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Hey, what’s up, my Trendy Toyboxers? Ready for something a bit different? For this week’s mega-cast, I’m gonna try to cram this truckload of uncontainable content into a crispy 3-course meal, instead of an overflowing 5-course meal. Why? Ehh, why not? Maybe I felt like bending my own rules a little? Maybe I felt like I needed a less-structured more-flexible playground? Or maybe I felt lazy, haha. In any case, we’ve got some stylishly-violent samurais to freeze your blood, a piercingly-random stash of posts and articles to numb your mind, as well as a pair of blurringly-erotic succubi to steal your soul. Hahaha. So what are you waiting for? Let’s tune into the frequency and kick off the broadcast…

Part 1 of 3 > Afro Samurai, Afro Jedi & I

Afros! Samurais! Resurrections! Let’s launch this mighty mega-cast with my latest anime speed-review: “Afro Samurai – Resurrection” [22]. Which brings my total to a respectable 22 completed anime titles-or-seasons this year! Not bad! Especially if I want to hit a total of 50 by the end of the year, hehe.

Afro Samurai – Resurrection [22]. On 23 May, I completed my 22nd anime title-or-season of the year. Full-length anime film (2009). Sequel to “Afro Samurai” (2007). In fact, here’s my “Afro Samurai” speed-review from last year (Blog 152).

Stylishly violent and almost-romantically post-apocalyptic, this 5-episode gem paints quite a refreshingly retro-futuristic view of hell-on-earth, life-long revenge, and inexplicable survival. Haha, Samuel L. Jackson voices the titular lead as well as his babbling sidekick, and why not? A bad-ass playing a bad-ass. Nuff sed, lol. Despite the brevity of the miniseries, the revealing flashbacks cast a shadowy depth to a seemingly simplistic quest. Quite impressive. Four of five stars. Can’t wait for the second season!

So what did I think of the sequel? Oddly enough, while I still enjoyed the swirling mix of sex, violence and apocalyptic technologies, I think I might be getting a little tired with the grating hip-hop barrage. Refreshing at first. But perhaps incessant at last. Earning a downgraded 3 of 5 stars. Nonetheless, I don’t regret seeing it, lol. For more, check out Girl G33k’s review “Afro Samurai” (April 2009) and Otaku Dan’s review “Afro Samurai Resurrection DVD Review” (Feb 2009). Enjoy the violence!

Now that we’ve gotten the speed-review out of the way, let’s step into some fake captions for some stolen screen captures. Well, stolen from *other* sites who stole them, lol.

Afro: “Dammit. Did Master Yoda swipe my favorite porno again?”

Afro: “Yo’ Yoda! You hidin’ in the cellar again?”

Kuma (Bear): “Damn that Yoda! Gotta get my porn back!”

Afro: {Sigh} “Guess I’ll hafta swipe some new porno.”

Hoodlums: “Kya-ha-ha! You’ll never find our Yoda-sensei!”

Hoodlums: “Kya-ha-ha! You’ll never get your porno back!”

Afro: “Punks. I’m gonna get mutha-fuckin’ medieval…”

Afro: “… on yo’ mutha-fuckin’ asses.”

Sio: “Afro. You pathetic epic failure. Yoda-sensei will never give your porno back.”

Ninja Ninja: “Hey Afro! You gonna let her get away with that?”

Ninja Ninja: “Yo Afro! You listenin’ to me?”

Afro: “Yeah, I heard ya. Dammit, that punk Yoda.”

Afro: “By the third sunrise, I’ll get my porno back.”

Welcome to Lady Luck. Or in this apocalyptic hell, is she Frau Fuck?

A taste of neon decadence…

Wrapped in electric emptiness…

Brother 3: “Why Afro, feeling lucky? Your luck won’t find Yoda-sensei here.”

Afro: “Who needs soft luck when I’ve got my hardware.”

Afro: “A man is nothing without his hardware!”

Sio: “Ah, Afro. Our memories of cherry blossoms…”

Sio: “… will never erase my rage against your porn collection!”

Sio: “How dare you collect my old home-made movies!”

Sio: “I was young and foolish. My boyfriend should’ve never filmed me!”

Afro: {Sigh} “Damn that punk Yoda. You lucky bastard…”

Afro: “One more sunrise to go…”

Shopkeeper: “You lookin’ for that Yoda punk too? He’s a slippery one.”

Shichigoro: “If you want to find Yoda-sensei’s porno stash, you’ll have to defeat me.”

Afro: “Okay, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Punks.”

That’s it! That’s the end of the fake captions and stolen screen captures, lol. But I wonder where Master Yoda went? ^_^


Part 2 of 3 > Random Stash of Sex, Science & Fiction

Sex! Science! Fiction! Indeed, what other random distractions are there? So here are a few complicated multi-layered flavors of the week, lol.

First of all, congratulations to “Sankaku Complex” and their recent announcement of “50,000,000 Hits” (23 May 2009). Whether their sexually-spiced anime-and-otaku servings are deserving or not, tasteful or not, politically correct or not, doesn’t matter. The number is simply a number, but an immense number nonetheless. Ultimately, its genuine value is in the eye of the beholder. Your eye, lol.

Switching dishes from “Sankaku” spices to “Strike Witches”, here’s the upcoming figure release of “1/8 Yoshika Miyafuji PVC Figure” from the girls-n-guns anime “Strike Witches” (2008).

Yoshika-chan is striking indeed! Just because I was sane enough to stop collecting, doesn’t mean I’ve stopped noticing a few gems along the way. Can you spare 80 bucks plus shipping? No? Why not?

Is she carrying a 13-mm Type 99 light machine gun? That’s what her Wikipedia profile says!

An even closer look, lol. Unlike me, you’ve probably pre-ordered her already, right?

Switching dishes again from “Strike Witches” to super-sultry idols, reader “Henry” was kind enough to send me this “Japan Sugoi” article of “Maria Ozawa’s FHM-Taiwan Video Photoshoot” (18 May 2009). Yup, the same multi-national Miyabi who’s appeared in my Sevens, Hearts, and Assassins posts, lol.

Don’t forget to check out her embedded “FHM 2009 Cover Girl” (April 2009) YouTube video! Love the music! Enjoy her surprising English too, lol.

