Blog 217 > Despair, Devastation & Delight

Despair! Devastation! Delight! Can you truly distinguish one without the others? After all, one girl’s pain may be another girl’s panic may be another girl’s pleasure, don’t you think? Haha, welcome back, my Traveling Toyboxers! Welcome to yet another deliciously disturbing taste of another marvelously mad mega-cast! A mega-cast of classroom-crashing desperation, triple-pistolled typhoons, purse-lipped pianists, lunar-licking digestion, and hardware-clashing relaxation! What am I talking about? Well, buckle up, pipe down, lean back, and let’s figure it out, lol. Ready? Three, two, one, let’s start the show!

Part 1 of 5 > Despair, Here, There & Everywhere

To fall or *not* to fall into despair? To fire or *not* to fire your weapon? To perform or *not* to perform your music? Those are the questions of the next 3 anime titles. Yup, 3 more anime titles-or-seasons: “Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei” [33], “Trigun” [34], and “Nodame Cantabile – Paris” [35]. Yes-yes, for a total of 35 completed anime titles-or-seasons in just about 8 1/2 months so far! Well? What do you think? Despite work, play and live-action films, can I hit my typical target of 50 anime by the end of the year? Ahhh, the despair!

Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (Season 2, 2008) [33]. Ahhh, yes, the despair! But let’s see, where to begin? Well, about 17 months ago, back in mid-April 2008, I finished the first season of “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei” (2007). And I was utterly blown away! In fact, I gave it a 4 of 5 stars maximum for a half-season. Plus an Honorable Mention for 2008! So from 27 July 2009 to 23 August 2009, when I finally completed “Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei” (2008) last month, I couldn’t wait for more! Yup, my 33rd anime title-or-season of the year. Season 2 with 13 episodes. Haha, just as mind-alteringly and mind-frakkingly uproarious as Season 1. Especially with its psychological cocktail of over-analytical despair-torn classmates plus teacher! Whoa, by combining Season 2 with Season 1, the series earns a desperately impressive 5 of 5 stars!

To celebrate, ranging wildly from 1024px-to-5300px resolution across both seasons, here are over 50 wallpapers, vectors, scans and other images to soothe your over-analytical soul, lol. Feel free to enlarge. Ahhh, bask in the air of despair!






















































So did you fall *in* or fall *out* of despair, huh?


Part 2 of 5 > Guns, Dunes & Humanoid Typhoons

To fire or *not* to fire your weapon? That is the next question. Ahhh, the guns!

Trigun (1998) [34]. Ahhh, yes, the guns! Once again, where to begin? Man, I’ve seen and heard about this classic anime for years! Ages! Yet I never got around to watching it. Why? Who knows? Maybe because there always seemed to be other better titles to watch? In any case, from 20 May 2009 to 06 September 2009, with the help of Netflix, I finally completed “Trigun” (1998). Finally, after more than 10 years later! Yup, my 34th anime title-or-season of the year. Original season with 26 episodes. While some of the wandering tales fly as dry as the sand they’re drifting in, there’s a certain mythical gust to the scenes, shots and characters. Even the shadow of tears may have flickered across my eyes toward the final showdown. But in the end, the series earns a decently wind-blown, sand-torn and bullet-bitten 4 of 5 stars!

To celebrate, aiming carelessly from 1500px-to-3400px resolution, here are 10 wallpapers and other images to vent your vengeful heart, lol. Feel free to enlarge. Ahhh, bathe in the hail of bullets!










So did you fight, flee, fall, or fire your weapon, huh?


Part 3 of 5 > Pianos, Paris Trips & Pursed Lips

To perform or *not* to perform your music? That is the final question. Ahhh, the pianos!

Nodame Cantabile – Paris (Season 2, 2008) [35]. Ahhh, yes, the pianos! And yes, this will be my third time featuring “Nodame”, hehe. First, my Blog 178 (Dec 2008) when I gave the first season of “Nodame Cantabile” (2007) an extraordinary and unforgettable 5 of 5 stars. Second, my Blog 207 (June 2009) when I gave the live-action drama (2006) a sublime 5 of 5 stars. And third, this Blog 217. Need I say more? Sure, why not? This time, from 26 August 2009 to 08 September 2009, I completed “Nodame Cantabile – Paris” (2008). Yep, my 35th anime title-or-season of the year. Season 2 with 11 episodes. While not as focussed, driven or intense as the first season, it is still an irresistible ride through the romantic-comedic world of classical music. Yet another shining and inspiring 5 of 5 stars!

To celebrate, soaring melodically from 1024px-to-2500px resolution, here are 25 wallpapers, vectors and other images to inspire your orchestral spirit, lol. Feel free to enlarge. Ahhh, soak in the shower of rainbow sounds!

























So did you push, pull, pretend or perform your music, huh?


Part 4 of 5 > Another Autumn Embrace – August Moons & Noodles

Despair! Devastation! Delight! Which one will it be this time? After falling into “Zetsubou” despair, firing “Trigun” weapons, and performing “Nodame” music, let’s skyrocket beyond the anime atmosphere into the starry embrace of our surrealistic reality. Whatever that means.

Hey, remember my first weekend with Autumn-chan? Back in my Blog 215 > Embrace of an Autumn Night (Aug 2009) mega-cast? Well, on 17 August 2009, the following Monday morning after that weekend, as I let Guiness out into the backyard to do his duty before my getting ready for work, I noticed the prettiest sight in the eastern sky. Not just the morning Moon. But, correct me if I’m wrong, I believe Venus as well! As always, feel free to enlarge the shot.

Another shot. Are the Moon and Venus smiling at my Autumn embrace?

A zoomed shot. Check out the enlarged version.

Another zoomed shot.

