Blog 212 > Clubbers, Sisters & Butlers

Konnichiwa! Guten Tag! Buenos dias! Hello, my Tumbling Toyboxers! What would you do if you were the opposite gender for a day? Oops, wait, wrong post, lol. Nevertheless, it’s that time again. Time for yet another weekly mega-cast attack upon your otaku soul! Assuming you know what an otaku is, lol. But why wouldn’t you know? If you’re here, your otakuspheric spirit will be subject to the pitiful plunge of Pandora, the daring departure of Disney Choo, the chaotic catapults of Clubber Dan, as well as the melancholic charisma of Kyou-chan, the graceful corruption of Ciel, and the shadowy seduction of Sebastian. Don’t know whom I’m speaking of? Well, don’t worry, you will. So let our broadcast assault your shame, slice open your pride, and repair your despair. Whatever that means, lol. Now on with the show…

Part 1 of 3 > Pandora Fail, Disney Choo & Clubber Dan

Pandora Fail. Let’s begin the mega-cast with my last look at, the internet-radio site. The story began more than two years ago, in May-June 2007. I discovered Pandora, and it was good. Here’s a screenshot from my ancient Blog 081 > Opening Pandora’s Box (15 June 2007).

Here’s the shining review I wrote.

Hey, ever heard of… Just a few weeks ago, I heard about it for the first time by overhearing a co-worker. Within minutes, I visited the site and tried out the online radio. And now, a few weeks later, I can’t go online without listening to my randomized “Quick Mix” of customized artist-based stations! In fact, the first tab in my Firefox 2 browser automatically opens to Pandora! If you search for “Linkin Park”, that station will configure artists along that genre, and songs which you can individually “approve” or “decline”. I think I’ve tried another online radio in the past, but I don’t remember it, lol. The thing is: It’s hard to believe that I hardly open my Winamp MP3 player anymore!… So for those sitting at a computer all day, who are open and willing to try out new music that fits one or many artist genres, without the clunkiness of transferring MP3 files, this may be a welcome addition to your musical day!

P.S. If you’re interested, here’s the main page and here’s my profile.

Yup, it was good. It was good for two years. Until a couple of weeks ago. Most probably due to a struggling economic climate, Pandora introduced a monthly limit for the first time. That’s right, a monthly limit. Just 40 hours of free listening each month. Then after 40 hours, you have to pay. True, it may not cost much, but compared to two years of zero, it’s still a lot. Ugh, reminded me of the ancient days of AOL and 40 hours of free internet per month. Oh well. Here’s what the Pandora “monthly limit” message looks like. Enlarge the screencap if necessary.

So can you guess what I did? Yup, on 15 July 2009, I left Pandora and switched to, another internet-radio site. A little bit different, but overall, nearly identical. The best thing about it? It’s free, lol. Here’s what my page looks like. Not too bad!

There it is! So will follow in the steps of While it might be a tiny fee now, is there any guarantee that the fee won’t rise in the future? With this economy, who knows? But I guess we’ll see. Till then, crank up the free volume!

Disney Choo. Next, let’s take a scrutinizing gaze at While I can’t begin to imagine the high competition necessary to earn the “Best Japan Blog”, it’s also quite revealing. Is it fair to say that “Danny Choo” is no longer an anime or otaku blog, but rather, a general Japan-life blog? Has “Danny Choo” finally made its choice? Has it finally left the ecchi-paved anime-and-otaku path?

Hehe, if you aren’t already familiar with my complicated “Danny Choo” history, it has seen the sunny artful skies of Blog 070 (Kako & Mirai) and Blog 130 (Mirai in Battle), the ambivalent analytical comedy of Blog 153 (Deconstructing Danny) and Blog 160 (Danny Clone), as well as the eroge-layered dismay of Blog 177 (Mimi’s Zazzle), Blog 198 (Bloggers & Battles) and Blog 204 (Otakulypse). So when I see Danny tell us he’s been “cleaning up the ecchi stuff quite a bit which is why you may be stumbling across dead urls to previous ecchi content”, it’s both disheartening and alarming. Why?

True, I may not be the most hardcore otaku by any means. Not at all. But from an otakuspheric perspective, doesn’t his list of high-profile corporate giants give the impression that “Disney” Choo has sold out to the corporate universe? Is that bad? Is that good? Obviously, there’s no clear answer. But by choosing the financially and commercially kid-safe path, Danny risks losing the poorer ecchi-and-eroge fan communities who supported him and his rise to fame over the years. If he hasn’t lost them already.

Yup, ever since his early days of pursuing the delectable Kylie Minogue and befriending her sister Danni, Danny has always seemed to gleam in the spotlight of fame. Or glimmer in the Imperial blaze-and-glory of a Stormtrooper uniform, haha. But I don’t mind that. I don’t mind his objective to “clean up the ecchi stuff” from the present day onward. From the present blog-post onward. In fact, that’s commendable. But to go back in time, rewind his blog history, and rewrite or “whitewash” his past? Deleting old memories? Isn’t that more offensive? After all, ecchi or not, they’re not just his old comments and memories, but they’re ours as well.

If the definition of “otaku” is forever intertwined with “ecchi”, then it’s safe to say that Danny has finally graduated from otakudom. Not unlike Melonpan and his fake graduation. But with a memory drill instead of a physical one. Another sign of the oncoming otakulypse? Is Danny really being true to himself? To his ecchi self? To his eroge self? Or even his otaku self? Does the understandable corporate and family-oriented allure outweigh all this? I mean, Otaku Dan recently told me that he had “grown out of DC”. Which fits the kid-safe concept. I guess we’ll see how Disney Choo evolves, won’t we?

Or we can forget everything I said, lol. Gambatte, Danny-san.

Clubber Dan. Speaking of otaku, I enjoyed an intriguing chat with another prominent otaku earlier this week. Yup, Otaku Dan. Or as I prefer to label him, “Densha Dan”, in honor of his recent romantic development. Yeah-yeah, a reference to “Densha Otoko” (Train Man), lol. Here’s a screencap of his blog.

Consequently, catapulting from laptops to eroge to blog hits to blog fame to Jack the Ripper, here’s our unedited otaku-to-otaku discussion on 23 July 2009, lol.

Otaku Dan: yo

xJAYMANx: hey

Otaku Dan: whats up?

xJAYMANx: replying to blog comments of course, lol

Otaku Dan: now that I have a computer again, I should start interacting with the community again

xJAYMANx: no worries. yeah, congrats on the new Dell

Otaku Dan: thank you

xJAYMANx: i think that’s the first time u “shouted” so loud lol

Otaku Dan: lol

xJAYMANx: u didn’t mention transfer data from the old to the new?

Otaku Dan: the mother board for the old one is dead
I found it burnt

xJAYMANx: not even a backup drive?

Otaku Dan: nope, i was always saying “I will buy it later” but a cute figure or a DVD would come up ^_^;

xJAYMANx: as long as there wasn’t any data too important to lose

Otaku Dan: there was important data, my eroge

xJAYMANx: didn’t burn those on DVDs?

Otaku Dan: nope. the old computer RW was not working

xJAYMANx: ahh

Otaku Dan: I’m surprised it lasted that long

xJAYMANx: lol, when the “surprise” starts to kick in, that’s when I’d start backing things up!

Otaku Dan: I should invest in a external HD

xJAYMANx: even archive DVDs will work too

Otaku Dan: The only thing I did lose was important was my pictures but thank goodness I uploaded them to flickr

xJAYMANx: true
you’re talking about blog pics? or just pics in general

Otaku Dan: blog pics

xJAYMANx: yeah, i was just replying to someone that I lost an old figure photoshoot from Oct 2007, but fortunately I did upload them for a blog post
too bad still

Otaku Dan: I know

xJAYMANx: now it’s a new “era” then

Otaku Dan: I know
this has been a good year for me
so far

xJAYMANx: true, does Kururu enjoy the eroge too? lol

Otaku Dan: i dont know but she does like h-doujin(yaoi)

xJAYMANx: ahh, i think that’s pretty much the same category, tho it might depend how graphic the yaoi is

Otaku Dan: i dont want to know

xJAYMANx: lol, why not, i wouldn’t mind, especially to share her perspective on it
does she avoid yuri then too?

Otaku Dan: idk
i should ask her that

xJAYMANx: haha, u should!
start of an interesting conversation

Otaku Dan: like this “what are your opinions on lesbian sex?”

xJAYMANx: haha, just use the yuri term, easily to handle

Otaku Dan: lol

xJAYMANx: is she the type to reply “why do you ask?”

Otaku Dan: not really, she is very honest

xJAYMANx: then should be no prob, like “i saw your yaoi, what do you think of all my yuri?”

Otaku Dan: lol

xJAYMANx: assuming u can tolerate yaoi without throwing up

Otaku Dan: lol

xJAYMANx: if girls don’t vomit, why should I?