Shifting gears yet again from super-sultry idols to super-fearless fighters, it’s time to check out the newest “Christine Toledo Promo Video” (19 May 2009) featuring my friend Christine! Okay, maybe it’s more accurate to say my friend Melanie’s best friend Christine, lol. Here’s her website.

And here’s Christine’s embedded YouTube video!

Coincidentally enough, when you reach the end of Christine’s video, you’ll notice that it was produced by none other than ProWerks Media, haha. The same Las Vegas media company responsible for my “silent and stoic businessman” scene shoot in Kelly Schwarze’s upcoming comedy “You People” (2010), lol. In fact, here’s their “You People Press Release” (21 May 2009), just a few days ago! Cool, huh?

Sliding once more from silent shoots to sci-fi scenes, I just started watching Season 2 of “Terminator – Sarah Connor Chronicles” (2008), over this weekend. But guess what? During my typical net explorations, I discovered the sad news in this post “Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles Canceled” (17 May 2009). Yup, canceled.

Ah, that’s okay, I’ve got 20+ episodes left to watch anyway, hehe. But for Summer Glau, this will be the *second* sci-fi axe after “Firefly” (2002). Oh well. In any case, let’s enjoy the Summer (as Terminatrix Cameron) in the following “Terminator” wallpapers! Gotta love those… joints, lol.

Ah, the edge of the apocalypse never looked so stylish. Where’s Afro Samurai when you need him?

Next, from apocalyptic sci-fi scenes to Victorian sci-fi steam, let’s take a retro-futuristic dive into “Steampunk” cosplay with this post “Costuming Steampunk Infiltrates Cons Everywhere” (04 Dec 2008). Why? Well, why not? Besides, it’s been a while since my last “Steampunk” post back in April, lol.

Haha, but guess what? You’ll never guess! If you leap to that “Costuming Steampunk Infiltrates” post, and scroll down far enough, you’ll see a comment by none other than Fellow Toyboxer Jenn-chan! Here’s her comment.

Last Exile! Yay! Curiously enough I found out about Steampunk independently of watching LE. XD All I thought at that time was, “Flying airships and steam muskets! COOL!”

Good luck with the costuming. (:)) Those’re awesome hats on that site, by the way.

Hehe, which also coincidentally connects us to Jenn-chan’s recent post “Blog Apologising” (18 May 2009) and my previous “Blog 202” (18 May 2009), across which we continued our discussion on “sex” as an advertising vehicle, a complex emotion, and a basic instinct.

Here are a few excerpts from our weird-and-winding discussion, lol. Her turn.

Jenn@Jay-san: Sankaku really is hitting the roof in the ‘Blog Wars’…(buroguozu?!) But it’s really tabloid and rather addictive. -wry-

Panties, Jay? (:P) Either you’re talking to us girls, or you have a strange fetish..hehe…

That’s a lot of wallpapers, though I kinda wonder what’s up with that skirt-lifting one. -wry- I think I’ll stick with my Kara no Kyoukai Shiki ‘I sex my Haagen Dazs’ one. (:))

Then my turn.

xJAYMANx@Jenn-chan: Yeah, while “Sankaku” is smashing the roof, there’s probably a significant difference in reader demographics. Or maybe not? Whoa, but interesting that u find it “addictive” especially with all the porn content! Hahaha, not just porn or panties, but now the “skirt-lifting” wallpaper too? I think you’ve got a very ***** mind, lol…

Then her turn again.

Jenn@Jay-san: Lol! Oversexed? Or I can just have a starry mind. (:P)

Coincidentally, the episode of Gruen Transfer I just watched had a bit on sex selling — something about it being one of the basic emotions, and that advertising’s using emotions to get people to buy the product. So it’s partly the pornoness that sells, I’d say — It’s also easy to read, posts are generally short and/or image-laden, they have links to other pages if you’re curious about more of the same stuff. (That said, good blogs/those that do the time do the same thing as well. =)) I try not to read the comments there, though. :S

It’s just not often I hear a guy say (or write, in this case) ‘panties’. (:P)

Then my turn again.

xJAYMANx@Jenn-chan: A-ha, “oversexed”! You said it, not me! Well, whether “starry” or “naughty”, they both get the job done in the end, right? LOL… Hmm, haven’t heard of “Gruen Transfer”, but I wouldn’t describe sex as a “basic emotion” because it’s a concept not an emotion. In fact, I’d say sex is composed of many layers of emotions, including “love”, “hope”, “desire”, “pleasure”, sometimes “greed”, “jealousy”, even “hate” or “regret”, on top of the physical acts upon which these emotions are based. But in terms of “Sankaku”, yeah, it’s probably the immediately-gratifying, visually-oriented and fantasy-laced “pleasure” and “desire” of posts which attract readers over and over again, lol. And I don’t read the comments either!… Okay-okay, if not “panties”, then what about “pantsu”? Better now?…

Then her turn a third time, lol.

Jenn@Jay-san: Yay, I’m not so late there’s a new post! XD I’m not the one who said it, they were. (:P) On this rather boring ad, “According to Todd Sampson, sex is the second strongest basic human emotion, after self-preservation.” Personally, though, I disagree that love is an emotion. Heh. And pantsu aren’t better. -wry-

And my turn a third time, lol.

xJAYMANx@Jenn-chan: Haha, you’re funny. And not too late! Hmm, now I’m beginning to wonder who *they* are, those who labelled u *oversexed*, hehe. Intriguing… Ahh, I see. Then Sampson should have used the term “instinct” instead of “emotion”. Because when one talks about “self-preservation”, that better fits the definition of an “instinct”. If that’s the case, I would agree that “sex” is more instinctual. Here’s the Wiki on “self preservation“… Actually, while I still believe “love” is an emotion, I’d also add it’s a “complex” emotion not a “basic” one. Coincidentally, here’s another Wiki on the “list of emotions” that actually fits what I’m saying about “layers of emotions”. Wow, not bad…

LOL, from sex to science to fiction, and back to sex again… Why am I not surprised? >_<;


Part 3 of 3 > Japanese Twins, Succubi & You

Well, if we’re gonna talk about sex, why not go all-the-way with “Umemaro 3D – Volume 9” (2008)? What is it? Hmm, let’s just say that a couple of months ago, mid-March, I stumbled across a collection of about a half-dozen “state of the art” 3D CG-animated “hentai” movies, lol. The finest example from this collection is arguably the voluptuous-and-volcanic one-hour “Twin Succubus” mini-movie (warning: site NSFW). For a tiny taste, here are a few “safer” promo images from their site “Gallery”. I’ve blurred away the “riskier” bits, but if you’re uncomfortable at all, leave now!

