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Hey, ever heard of Human Pets?… If you haven’t, it’s a community which was born within the Facebook network, where humans buy, sell, feed and pet other “human” pets (or themselves), and have a fun time being animals, lol. But because this is gonna be a weird multi-topic post, I’ll leave the “Human Pets” for last, haha.

First, as a follow-up to my Operation Woodstock and Operation Rebox posts with *interior* shots, here are some nice *exterior* shots of my home. Scientifically compared to my 80+ anime-figure collection, the estimated value of my 2005 Nissan Murano is approx 400-500 anime figures (haha), while the value of my 3-bedroom home is approx 4000-5000 anime figures (wow). I say this, because with my upcoming home-reflooring (not selling after all), this year may possibly be the last year I can afford to purchase figures. As I said in a recent DannyChoo post, “Waste your money *now*, because you might not be able to waste it *later*.” Believe me, I know. T_T;

Below, on Friday, is my roommate Lisa’s pet “Guiness” and my metal pet “Jemma Chernaya”, haha. “Jemma” came from my friend’s name “Meg” reversed into “Gem” but with a J. Luckily, “Jemma” still means “gem or jewel” in Latin, lol. And “Chernaya” came from my friend Lena in Russia, where her nickname “Chernaya” is the Russian word for “black”. Put it all together, you get the “Black Jewel.” Something Lulu of Code Geass could be proud of, eh?

Below, on Saturday, time to hand-wash my car with a spray bottle of water and roll of paper towels. A great way to familiarize yourself with all the various parts and curves and joints (and scratches) of your car. Sure it takes longer, but you *know* your car’s little details significantly better *close-up* than car-washing them distantly from the comfort of your driver’s seat. But that’s just me, lol. ^_^;

Below, halfway done…

Below, nearly done…

Below, all clean and shiny! ^A^

Now, back to Human Pets (or HP)! Here’s an embarrassing photo of myself with a “Miko” sign on my chest, at her request. Miko-chan is my current “Human Pets” master; thus I’m her human pet. Here’s my HP profile. In fact, without warning, Miko-chan bought me away from my previous owner Jennie, haha.

Below, here’s a photo of my current owner-master Miko-chan displaying her “Jay” sign, 1 of 7 signs she made for friends. While my animal avatar is a “crow” or “raven”, don’t ask me to explain her sign, lol. O.o;

Lastly, here’s a recently-blonde photo of my previous owner-master Jennie, lol. In fact, her formerly-blue hair inspired my Akiko (Mirai’s tsundere rival) anime art, haha. Well, that’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed the thoroughly odd post. ^_^;


9 thoughts on “Blog 146 > Human Pets & Masters

  1. I prefer bikes over cars. It is not just practicality; I already smashed three cars including my dad’s in some way. I seriously hate driving. Riding is far better for me. I stopped being passionate about it ever since I got into otaku culture, but still would like to have an R1 as a final bike.

  2. @Panther: LOL, you’ve got some bad luck! But wow, if I ever learned to ride, a black Yamaha Raven would definitely fit my “raven” avatar and black Nissan, haha… Then again, you could buy yourself about 150 figures instead, lol. ^_^;

  3. @Gordon: Hehe, thanx! Hmmm, u might be surprised, but depending on size, one palm tree can cost between 100-200 anime figures~ about the same cost as Panther’s dream Yamaha YZF-R1! Two palm trees = two Yamaha YZF-R1’s! ^_^;

  4. Somehow I agree with Panther. I too prefer riding bikes than driving. Over here, we call bikers “Rempits” so it’s like a cool term for them. Driving in the city of Kuala Lumpur is sickening and with the current increase in fuel price, I wouldn’t want to take my dad’s 1974 Beetle out either.

    Good calculation on the car and the house (with all the hundreds of figures you need to get that!). I like the exterior of your place, only the lawn seems a little…plain? Maybe you like that, who knows! ^^

  5. @J85: Ah, true about fuel, definitely agree. But with my 1991 Toyota Camry in its dying days, and finally finding a buyer who needed it more than I did, “Jemma Chernaya” was a cross-over I somehow fell in love with. Luckily, I found the *last* black Murano at my local (a used-car site) just barely in my price range.

    Similarly, let me ask u this: If the average 1/8 figure costs about $50 USD, how much would u pay for a 1/1 full-scale figure of Yoko (Gurren Lagann)? $400 USD? If she was the last one in your city? $1000? Hahaha ^_^;;;

  6. Hmm…maybe not $1000 US, but I bet she’s worth more ^^ ! If she was the last one on Earth, it would increase 10-fold!

    A black Murano, huh? Cool, would like to see some images of it when you get it!

  7. @J85: LOL, huh? Jemma Chernaya *IS* the black 2005 Nissan Murano pictured above! Hahaha, I guess you were too distracted by Yoko fantasies! ^_^;

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