Aww, wasn’t that pretty? Then, two Mondays later, on 31 August 2009, or two weeks ago, Autumn-chan and I decided to have lunch at “Jollibee“, lol. Haha, yup, the same Filipino fast-food place that I visited with Vanessa back in my Blog 060 (May 2007), more than 2 years ago! On Opening Day! Crowded! Crazy! But two weeks ago, it wasn’t so crazy. Well, not as crazy as me, lol. I know you want to enlarge the shot of those noodles, right?

Nahhh, not as crazy as me.

Mmm, Pancit Palabok!

Another inexplicable shot taken by Autumn-chan.

Hmm, wondering what she’s aiming at?

Ahh, another painfully posed photo.

Concluding with yet another delightfully deranged Jollibee-eyed composition.

Mmm, I think I’m getting hungry again. Damn Jollibee.


Part 5 of 5 > Another Autumn Embrace – September Hardware & Foosball

Despair! Devastation! Delight! Can you predict which one it will be next? After some surrealistic Autumn moons and noodles, let’s catapult across the chaotic chasm into the concrete embrace of materialistic reality. Is it truly real?

Real or not, guess what? The following day after Jollibee, on 01 September 2009, my ex-sister-in-law and ex-roommate Lisa decided to thank me for watching Guiness the Menace all these months since she moved out this past July. Thank me how? Well, with more than a dozen Asian DVDs! Wow, nice! Thanks again, Lisa! But don’t mind the “True Blood – First Season” box set. Yeah, I know it’s not Asian. I just borrowed it from my coworker Mary because she recommended it, lol. Still halfway through it. Not spectacular, but not utterly bad either. So I thought, why not toss in the DVD box set along with the rest of the DVDs? Yeah, why not?

Ah, Satoshi Kon’s “Millennium Actress”! Breath-taking anime film. But haven’t seen Jet Li’s “Red Dragon” or Tony Leung’s “Flowers of Shanghai” yet!

Still haven’t seen the Korean animated film “My Beautiful Girl, Mari” either!

Haha, can’t wait to see the Thai comedy “Iron Ladies” about transvestites, transsexuals and homosexuals! LOL! Or Beat Takeshi’s “Taboo”. Man, so many I haven’t seen yet!

Ahh, here’s the full DVD spread.

Here’s the reverse angle.

Finally, here’s a close-up of one of my favorite Hong Kong female-fighting flicks “So Close”! Delicious spy-girls and cop-chicks! Watched it again just last week, lol.

Haha, makes you wanna grab and enjoy another Asian film, doesn’t it? Well, not just yet. Because the following Saturday, on 05 September 2009, Autumn-chan visited me in another unforgettable installment of my adorable “Autumn Embrace” series, lol. Yup, first my Blog 215 > Embrace of an Autumn Night mega-cast. Then my Blog 216 > Time to Embrace, Rock or Die mega-cast. Now, this Blog 217, including “Operation Laptop Fan”, lol. Essentially, she surgically opened up her main laptop, as I assisted, so we could find the serial number on her malfunctioning boot-stalling fan.

I suggested taking photos to help her remember how to put the bits and pieces back together. Yup, she insisted on taking it apart herself! Again!

Hmm, probably the trickiest part was remembering how the fragile wires snaked around the various curves and crevices.

Even more wires, curves and crevices.

Plus a weird wire with a gooey bit of newly-detached tape.

Finally! The surgically detached laptop fan!

Yet oddly enough, despite the “7701A”, there was no sign of a proper serial number! Gahhh. Oh well.

Ahh, food! After consuming a couple of hours to disassemble, rest, then reassemble her laptop, it was about time for a sushi break in the sunny relaxing front-door breeze. Quite relaxing. Hehe, and yeah, the same sushi party tray of California rolls, surimi, shrimp ebi, and edamame, as last time. Plus baby carrots, a can of Diet Sunkist Orange, and a can of Diet Sunkist Lemonade, lol. Why not?

Yeah, as always, the soy-drenched sushi hit the spot, lol. But to make a long story short, despite the lack of Guiness the Menace and his attention-starved antics, Autumn-chan and I settled back and cuddled against the pillows and cushions to watch, smile and laugh at my embarrassing family videos taken during my East Coast Vacation (Blog 067) in 2007, lol.

Sadly, and all too soon, it was time for her to leave. So to soothe the momentary heartache, I decided to go to the 7pm Rock Band Party of another coworker Michelle’s house. Once again, I sang a ton of rock tunes on “Hard” difficult without any problems, lol. But when Michelle’s friend Nick noticed my elbow support, and listened to its foosball origin, he challenged me to a one-on-one foosball match, while inviting me to his barbecue party set for the next day. Haha, why not? Besides, as the Foosball Ninja (Blog 189), I need an occasional foosball challenge, right?

Fast-forwarding to the next day, on Sunday, 06 September 2009, we find ourselves at Nick and Vicki’s 2pm Barbecue Party! Whoa, so many young pretty people and their alcoholic activities, lol. Not only that, the birthday boy Zack on the far right is the spitting image of Lex Luthor as portrayed by “Smallville” (Blog 209) actor Michael Rosenbaum! Uncanny.

Here we go! Getting ready to make a toast! Hehe, I believe the blonde holding the bottle is Irish-born.

Making the toast to the birthday boy!


A-ha! Nick’s foosball table.

A closer view. Looks just like a Harvard-brand foosball table. Like mine.

A random kitchen view.

Another random kitchen view, lol.