Feel free to enlarge the images. We both know you want to!

Stunning CG quality, eh?

Doesn’t the darker-skinned girl look Filipina?

The hair rendering is most impressive too!

Here, I decided to apply a foggy Gaussian blur via Photoshop, lol.

More fog, lol. You know, to keep my blog “safe”.

Even more fog! You get the idea.

Finally, my fave. The most-artistic promo image in the bunch. Such a shame I had to blur her, lol.

Aww, that’s all, folks. If you want more, you’re gonna have to get it yourself, lol. Good luck. I can just hear “One and Only” Jem-chan‘s eyes popping out of their sockets! ^_~

So, my Tumbling Toyboxers, how was it? Did it feel different? Similar? Let’s thank Sio-chan, Yoshika-chan, Miyabi-chan, Christine Toledo, Sarah Connor, Terminatrix Cameron, Summer Glau, Jenn-chan, Jem-chan, and of course, the Twin Succubi! Actually and paradoxically, this 3-course meal exploded just as widely and busily as a typical 5-course mega-cast. Gahhh. Oh well. So much for being lazy. Especially with stylishly-violent samurais to freeze your blood, a piercingly-random stash of posts and articles to numb your mind, as well as a pair of blurringly-erotic succubi to steal your soul. Damn punks. Bahhh.

Till next broadcast. Peace. Out.


Final Flashback

Sio: “I was young and foolish. My boyfriend should’ve never filmed me!”


41 thoughts on “Blog 203 > Succubi, Samurai & Sci-Fi

  1. Oi, my fiancee came up behind me while I was reading this.
    “Why are you looking at naked girls?”
    Then I had to explain.

    On Afro:
    I was going to link my blog saying “Well, this is what I thought,” but you did it for me already! Domo!
    I didn’t think real highly of it, but I didn’t think it was bad either.

    On Strike Witches:
    You know…that’s a way too erotic looking figure for what I remember being a pretty young character. But then, that’s one of the reasons I ignored the show.

    On Steam Punk:
    I haven’t been to any cons in quite a while, so I’m not aware of any costuming trend. I don’t think it’s Last Exile related, since the show has been out for a while. Although I think they’re about to re-release the show in a think pack, which may bring new interest to the show. I thought it was gorgeous, but wasn’t a big fan of the way the story played out (not the story itself, but the pacing, etc). I am however looking at a game called Neo Steam, an MMO from Atlus.
    The character designs are adorable.

    Kris´s last blog post > Chaos Head

  2. i dont get the whole hype about anime and manga. especially not with the naked girls. i mean how can you be attracted to sth thats not even a real person? it doesnt have real skin, hair…its just a drawing…..i never understood that and probably will never understand.

    tadaaaaa~I’m out

    Miyabiko´s last blog post > Protected: Blog 64: chillin like a villain

  3. @Kris-chan: LOL, does he usually come up behind u when u look at naked pics? Hahaha, kidding. But would’ve been funny to see those initial reactions!… Yeah, “Afro 2” wasn’t super-amazing, but wasn’t bad either, lol. Like tons of titles… True, I believe Yoshika starts out at age 14. But admittedly, that’s part of her inevitable appeal. Especially on “Sankaku Complex” and its various nude depictions of her. Whoa! Then again, the main characters of “Evangelion” and “K-On!” are 14-15 as well. As is many, if not most, characters in the “moe” and “mecha” pop genres… Nah, never said “steampunk” was largely related to “Last Exile” since that anime is only a tiny part of the genre. Unfortunately, any “steampunk” with humanoid animals is quite “iffy” in my book, lol. That strays more into the “magepunk” arena. Yeah, I just made up the word “magepunk”, lol. Only humans please. I mean, “steampunk” isn’t supposed to be like “The Wizard of Oz”, is it?

    P.S. Hey, Kris-chan, did I answer Miko-chan’s comment okay? ^_^

    @Miko-chan: Hmm, let’s see. I think it’s all about “imagination” in the world of fiction. Haven’t u ever liked a fictional character from a book? Before the book ever became a film? Before it ever became a TV show? When the character was still found only on the page? In a book or novel, the character doesn’t have “real” skin or hair, right? So instead of a film or any show with live actors, anime just takes those characters and draws a 2D version of them. That’s all. Then it’s up to the reader or viewer to carry their own imagination into the movie screen or TV screen. I mean, in “Nana”, Hachiko is still Hachiko whether she’s in the manga, anime, or live-action films. Doesn’t matter if there’s a “real” actress or not. ^_^

  4. sure i like a character in a book. Ama for example. but the thing is when i read i imagine a real person, not a fiction. so i dont get how ppl can get attracted to a drawing…i mean…mickey mouse, and all the disney characters…..its just a cartoon, same with the manga or anime figures.
    when i saw the nana anime i wasnt attracted to any of the characters, but when i saw the movie with real actors its different.

    i dunno if u get what i mean <.<

    Miyabiko´s last blog post > Protected: Blog 64: chillin like a villain

  5. @Miko-chan: Ohhh, being “attracted” to a 2D character? Ahh, if u say “attracted”, that’s different… Yeah, I think I agree with u more than disagree. But again, I think it’s about imagination and preference.

    If we ignore Disney animals, and focus on anime humans, some people can get “turned on” by a 2D anime girl easier than a real-life 3D girl. I don’t know how, lol. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Maybe if the 2D girl “fits” the person’s view of an “ideal girl”, I can understand that. Just like “Barbies” in America, anime “figures” seem to be the ideal “Barbies” in Japan. Doesn’t explain why. But do u have a better idea?

  6. No fears, I bear you no grudge for a shortened post, haha. Was the opening picture a salve for potential disgruntled readers? :p

    Afro: “A man is nothing without his hardware!”
    Hmm. I wonder if Afro would be Afro without his afro?