Otaku Dan: I hope I dont go blind

xJAYMANx: nah, from a girls view, can’t be so different from girl-girl to a guy
now trans sex girls with maleness, now that’s quite different

Otaku Dan: lol

xJAYMANx: ask her about that, lol
there’s 6 days till her next post anyway

Otaku Dan: thats a good idea

xJAYMANx: lol

Otaku Dan: do you know how to become the next big thing in the otaku/anime community?

xJAYMANx: no, how?

Otaku Dan: i dont know, I’m asking you because you are well known and everyone likes you

xJAYMANx: well known?
you’ve got 2-3 times the number of regular commenters than i do

Otaku Dan: I dont thing so. it feels like my blog is not growing

xJAYMANx: explain the “feeling”
(oops, it’s kararu not kururu, isn’t it)

Otaku Dan: my stats are not going up.

xJAYMANx: depends on which stats, the stats u care about, and those u don’t

Otaku Dan: both

xJAYMANx: well, did i mention this already? I try to reply to everyone’s comment as best as I can, leaving out nobody… but it’s tougher if you have dozens of commenters and less time to do it

Otaku Dan: I’m talking about daily hits

xJAYMANx: ahh, well, the only “stats” that amuse me are the website outlook theoretical value $s, lol… i mean hits can mean anything
i think my “hits” dropped recently compared too, but it could mean anything from geographical school trends, etc…
*compared to previous months
are you losing the passion because u see fewer hits?

Otaku Dan: no

xJAYMANx: that’s good

Otaku Dan: the thing is I dont see any change to my hit when compared to last year

xJAYMANx: what are your expectations?
(i don’t have many, lol)

Otaku Dan: I should have double the views but when goggle bought feed burner, it screwed it all up
it was around the start of the year when my hit dropped to nothing

xJAYMANx: are u saying u should quit feed burner? i tried it once but then quit it

Otaku Dan: it felt that i was starting all over

xJAYMANx: i just don’t see how feeds affects hits

Otaku Dan: ping sites

xJAYMANx: meaning what

Otaku Dan:

xJAYMANx: maybe i should say how “changing feeds” affects hits
so if i use this, what should happen

Otaku Dan: it send out a signal to search sites like google and yahoo that an update has been update on your site

xJAYMANx: but RSS readers like Google Reader already update posts without me using Pingomatic
seems redundant, more for company websites not blogs

Otaku Dan: but it does work

xJAYMANx: true, redundancy isn’t wrong
but i’ve never used it or even heard of it before… that really explains the fewer hits?

Otaku Dan: it helps but I dont use it anymore like I use to.

xJAYMANx: hmm

Otaku Dan: i have not used it in 3 months

xJAYMANx: lol, so why worry about pingo
i mean, Jusuchin85 recently commented “I don’t think I can compete with the big guns like yourself, Danny, Mimi and Otaku-dan just yet. Still a long way to go!” So you’re still perceived as a “big gun”.
though i wouldn’t place myself in the same league as Danny

Otaku Dan: since when was a big gun

xJAYMANx: i think a while now

Otaku Dan: i just work hard at what I do

xJAYMANx: exactly
maybe just overthinking things?

Otaku Dan: maybe
i think that big gun are gordon, mimi, dancing queen and DC

xJAYMANx: ahh, true… though i must admit, even tho I don’t frequent DC anymore, Mimi-chan has probably helped my blog quite a lot

Otaku Dan: i have not visited mimi in a while

xJAYMANx: tough to access? Aprilius20 has mentioned that about her blog

Otaku Dan: and i have grown out of DC

xJAYMANx: i see, i don’t even visit gordon or howagirlfigures, lol

Otaku Dan: really?
i thought you did

xJAYMANx: i used to, but not so much, ever since I stopped collecting… and the storm trooper thing gets old, lol

Otaku Dan: am i the only person who is not predictable in the community?

xJAYMANx: what do you mean exactly

Otaku Dan: example:
dancing queen: figure
gordon: trooping

xJAYMANx: ah, i see… well, that’s not “predictable” as much as “specific”, but i see what u mean
well, in that case, the Toybox isn’t “predictable” either
i hope

Otaku Dan: it’s not

xJAYMANx: so there’s two of us, lol

Otaku Dan: lol

xJAYMANx: but there’s nothing wrong with “specific” either, certain fans love that stuff
but for me, it can be restricting or boring perhaps after a while
for them, maybe not

Otaku Dan: part of me wishes to be the greatest blogger in the otaku/anime community
the other part does not care

xJAYMANx: that’s quite a split personality!

Otaku Dan: lol

xJAYMANx: of course “greatest” is quite subjective, you mean “famous”? like DC? or notorious? like Mimi-chan?

Otaku Dan: better than DC

xJAYMANx: but what do u mean “better”? in fame?

Otaku Dan: that part does want fame but the other side does not want that
im a very conflicted individual

xJAYMANx: apparently lol

Otaku Dan: I going to flip a coin to decide

xJAYMANx: well, one thing is common with DC, Mimi-chan, and the Toybox, even HowaGirlFigures and Gordon is that we post pics of ourselves
i think putting a “face to the otaku” might be a key

Otaku Dan: I want stay ingornitp

xJAYMANx: ahh, then the fame is tougher
unless u wear a trooper mask or something lol

Otaku Dan: but its a mystery and people like a good mystery
I don’t do masks

xJAYMANx: good
and the coin flip?

Otaku Dan: fame

xJAYMANx: too bad lol

Otaku Dan: oh well. fame, here i come

xJAYMANx: lol gambatte
i don’t know who the most famous “incognito” person is in history, but Jack the Ripper comes to mind, lol

Otaku Dan: maybe i should start stabbing some hookers then


Otaku Dan: fine, club them on the side of the head

xJAYMANx: then post them next to figures?

Otaku Dan: lol

xJAYMANx: could work!
Clubber Dan

Otaku Dan: LULZ

xJAYMANx: Or “Club her, Dan!”
sounds same
okay man 11pm, think it’s time for me to end the day

Otaku Dan: 2:00 am for me and my next post has not be started

xJAYMANx: ah well, you always think of something… copy/paste this chat, in fact i might… maybe, lol

Otaku Dan: lol
dont make me look crazy or demented but if you do, clubber dan will get you

xJAYMANx: magic of editing, right? … c ya round

Otaku Dan: c ya

Hahaha, a rare but revealing peek into the random minds of otakus. Well, I hope you enjoyed my leaps from Pandora Fail to Disney Choo to Clubber Dan. Because it probably won’t happen again, lol. But now, it’s time to leap into another world… and corrupt ourselves with 2 more anime series I’ve managed to finish in the last 3 weeks: “Clannad After Story – Another World – Kyou Chapter (2009)” [29] and “Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler, 2008)” [30]. Yup, a total of 30 completed anime titles-or-seasons so far this year!


Part 2 of 3 > Clannad – Those Twin Sisters

Clannad After Story – Another World – Kyou Chapter (2009) [29]. Two weeks ago, on 12 July, I completed my 29th anime title-or-season of the year. While Anime News Network lists it as the 25th episode of “Clannad – After Story”, it also states that it is being released as an OVA. Consequently, as an OVA with an alternate storyline, I guess I’ll treat it as another title. Nevertheless, here’s my glowing speed-review.

Once again, the “Kyou Chapter” typifies the breathtaking sparkle and shimmer of splashing and searing emotions we’ve come to admire throughout the “Clannad” (2007) and “Clannad – After Story” (2008) series. The twin sisters Kyou and Ryou break our hearts with a maximum 4 of 5 stars for such a short OVA. Breathtaking. As potentially one of the final installments of the entire saga, let’s reminisce and celebrate with a few old stops along memory lane.

From my Blog 182 > Year of Anime, Rock & Otaku (27 Dec 2008), here’s my speed-review for the first “Clannad” series.

April 2008

[13] ++++ Clannad (1-23) – Finished 04/30. Satisfying 4 of 5 stars!

From my Blog 168 > Crows Zero & Clannad Two (06 Oct 2008), here’s my speed-review for the “Clannad” film.

Now let’s talk about the girls… Based on the Japanese visual novel, the 2007 anime film Clannad is breath-taking! Directed by Osamu Dezaki, Clannad reveals the same stylistic elements of blinding sunlight, dramatic silhouettes, split screens, and continuous motion ~ birds, trains, bicycles ~ which permeates Air, another equally breath-taking film he directed. Wow, a swirling tear-inducing odyssey through nightmares and dreams towards a sparkling promise of hope, 5 of 5 stars!