Well, to make another long story short, despite the lack of familiar faces, I was more comfortable playing some fast-flying foosball with Nick, Paul, Zack and Kyle in various two-on-two combinations. While Zack and I won twice as a team, Kyle and I lost twice as a team. But let’s not forget Nick’s original one-on-one challenge! In between the food and beer sessions, I lost the first game by a score of 5-to-10. But later on, despite the tight foosball rods and the sloped corners, I still managed to adjust, defeat Nick on his own table, and win the second game by a score of 10-to-7. Awesome. A worthy opponent indeed. In fact, while I genuinely complimented him, “You’re awesome”, he wasn’t smiling too much when he replied, “You’re not half bad yourself.” Hmmm.

Fast-forwarding once more to the next day, on Monday, 07 September 2009, we find ourselves on the Labor Day Holiday! Yup, on this day, I finally decided to clean my salvaged foosball table. The same old foosball table that my next-door neighbor abandoned on the street curb for garbage pick-up, back on 06 June 2009. Ugh, that solidified soda puddle on the playing surface was the worst! But wow, luckily, the degreasing cleaner I bought slowly-but-steadily dissolved that puddle. So, after 3 months of sitting in the garage, my foosball table has finally been cleaned up. Not perfectly. But decently. All that’s left to do is to cover the bare and torn spots with some new wallpaper, reattach new 10-point score markers on either end, and add 3 shiny new foosballs. Hehe, I can’t wait! For now, here’s my newly-cleaned Harvard-brand foosball table.

A closer view.

An even closer angle.

Zooming back out.

A reverse angle.

A closer reverse angle.

Much closer, lol.

Reversing the reverse angle, lol.

Finally, an on-the-field perspective. Feel free to enlarge the view.

So, from DVDs to laptops to foosball, was it truly real? Which one was it? Was it despair, devastation or delight? Is it time to play foosball yet?


Despair! Devastation! Delight! Depth! Descent! Delicacy! Destiny! My Tragic Toyboxers, did you distinguish one from the others? Yeah, right, lol. You didn’t even try, did you? Unless you think one girl’s pain and another girl’s panic and another girl’s pleasure, are all the same thing? Nevertheless, didn’t another deliciously disturbing taste of another marvelously mad mega-cast dissipate into the darkness? Didn’t another mega-cast of classroom-crashing desperation, triple-pistolled typhoons, purse-lipped pianists, lunar-licking digestion, and hardware-clashing relaxation all dissolve into despair? They didn’t? Then I thank you. Just as we should thank the glistening girls who graced our glittering mega-cast. Thank you, the girls of “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei”, Nodame-chan, Lisa, Mary, Michelle, Vicki, and of course, the adorable Autumn-chan. I still think I’m falling for her…

Can I hit my typical target of 50 anime by the end of the year?

Till next broadcast. Peace. Out.


Final Flashback

To fall or *not* to fall into despair? Ahhh, yes, the despair!


37 thoughts on “Blog 217 > Despair, Devastation & Delight

  1. So season 2 of SZS is over? I need to get watching that then (er well, the first season first, then the second; they’re both on my HDD).
    The images for the show are really morbid, lol. Ah! Azumanga Zetsubou Sensei! Image saved!

    “Maybe because there always seemed to be other better titles to watch?”
    Than TRIGUN? O.o For SHAME. It’s taken you entirely too long to watch this. I saw it years ago (back when Adult Swim was actually kind of nice to it’s anime…and AS was only on one night a week), though I only just acquired the series for my collection this year. Got all 6 discs from Rightstuf for $50.

    Wolfwood is still one of my all time favorite characters. And he gets LOTS more focus in the manga (and is around a lot longer), which is really fantastic (if a little hard to follow at times because of all the action on the pages). In fact, that last image you posted of Vash and Wolfwood on the couch is from the manga; it’s their last meeting together. It’s very emotional.

    Haven’t gotten to Nodame Paris yet, either. I’m SO behind.

    Quite a spread of DVDs there! But you should return the True Blood. :)
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Scrapped Princess =-.

  2. @Kris-chan: Haha, not just Season 2, Season 3 “Zan SZS” is almost over too! Where have you been? Well, of course, they’re morbid! In a playful sorta way, lol. Haha, I knew you’d catch the “Azumanga Zetsubou Sensei” parody!… Well, I did give “Trigun” 4 of 5 stars, didn’t I? Even after waiting 10 years and after watching about 200 anime. So it’s pretty durable. Yeah, I sensed that Wolfwood might’ve been a deeper character. So your manga comment didn’t surprise me. But didn’t know that last image came from the manga! Great to know. Ahh, yeah, it was pretty emotional in the anime too.

    And yeah, like I emailed, might as well reply to your Asian-film and Asian-drama recommendations here. To keep things organized!

    You wrote: “Add a movie called Dragon Tiger Gate to your Netflix! It’s a Chinese action movie based on a Chinese comic book. It was pretty good; I think you’d like it. The three main characters are pretty normal as far as those things go, but the main villain is a hard core comic book villain. I don’t know anything about the comic book, but the movie is stand alone; the story is self contained. It’s written like an original movie… And it has Nicholas Tse, who aside from being a great actor, is also totally adorable…if that matters at all to you, lol. It does to me! If it doesn’t there’s a couple of cute girls in it, too. -Kris”

    Haha, thanx! Hey, wasn’t Nicholas Tse in “The Promise” (2005)?… I only remember him because he used to be (or is still is?) married to Cecilia Cheung, who also appeared in “The Promise”. But I was first mesmerized by Cecilia in the Korean film “Failan” (2001), which is one of my 5-star Korean faves (with the incredible Choi Min-sik)! Here’s the link to my now-poorly-formatted LJ Post 090 from June 2005. So maybe I’ll give “Dragon Tiger Gate” a try… eventually, lol.