    As for Strike Witches, I’ve only watched 2 episodes but for now all I’m seeing is pantsu after pantsu~ I’ve heard there’s more to it than that, but I’ll withhold my judgments until I reach the end.

    aprilius20´s last blog post > When pro-assassins get hooked on manga

  7. LOL i wasnt talking about the disney animals haha
    i was talking about for example prince eric in the little mermaid…i didnt even find him attractive, though he was the ideal guy for many girls i guess….

    and oh well as you know im not much into anime and manga, i just dont get it lol
    i wasnt into comics either^^

    i prefere a book were i can have my own imagination or a movie where i dont have to imagine lol


    comics are in between so i dunno

    Miyabiko´s last blog post > Protected: Blog 64: chillin like a villain

  8. @Jay:
    Well the way our place is set up…. The living room/dining room/kitchen are basically all in the same box of space. So you pass by the computer anytime you go to the kitchen or bedroom or trashcan. And basically any time he passes by me he has to come molest me, lol. So he sees all sorts of weird things I’m looking at. Well, weird to him. Somehow he manages to pass by during all of the stranger things.
    His reaction was “Are you sure you’re not a lesbian?”

    Sorry I didn’t mean to say you laid everything on Last Exile. I was just tying it in to what um, Jenn was saying, and I remembered that a thin pack is coming out soon. And I agree Neo Steam isn’t hard core Steampunk in any way, but that’s OK.

    Miko’s comment? You mean what do I think about liking fictional characters? Well I’d be a horrible hypocrite if I said something like “eww gross,” seeing as how I have a megane fetish, lol. It’s not too much different from liking a character in a live action film. It’s still a fictional character, but one is portrayed by a physically real person, and the other is animated by voiced by a real person so…. I think there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed, like guys who are so obsessed with 2D girls that they have zero interest in 3D girls.

    But yeah, a character is a character. And if I like Chiaki in the Nodame anime (or manga), well, there’s also a (very cute) live action version of him too. It’s the same character in the end; should I feel wrong because I like him in his animated form, too? It’s not like I’m saying “Oh, I want to screw this cartoon person.” But basically what I mean, I think, is that a cartoon character can have just as much personality and emotion as a real actor. Even I felt kind of weird about it at first, but now I don’t really care anymore. I know the difference, etc. Does that make sense? It’s similar to recognizing that what you do in a game like Halo or Grand Theft Auto, you can’t carry over into the real world. Like when people who don’t recognize that something isn’t “real,” and go perform Mortal Kombat moves on their little siblings, they’ve crossed way over the line.

    Kris´s last blog post > Chaos Head

  9. w00t, steam punk is coming back in style. This year Metrocon’s theme is steam punk and they even got some steam punk band to perform this year. there will probably be a sequel to Afro Samurai because they hinted it with an opened ending by showing justice at the end of the film.

    Otaku Dan´s last blog post > Cosplay Gallery

  10. @A20-man: Ah, unfortunately, it didn’t shorten as much as I wanted. Hence, no salve necessary… Haha, yeah, another one of my impromptu quotes! But doesn’t it sound credible? Hmm, well, without his Afro, he’d be called “Cueball Samurai”? “Skinhead Samurai” would be ironic with its neo-Nazi connotations, lol… Ah, if u detested “Akikan”, then better off to skip “Strike Witches” altogether. Why prolong the agony?

    @Miko-chan: Well, if we’re talking about “being attracted to a 2D character”, I agree with u. As for “enjoying 2D anime and manga”, then we disagree. As for “enjoying books”, I used to read more. But reading takes too long! ^_^

    @Kris-chan: Awww, “kitchen molestation” is cute, lol. But I don’t get his “lesbian” comment! So if he’s driving by and happens to see a guy biking in nothing by spandex shorts, then your fiance is automatically labelled “gay”? I guess so!… Ah, no problem about the thin-pack. Theoretically, they should be able to cram it all onto a single thin-DISC, haha… Yeah, animated versus live-action characters. Exactly, I agree in terms of “liking”, and not necessarily “being attracted”. But for Miko-chan, the line between the 2D and 3D is like a chasm!… Coincidentally, I just caught the first episode of the live-action “Nodame” over the weekend. Isn’t Chiaki-kun a bit *odd* looking, compared to the anime version? Although the live Nodame-chan is pretty cute. Haha, I love their face-whacking slo-mo expressions! But yeah, I agree, both can infuse personality and emotion. It’s all about imagination. Being to able to imagine and enjoy both fictional sides of the 2D-3D coin. But still recognizing there’s a line. As for re-enacting “fictional” crimes in the “real” world, that’s an entirely different can of worms, lol. Entirely!

    @Dan-man: LOL, “coming back”?!? Since when did it leave? Well, not counting the original H.G. Wells books or early decades of Doctor Who, lol. In any case, doesn’t look like “steampunk” will be leaving any time soon… As for “Justice”, don’t remind me! I’m not necessarily looking forward to “Afro” Part 3, lol.

  11. @Jay:
    The lesbian comment is because a very disproportionately large amount of the time he is passing behind me, there are girls, half naked girls, or totally naked girls, often in suggestive poses, somewhere on my screen. It’s just a hazard of the kind of sites I visit/images I find/things I watch as an anime/manga/video game fan.
    So he’s just joking around. Also because I do gush from time to time about how adorable or cute a female character may be (like Kotomi in Clannad), or how beautiful an actress/singer is (Kanon Wakeshima is just the absolute cutest).

    Kris´s last blog post > Chaos Head

  12. Hmm, skinhead samurai? Not really, once you consider Japan’s WW2 alliance with the Axis. That might actually work, although the target audience would probably be rather small=,=

    Haha, cueball samurai? That just reminded me of Madarame Ikkaku from Bleach, who’s always abused by his little-kid vice-captain who calls him names like pachinko-head. Poor guy^^;

    Strike witches… well, I blame the hype. I’ll just go through with it, and if it’s purely about panties, well then, Yoshika and co. will just have to prepare for a ‘very short’ review from me, haha.

    As for the 2D argument, sometimes my friends look at me oddly when I gush about male characters like Sanzo (Saiyuki) or Bonten (Amatsuki), but they know what I mean, lol. Although marrying a 2D character (officially) is a little over the top, IMO.

    aprilius20´s last blog post > When pro-assassins get hooked on manga

  13. @Kris-chan: Ahh, but such a nice scantily-clad suggestively-posed “hazard” to have! Feel free to list those sites for me, lol. Haha, Kotomi. But who’s Kanon Wakeshima? Hold on… {Googles} Hmm, she isn’t too unattractive for a singer-cellist. I’ve seen cuter. I just don’t remember them, lol… Although the live-action Nodame-chan is one of the most-recent cuties I’ve seen. Cute in an unforgivably clumsy way, of course.