In addition to the film, the 2008 anime series Clannad After Story continues seamlessly where the 2007 1st season of Clannad left off. While I rated the 1st season with a “satisfying 4 of 5 stars” because I couldn’t forgive their out-of-tune opening theme (argh, cover your ears), the 2nd season premiere is already sparkling with all the elements of 5 of 5 stars! Humor, dramatic motion, and piano-laced emotion. The opening theme is not only as inspiring and emotional as Air’s opening theme, but the singer is actually singing in tune (much better)! Go figure! Can’t wait for the next episode! In the meantime, here are a few more Clannad wallpapers to warm your heart. >_<

Most recently, from my Blog 195 > Propaganda & Pop Anime (29 Mar 2009), here’s my speed-review for the “Clannad After Story” sequel series.

Clannad After Story [11]. Having said that, I finally finished one of the most-perfectly-crafted “pop anime” series of all time. At least in my opinion, lol. The “Clannad” and “Clannad After Story” series! Yup, yesterday, I watched the 24th and final episode of “Clannad After Story”, completing my 11th anime-title-or-season of the year. Here’s my quick-and-easy speed-review.

Aww. Wow. Double-wow. Triple-wow. Such an incredibly awe-inspiring, breath-taking, heart-breaking and soul-warming ride, followed by a cute yet fateful flashback bonus-story, and concluded with a still-gripping recap finale. An ever-resounding 5 of 5 stars! My #1 anime title of the year thus far!

I mean, what else can I say? If you’ve seen it, you definitely know what I mean, hehe. Thus, in celebration of the final conclusion of “Clannad” and “Clannad After Story”, here are 11 high-res wallpapers for your otaku consumption, lol. Enjoy!

Finally, let’s celebrate with 15 shiny wallpapers of the star of “Kyou Chapter” herself. I mean, from the very first episodes of the first season, Kyou-chan was my favorite tsundere girl in the series. Still is today, lol. So without further ado, ranging from 1600px-to-6100px resolution, here’s Kyou-chan! Fake captions anyone?

Kyou: “Hehehe, I’m finally buying the latest issue of Death Loli after school!”

Kyou: “Dammit, someone stole my Death Loli issue.”

Kyou: “Sunohara-san! Did you steal my Death Loli?” Huge 4100px version.

Kyou: “Sunohara-san! Did you steal my Death Loli?” Slight color change, 1900px version.

Kyou: “Gahhh, I need to find out who took my Death Loli.”

Kyou: “Tomoyo-chan! Did you take my Death Loli?”

Kyou: “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you.”

Kyou: “But I really need to find out what happens in the new Death Loli.” Huge 6000px version.

Kyou: “But I really need to find out what happens in the new Death Loli.” Enhanced sunlight, 2600px version.

Kyou: “Wait, Botan, you know where my Death Loli is?” Huge 6100px version.

Kyou: “Wait, Botan, you know where my Death Loli is?” Brighter lighting, 1600px version.

Kyou: “Dammit, I’m too hungry to think right now. Itadakimasu!”

Kyou: “Wait, what was I looking for?”

Kyou: {Yawn} “Mmm, I’m too tired to remember.”

Kyou: {Sigh} “Hehe, it figures Tomoya-san would take my Death Loli!”

Awww, such a nice ending to a fakely-captioned story, lol. Now, from a purple-haired world, it’s time to leap into a black-hearted one…


Part 3 of 3 > Kuroshitsuji – That Black Butler

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler, 2008) [30]. Earlier this week, on 25 July, I completed my 30th anime title-or-season of the year. Original season with 24 episodes. Yup, Kris-chan, I finally finished it, lol. I searched your blog, but couldn’t find your review. Did you write one yet? Nevertheless, here’s my speed-review.

Despite the hype, the first half of the season felt like a watered-down cocktail of more-impressive titles like “Blood+” and “Hellsing”, with a sprinkle of “Vampire Knight”, a sparkle of “Code Geass”, and a touch of “Nana”. In fact, the titular “Kuroshitsuji” character, Sebastian felt like a recycled hybrid of Haji (from “Blood+”) and Alucard (from “Hellsing”). Meanwhile, Ciel felt like a prepubescent replica of Lelouch (from “Code Geass”). So the first half was heading towards a lackluster 2 of 5 stars. Luckily, the darker more-twisted machinations took hold and raised the unimpressive story to an overall 3 of 5 stars. Not spectacular. But respectable.

To celebrate, ranging from 1000px-to-6000px resolution, here are over 60 scans, vectors, wallpapers and other images to slice your soul. Let’s begin with 29 of the best “vertical” images I could find. More fake captions anyone?

Sebastian: “Ah, didn’t you know? I wrote the latest issue of Death Loli.”

Sebastian: “Just $5.99 USD per issue. And comes with these lovely flowers.”

Sebastian: “But Ciel-sama is the only Death Loli for me.”

Sebastian: “Hehehe, see what I mean?” Ciel: “Grrr, stop it!”

Sebastian: “I despise this magazine. But don’t I look smashing?”

Sebastian: “Yare yare. Such inferior lighting.”

Sebastian: “Magnificent skulls. Magnificent.”

Sebastian: “White roses? Or white carnations? Can you guess?”

Sebastian: “Ghastly magazine. Can you please fit more text?”

Sebastian: “Yare yare. Time to buy a new shirt.”

Sebastian: “Good day. Care to have your temperature taken?”

Sebastian: “Ah, Ciel-sama, don’t you look enchanting tonight?”

Ciel: “Put me down! Sebastian, put me down!”

Sebastian: “Now why would I want to put down such an elegant creature?”

Sebastian: “You are such an adorable Death Loli, hahaha.” Text version.

Sebastian: “You are such an adorable Death Loli, hahaha.” Huge 5700px vector version.

Ciel: “To be or not to be? There is only one solution.”

Ciel: “Shut up! Everyone, shut up!”

Ciel: “Beware. Beware of the violet violence.”

Grell: “Hehehe, don’t you love my dolls?”

Sebastian: “Stay in tune, everyone!”

Sebastian: “Yare yare. Why couldn’t I wear the Death Loli dress?”

Sebastian: “Ciel-sama, look at the camera please.”

Madame Red: {Sigh} “Why is nothing ever red enough?”

Madame Red: {Sigh} “Why is nothing ever red enough?” Black and white version.

Prince Soma: “Did someone say Death Loli?”

Agni: {Sigh} “No Soma-sama, I said ‘Steamed broccoli’.”

Lau: “Death Loli? Do you want to borrow mine?”

Sebastian: “Ciel-sama, your fetish is my command.”

Next, let’s continue with 36 of the best “horizontal” wallpapers I could find. Here’s a wallpaper based on the same “fetish” above.

An alternative background design.

This time, a vectored version.

Another inexact yet stylish interpretation.

Undertaker: “Ciel-chan, you’ve been a Death Loli before, eh?”

Sebastian: “Ciel-sama, I believe the Undertaker is bisexual.”

Ciel: “Haha, Sebastian, please. I already knew he was.”

Sebastian: “Ah, of course, you did.”

Ciel: “Sebastian, why does everyone think I’m a Death Loli?” Original 3300px version.

Ciel: “Sebastian, why does everyone think I’m a Death Loli?” Enhanced 2000px version.

Sebastian: “Good day. Beware of the violet violence.”

Sebastian: “Agni-san! Get your hands off my dessert!”

Sebastian: “Yare yare. Why does our cosplay always turn out like this?”

Sebastian: “This way, Ciel-sama. Please ignore the red-headed peasant.”

Sebastian: “Good day. Please buy our DVD on sale. Or else.”

Sebastian: “White roses? Or white carnations? Can you guess? Too late.”

Ciel: “Shall we dance? Haha, as if!”

Sebastian: “Father Sebastian at your service. Do you wish to commit any sins?”

Ciel: “Hmm, white roses or white carnations? Why not violent violets?”

Sebastian: “Ah, there-there, my sleepy Death Loli. You’ve had quite a long day.”

Ciel: “Sebastian! Why the hell are they here? Why am I dressed like this?”

Ciel: “Why does our cosplay always turn out like this?”

Sebastian: “Ah, Ciel-sama was right. Our cosplay sucks quite royally.”

Grell: “Hehe, did someone say ‘Suck?'”

Sebastian: “Ah, didn’t you know? Rosaries are meant to be crushed.”

Ciel: “Crushed with the elegance of a Gothic Death Loli.”

Sebastian: “Like I said. Ciel-sama is the only Death Loli for me.”

Ciel: “No doubt about it. Our cosplay sucks quite royally.”

Ciel: “Jesus Christ. As if one set of thorns wasn’t enough.”

Sebastian: “Don’t worry, Ciel-sama. Our cosplay hasn’t scratched the surface of sucking yet.” Huge 5600px text version.

Sebastian: “Don’t worry, Ciel-sama. Our cosplay hasn’t scratched the surface of sucking yet.” Textless 2000px version.