    Oh, and regarding “Goong”, thanx again! I’ve been taking little peeks as I verify that the subtitles are working. Hehe, it definitely looks cute. Looks like another live-action drama winner! Sadly, haven’t even started the first episode yet! Gahhh. But since I finally got Blog 217 out the door, I’ll get to it sooner than later. Not that I’ve started “Jumong” either, lol.

    P.S. Quick observation as Technical Writer. One character space between sentences is adequate. Two spaces come from an older convention inherited from the days of old-school typewriters and limited Courier-style fonts. Nowadays, one space is sufficient for clarity, lol.

    P.P.S. I’ve already reached episode 8 of 12 in “True Blood – Season 1” and I’m still not sure it’s going anywhere. Might have to return the DVDs to my coworker friend earlier than expected.

    P.P.P.S. Lastly, congratulations on the launching of “Bento Bako Weekly“! One other benefit of creating that name, it appears higher in the alphabetical categories, hehe. Nice.

  3. For Zetsobou Sensei, I think once I realized there were three seasons, I wanted to wait until I had all three complete, and then watch them all together. That’s why I’ve been putting it off. But because of your post, I started watching them last night. It’s hysterical. He’s so morbidly depressed about every little thing; it’s great.

    Yeah, Nicholas Tse was in the promise! I really liked him, so I went looking for other movies he’s starred in, and found Dragon Tiger Gate. He’s still married to Cecilia, as far as I know. They have a kid, too.

    I do know that 2 episodes of Goong have serious subtitle issues. I think it’s 7 and 8. During a couple parts of the show, they just cut out entirely for a few minutes. It’s a nuisance, but it’s not detrimental. Sometimes they’re conversations that are referenced again, but in a “Oh, so that’s what they were talking about” way, not a “What the hell are they talking about” way.

    Ah, I’m an old-fashioned writer. I always use two spaces. Some programs remove it automatically anyway (I think blogspot does, and I know Word Press does). From what I remember, the single space is more acceptable for printed media, like magazines and newspapers, because it conserves space. Otherwise it’s always been double spaces for me. That’s the way I learned to type.

    And yes, I noticed the name of my column puts it up at the top of the list. :) It’s quite the perk.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Scrapped Princess =-.

  4. @Kris-chan: Nahhh, why do you tend to do that? Why watch multiples seasons so quickly? Just like “Gokusen”, sometimes gotta spread them out over few months, even years, to make the experience, then memories, thus enjoyment, last longer… But yeah, the over-analytical desperations are delightfully brain-bending!

    Well, I haven’t searched or added “Dragon Tiger Gate” to any lists or queues yet (not in any hurry, lol), but “Goong” 15-20 is downloading quite smoothly. Continued thanx! Ah, the subtitles. Ehh, just a few minutes shouldn’t bother me too much. I’m pretty flexible and tolerant with things… Except with double spaces. Nah, just kidding. But when I text my friends, I’ve been skipping apostrophes and commas. So maybe the English language will eventually evolve in that direction too. “Don’t” will evolve into “dont”, “can’t” into “cant”, and so on. Just as the Old English “to-day” became “today”, and more recently, “e-mail” has become “email”. Tradition isn’t necessarily eternal. ^_^

    Haha, yeah, a definite alphabetical perk! But hey, I tried to subscribe to the BBW RSS feed, but instead, I seem to get the entire ComicAttack feed. Is there a way to separate out the BBW only? I don’t think so, but I thought I’d ask.

  5. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Trigun are such great shows.I think I should rewatch Trigun since its been ages since I saw the anime.

    I actually recently bought the first two volumes of the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Manga and Del Rey did a pretty good job with the translation.Didnt expect it to be that good.

    So thats Venus?Looks to me like the moon but I know nothing about astronomy
    .-= Blowfish´s last blog > 1/8 GSC Kyouka-sama =-.

  6. @Blowfish:
    In the zoomed in pictures (meaning, not the first couple), you can see another tiny dot in the sky underneath the moon. He’s saying THAT is Venus.

    Because I like to watch things altogether. That way there are no cliff hangers, for one thing. :) Also, so I don’t forget what was going on, or the characters, or whatever.

    Yeah the subtitle problems weren’t much of an issue; just kind of an annoyance. But it was only in 2-3 episodes in the middle.

    *GASP!* No apostrophes? No COMMAS? That’s the end of civilization! It can NEVER come to that! I would go on a rampage.
    Although, I don’t use them when I phone text either, but that’s a medium where you’re going for speed and convenience; also I don’t have a keyboard phone, so putting in every punctuation mark and capitalizing everything is a huge pain.

    Um, I’m not sure if there is a way to subscribe just to my posts; sorry. :(
    Just go to the site once a week and click the “Bento Bako” category and read whatever’s new, I guess.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Scrapped Princess =-.

  7. @Flying-Blow-man: Haha, “Zetsubou” definitely and “Trigun” was pretty decent… Ahh, manga. I don’t usually buy manga, but if u say so, I believe u. The anime is perfectly hilarious as it is!… As for Venus, I hope u mean the white dot below the crescent moon. Otherwise, I’ll have to smack your lack of astronomical knowledge and force u out of your anime cave, haha.

    @Kris-chan: Bahhh, don’t waste your time with Blowfish, he’s a lost cause! Something to do with a PVC addiction or something, lol… Haha, I’m only teasing, of course. But watching several seasons in a row, isn’t that like eating Panda Express for 5 lunches in a row? Without taking a break? Whatever floats your boat, Kris-chan. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how orange chicken tastes, hehe.