    @A20-man: LOL, pachinko-head. Well, lots better than “Maki Maki”, eh? But I doubt “Pachinko Samurai” or “Maki Samurai” would strike fear in anyone’s souls. Speaking of strike, after a while, one forgets about the “Strike Witch” pantsu anyway. Just another form of ecchi humor to facilitate the viewer’s emotional bond with the characters. Particularly as the war drama looms closer… Not familiar with those 2D guy names, but “to each, his own”, lol. Got a fascination with blond guys? Hmm, have u seen “Maria+Holic” yet? LOL.

  14. @Jay: “I can just hear “One and Only” Jem-chan’s eyes popping out of their sockets! ^_~” I laughed so hard and out loud to that. I can always count on you bring a smile to my face whenever I’m ultra irritated at something. So, have I become this bi-curious, sexually ambiguous individual to you? Hahaha. Well, just so you know, those succubi aren’t my type, thank you very much. I prefer hotter, beautiful women whose 2D or 3D rendered lips looks more believable to me. In terms of a hot, fictional succubus, I really like Morrigan from Darkstalkers. I also like Jill Valentine from Resident Evil, Felicia from Darkstalkers, Samus Aran from Metroid Prime, Bayonetta from Bayonetta, Nariko from Heavenly Sword, Revy from Black Lagoon, Mao from GunxSword, just to give you a general idea of what type of women I prefer. Women who are voluptuous, exude hotness from every pore on their body whilst being able to slay en mass. Yes, hot women, indeed.

    I am highly amused with Sankaku Complex. Whether it’s the crazy articles heavy on the sex, deviance, otaku, etc. around the world, I can always manage to get a hearty chuckle after reading one of the many news post. This is immediately followed by: “Those crazy !”

    I lol’d at Kris’ comment about lesbianism. I think my comment in real life or on the interwebs prove to be shocking to people until they grow accustomed to how charming I am XD I don’t ever get suspected of lesbianism as people are more inclined to think that I am “curious”.

    Yes. I preordered that ALTER Strike Witch figure last week. I <3 ALTER so much that I will indiscriminately preorder any release they have at this point because I just love their craftsmanship. I haven’t seen the series, but I’ve seen some suggestive screencaps of what appear to be taken from the anime. I’m not totally sure, but then again, I wouldn’t be completely surprised in the end, either. I fail to see how erotic this figure is aside from her being in a bottom half clothing that resembles panties which is rather tame in my opinion. ALTER has created figures of characters with an ero background without really making the figure all that erotic. I don’t even think they do complete torso cast-offs on any of their figure unlike both Max Factory and Goodsmile who have done so [see Max Factory Pachira].

    I will admittedly say that I find non-living characters attractive because they could exhibit a certain quality or trait to them that is deemed desirable. Does that mean that I want to marry them seriously or have devoted my life to perpetuating some sick hallucinatory fascination that’s spiraled into an unhealthy obsession? Of course, not. If a character design is attractive, then I give it credit for what it is. It never crosses that boundary where I can no longer differentiate from living to inanimate and the ilk. I think there’s nothing wrong with finding fictional characters attractive as long as the person understands that they cannot gain intimacy, satisfaction and other humanly needs from that fictional source. Basically, you shouldn’t treat something that isn’t real as if it is real.

    In terms of mediums, I enjoy a wide spectrum of various media to entice my aural and visual senses. I actually favor movies less and less because I’ve found that it cannot beat a well-written book that hasn’t been “creatively” changed. The same goes for anime where manga is generally preferred for not being censored and containing a more complete and/or accurate version of the series. At this point, I just have time for anime.

    Holy frak, this was long…

    Jem´s last blog post > Forgotten Hauls #5 and #6 [Part 3]

  15. lol, Maria+Holic is the one about cross-dressing blond bishies, right? Haven’t got around to it yet. Nope, it’s not just the blond ones I like… there’s silver (Sephiroth), black (Homura), you get the idea. If he looks good and has an interesting personality, I’m all in. Although the only exception to this ‘rule’ so far would be Zaraki from Bleach, haha.

    It’s understandable that you haven’t heard of Bonten, but Sanzo? Come on~ he’s from an amazing show- one that is absolutely gorgeous when it’s good, and more tiring than counting grass when it’s bad. An anime that’s mastered both, haha=,=

    aprilius20´s last blog post > When pro-assassins get hooked on manga

  16. @Jay: That Yoshika figure is adorable! It’d be nice to have but I don’t have her on preorder. The only future release I really want right now is the GSC Kagamine Twins. (Rin especially)

    @All(?): About liking 2D characters… I believe it’s the idea that people are attracted to rather than the actual drawing. The concept is not entirely new since humans have been creating erotic art since forever. And as for crushes on specific characters, those have to do with traits that someone would find desirable in a real partner. That’s what I think anyway. I’m certainly not qualified to give much insight on the subject since I don’t understand my own fiction-complex myself. When I was a tween my anime/videogame crushes consisted mostly of characters that were pretty messed up in one way or another, like they would kill you and harvest your soul if something went wrong. If what I wrote above is true than I fear for my future. o_o

  17. @Jem-chan: Hahaha, awww, glad to ease your irritation! I do what I can. But sexually ambiguous? Actually, I haven’t thought that at all. I get a clear impression that you’re quite confident in your femininity and sexuality, but happen to enjoy the hot beauty of voluptuous women too! And I knew your full-figured, if not full-lipped, yet bad-ass and kick-ass genre of women, even if I’m not familiar with all of their names… Which is *why* I figured these Asian succubi twins might fit your appeal. I mean, they’re the most voluptuous looking 3D CG-animated Asian girls I’ve seen in a while! If ever. I guess I was slightly off after all, lol… LOL, yup, “Sankaku”, an acquired taste that never fails to tease, titillate and teeter along the ecchi edge between amusement and outright disgust!… Ahh, true, I get the impression that you’re more shocking online than IRL just because TRW can be quite restrictive sometimes. As for “charming”, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s misinterpreted as “teasing” more often than not, lol. But then again, you’ve already mentioned how u find that amusing too!… A-ha! I knew you pre-ordered Yoshika. But you’re right, compared to other figures, I don’t see any blatant eroticism with her. Or maybe Kris-chan hasn’t been exposed to the seedier side of figures (cough-cough, GigaPulse, cough)… Right. There’s a big difference between finding fictional art beautiful, attractive, appealing… and wanting to marry it. Art may reflect life and life may reflect art, but there’s a line. Even if cyperpunk anime like “Ghost in the Shell” tends to question that “line”, lol… Similarly, when it comes to time and money, can’t beat anime. Quicker to access, quicker to enjoy. And downloads are pretty light on the wallet indeed.