Ciel: “Sebastian, should I be worried yet?” Large 2500px text version.

Ciel: “Sebastian, should I be worried yet?” Textless 2000px version.

Ciel: “Sebastian, why is he staring at me? Are my stockings showing?”

Sebastian: “Yare yare. Forget a new shirt. Time to buy a new character.”

Sebastian: “Ciel-sama, did you forget your high heels?” Ciel: “I’m wearing them now.”

Coincidentally enough, I happened to stumble upon scans of the “Kuroshitsuji” figures, based on the same fashion designs as those in the wallpaper immediately above! Found via Google on the otaku blog of Fruit Juicy, lol. Not bad.

Sebastian: “Are you sure? Those heels look quite worn down.”

Ciel: “I’m sure. These high heels show off my legs quite well.”

Haha, so what do you think? Do shorts and high heels befit the style and grace of Ciel Phantomhive? In other words, do they show off his legs? Haha. Yet I wonder in the light of last week’s question: What would you do if you were the opposite gender for a day? If Ciel was rewritten as a girl, would the series have the same stylish impact? And you know what? I’d probably say, “No, it wouldn’t.” In fact, I might go so far as to say that the “ultimate tsundere girl” could possibly be a boy cross-dressing as a convincing girl against his will, lol. Don’t think so? Well, if you remember Ciel’s cross-dressing scenes, then you know what I mean!


Clubbers! Sisters! Butlers! So, my Tyrannical Toyboxers, how was this week’s mega-cast attack upon your otaku soul? If your otakuspheric spirit was wicked enough, you would’ve felt the pitiful plunge of Pandora, the daring departure of Disney Choo, the chaotic catapults of Clubber Dan, as well as the melancholic charisma of Kyou-chan, the graceful corruption of Ciel, and the shadowy seduction of Sebastian, slashing your shame to shreds and your pride to pieces, leaving nothing but deconstructive despair! Having said that, thank you. As always, let’s not forget to thank the glittering guest-starring gals who graced our mega-cast! Thank you, Kyou-chan, Ryou-chan, Tomoyo-chan, Kris-chan, and cross-dressing Ciel-chan, lol. Does our cosplay suck yet?

Till next broadcast. Peace. Out.


Final Flashback

Kyou: {Yawn} “Mmm, I’m too tired to remember.”


45 thoughts on “Blog 212 > Clubbers, Sisters & Butlers

  1. @Clubber-Dan: Haha, wait, it doesn’t rhyme! So let’s rephrase that.

    Ye ole Clubber Dan shall club some hookers,
    At the late morrow, absent sorrow or onlookers.

    Ye ole Clubber Dan shall thump some whores,
    Between the high moon and the gloomy shores.

    If thou sees him swing, if thou hears him whine,
    Pay him no mind, till dawn, pay him no mind.

    Ye ole Clubber Dan shall pummel some trollops,
    Before the cock crows, plucking roses and tulips.

  2. y so srs?

    So I herd DC is seeling out 2 de corp world. Lulz.

    I might be biased, but has he not already been doing that since the start? He used the “otaku” fanbase as a basis to work his way up, allowing them to experiment with his site and his hobbies (one almost cannot deny they were his hobbies), and he has done it all with a smiling face. Most of the people there just do not see it that way, hiding a dagger behind a smile, in other words.

    And now that he has this reputation about him, who will deny that most people will think his erasing the past is only “right”, and because he said so?

    Anyway Dan I doubt there is a need to be famous. Fame or not, I realized it was all pointless way long ago, when I actually tried. You want to be famous, yea go club some peeps or something. Alternatively, stir up a shitstorm. Fastest way to do it nowadays, as Setsuna-san and Shin proved with that DaiCon fiasco.

  3. @Panther: If I ever got fame, I would use it for good by like helping out a charity like Child’s Play. I’m not going to start some drama to get attention, I believe that my hard work will pay off someday.

    @xJaymanx: actually, after reading that chat, I realized that I’m a very weird person
    .-= Otaku Dan´s last blog > Your Parents and Anime =-.

  4. @Clubber-Dan: Hahaha, oh man, you should hear me singing it out loud like a drunkard at an English pub. Thick Cockney accent and all! Brilliant pub tune!

    @Panther-man: Serious? Maybe. Maybe not. Just making some observations as a less-than-hardcore otaku, lol. Of course, appearances can be deceiving. And yet they may not be. True, success or fame, it all depends on one’s point of view. Ecchi-friendly or family-friendly? Who wouldn’t want to be a corporate success? But also, who would want to betray his otaku memories? Okay, maybe Melonpan, lol. Well, I don’t know anything about the “DaiCon fiasco”, but that ain’t my definition of “fame”.

    @Clubber-Dan: Ahh, like I told Panther, it all depends on one’s point of view. I mean, “weird” to one community might be “normal” to another. But if it sheds any light on your personality, I hope it helps more than it hurts!

  5. I’m sorry you found Kuroshitsuji only mediocre, after all my praises, lol.

    I haven’t reviewed it yet, which is why you didn’t find it on my blog (I wanted to compare it to the manga first, which I’ve been reading…and then I kind of forgot and moved on).

    But I found the show beautiful, mysterious, sexy, intriguing. The stuff with the angel was bizarre…. It doesn’t actually exist in the manga (neither does the devil dog). Instead there’s a crazy, demented circus troupe that’s really interesting (they’re in a couple of your images; they basically take the place of the creepy puppet guy).

    I suppose I’d give the show a 4 of 5 because it totally goes off the deep end near the end and stops making any sense (what with the zombie queen and the crazy trannie angel). But the rest of it is so fantastic, and I LOVE the second ending animation where Sebastian ferries Ciel across the water. Also all three credit songs are great.

    Did you dig up so many Sebastian with glasses images just for me? I’m going to pretend like you did. :)

    Also, I saw those very figures earlier today while I was searching for the Trading Arts set (it’s sold out all over! Was hoping I could find it in case I got some cash for my birthday next week, and could finally afford them). They’re fantastic, and I totally want those, too.

    Anyway, they’re supposed to be making a second season of the show, I think. Which is a little odd considering the ending, so I guess they’ll write it off somehow.

    Oh and I don’t really mind if Sebastian is just a hybrid of Haji and Alucard. Mix two hot guys together and you get a super hot guy. :) It works for me.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Flowers of Evil =-.

  6. @Kris-chan: LOL, no, it’s okay, you tried your best. But I tried my best too. Since we’ve both seen it, I suppose it doesn’t matter if we *spoil* it for anyone else, eh? Hahaha. But one element that fascinates me is its portrayal of human beauty that transcends gender definitions. Whether it’s Ciel in a dress or Sebastian in heels or the Angel transmorphing from male to female to male again, it’s so intriguing. Maybe because it spits in the face of traditional Western norms or conventional Christianity, haha. I mean, “Maria+Holic” is another perfect example.

    Haha, yeah, glasses just for you. Especially with cross-dressing Ciel as the ultimate tsundere “girl”! Well, I got the impression these 2 figures were exclusive to Animate. Hence the rarity. But a second season? Of course, they never really show Sebastian executing his final act in the end, do they? Maybe Grell or Grell’s boss intervenes or something, lol. Or perhaps, another boy to replace Ciel? Hmm, isn’t mixing Haji and Alucard kinda like mixing two combustible gases like oxygen and hydrogen? But guess what, they combine into water. So maybe a male butler wouldn’t be right. Perhaps an exotically transmorphed female maid? One much better than Meirin the klutz assassin? Such as Sebatina the demon maid? Her long black hair could work for me.

  7. Yes, those particular “Static Arts” figures are Animate Exclusives.
    I was referring to the Trading Arts series (the ones that come randomly in boxes).

    Do they never show him executing his final act? Well, no, I guess not technically. Though it’s certainly heavily implied. When they announced a second season, many fans had mixed feelings. We wanted more (particularly more of the stuff in the manga), but were concerned with the finality of the first season. So, we’ll see how it goes. I’ll watch it regardless. Yen Press has the manga rights in the US now, so I’ll get to buy the manga, and hooray for that! (They also just got the license to the Romeo X Juliet manga, which I’m debating on adding to my pull list…I LOVE the anime, but my manga list is getting a little large.)

    They’d combine to make water? …. Why are you always trying to ruin my fantasies, Jay? :(
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Flowers of Evil =-.

  8. @Kris-chan: Gahh, Toys Logic no longer has the entry. But I know which trading figures you mean. I just don’t collect them due to such a small scale and lower quality… Nope, they don’t show it, not technically. Well, there’s always a chance the 2nd season might be an improvement. While “goofiness” seems to be a colorful and integral element of the anime, sometimes I wish they could tone it down, lol. And the transgender blurring of lines is always fascinating to tightrope across.

