Blog 138 > Operation Rebox – Completed

Mission accomplished! You didn’t think I’d make it, did ya? ^_^;

Back on June 22nd, I launched Operation Rebox. And now, less than 2 weeks later, the operation is complete (sorta, since I don’t really wanna take apart Darth Vader or Storm Trooper). If you threw your two cents of reluctant encouragement, thanx, lol. So to commemorate the event, here’s a nice sampling of the cleaned and *reboxed* figures… Photo Set 1 and Photo Set 2.

P.S. By the way, thanx *Chun* for our debate on commissioned art, thanx *Kris* for our discussion on anime blogging, as well as *Gordon* and *Meronpan* for your random blue-haired replies, lol. I’ve added u guys to my blog list. (If I missed someone, yell back!) Without doubt, the interactivity of the anime blogging community is another reflection of Danny’s tireless efforts. Speaking of tired… Orz

P.P.S. Ahh, what the hell~ *Team Blue* did it, so why not? Self Portrait 1 and Self Portrait 2.

P.P.P.S. Here’s the link to my DC Member News post, hehe.

4 thoughts on “Blog 138 > Operation Rebox – Completed

  1. Congrats on finishing~!
    Your first portrait looked so lonely, glad you had company for the 2nd one, hehe~ Nice photos =D

  2. hopefully you’ll have everyone out and about soon! personally i hate having to keep everyone boxed up ^^;

    to echo koshiko’s comment, the contrast between the two self portraits is priceless. first one is normal and all, then figures come out and, *huge smile* hehe

    thanks for the add! indeed danny’s influence at work ^_^ よろしくお願いします~ [yoroshiku onegaishimasu]

  3. LOL, I know! When I finally move to a new house, I’ll be opening them up like it’s Christmas Day, lol. Hopefully, it’ll be sooner than December, argh… Yeah, u noticed the big difference too, haha… Finally, no problem! Thanx for the add as well. Danny’s hands reach pretty far (so to speak), and to support him, it’s our *job* to extend that reach (within the law), isn’t it? ^_^;

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