    P.S. Haha, my dear, if u thought your comment was long, just think about how long it took to construct this mega-cast! Besides, I usually enjoy a long train-ride of thought. If the company is coherent, and the conversation is colorful. As long as we don’t get lost… Ahhh, “Sio”, I knew someone would miss the note. Which is why I wrote it twice: “That’s the end of the fake captions and stolen screen captures, lol.”

    @A20-man: Yup, u got it! That “Maria” anime definitely caught me off guard! But I think I get what u mean. I’m surprised u haven’t mentioned Lelouch again! Nahhh, just never got around to “Saiyuki”. And I’m in no hurry. Especially when I feel it’s about that time of the year to reduce my animated saturation and introduce some more live-action sci-fi into my watch mix. Got “Terminator”? Got “Smallville 8”? Okay, live-action “Nodame” isn’t sci-fi, but it could qualify as a near-Tolkien fantasy, couldn’t it?

    @Coco-chan: LOL, just when I thought I finished replying to Jem-chan and A20-man, another comment pops up! Aww, yeah, Yoshika definitely looks as adorable as she does in the anime indeed. But I must admit, I never really caught onto the Kagamine twins. Gomen!… Ahh, true, it’s definitely the characters whom the art represents, and not necessarily the art itself. But it’s also tough to evaluate the character without the animated art. Otherwise, a stick figure would hold the same weight! And who would wanna marry a stick figure? Then again, it’s a strange world out there. With or without messed-up soul-harvesters. Just don’t bump into a guy who collects stick figures. Unless he’s fictional, haha.

  18. @Jay:
    Well, this site for starters, lol. Dannychoo…. Any wallpaper site. Some of my own wallpapers! Range Murata is after all one of my favorite artists, and there are a lot of scantily clad women in his drawings (like the cover for the first volume of Robot, which is one of my favorite images). I do get a little embarrassed sometimes, because some of my favorite images have sort of in-your-face boobage going on.

    Maybe I haven’t seen the “seedier” side of figures. But when a 14 year old is standing in that pose, with her panty-clad butt sticking out, with that expression on her face, that blush in her cheeks, and that stupid tail…. That looks wrongly erotic to me.

    Seriously, why are the most evil villains (Vicious, Aion, Sephiroth, Legato) sometimes the hottest characters! It’s not fair. :(

    Kris´s last blog post > Chaos Head

  19. @Kris-chan: Hahaha, ahhh. I get it. The wallpapers! Yeah, agreed, Murata-sensei is a definite fave of this Toybox, lol. But if Murata-sensei is one of your faves too, then why should Yoshika-chan’s pose be any different? I mean, they share definitely similarities in age, innocence and stylish cuteness, no? Unless u thought the Murata figures in my previous “Steampunk” mega-cast (Blog 196) were “wrongly erotic” too? You voted for them! So I thought u liked them too, lol.

    @Kris-chan & @Coco-chan: Which reminds me. I gotta work on my “Evil Jayman” sneer. Mwah-ha-ha!

  20. @Jay:
    I don’t know. One looks like art to me (Murata), and the other like pure fan service. Also, Murata’s girls don’t look like they’re twelve. They’re young looking, yeah, but it seems more a result of his style than their ages.

    Kris´s last blog post > Chaos Head

  21. @Kris-chan: Hmm, I’d say both the “Murata-sensei” and “Strike Witches” styles are guilty of fan service in their exposure of skin or undergarments or enticing angles, whether their ages or looks determine their “youthfulness”.

    Having said that, I think I know what “artistry” you’re aiming at. Murata-sensei’s girls tend to have a sort of angst-based thoughtfulness, wonderment or longing in their expression. But not *all* of them. Does that mean his “happy” or “cheerful” cat-tailed or panty-flashing girls imply fan service? Sure! Or maybe not so sure? Tasteful or not, once again, thoughtful “art”, as well as titillating “fan service”, are in the eye of the beholder. What may be thoughtful to one, may be titillating to another, lol. ^_^

  22. @Jay: Agreed. They do have voluptuous lips, but I don’t think they look very good on them and their overall face is not beautiful to me. I’d have to say that Range Murata can be fan service-y and I believe the characters look young because they are probably in their adolescence stage, if not younger. I’d have to say that I’m probably a lot more shocking in real life. There’s limitations to the internet and how much you can scare a person, y’know ~.*

    Work is so aggravating. Anything to break that aggravation especially if it’s a hearty laugh is definitely a welcome change of pace. I’m off to go kill and break into individual’s homes in Oblivion.

    Jem´s last blog post >

  23. @Jem-chan: Hey, gotta question for the “unofficial Toybox idol”. When did (not just your blog but Coco-chan and others) start setting these “threaded or nested comments” as the default? Maybe in the last couple weeks? Just curious…

    LOL, and now, I shall try and intertwine our last couple threads into one reply! Shall I succeed?… Hmm, “sexual vibe”, I guess that *some* energetic personalities attract *those”* particular resonant frequencies, don’t they? {Hint, hint}… Yeah, I don’t doubt your ironclad selection process. Almost like the “survival of the fittest” figures, lol. Thus, the fittest shall endure in your grasp. Whether or not Murata-sensei designed them. Heyyy, nice segue, eh? Well, adolescent or not, fan-service-based or not, then his girls probably aren’t as shocking as *you* IRL, if what u say is true, lol. Now I’m curious. I think I’m gonna have to test those so-called “scare a person” limitations. Risky. Yup, I know. But what the heck. Sounds rather intriguing… Anything to spit in the metaphorical eye of Lady Boredom, eh?

  24. @Jay: Stick figure fetish? Lol. I’m sure it exists out there. Do stick figures have souls? I wonder, I wonder.