    Aww, didn’t mean to water down your vivid fantasies of Haji, Alucard and Sebastian, yaoi or not. But what about *my* fantasies? LOL, don’t they count?

    P.S. Oops, the Toys Logic entry returned. Yeah, I’ve seen them before.

  9. @Jay: Disney Choo, eh? That’s funny, though I haven’t heard of it. Have to agree with you on the past-censorship, it just doesn’t feel right- like cutting off one’s past, while trying to keep what was built off that past up and going. Oh well, it’s his call anyway^^;

    Did you mention something about not being predictable in your Jay-Dan conversation? Not so too me, haha. How about ‘occasional wallpapers with uncharacteristic caption provider’? Not that I’m complaining, though. But I am having a hard time figuring out whether Ciel is a girl or a guy…

    As for yuri and yaoi, it’s simple, at least to me. Hetero girls like yaoi because they get to see two guys going at it. Plus, they don’t risk getting jealous if they really like the guy and the girl is prettier than them in a hetero relationship. Same for hetero guys and yuri.

    @Panther: “Setsuna-san and Shin proved with that DaiCon fiasco” I’m not really familiar with everything that happened, but are you talking about the ‘Minorin bottle snatching’ incident?
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Stupidity, naiveté, and how I sleep at night =-.

  10. @Jay-san:
    Sometimes I want quantity over quality, as long as the quality is still decent. Those little gachapon’s have some surprising detail sometimes. Plus they take up a LOT less space. :) And my display space is pretty limited. But if I had the option of “group of 5 characters in decent quality” or “one statue,” I’m going with the one that nets me more characters, especially when they’re the same price, or (more often) much cheaper.

    Oh, only MY fantasies matter, by the way. ^_^
    Like, why hasn’t Clannad explored an extra story with MY favorite character? Kyou got animated, Tomoyo got a video game (and a manga too). But what about my darling, adorable Kotomi?

    Lol, Ciel is most definitely a boy. He’s um…12 I think, which accounts for his shota/loli status. He’s dressed like a girl because he has to go undercover for a couple of episodes to catch some guy.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Flowers of Evil =-.

  11. @A20-man: Ahh, well, how can you hear of “Disney Choo” if I just coined the name? Haha, oh well. But I agree it’s his call. If one’s philosophy is one’s sword: “Live by the sword, die by the sword.” True, Otaku Dan called it “predictability” while I called it “specificity” or “focus”, so yeah, your blog would fit his and my category. Which can’t be bad. Haha, of course you have a hard time, that’s the point. I’m intrigued by the girl-guy blurring of gender delineations when it comes to the definition of “beauty”. As long as they all look like pretty girls, lol.

    @Kris-chan: Yeah, I know what you mean. That “many outweighs the one” philosophy works best with food too. I’d rather have lots of little tasty dishes and side-dishes, rather than one big singular item, lol. As for figures, I rarely bought anything under 1/10th scale, unless it was “Ghost in the Shell” or “Range Murata”.

    Hehe, so only *your* fantasies matter? Well, do tell, do tell! What exactly would Haji, Alucard and Sebastian be *doing*? LOL… As for extra “Clannad”, there was actually an extra “Tomoyo Chapter” anime episode at the end of the first “Clannad” series, which I haven’t found yet. I guess Kotomi wasn’t popular enough?… Well, Ciel not only dresses like a girl, but his wardrobe also includes hints and flairs of aristocratic femininity. Once again, intriguing in its old-world rejection of modern Western wisdom.

  12. @Jay: Any description goes as long as it’s not ‘confused’, hehe. No problems with blurring the gender-lines here either- just that Ciel looks better as a girl in my opinion:)

    @Kris: Like I said above, that’s too bad. I suppose it has something to do with all those dresses- cute frills and all^^;
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Stupidity, naiveté, and how I sleep at night =-.

  13. @club-her-dan!
    Commenting from my point of view as a new addition to the blogging world, someone not too serious on it but checks his mail first morning everyday to see if how the site’s doing, a.k.a. typical blogger of the masses.

    I first came across both blogs, otakudan and jayman, at the same time. Found you guys through Meimi132. ;) And been following both since.

    Jayman’s site feels personal (on a whole new different scale) as he replies comments religiously. The reason why I post comments is not just to state my opinion but also hoping to get a feedback. That way, I know that I did “contribute” a piece of my mind. Hence I found myself looking forward to Jayman’s post, reading it out, and see how it relates back to my thoughts, otaku related or not. I would still skip it if it does not interest me though.

    As for otaku-dan, your site kinda became something I would just log into, take a look at the headers and pictures, then close. Probably checking in again after a week. From looking at the headers, I knew what to expect in your post. Having lack touch of expression to each post, it feels slightly shallow. I know that you do express certain things about your personal experience/life. *Having a anime loving mom is cool!* But it lacks something (having difficulty thinking up a word for it.. motivation?).
    Instead, your posts feels traffic driven. I won’t suggest you changing the way you blog, since that defines your blog in the first place. And if you are not really into replying the comments, you can skip out on that too. But perhaps you can try including a shoutbox. That way, instead of communicating between yourself and visitors, you can let visitors chat with each other instead. Still bring about the personal touch but without any extra effort. :p Win-win situation! Lol!

    In relation to getting stats, a good example would be how the comment could pyramid itself with multiple stats as I check back from time to time to see if my comment has been replied. Or replying comments on comments. As for otaku-dan, I don’t check myself back in cause I know there wouldn’t be any replies (or minimal chance) to what I’ve commented. Now that I think of it, the only time I ever got a reply to my comment was from Jayman on “anime that defines the century”. Lol!

    Lastly, before you take anything I said too seriously, I should mention I get a miniscule 10 views a day. So consider what I’ve said with extreme discretion. Hahaha!

    *Hmm.. Jots down an idea on a new article*

    Holy @$%^#! Thanks for the great Clannad images. Now I know I HAVE to buy a printer to rasterbate some posters.

    Kuroshitsuji could have been a great anime. If only they knew where they were heading. LOl! One moment they were trying to complicate things with new plots, the next moment everything was shallow and simple like your run-of-the-mill anime. Got a 4 out of 5 from me. :)

  14. Oh.. forgot to mention, about the comment building pyramid stats thingie. I know that there is something called the “Subscribe to comment” function. I just prefer to log in to read comments as I get to feel more at home. Being ready to type something down the moment it comes into my head.

    .-= blur´s last blog > Ristorante Paradiso =-.

  15. Pandora started to charge us now huh? What a BS. I’ve had enough, no more internet radio. I’m going to pirate songs.

    As for the Disco Choo..I mean Disney Choo. I’d say that he MIGHT really get obsessed by fame and that sort of stuff. So he’s now no longer himself like he used to.

    Anyway, if I have a butler like Kuroshitsuji aka. Dark Butler aka. Black Butler that would be pretty awesome. Because he’s all-in-one and plus I don’t have to hire a ninja or Chuck Norris to be my bodyguard. Am I right?
    .-= RyoBase´s last blog > The spaceship is half way done. Will be lauched soon =-.

  16. Disney Choo is not so bad, actually, I prefer it personally. I mentioned on the post, that he had about the reasons he was deleting some of the more ‘ecchi’ posts, it made his website easier to share with other people. Friends/family may exaggerate, in their view, the questionable materials on the website. Plus as he’s dealing with more clients, he’s probably realised that he may be limiting his market and it’s time to expand.

    Interesting convo with Otaku Dan, I noticed that blogs with more interaction with the visitors who comment tend to do better. Not necessarily in hits/pageviews, but in exposure and familiarity. Also, even though I don’t have a photo of me on my blog, I often mention that I’ll be at so and so convention and that I look forward to meeting anyone who comments on my blog and will be in the area at the time. It’s all about socialising, whether on or offline. Have had the chance to meet up with Adun, Optic and M12 who are fellow bloggers [+ Fonzler from DC] at conventions or in the city for fun. Great people and I’m glad I got the chance to get to know them a little better, and hopefully we’ll have more chances to hang out in the future.
    A big reason as to why I keep coming here, Jay, it’s because you take the time to visit my blog and comment, and that makes me feel special [as I do for any comments I receive, comments are love :3] and you also reply to any comments I make here, forcing me to come back and check if you’ve written a response yet, lol xP

    Ah, tried watching Kuroshitsuji, but found the characters lacking =/ they just had no flow, it was all about the drama, flashy/exaggerated movements for no reason and the clothes. I didn’t mind the clothes, I love them actually [in images I’ve seen on the net and fanart], but it wasn’t worth the watch xD; Plus not a fan of anime/shows that feature the occult and other supernatural themes.
    .-= Koshiko´s last blog > August Updates =-.