    LOL, why so serious? Why so attached to apostrophes, commas and other punctuation? Like u admitted, if speed is of the essence, they can be an annoyance. If anything, smiling emoticons should be added to “proper” modern grammar, shouldn’t it? ^_^ So there’s no need to rampage. Unless you’re turning into my ex-grandma-in-law with her finicky criticisms of improperly-prepared restaurant dishes. So serious… How about this? If “BBW” doesn’t have its own feed, why not post a cross-post in your “Girl G33k” blog? Since I’m already subscribed to that one. Just a two-cent idea. ^o^;

    P.S. “Goong” episodes 1-20, downloads successful. Now downloading 21-24 plus the special. Actually, at 6 episodes per DVD+R, I can start burning the first 3 discs. Well, maybe after I get some sleep.

  8. Ah, good old Zetsu. Lovely pictures indeed, haha! Although I don’t recall Kiri’s ‘assets’ being that large… then again, she’s always covered in her blankie so it’s entirely possible, I suppose:3

    Fight, flee, fall, or fire? Is strafing allowed? Mmm, the only thing I know of Trigun is that red overcoat- one of my fave downloaded costumes for Sims 1. As for Nodame… nuff said. Sublime is the right word, especially for a show that inspired me to get up and study (Fof all of 5 seconds), haha.

    Harvard foosball table. Um. My first thought: ‘So you stole if from Harvard?’LOL at Nick. Either he’s a foosball major league player who’s scouting for new talent, or he was aiming to impress the girls but had his ego knocked off a cliff…

    p.s. I don’t know how all that talk about punctuation came along (Eyes so tired), but I suppose that double spaces would not only look ugly but be quite tiring:)
    Hmm, it’s not so apparent here as it is in Notepad…
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Announcement: Out With It. =-.

  9. Wow, Jay-san, that’s a LOT of Zetsubou wallpapers!

    True Blood’s posters looked cool, but I didn’t like the female lead. :( (Nor did mom..) I’ve heard the side characters are cool, though!

    Whoa, I didn’t know Nicholas Tse’s married to Cecilia Cheung..

    And regarding Kris’s new column (Grats, by the way!=)) would this work..? Can’t really tell since it’s only one post, but..

  10. @Jay-san:
    I don’t know…I’m just weird like that. I like watching everything at once. It’s why I hate buying anime by disc (I always by box sets when I can). I’ve gotten better. I used to sit down and watch an entire series in one sitting. I space them out a bit now.

    I am pretty hard core about proper punctuation. I do edit that ComicAttack site, and none of those people know how to properly use commas, semicolons and apostrophes. It drives me nuts. I’m kind of a freak for grammar. I should note here that English was my favorite subject in HS.

    Um, I could link them on my Girl G33k blog, but I don’t want to cross-post. If you have facebook, I always post new things I write there.

    Also, season 1 of Zetsubou Sensei has been watched! On to season 2.
    Holy crap, that makes 43 anime series/movies I’ve seen this year!
    6 movies…. Oh whoops, I did add 5 live actions to that list, which probably isn’t fair so…. Taking all that away leaves me with 31 anime series watched this year. Hm, that math doesn’t add up, lol.

    Watch Trigun! I think you would like it. Well, you will if you liked shows like Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star.

    Tse and Cheung have been married since 2006.
    (And thank you!)
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Yu Yu Hakusho Season 2 =-.

  11. So that teeny,tiny Spot is Venus?
    Actually that makes sense,since the moon is a little bit closer to earth than venus.I thought that its some kinda star though ^^;;
    Id rather be smacked out of my anime cave by someone with boobs.If you can organize that ill be gladly smacked.

    Thanks for explaining Kris! My PVC Addiction isnt that bad *sniff*

  12. @A20-man: Ahh, but during those occasional moments when Kiri-chan’s assets were revealed in Season 2, they were indeed more ample than many of the other girls, lol. In fact, here’s a bonus Kiri-chan wallpaper, lol… Yeah, I know exactly what u mean about “Trigun”. Before watching it, all I knew was the spiked blond hair, tinted glasses, and huge red coat. And afterwards, it’s pretty decent. And you also get a clearer idea of how it influenced future series like “Hellsing” and “Trinity Blood”. Yup, “Nodame” speaks for itself. Or herself.

    Haha, nahhh, Harvard is not quite the top-rate foosball table, but it’s a popular more-affordable second-tier brand. Ehh, Nick is just a competitor like myself. But he also probably hasn’t played as many top-rate guys as I’ve played (without being professional, lol). I also grew up with foosball as a kid. Thanx Dad for the infinite foresight! Most of all, I’ve played so much foosball at my level, that I’ve moved beyond “being the best” to simply “enjoying the challenge” whether I win or lose. Which is why I enjoy teaming up with the least-experienced female co-workers, and still manage to win a handful against two-guy teams, lol. Now that’s fun!

    P.S. Oops, watch out! Kris-chan the “Grammar Police Girl” might hear you! But I can see both sides, it’s how you were taught. But yeah, double-spacing is like double-clicking. Can be annoying if there’s too much of it, lol.

    @Jenn-chan: If you think that’s a lot of “Zetsubou” wallpapers, then what if I told you that I left out 90 others? Just so I keep my mega-cast in a more manageable 100-to-130-image range! And not the 200-image range!… Hmm, never saw the “True Blood” posters, but if they look like the DVD box packaging, I’d probably be impressed too. I agree, you’re right about the characters. While the female lead is interesting for a few episodes, it’s the supporting cast which makes it more engaging. Unfortunately, I gave up after Episode 9 of Season 1. The story was moving too slow, taking too long to develop, and popping up surprises too late in the story. Which makes it feel cheap. Ugh, oh well. I mean, I just watched Episode 1 of “Trinity Blood” again. And that anime is more exciting in 0.5 hours than 9 hours of “True Blood”! Now that’s entertainment!