    @Kris: People who produce those characters must be evil or something. D:

  25. Nodame as a Tolkien-esque fantasy? Wha? Haha. Maybe in Nodame’s delusions.

    As for wordpress’s nested comments feature, it’s been there for one or two months. It’s nice, but the only problem is that the longer the conversation gets the more they squeeze the comment. So you get something more or less like this:

    Aprilius20 I saw you |Avatar|
    yesterday on a tree |Avatar|
    throwing cheese ice |Avatar|
    -cream at random strangers.

    Hmm, wonder if this will turn out alright…

    aprilius20´s last blog post > When pro-assassins get hooked on manga

  26. @Coco-chan: Stick figures with souls? LOL, how did that come up? We never said that fictional 2D or 3D animated characters had souls did we? Although physical inanimate objects like anime figures might!

    @A20-man: Ahh, couple months sounds right then… LOL, diagram attempt didn’t hurt, but didn’t help either. True, deeper-and-deeper nested comments get crushed more-and-more towards the right. Which might be more of a distraction than a convenience. I might post about it. Who knows?

  27. @RyoBase-man: Hahaha, but I already live in Las Vegas! The Original Sin City, lol. Can’t get any closer to Lady Luck, eh? ^_^

    @Coco-chan: Ahh, but innocent walking should never pose a hazard. Gotta be the canine neighborhood, dammit. ^.^;

    P.S. Hehe, wandering mixed-up thoughts and ideas? For an otaku? So what else is new? Bahhh, I think my mega-post is a clear indication of my own “random crash” of conceptual fireworks, lol… We should start a club.

  28. Ah Firefly, its been recommended to me so many times but I refuse to watch it? Why? Because if I love it I’m forced to join the hordes of fans aching for more and feeling incomplete. I’d like to avoid that feeling if I could, regardless of the awesomeness I may be missing out on. I will however be trying 2 series that have been recommended to me and have me curious, The Tudors and Big Bang Theory. A screen shot of TL? You use TL for purchasing figures?

    lovelyduckie´s last blog post > Figure Haul Catch Up…and a New Buddy

  29. @Duckie-chan: Hehehe, fair enough! I don’t know if u like vanilla ice cream with warm brownies on top, or cheesecake topped with whip cream, but if u ever caught the first 15-minute bite of the first episode of “Firefly”, you’d probably think you’d feel incomplete by *not* watching it, lol. But I know what u mean. I won’t say another word. Not another word of the Anglo-Asian dialogue, the sarcastic retro-futuristic humor, or the cute female mechanic and her taste for… oops, not another word, lol.

    P.S. Haha, yup, ToysLogic! My 92nd and final figure came from there. Ya don’t remember my Blog-185 “Gothloli Rei” back in January 2009? ^_^

  30. @Jay: I guess it’s the canine neighborhood. Not to mention reckless drivers too. :P

    We should make a club! It will be named…hmm….I want a club sandwich now. But I can’t get a sandwich at this hour. But taco bell is open. Midnight taco run? I hope dogs don’t attack me.

    Wait, what were we talking about again?

    P.S. This is the third time in a row that I’ve gotten “Mimi” as my anti-spam word!

  31. Aww, I’m late into the convo this time (bloody tests) — nonetheless, will try to jump in. :) Starting from where we ended off the last post..

    Wow, Wiki truly has everything. XD It even categorises emotions for people~ Heh with my current speed, it seems I’d probably average around half an hour for a volume. -wry- Then again, that’s probably because when I see shounen action I can’t decipher, I don’t try, I just skip. Hehe.

    Hm, the art style for Afro Samurai looks quite unique. And surprisingly-good too.. Heh I know Strike Witches as the girls-with-no-pants anime. XD That aside, the figure looks a bit bulky, but that’s to be expected, with all the hardware.

    Waha, Maria Ozawa is pretty hot. Says in wiki she went to an international school, and her English does reflect that. =) Though… “an AV studio that produces light hardcore pornography”? Light…hardcore? ._.

    My parents were watching that Terminator series too, I think…wonder if they know it got the axe. :( Hey, we talked about sci/fi?! … -checks- Oh man, I can’t find any mention of it. ._. What’s happening to my brain?! XD

    I’m not sure about those CGs…reminds me of zombies. ._. I think it was just the expression on the first picture. :) Jay-san! How can you say Chiaki-san (live action..forgot the actor’s name, oops XD) was odd-looking! Okay, I have to admit I think that actor is kinda good-looking. And it doesn’t really look like the anime. But neither does Nodame. ;) (She’s quite pretty..not so much in the anime.)

    -aghast- Maria Holic isn’t about cross-dressing blond bishies…! Maybe about ONE cross-dressing blond bishie — but Mariya looks hot as a girl anyway.

    @Kris: I’m late into this convo, but I had to chuckle at your fiance and his ‘Are you sure you’re not a lesbian?’ comment. XD Hmm…in his dreams? :P (Though it does depend on whether he’s the guy into that, haha.)

    That also reminds me of this picture! Had to hunt it down, searched danbooru and other folders, then realised I’d overlooked it in my original folder of funny pics..XD

    jenn´s last blog post > Immortal Regis Volume 1 – Zombies and a New Life

  32. @Lovely:
    If you’re into those HBO shows, you should watch Rome. It was really good.

    No, he’s not into that, I don’t think. He just says it to make fun of me. I get embarrassed and flustered, and occasionally a little irritated, and he thinks it’s funny.

    Kris´s last blog post > E3 – Microsoft

  33. @Coco-chan: A-ha, so u finally agree, the overly-aggressive canine neighborhood! Although I fail to see how “reckless drivers” contribute to the canine attacks. Unless it’s the overall recklessness of dogs and their driving owners? Or another crash of random “taco” thoughts? Hehe, something like “Club Ota-Crash” or “Otaku-Taco”? LOL! Where we’d serve random hot chocolate, hard lemonade, and midnight tacos, hahaha… Maybe Mimi-chan is unconsciously stalking u via hyper-psychic waves via your posts!… P.S. Weren’t we talking about stick-figure souls and hot game villians? Or maybe stick-figure villians? ^_^;