  17. @A20-man: Ahh, I guess it depends on one’s definition of “confused”! I suppose if a pretty guy or gal is “clearly” blurring gender lines, that would be okay? Haha, I agree, Ciel should start taking estrogen early, or it’ll be tougher as he gets older! ^o^;

    @Blur-man: Speaking of “blurring” gender lines, here’s the “blur” himself, lol. Hey, funny that you discovered me and Densha-Dan from Meimi-chan’s blog. Because sadly, she doesn’t comment back as often as she used to. I remember a time when she’d comment back three times, because I’d reply back three times, on the same post, lol. But no more. Oh well, the understandable intensity of university?… Haha, no problem! Take as many “Clannad” images as you want. I mean, it’s not like I’m getting any money for it anyway… As for “Kuroshitsuji”, yeah, just a run-of-the-mill anime. So why the heck did you give it 4 stars instead of 3?… Lastly, thanx for your blogging feedback! For me, I don’t value the “number” of comments as much as the “complexity” of the comments. Quality over quantity, right?

    @RyoBase-man: Yeah, unfortunately. Which is why I switched to Who knows if they’ll eventually charge us too, lol. Hmm, I can’t blame “Disney” Choo for the allure of the corporate glitz and glamour. But I can’t feel sorry for him if he regrets and abandons the “ecchi”-er sides and souls of the otakusphere. That’s his choice, right?… Haha, wait-wait. Just a few posts ago, you wanted a Flying Ryuk to take you to Atlantis. Now you want a Dark Butler instead? I guess they’ll have to fight a “death match” to be your bodyguard, haha. Death God “Shinigami” or Death Demon “Kuroshitsuji”?

    @Koshiko-chan: Ah, I agree, one man’s treasure may be another man’s trash. I don’t mind DC being “clean” from today forward. But to go backward and “delete the past” might seem unfair to his “ecchi”-er fans. That’s where he made his choice. He chose “kid-safe” over “mature” content, the corporate market over his otakuspheric roots… Hehe, awww, thanx for the commenting love! I know what you mean. It even hurts when bloggers don’t comment as often as they used to. Yeah, I know, life gets in the way. Luckily, DC isn’t the only blog out there, and other funnier, wilder, and stranger bloggers populate our blessed otakusphere, lol… True, as Blur-man mentioned above, plus myself, “Kuroshitsuji” seemed lacking. (Shhh, don’t tell Kris-chan! Haha!) But you’re right, Ciel’s wardrobe (both feminine and less-than-feminine) seemed to be the shining star of the show! That’s funny. But not a fan of supernatural themes? I think you just alienated 50% of the anime market! >_<;

  18. I listen to Pandora at work, I paid the 99 cents for the first month but I’d like to use grooveshark soon. All my co-workers can access it (I introduced them to it too gggrrr) but I can’t get it at work for some reason. So I probably have a Java applet (is that the right term?) I need to download and in order to download anything I need to be blessed by our IT guys first.

    I don’t think I’m going to like Black Butler but I’m going to try it for at least a little bit. Know why I think I need to at least try it? It’s half because the Sebastian Nendoroid is cute…and the other half is because Konata from Lucky Star (I think) made a reference to this show when she said “Butlers really must be named Sebastian”. Two completely stupid reasons but I want to at least try the show now.

    Off topic but your quick review of Black Butler reminded me of an experience I had recently with 07-Ghost. It’s an anime that seems fairly popular and my boyfriend was even downloading it for me because his favorite subbers (Dattebayo) happened to be subbing “this shoujo” and he figured I’d like it. I watched the first episode and so far…I hate it. It’s one of those shows where all different “types” of male characters march around on the screen and the fangirl gets to pick which is her favorite. Now mind you I might be COMPLETELY wrong about that since I only saw the first episode but I think I saw maybe 3 females in the opening and they looked like extremely minor background characters so…unless I hear something really fabulous about that series our relationship is done
    .-= lovelyduckie´s last blog > My Dream Room – The Beginning =-.

  19. @Duckie-chan: {Pausing my latest mega-cast construction, lol.}

    Hmmm, haven’t heard of GrooveShark. Maybe when I get tired of, I’ll give it a try. Any particular differences? Similarities? Haha, I think *all* IT departments have some secret international society to confound the masses, lol.

    Ahh, yes, Konata-chan does indeed talk about “butlers named Sebastian”! But are you sure it isn’t the opposite-way-around? Isn’t it more likely that “Kuroshitsuji” took the name Sebastian *precisely* because “Lucky Star” observed that quirk? But hey, why not try it? I started it because fellow Toyboxer Kris-chan loved it more than sex. Okay, maybe not sex. But she really loved it, lol.

    Hmmm, never heard of “07 Ghost”. Or if I did, hasn’t caught my attention yet. Sounds like a “bishonen” anime. Then again, there’ve been quite a few good “reverse harem” series like “Fruits Basket” and “Fushigi Yuugi”. Personally, I haven’t heard much about it good or bad…

    But to end your relationship over it? You really take your anime seriously, don’t you? Of course, it’s hard to beat “Lucky Star”, haha. I mean, “Azumanga Daioh” comes close, but not quite close enough! And if a boyfriend or girlfriend can’t figure that out, I see your point. ^_~

    {Resuming my latest mega-cast construction.}

  20. Lol, that would be true, it depends really. I don’t mind Haruhi [for example] as it’s a fairly light series, it would be a totally different story if she knew what she was capable of though, then I could say I probably wouldn’t watch it.
    On the other hand, contracts and dealings with demons [and angels to an extent] turn me off as it’s mostly done for the ‘cool’ factor, people don’t understand how serious it is and I feel it impairs their judgement in real life as they get into the whole ‘fan’ aspect of anime. That’s my opinion on it and I’d just rather stick to my morals and good sense than submit to the whole ‘you should like this and be a fan because it popular/cool, never mind the hidden darker aspects, it’s not hurting anyone’ =/

  21. @lovelyduckie
    Persuation of parodies and mentions are indeed powerful. Lol..

    Being a relatively new blogger, I kinda need both right now. Lol! Quality AND Quantity. Yes, I’m being a greedy little …. (insert word of choice.. Lol!)

    The same thing pretty much happened with me and meimi-san, comment, reply, comment, reply, MIA since. :p

    It’s been a while since I watched Kuroshitsuji, I remember up-ing it’s rating at the very end of the series. Hmm…
    *runs of to google some episode to episode sypnosis of Kuro*
    Ahh.. It was the “matured” ending. How it chose to end as it did instead of going all happy-happy like Ciel, Sebastian, Servants, etc. etc. Living happily ever after in the Phantomhive castle. Yeap! Definitely a very satisfying ending.
    .-= blur´s last blog > Max Factory Mikuru Gekisou =-.

  22. Hm, Koshiko — that’s an interesting way of putting things, and it’s the same reason I always feel leery about suicide and rape (and to a certain extent mental illness being misrepresented) being featured in anime/manga. (Note: Yaoi manga. Strangely enough I’m fine with bizarre things being in hentai since, well, it’s hentai…>.>) But demons and angels? ._. I’m not religious (maybe that’s why?) so unless there’s an actual case…it’ll remain firmly in the realm of happy fantasy for me. =) Like Baccano! Wahaha morbid happy Jenn fantasy. XD

    Hey Jay-man! Sorry I haven’t popped by for yonks. T_T My google reader still shows your posts. (You’re one of only three blogs on it. The rest is all manga scanlation notifications, haha!) Finally decided to catch up. =) How’ve you been! Don’t have to reply to my comment since your next post is probably due and we can talk there, but I always have thoughts reading your posts..alright, let’s see.

    Ouch, wonder what happened to Pandora. :S Yeah, I went to when I wanted an internet radio too. =) But not even listening to music much nowadays, sigh.

    It’s a bit surprising to see Danny Choo do that, but understandable. Could be either a commercial or personal decision — only he would know.

    -chuckles at your convo with Dan- Nothing wrong with futa either! XD If that rocks your boat.. Clubber Dan! Good one. (Albeit with rather morbid roots.)

    Eh. Mag Mell (Clannad — is that how you spell it…well, Megumeru in any case.) sounds weird in the VN version. Probably cos I’m used to the anime one. Toki wo Kizamu Uta is okay, but my favourite will still be kieru hikoukigumo~~ Though I’ve never watched Air. ._. While (I’m) on the topic of OPs, I adored Lacrimosa, but never finished watching Kuroshitsuji. Hai.

    Urh, 07 Ghost. It’s actually more shounen ai, and rather heavy-handed the first few eps I watched, actually, so maybe that’s why people might be put off. But never finished it…zuuuu. On the same note, I have a pet peeve for (female) harem anime with the ‘useless male protagonist’. But reverse harem anime can get boring too, unless they’re like Ouran. Depends lor..
    .-= jenn´s last blog > Bijo Tokidoki Yajuu [Oneshot] – Gender Allergy. =-.

