.S. I could offer to set it up myself. But I'm not sure how comfortable u are with giving me admin access.

  16. I can upload Files via FTP to my blog adress so that wont be the problem ^^
    I havent got any Banners yet since i was going to do a post about this later on my blog.Id be really grateful if youd do the Setup for me though.
    I dont have a problem with giving you admin access.I dont think youd delete my blog :P

    Gonna have to look the data and password up though.

    Whatevers the easiest for you

    Blowfish´s last blog post > Gift Saber Outdoor Shoot

  17. @Miko-chan: Eh, yeah, maybe it sounds weird, lol. But u know what I mean… I’m still *trying* to watch “Snakes & Earrings”, hehe. Soon. Soon. ^_~

    @FlyingBlow: Cool! I can upload via my FTP also. But I’ll need any logins for the blog and for the hosting site (if they’re different), etc. You also mentioned vertical banners. What dimensions would they be? And where on the blog? Maybe u or I could just create a couple of fake or real banners as tests? If screencaps and arrows are easier to explain, then email those too, lol. My email link is at the bottom. ^_^

  18. I love the expression on your Momo fanart! :D She seems mighty angry.

    Er… is it legal me to view those Masamune Shirow pics? xD Not sure where the U.S. draws the line. But it’s not like I haven’t seen worse.

    Girl Scout cookies! I love them so much, but the prices have been increasing over the years. I remember when I could get them for $3 a box. Dx

  19. @Coco: Ahh, and here I was, clicking YES on those ‘Are you 16/18/21/whatever number or above?” even before I was the ‘right’ age..XD

    @Jay-san: Sorry ’bout the delay, have been work-bished! Come to think of it. I HAVE seen you in a few pictures wearing black shirts. ._. Heh yeah…nowadays there’re those hyper-decorated laptops, though. And if I carried a laptop around, it’d probably be more of a statement than my car. =) Desktops, though, are probably like furniture~

    I’m not sure why the daughter of Punk Trooper would be angry, but yeah. Not angsty (angsty = emo to me -wry-), but definitely angry, this attempt. ^^ RE porno….”art, not porn” argument? :P And yes! I meant that poster — sorry, I thought they were both the same person. -facepalms- Was distracted and forgot to, uh, look at the hair colour. Hehehe. Ah well. My head would spin if I tried to wonder how that kind of clothing will actually work out, so I shan’t..XD

    jenn´s last blog post > Clannad After Story 20 – Snowy Walk

  20. @Coco-chan: Awww, I appreciate your kind words. Thanx. Unfortunately, Mimi-chan’s contest voters didn’t like “anger” much, hehe. But no worries. If Mimi-chan loves it, that’s enough for me… Legal? Oops? Technically, other than arse bits (hehe), nothing *revealing* was actually shown, right? This stuff might be rated for 16+ or so, but when the content exposes *nipply* or *penetrating* bits, that’s where it gets more *dangerous*. If u feel uncomfortable, I can tone down certain choices. Feel free to let me know. I’m flexible!… But not so flexible as to share my GS cookies! Hmm, $3? Well, the two boxes I chose totalled only $7. So that ain’t too bad. Unless $3.50 seems high? ^_^;

    @Jenn-chan: Hahaha, clicking “YES”? Wow, quite the risk-taker, aren’t u? LOL, but I’ll assume you’re the *right* age for viewing manga and anime. If there is one, hehe… Hey, no prob! I understand being work-bished (whatever bish means, lol). I haven’t even started my next mega-post yet. Nooooo!… Ahh, those Dells are nice. If I didn’t switch to an iMac, I might’ve debated over those hyper-styled Dells. But yeah, I know what u mean. Even today’s phones make more of a statement! Sadly (or luckily), I’m content with my Samsung flip-open cellphone, lol… Ah, “Angry Momo” is angry simply cuz Mimi-chan’s blog is “Angry Loli”. No real reason beyond that. Though I’m sure Punk Trooper gets irritated with her daughtery emo-ness. Yeah, my previous attempt failed at “Angsty”. I mean, I didn’t realize till I was already finished, lol. Oh well. Mimi-chan loved it anyway, hehe… Ahh, Masamune-sensei’s art distracted u? I wonder how? Teasing, lol. But I wasn’t quite using that “art not porn” argument. It was more of a “fake not real” argument. I mean, if “stick figure” art portrayed two stick figures having sex, would that be porn? Even if it’s “stick figure” porn? I’d say “nahhh”. Does that make sense? As for that futuristic latex clothing, it’s from that future. I’m sure that *future* has the cyber-latex all figured out, lol. >_<;

  21. @Jen- I don’t think any minor pays attention to those warnings anymore xD

    @Jay: I’m not actually bothered by the pictures. Like I said, I see worse all the time. I just don’t want the FBI knocking on your door anytime soon. :P

    What? You got those cookies for $3.50!? They’re 4 bucks over here! Unless…unless those girl scouts were lying to me. >.<

  22. @Coco-chan: Heyyy, sorry for the delay! Another weekend post, lol. Awww, thanx, but don’t worry about me. I don’t think these images are *that* dangerous. But if Sankaku ever gets stormed by the FBI, *then* I’ll worry, lol… Hehe, yup, $3.50! Sorry about that. But girl scouts lying? Who knows? Do girls ever lie? Hehehe. >_<; P.S. Yeah, hardly anyone pays attention to warnings anymore. Even health warnings. Unless it's a warning for cleaning clothes!

  23. @A20: Yup, Masumune Shirow! Ah, no doubt. But “Motoko as an exhibitionist” is probably much less a theory than actual fact. From her selection of a state-of-the-art pleasure-sensitive full-body prosthetic, to her firm-fitting and form-revealing attire. Not to mention her seafaring menage-a-trois in the unedited original manga, lol.

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