    @Jenn-chan: Whoa, huge comment! {Takes a deep breath} Ah, better late than never. I try not to be “chained” to my mega-casts either, while cleverly maintaining some semblance of weekly diligence, hehe. What? Skipping “bishounen action”? Isn’t that when you’re supposed to focus on every inch of detail? LOL, no wonder a volume takes 30 minutes! Such recklessly instantaneous gratification! Gotta make a volume last as long as possible. Weeks, if not months, in my case, lol… I don’t think I’ve ever seen “Afro Samurai” and “Strike Witches” mentioned in the same paragraph before! Congratulations! Although I’d love to see some random apocalyptic crash of the two worlds, lol. Mmm-hmmm, Maria Ozawa, otherwise known as Miyabi! Hmm, having seen some of her “work”, my guess is that “light hardcore” refers to normal one-on-one hetero sex. In other words, haven’t noticed any anal, multi-partner or sado-masochistic tendencies yet, lol… Yeah, since this post, I’ve reached the 5th or 6th episode of the 2nd season. Pretty decent! True to the “Terminator” films in sense and style. Interesting choice to feature Shirley Manson (of “Garbage”) as a regular actor! What about sci-fi? You mean, since last post? Now I’m confused too… But not as confused as the live-action Chiaki-san, lol. Maybe it’s his nose? Or that mop of chunky hair? But yeah, the live Nodame-chan is pretty cute indeed. Especially with her cute little Nodame-style comments and mannerisms, lol. Heyyy, I never said “Maria Holic” was about “cross-dressing blond bishies”! That was A20 and his fetish for blond bishounen characters, lol. I think I was being evasive in case he hadn’t seen it yet. So not to spoil things like u did! >o<; ... P.S. Hmm, well, maybe not lesbians IRL, since they'd avoid me. Now, bi-curious girls, that's a different matter altogether, lol. Hahaha, those damn "Crazy Geass" kids!... P.P.S. Any thought to the banner question? Otherwise, I can design one based on your header image. @Kris-chan: LOL, "he's not into that, I don't think"... Especially, the "I don't think". Now that's funny! And if he was, shouldn't make a difference, right?

  34. @Jay-san: I think Jem’s wall of text was bigger. :P Ehehe. SHOUNEN action, not bishounen! There’s a distinct difference. :) Ahh so that’s what light hardcore is. -noddles around- Speaking of Terminator, Australia’s finally getting it! Like a month after you guys’ve shown it. Booo. :(

    You know you mentioned in this post we went from sex to sci/fi to sex? I was saying I couldn’t see the science/fiction in that convo…just seemed like Sankaku -> ads -> sex sells -> love an emotion or not :P Haha! What did I miss? XD

    The funny thing was I watched an interview with the actress who did Nodame, and in real life Chiaki’s the cheeky one and she’s kinda serious! (Or so it seemed. Was only one interview.)

    I thought about the Maria Holic thing being a spoiler. Then decided it was not since it’s drummed into the viewer every. single. episode. :P Okay, maybe it’s not that bad, but yeah..they don’t let you forget Mariya is a guy. All the better to mess with your brain. :P Why would lesbians avoid you? o.O

    Also! Yes, I wanted to mention the banner but my comment was getting long. XD I’ll make something up after exams~ Which is end of June. It won’t be superb, but you don’t have to bother designing one. :)

    @Kris: Aww! I’m not your fiance, and even I think that’s cute. ;) Heehee. It does seem a bit sometimes like guys never grow out of teasing girls. XD I don’t blush (though I wish I did), but niisama likes to tickle and/or surprise me…and I do squeal. ._. T_T

    jenn´s last blog post > Immortal Regis Volume 1 – Zombies and a New Life

  35. One of the Nodame guys (Osamu Mukai, he played Tooru Kikuchi) is going to play Taira in a live action Beck Mongolian Chop Squad film. They very sexy Hiro Mizushima (Soshi in the LA Absolute Boyfriend drama) will play the lead role of Ryusuke. The film is sounding like quite the feast for the eyes.

    No, it doesn’t matter. But I actually don’t know. I’m fairly sure he’s not. Or well, I mean, I don’t think he cares one way or the other.

    He’s very smart and very mature, but he does act like a 15 year old 80% of the time. I’m really easy to tease, because while I have a good sense of humor, I also take everything very seriously. I don’t get tickled though, I get groped, lol.

    Kris´s last blog post > E3 2009 – Ubisoft

  36. @Jenn-chan: Hahaha, so size *does* matter, doesn’t it? {Cough-cough} Yeah-yeah, tried to slip “bishounen” past ya, lol. I guess normal “shounen” crap doesn’t appeal to ya, eh? Speaking of “shounen”, getting films a month later isn’t really a big deal if it takes me 6 months to finally see it! First things first. Gotta finish “Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles – Season 2”, *then* I can watch the movie. Speaking of sci-fi, don’t tell me u missed my discussion of those “Terminator” and “Steampunk” articles? I mean, it’s right there! Smack in the middle of the action! Speaking of action, actors and actresses can be weird. But doesn’t matter to me if their characters don’t match their real-life personas. That’s the point, right? LOL… [Oh well, forgive us, A20-man, if u haven’t started “Maria Holic” yet. Because the impact of the first episode is a great impact to experience. Blame Jenn-chan if she ruined it, lol.]… Haha, I meant that romantically-sexually speaking, lesbians would avoid a guy, right? Ah, I didn’t mean normal everyday situations, lol. Although, if they’d let me “watch”, that’s another story too! Ahh, either way, doesn’t matter to me. I can design a banner in a few minutes, then replace it when you’re ready with your own. Sound good?… P.S. Wait-wait-wait. I think the passing thought of Kris-chan as your fiancee is even funnier and cuter, hehehe. Oops {cough-cough}, didn’t mean to tease ya, Squeal-chan.

    @Kris-chan: Bahhh, all Asian guys look the same! LOL! But here’s yet another intriguing live-action re-making of an anime! Although I’m having a hard time thinking of the opposite conversion, from live-action to anime, lol. Anything come to mind?… Okay-okay, Kris-chan, Jenn-chan, with all this talk of teasing, squealing, tickling and groping, do u need to get your own room? Ahh, forget it, there’s a couch behind me in the living room, lol. {Fakes a yawn}

    P.S. Okay, Kris-chan, I’m gonna try out my Meimi-chan style of “double-posting” my identical reply on both our blogs. So don’t get confused, lol. Just sharing the love. Unless it gets *too* confusing!

  37. @Envoy-man: Haha, which integration do you mean? The integration of American-Japanese cultures within this mega-cast? Within the entertainment industry? Or maybe, you mean within yourself?

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