  23. @Jay-san:
    Alucard, Haji, and Sebastian? A vampire that’s a vampire hunter, a chiropteran that’s a chiropteran hunter, and a demon that hunts other demons. Hmmm…. I’m sure there are all sorts of fun things there.

    Kuroshitsuji does kind of go off all over the place half-way through. I don’t know where they got that mess about the angel, because it’s not in the manga at all. The manga, by the way, is excellent.

    @Jay-san, again:
    Azumanga Daioh beats EVERYTHING. ^_^ …except Ouran. But AzuDaioh is one of my favorite series.

    No supernatural shows? You’re missing out. :) Ryoko’s Case File was really entertaining.
    I get what you mean about your morals sort of interfering with your enjoyment of certain shows, because you feel the subject matter is treated too lightly. I learned a long time ago that if I was going to enjoy anime, I was going to have to separate those sorts of shows into total fiction, or separate them from my own beliefs. Otherwise I’m missing out on great stories like Angel Sanctuary, Kuroshitsuji, Evangelion, Chrono Crusade, etc.

    @Jay-san, again again:
    I just wanted to mention that I received a Fraulein Revoltech the other day. The guy that runs my comic shop (who is also a friend) got me the Haruhi Suzumiya bunny rocker figure for my birthday. These things are amazing! But I feel like I’m going to break it somehow because it seems so delicate.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > K-ON =-.

  24. @ blur – Lucky Star has really inspired me to go out and see more things, I plan on watching Initial D at some point now…and I had a harder time ignoring Code Geass…Konata owns me doesn’t she?

    @ Jay – The MAIN benefit is that you can choose all your own songs, and I think you can even repeat them as you wish. But I have to admit even though Pandora got it wrong a lot (Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montanna anyone?) occasionally Pandora would play something new and different that I’d like. Also for me Yotsuba >>>Azumanga Daioh. My favorite reverse harems…probably Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club, and Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers). although Boys Over Flowers is really outdated in its art style I really like it.

    Oh ya I also went your “About” page! YAY for having an orange room! I don’t know why I haven’t gone to your About page before…maybe I didn’t feel our relationship should go so deep as to read each others About pages. I kind of just wanted to use you for new wallpaper backgrounds and didn’t want to take thing things that far!
    .-= lovelyduckie´s last blog > My Dream Room – The Beginning =-.

  25. @Koshiko-chan: True, Haruhi herself is quite light in the field of consciously-wielding supernatural powers. But the other members of the SOS-dan do it quite frequently! Perhaps you mean “Christian” powers in terms of angels and demons and vampires specifically? If so, then you’re right. I can’t deny that the mystique of Christianity in Japanese fiction is probably just as prevalent as Asian mysticism and martial arts in Western entertainment. So then “cool” is unavoidable simply because it’s “unknown” or “unfamiliar”. Western concepts in the East. As well as Eastern concepts in the West. Whether it’s moral or less-than-moral, “exploring the unknown” in the real world or fictional world has blessed (or cursed) mankind since the beginning the time, eh? ^_~

    @Blur-man: Haha, quality *and* quantity? Sure, greedy or not, but it’s even tougher when trying to apply it yourself! Yeah, my guess is that Meimi-chan is busier at school now more than ever… Ehhh, in my case, I raised “Kuroshitsuji” from 2 stars to 3 stars towards the end. No possible ending, good or bad, could’ve saved it from utter mediocrity, lol.

    @Jenn-chan: Heyyy, what’s up? I think you’re gonna have to help me with your lingo, lol. “Yonks”? Like “years”? Haha, “zuuuu”? But I’ve been good. Just trying to maintain my weekly mega-cast schedule. Even at the cost of needed sleep, lol. Thanx for popping back to the Toybox. I’m sure everyone here missed you. I hope!… Yeah, Pandora must be feeling the financial crunch. But why not listening to music? I don’t have an iPod or any other portable player, but I still listen to my internet radio or iTune library. Yup, I agree, Disney Choo chose the personal path to be financially secure. Which is totally understandable in these economic times. But perhaps at the cost of otaku animosity?… So here’s another one. What’s “futa”? Like “yuri” or “yaoi”? Gahhh, can’t find it on Google, lol. But gotta love my “Clubber Dan” tune in my earlier comments. Especially with a loud and drunken Aussie accent!!! “Ye ole Clubber Dan shall pummel some trollops!”… Ahh, the “Air TV” anime has my fave OP tune of all time! But isn’t “Lacrimosa” the ED theme?… Hehe, I don’t think anyone likes the wimpy male lead anymore. Hence, the over-the-top Kamina and Lelouch! But now you’re the second girl to like “Ouran” besides Kris-chan. I might have to add that anime to my infinite list as well!… And “lor”? I assume that’s supposed to be “lol”, lol. ^_~

    @Kris-chan: Heyyy, speak of the Devil, I mean, Kris-chan! Ahh, but what “sorts of fun things” will you be doing with these supernatural hunters? In other words, what would they want with a human girl? Except perhaps your human blood and soul, lol… Yup, I knew it, you mentioned “Ouran” again, haha! I gotta add that!… Finally, congratulations! I’ve never seen the Fraulein Revoltech “Haruhi Bunny Rocker” before! Instead, I only have this 1/6-scale “Bunny Girl Haruhi” by Atelier Sai. But that Fraulein looks amazing indeed. And yeah, if they’re like the Figmas, they do seem delicate. So I wouldn’t carry it around outside the house, lol.

    @Duckie-chan: Ahh, I see. But sometimes I don’t particularly need specific songs, just the specific genre. And if a song doesn’t fit, just give it the “thumbs down” to push it out of the rotation, right?… Wait-wait, now you’re the *third* girl to recommend “Ouran” besides Jenn-chan and Kris-chan! Okay, definitely on my infinite list. Still gotta try “Yotsuba” and “Hana Yori Dango”. I know there’s a live-action “Dango”, but is there an anime version too?… And thanx for visiting my “About” page! I just upgraded your status to “Four-Star Toyboxer”. Congratulations, fellow Orange Roomie! Ehh, don’t worry about relationship depth. You seem pretty cool. Especially with an Engineering background. So don’t sweat it. As for using me, go for it. Haha, the farther, the better, lol.

    @A20-man: Haha, who knows? Do yaoi-loving fangirls like manlier men, girlier boys, or a coupling of both?

  26. For Hana Yori Dango I like the manga…I didn’t think much of the anime after it deviated from the manga! Also I’m not done with the manga yet, I have like 2 volumes left to read. For Ouran I also prefer the manga but I REALLY enjoy how the anime did things too.
    .-= lovelyduckie´s last blog > My Dream Room – The Beginning =-.

  27. @Jay-san: Haha I missed your mega-posts as well as entertaining comments too. =) Let’s see!
    Yonks = ages, you were right!
    Zuuu = something I’ve taken to saying…I generally make strange sounds around the house.
    Futa = Didn’t you mention this? I thought it’s what you meant. XD Futanari – both male and female. CF “now trans sex girls with maleness, now that’s quite different” You can probably imagine it, don’t need to google it. -wry-
    lor = Haha, I actually did mean ‘lor’! It’s a Singlish thing. =) A20-man might know about it..(or he might not, there’s some overlap in the English dialects, but I’m not sure how much. =)) It’s just used to end a statement with a final tone. Singlish endings: lor = exasperated, la = resolute, meh? = questioning, hor = leading on to another idea/not final…yes, it’s strange. XD If you’re bored, head to for more~

    Phew! Yeah..not listening to music cos I can’t find my mp3 player. XD Should really look around for it. And on the computer, WinAmp is kinda slow so I don’t really like getting it up…and yeah.

    I liked the tune (And the name, Clubber Dan is quite catchy!), but not so much the sentiment, so I didn’t comment. -wry-

    And yay! Tori no Uta ftw. =) Oh, sorry, I only watched a few eps of Kuroshitsuji so I can’t really remember. XD I -was- surprised because I was listening to Japanese/anime on and found that song…then discovered it was from Kuroshitsuji. :P

    Huh, I dunno. XD I don’t watch harem anime so I wouldn’t really know about the trend for wimpy males in those, heh.
    .-= jenn´s last blog > Bijo Tokidoki Yajuu [Oneshot] – Gender Allergy. =-.

  28. @Duckie-chan: Haha, I think you can probably already tell that I don’t really mind if an anime or live-action matches or deviates from each other or from the manga. I’m cool with that. So that makes 3 titles to add now: (1) “Hana Yori Dango” anime, (2) “Hana Yori Dango” live-action, and (3) “Ouran High School Host Club”, which seems more and more fascinating each time I hear about it!

