Blog 229 > J200XC, P90X2 & Body Rock

Welcome, my Tweeting Toyboxers! Now that I’ve regrouped and reintegrated my abandoned Twitter and posts into the Toybox, I can now relax with a shiny new entry. This time, we’ll curl, crunch and focus on extreme workouts! From my hybrid “J200XC” to the web-based “BodyRock.Tv” to the highly-anticipated sequel “P90X2”. So, without further ado, let’s rock the show…

Part 1 of 3 > J200XC > My Extreme Hybrid Program

Whew! This morning, I completed Day 126 of “J200XC”, my second 200-day hybrid program. For the dirty details of my uphill path through “P90X”, then my first “J200X”, then my current “J200XC”, feel free to peek at my #1-ranked Toybox post: “From P90X to Insanity” (25 July 2010). Meanwhile, here’s a little taste from my “Exercise” page.

Started February 2011, here’s my next “J200XC” 200-Day Hybrid Program, based heavily on Chalene’s programs. Yup, after 2 rounds, I got tired of Tony’s “P90X”, and replaced it with Chalene’s “ChaLEAN Extreme”. Interestingly, I decided to bring back Tony’s 90-minute “Yoga X” on a weekly basis as the most intense-yet-invigorating stretching session from any fitness program, hehe. Then in May 2011, on Day 63, I decided to replace Beto’s unsatisfying “Zumba” and bring back Tony’s kick-ass “Kenpo X” and “Kenpo Cardio Plus”. Nice.

Consequently, here’s the PDF file for “J200XC”, Version 2. As always, feel free to peek inside.

Haha, but what I didn’t mention was that I couldn’t wait to use my new dumbbell set! So instead of another boring Kenpo Cardio Plus routine, I decided to do ChaLEAN’s Lean 3-40W. Wow, much more intense with a pair of 35-pound instead of 25-pound dumbbells! I can also load it up to 40 pounds! Basically, I ordered the Cap Barbell 40-Pound Dumbbell Set (Amazon) plus four Champion 10-Pound Standard Flat Plates (Amazon) to combine them into the most-affordable and adjustable 80-pound dumbbell set for under $105 USD (free shipping). If I choose to, I can also buy additional plates. Nice!

Here are my new plated dumbbells (black, Cap Barbell and Champion) as they compare to the old hex dumbbells (gray) I’ve had for years before P90X.





Then after my morning workout and stretch, I tossed together a tasty bowl of cereal. Actually, this bowl combines several tasty high-fiber cereals (General Mills’ FiberOne, Kashi’s GoLean, and generic Frosted Shredded Wheat), plus a handful of dried fruits on top. Hehe, fiber is getting tastier every year, isn’t it?



Part 2 of 3 > Body Rock > The Home Workout Movement

BodyRock.Tv. Have you ever heard of this website before? I certainly didn’t. That is, not until a few weeks ago. While browsing YouTube, I accidently stumbled upon one of Zuzana’s many workout videos. From there, I found her website and daily videos, put together by Zuzana and her husband Freddy. Wow, extreme home workouts for free!

While I haven’t done a true BodyRock workout yet, I’ve tried a few exercises that didn’t need specialized equipment. Consequently, the biggest obstacle is my lack of BodyRock workout gear, such as an interval timer, dip station or sandbag. So, to compensate for an interval timer, I assembled my own 21-minute electronica-dance music MP3, with the familiar high-pitched beeps between 50-second “high-energy” clips and 10-second “rest” clips. Yup, last weekend, I improvised a full 21-minute interval workout with the help of my newly-minted mix, hehe. Sound intriguing? Feel free to test-drive the “BodyRock-Mix-2011” MP3 (about 20 MB).

Hopefully, I can incorporate a handful of Zuzana’s exercises into my next “J200X3” hybrid program. Actually, her “Fierce Friday Workout” (01 July 2011) demonstrates exercises without any specialized equipment. So that’ll be a great start.

Meanwhile, her “Just Did It! Workout” (15 July 2011) demonstrates exercises with a pink fitness ball. Hmm, as more and more accessories and expenses are required for her workouts, the tougher they’ll be to incorporate. I’ll just have to improvise or ignore them, hehe.


Part 3 of 3 > P90X2 > The Sequel to P90X

A-ha, coming soon! “P90X2“, the highly-anticipated sequel to “P90X”. Here’s a taste from the Beachbody website.

Currently in development, P90X2™ is the sequel to Beachbody’s best-selling workout program, P90X. With P90X2 workout, P90X grads can get even stronger, more flexible, and more ripped. This program is designed for maximum intensity and efficiency. In fact, this completely new 90-day program features cutting-edge workouts so intense, we only let you do them 5 days a week.

The original “P90X” Extreme Home Fitness Program released in 2004.

The sequel “P90X2” with Muscle Confusion 2 coming in 2011.

Need I say more? More fitness balls? Well, I guess it’s yet another thing to incorporate into my next “J200X3” hybrid program starting in October 2011. Extreme indeed.