    Yup, Nicholas and Cecilia! I just didn’t know if they were still together, since I’ve heard so many problems between them, lol… Lastly, ahh, yes! That URL works! I didn’t know you could grab feeds like that! Thanx! (Sorry, Kris-chan, for not being spell-correct with “Thanks”, lol.) Wow, so that means (and these URLs work too), I can create the following feeds to “Clannad”, “Death Note” and “Maria Ozawa” without grabbing all of my “Toybox” feeds (cool!):


    @Kris-chan: Hehe, I’m just teasing you… Ah, I can understand box sets, but not necessarily multiple box sets at once!… Haha, like I mentioned above, you’re the “Grammar Police Girl”! But if you’ve noticed, my mega-casts are quite “grammar-correct”. However, my comments are more lenient with its “u” and “thanx” indulgences, lol. So if I were in your “ComicAttack” shoes, I’d probably do my own share of editing as well. Being a 12-year Technical Writer-Editor and all.

    Ahh, I don’t use my Facebook so much, but yeah, I also import my “Toybox” mega-casts into my Facebook Notes. I guess I’ll just stick with my Google Reader to grab your decentralized “GirlG33k”, “Kris Show” and “Bento Bako Weekly” madness, lol. Wow, seems like you’re on the same anime-viewing pace as I am. Well, math or not, I can imagine a range between 31-38 anime titles-or-seasons so far. Omedetou! (Congrats!)

    @A20-man: I’d estimate a 50/50 chance that you’ll like “Trigun”, lol.

    @Flying-Blow-man: Well, yup, compared to the other invisible “teeny, tiny spots” out there, the fact that Venus is easily visible against the dawn sky is still quite remarkable. Not many stars or planets can say that, lol… As for “someone with boobs”, I think Kris-chan would qualify! And I wouldn’t put it past her to “smack you outta your anime cave” either!

    Would you do the honors, Kris-chan? ^.^;

  13. @Jay-san:
    Substitute Blood + for Trinity Blood, and I’d agree. I found Trinity Blood pretty boring. Gorgeous animation, just not much to back it up.

    Also, I will write more than just my weekly BBW. I’m also going to do a BB Lite as the need arises. And I wrote a piece on the upcoming Spider-Man Broadway musical the other day:

    I just like to watch a series continuously. Which is why I’ve been very bad watching my d/led anime lately, because I keep waiting for the series to finish…and they just keep piling up.

    In takes about 2-3 weeks to watch an average show (meaning around 6 discs) with Netflix rentals (closer to 2 if I don’t rent anything in between discs). In the meantime, I’ll watch a series I own (I do have about 5 shows I’ve bought this year that I still haven’t gotten around to watching), or something on my computer. So I’d say I probably average a series a week, which isn’t bad.

    If I could manage to smack blowfish out of his cave from waaaaaay over where I am, I might oblige.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Yu Yu Hakusho Season 2 =-.

  14. @Kris-chan: Hehe, in either case, both “Trinity Blood” (5 stars) and “Blood+” (5 stars) easily out-entertain “True Blood – S1” (2 or 3 stars, haven’t decided yet). In fact, I’d even go further to say that the original half-hour OVA “Blood – The Last Vampire” (2000) out-entertains it as well! LOL! But haven’t seen the new live-action version yet… Ewww, a Spider-Man Broadway musical? Now that sounds even worse, ugh. How the mighty have fallen into an entangled web… Yeah, a title per week makes perfect sense at 52 weeks per year. Since I’ve been averaging 50 titles for each of the last several years. Not bad at all!

    P.S. Hmm, since when did geographical distances make a difference in the virtual otakusphere anyway? I say, “Smack away!”

  15. You made me way too jealous with that sushi picture. I had some just a few days ago…but now you made me want more! I saw Trigun anime a looong time ago, I recently started buying and reading the manga because I keep finding it dirt cheap and I’ve always been curious. A Nodame fan huh? I still need to watch season 2, I like Nodame a lot but I kept getting so frustrated that people kept missing seeing her talents! By the way I’m definitely going to need one of your Zetsubou images as the new background on my desktop, you have a ridiculous number of good ones.
    .-= lovelyduckie´s last blog > Tales of the Abyss Review =-.

  16. @Kris:
    Haha, I’m a grammarati too. ^^ Though I’ve never done two spaces between words… And lol, I’m so behind on HK goss. (My mom probably knws though since she actually keeps track of it, but I tune her out every time she goes into it. XD)

    Lol, Trinity Blood”y”! (An MC did something wrong to the name once.) I remember I did a review on it once…I liked the music more than the art, though. Though the art itself was spiffy. Yeah, I think the True Blood posters were like the DVD box cover. =) Shiny. I’m happy I didn’t continue it then. XD Don’t know whether I’ll start on the books either…getting a tad sick of vampires. XD

    And no problem. =) Yeah, you can just grab feeds for categories~ (Sometimes even when there isn’t an rss button but it’s still being syndicated. I like that word..syndicate~~) RSS is cool.
    .-= jenn´s last blog > 33 Days of Inactivity – (500) Days of Summer =-.

  17. @Jay: The more of her the better, haha. I don’t really remember much of season 2, though, having moved on to S3. As for Nodame… Chiaki might not see anything wrong with calling her ‘it’:p

    Quote: “Which is why I enjoy teaming up with the least-experienced female co-workers, and still manage to win a handful against two-guy teams, lol. Now that’s fun!” – Am I wrong in believing that the first part supplies most of the fun (big stupid grin)? I always did prefer playing a form of devolved soccer or basketball with the girls (far away from the guys on the field or court). I stank at both, but so did they, and we made our own rules;)

    @Kris: That’s why I used ‘strafe’ instead of the other words Jay provided, haha. Cowboy Bebop? I like the girl with the yellow top… That’s all I know about it. As for Outlaw Star… it might as well be a remake of Starsky and Hutch for all I know^^;

    p.s. English was your fave subject? I hated it because the syllabus here was- is, pathetic, haha. I did enjoy driving my teachers mad with all the insane nonsense I spat out every time we were given essays to write:)
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Announcement: Out With It. =-.

  18. @Duckie-chan: Aww, didn’t mean to make u jealous, lol. But now that I have, doesn’t that sushi tray look tasty? There’s a classy place in Vegas called Kabuki which has delicious California rolls and gyoza dumplings, but even these Cali rolls and surimi from Vons (in the photo) are always pretty yummy… Yeah, “Trigun” was pretty decent towards the end, but both the “Nodame” anime and live-action drama are fantastic. Have u tried the live-action?… LOL, take as many wallpapers as you need! I still have another 90 walls that I haven’t even posted yet!… P.S. Ahh, “Tales of the Abyss”, nice! Hmm, I wonder if you gave the game as many stars as I gave the anime? Wait, back in Blog 205, didn’t u say u played it already? That was back in June, lol. ^o^

    @Jenn-chan: Haha, “HK goss”! That’s being “grammatical”? Eww, “Trinity Bloody”? That makes it sound like a cheap drink, lol. But I loved both the music and animation. And after seeing “Trigun”, I can understand how “Trinity Blood” is kinda like a “Vampire Trigun”, hehe. Wait, there are “True Blood” books already? Oh, unless u mean the “Trinity Blood” manga… Whoa, getting dizzy, too many “Tri” and “Blood” in these titles!… P.S. Yeah, thanx again for the RSS tip! I guess you might say that it’s “syndigreat”, huh? ^_^

    @A20-man: Yeah, once I finish downloading the rest of “Goong” (romantic-comedic Korean live-action drama recommended by Kris-chan), I can start downloading “Zan Zetsubou” (S3). Well, ladies always supply their own brand of jabbing-and-giggling fun. But in terms of foosball, compensating for their play is always a cool challenge. Especially if they can score their own points too!… P.S. Ahh, “Outlaw Star”? I think I actually started that via Netflix. Just the first few episodes. But I think “Starsky & Hutch” is a bit outdated for a reference, even for me! Although I can see how it might’ve been an influence for “Bleach” or “Gurren Lagann”.

    @TT-kun: Haha, yup! Quite a striking style it is! Sorry, didn’t know u switched your blog. I should check it out.

  19. Hey, goss is in the dictionary, ya know. :P Urbandictionary, that is. XD Ah, that’s true, the animation. I didn’t really like the main female character though. -_-

    The True Blood series was based on the Sookie Stackhouse books…they came before the TV show. :P I can’t remember who wrote them, though. Oh no. Groan at your syndigreat pun! XD

    Speaking of blog switching, I’m moving too! Not sure where to, though, haha.
    .-= jenn´s last blog > 33 Days of Inactivity – (500) Days of Summer =-.

  20. @Jenn-chan: Heyyy, sorry for the week-long delay! Life has been, well, “lively”, lol. Hmm, so “goss” exists, eh? I guess some folks are too lazy to use the entire word! Ahh, the main female character? The redheaded nun with a gun? She wasn’t too bad as a literary sidekick. But I think we agree, she’s tons better than Sookie!… As for blog-moving, let us know. If you haven’t already done so! ^_^

    @Woland-man: Благодарите Вас! (Thank you!)

  21. @Jay-san: You speak/write…Russian?! (Is that Russian..?)

    Haha, no problem. Yeah, that’s why I mentioned I thought my rss reader had become borked, cos usually you have much more lively commenting. =) (Though sometimes I wished comments were on a different page to the actual post; Aussie bandwidth saving meant I had to step lively to press the stop button. XD) Eh. Overuse of ‘lively’. It’s a nice word, though — and it’s great for life to be ‘lively’. Much better than ‘deathly’, eh? (Omg I made a bad pun, haha!)

    What’s a literary sidekick? ._. Was she?! Meh, I can’t remember her name anyway; Abel-kun stole the show. =) I hab moved!

  22. I suck at committing to a rating system, like 4/5 stars or B+. I feel weird attaching a score so I just babble about the series/game. I know it’s better to have a rating at the end but I just can’t bring myself to do it.
    .-= lovelyduckie´s last blog > Figures For Sale!! =-.

  23. @Jenn-chan: Oops, almost missed your comment! Editing now… Haha, nahhh, I wish I could! I may not speak, read or write Russian, but is a pretty awesome translation site! Yeah, usually comments are more lively, but maybe Real Life is infecting more of us than usual? Hehe, exactly, I hit the “Stop” button myself on my own posts! So no worries… Argh, “deathly” is even worse than “syndigreat”! But wouldn’t it be “deadly” not “deathly”? Speaking of “deadly”, yeah, Abel-kun was clearly the lead, therefore any companions would be “sidekick” partners. Thus, by default, the nun-with-gun would be the main sidekick, lol. And I just added “literary” because it’s a typical literary device in stories, adding a sidekick to generate banter. Even “Vampire Hunter D” while a lone silent vampire, still had his talking hand to argue with! Yup, I visited your new flat, even commented… Congrats again!

    @Duckie-chan: Haha, no worries. For me, I don’t treat it so seriously like a “commitment”, just an idea of how I felt or thought of the anime. After all, I’m not getting married to the show, just passing by… Having said that, I give your comment a B, lol. ^_~

    @All-Toyboxers: Heyyy, attention! On an unrelated note, is anyone else getting that f-ing annoying “Tofu Cube Invitation Only” popup? According to the WordPress forums here, it’s getting more widespread… gahhh!

    P.S. Following up… Hmm, I’ve been systematically disabling and re-enabling my blog widgets and bits of code… Finally, when I disable my Snap Shots, I no longer get the annoying “Tofu Cube” popup… Can any Toyboxers confirm this? ^o^;

  24. Ahh. I’ll check that trans site out. =) Lol you hit the stop as well. XD At least you don’t live in gigabyte-counting Down Under! Omg, reading my comment again, I realise it was super lame. T_T Definitely in lame mood when writing it, haha. I think ‘deathly’ is actually a word, though it’s rarely used nowadays.. Thank you, I’m settling well in my new flat. ^^

    I’m bad at grading stuff; I find I’m inconsistent even when grading with a simple 5-star system. XD I mean, if I feel more happy on the day, I’m generally tempted to give a higher grade, which means everything turns out rather biased in the end, haha. So I just write short paragraphs of thoughts instead.

    And nope, I never had any problems with any Tofu Cube popups. :)
    .-= jenn´s last blog > Tweet of the Day – If Your Cat Could Talk =-.

  25. I read this a while back, but I don’t think I ever posted a comment. Seems awfully strange to me. Seeing the Jollibees makes me hungry for something right now. Awwwwww.
    .-= Jem´s last blog > =-.

  26. @Jenn-chan & @Jem-chan: Sorry for the delay… At times, the “insane pursuit of art” (Blog 200) can be dethroned by one other thing: the “irrational pursuit of love” (Blog 215). So who am I to argue? LOL, now to answer your respective comments…

    @Jenn-chan: Yeah, “Free Translation” is a pretty nice site. Of course, occasionally, I use “Babel Fish” or “Google Language” to confirm or clarify too. Lame? Nahhh, not as lame as this comment. Especially when I haven’t been commenting lately. Both at old and new blog flats… gomen. Haha, you’re pretty funny. Aren’t all art-based rating systems biased? I mean, you’re not determining the eternal fate of a nation. Just your fleeting feelings and thoughts. Why so serious? ^_^

    P.S. Yeah, that irritating “Snap Shots vs. Tofu Cube” problem was solved by the next day. But I’d like to think I had a big part of solving it at the WordPress forums linked above, hehe.

    @Jem-chan: No worries. I do that occasionally. You know, starting a reply, then being distracted by something, but never finishing, even though I thought I did. Gahhh, rare but annoying! Hehe, “Jolibee” is always a treat… But why the extended “Awwwwww”? Did I do something?

  27. Love, eh? -waggles brows- Jay-san ganba~~! :)

    It’s okay, I know the feeling! Ehehe. That is true eh. ._. But when I give something a score, I generally think it should be as unbiased as I can be..I mean, when my teacher grades my paper, I sure hope it ain’t biased. XD Besides, words are more..personal than a number, for me, at least. =)

    Yay at solving plugin issues. With my new WordPress site, it’s so hard to tell which plugins are good and which aren’t, and which work with which and which are mortal enemies. :S There’re so many out there!
    .-= jenn´s last blog > Aoi Bungaku 1 – Life? Disqualified! =-.

  28. @Jenn-chan: Yeah, umm, there isn’t any *less* embarrassing way to say “love”, is there? Especially when it’s complicated, lol. But thanx for the good luck wishes! Haha, you’re funny. I don’t usually give “number” or “star” ratings without my personal “wordy” opinion, do I? I still use words. As for picking or sticking with plugins, they’re just like radio or cable stations. See how they look and feel, and over time, one by one, see how well they hold up. That’s about it! Just like human friends too, lol… Now, otaku bloggers, that’s an entirely different creature. >_<;

  29. @Coco-chan: Heyyy, Coco-chan, I dare say it’s pretty good! Hehe, actually, it’s funny. On the same day as you, Aprilius20-man commented on my Facebook wall:

    “Wow, you’ve certainly disappeared from the internet -grin- although it should really be me doing the disappearing. Here’s to a sweet, relaxing Autumn- in more ways than one…”

    Then here’s what I replied:

    “Thanx, I might still be chained to the internet, but not necessarily to my blog, lol. Though I’ve made a few recent comments on my last post. Exactly, a rainbow-colored rainy-yet-sunny Autumn indeed! ^_^”

    Yup, I think it’s pretty clear that Autumn-chan has been a welcome distraction and disruption, hehe. But enough about me… how’s college life been? ^_~

  30. Aprilius posted too? What can I say, great minds think alike! ;D

    Glad to hear life has been treating you well! (^o^) Oh yes, and I’ll get working on my post around now :3

  31. @Coco-chan: Aww, thanx. Hopefully, I’ll have time to read (and remember to read) your post, hehe. ^_^

    @Fas-man: Hey, thanx, man! (Well, I’m guessing you’re a man, lol.) No problem, feel free to download.

  32. I’ve finally finished Sayonara Zetsubou (or at least 6 episodes of it :p ).
    Enjoyed the animation. Loved the opening theme. But a little too much chatter for my taste. I found myself just a tad irritated instead of being amused. Lol… -.-”

    I do believe that it is for those with patience. Just like what’s required to write and read your latest post. Xp

    I haven’t been able to finish your latest MEGA POST by the way. Hahaha. I opened your post, with a positive mindset and even a cup of tea by my side, thinking I’m gonna take my time. Slow and Easy and all.

    But doubts made me click the [X] button on the window instead. Lol!
    Goh-Meh Goh-Meh..
    .-= blur´s last blog > Saki. Slumber Sunday. Don’t come to NaNeee?! to solve incest problems please. =-.

  33. @Blur-man: Hey, no problem, dude. If “Zetsubou” isn’t within your tastes, there’s always “Strike Witches”, haha. Same thing with my blog. If the “Toybox” doesn’t satisfy today’s craving, there’s always “Sankaku”, right? Gambatte!

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