    @Jenn-chan: Awww, thanx! I missed your odd tidbits of insight and barking noises, lol. Haha, okay, “futa”, I guess I’ll include both transgenders and hermaphrodites! Ahh, I see. So “lor”, “hor”, “la”, and so on, are kinda like “gah”, “bah”, “huh”, “eh”, and so on. Since I’m lazy, I’ll just let myself be confused until I manage to pick it up. Barking noises might be easier!… True, WinAmp somehow seemed clunkier when Pandora and came along. Hardly use WinAmp anymore… What sentiment? If you imagine Clubber Dan with a Nerf or foam bat, would that help? LOL, yup, “Tori no Uta” rules! But like I hinted before, no possible cool-ending or cool-music could’ve saved “Kuroshitsuji” anyway, lol… Really? Have never watched a “harem” or “dating-sim” anime where 90% of the characters are women surrounding a lead boy? You already mentioned “Air”. So I’m sure you’ve seen a few. But hopefully, the trend will move from incompetent whiny boys (or mecha pilots) towards arrogant brainiacs and delinquents!

  29. -laughs at your reply- Oi! I resent that! What barking noises! -pokes- T_T XD

    Hmmm not quite. They’re used at the end of sentences/phrases~ Hmm. Nerf bat would be fine! Ahaha, Batter Dan. >.>

    Oh, it’s not that I don’t watch them (harem anime) — it’s that I try not to. Clannad is fine. Ah! My Goddess isn’t. People who made Air made Clannad too, so I’d like to watch it some time. =) Lol a not-so-subtle poke at Gundam? “Setsuna F Seiei.”
    .-= jenn´s last blog > Bijo Tokidoki Yajuu [Oneshot] – Gender Allergy. =-.

  30. @Jay-san: I don’t know! :) Though I would like to see them fight each other. That would be awesome, especially since all 3 of them have “ultimate” forms. Although I think Haji would get the snot kicked out of him. A chiropteran, even one that’s a chevalier, wouldn’t be much of a match for Alucard, I don’t think. Between Alucard and Sebastian though, I don’t really know. Neither can be killed, really. So I guess it depends on which one regenerates faster.

    Ouran…. ^_^

    Also the Revoltech figure…isn’t that the one Danny Choo carts around in his pocket everywhere? Surely they can’t be THAT delicate. I imagine they’re fairly sturdy, but…. It just feels like it will snap with the slightest pressure.

    Oh, I wanted to say that I started watching the Gokusen anime, and it’s hilarious. I love it. I just got my big birthday present in the mail today, too…so I’ve got this huge pile of anime to watch (plus stuff I bought a while ago I haven’t gotten to yet, and tons on my HDD). I’m sort of at a loss with what to do with it all, lol. I just finished (rewatching) Black Lagoon, I haven’t (re)watched AIR since I bought the DVDs, I just got the second season of Yu Yu Hakusho, and in the mail today I got Trigun Remix and Romeo X Juliet. Plus a back log of video games and my manga is piling up too. I need to kick it into gear, or whatever the phrase is. Though I guess if my only problem is a back log of anime, video games and manga, I’ve got it pretty damn good. :)
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Bikes, Cakes and Promises =-.

  31. @Jenn-chan: Ouch! Hey, watch where you poke your finger. That was a pretty sensitive region, lol. Which barking noises? Obviously, the barking noises I recorded from your you-know-where, lol. Okay, maybe not… Ehhh? “Batter Dan” sounds like a cooking show! As for “Air”, “Kanon”, and “Clannad”, they’re awesome. Plus the two newer “Ah! My Goddess” seasons were pretty cool too! What’s so bad about them? Hehe, not necessarily “Gundam”, but mecha pilots in general. Lastly, what the heck is “Setsuna”?

    @Kris-chan: LOL, you’re so belligerent. That’s the only “fun” you can think of? Oh well, your loss. I won’t even mention the blindfolds, chains, whips, ropes, and candlewax, lol. Or who “regenerates” faster, hahaha… Still haven’t started “Ouran” yet! But once I finished my current series, I will! If I remember… Actually, I think he carries the Figmas more, not sure. But they’re similar. Yeah, sturdy yet fragile. Probably depends on how often you play with it or carry it around.

    Haha, “Gokusen”! Congratulations for not ranting! I dare say, I’m surprised you actually love it! I mean, that definitely increases the odds that you’ll love the live-action version too, since the over-the-top style is quite faithful, lol. Awww, wait-wait, your birthday? When was that? In any case, congratulations for being the victim of too much anime, haha. Funny you should mention “Trigun Remix”, since the original “Trigun” is one of the series I’m currently watching (via Netflix). The other is “R.O.D. the TV” (also Netflix). Plus downloads of “Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei”, lol. So welcome to the “Backlog Bento Club”!

  32. @Jay-san:
    My fantasies are MY fantasies. I’m not going to blab them all around! :)
    Though I was going to say something along the lines of “whoever wins the battle of the three gets to devour me in their own way,” lol. But well, as long as it doesn’t kill me.

    I will type of a Gokusen review for my blog soon! But I did like it, and I glimpsed at the LA that I have on my HDD and it looks totally hilarious.

    My birthday was August 3rd. I am 26 this year!
    Trigun Remix isn’t any different from Trigun. It’s like what they did with Cowboy Bebop Remix. The “remix” just means they went back and made the quality better (specifically the sound). They didn’t change any of the content.

    My goal is to get to Clannad AS soon, Daphne in the Brilliant Blue is the next anime on my netflix, and I’d like to watch my new Romeo x Juliet DVDs, since I was never able to view the final episode (Funi sent out C&Ds and the only ones I could find had no subtitles or were in Spanish). Finally plowed through the pile of manga I had sitting out. But more is coming in soon, lol. I need to get to Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei too! But I haven’t even seen the first one yet, so it will take some time.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Bikes, Cakes and Promises =-.

  33. SOOOOO SORRY double comment! If I recommend ANY shoujo to you it’s Skip Beat! without a single doubt in my mind! It has a live action series coming out soon so that may be more to your liking but the anime is pretty darn good too! SCRATCH Ouran and Hana Yori Dango! GO SKIP BEAT!
    .-= lovelyduckie´s last blog > My Vacation Accomplishments! =-.

  34. I will second Skip Beat!, although I think I’ve also recommended it before. The manga is one of my all time favorites. The anime turned out well, and I can’t wait for the live action (it’s Taiwanese, isn’t it? But that news was from last November…surely it will be out soon?).

    But Ouran is still one of my favorite anime, and while the manga is good as well, the anime just has a certain extra charm to it.

    Fruits Basket and Skip Beat! are my top favorite shojo manga, and I’m not really sure which I like the best. I like Nakamura’s (SB) art better as far as expressiveness goes (she can clearly convey any emotion by just drawing the eyes, and so few artists can do that), but Takaya wrote a really wonderful story. Skip Beat! gives me the warm fuzzies, but Furuba was really bitter sweet and beautifully melancholy. One is fun and goofy, the other is more serious and kind of sad.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Bikes, Cakes and Promises =-.

  35. @Kris-chan: LOL, okay-okay, your fantasies are yours, gotcha. Well, instead of “blabbing”, you could still email them to me, right? Ahhh, “devour” you! Now that’s beginning to make more sense, whether or not they steal or consume your soul, lol… Hey, looking forward to your “Gokusen” review!… Plus “Happy Belated Birthday”! If I missed any prior warnings, I apologize!… Yeah, I figured “Trigun Remix” was similar enough to the original. But that’s cool. So far, it hasn’t been too bad… What’s a C&D? Ahh, “Daphne in the Brilliant Blue” was pretty decent. Then again, you might hate it. It’s always hard to tell with you, lol. But is “Romeo x Juliet” really worth a try too? It hasn’t really entered my “to do” radar yet…

    @Duckie-chan: Nahhh, actually, I tend to enjoy more titles than I don’t enjoy. So it’s hard to “let me down”… As for “double comments”, I’ll forgive you *this* time. Now “triple comments”, that’s a different story, lol… Haha, but why scratch anything? Why can’t I watch “Ouran”, “Skip Beat!” and “Hana Yori Dango” too? Gahhh, too many titles!

    @Kris-chan (again): Yup, you did recommend “Skip Beat!” before. Plus I already downloaded the first episode of “Ouran”. Just haven’t had time to watch it yet! Now if any of these titles can compare to the “Fruits Basket” or “Nana” anime, or go beyond, then I’m pretty sure I won’t be disappointed, whether it’s goofier or more melancholic. The closer to tears, the closer to 5 stars, lol.

  36. @Jay-san:
    No, I didn’t say anything about my birthday. Last year I made a big post about it, because I turned 25, and I considered that kind of momentous (quarter of a century). But I’m just 26 this time. I didn’t really do anything. The night before I had a role playing game (Warhammer 40k, I think), and on my birthday I just sat at home being lazy, and we ordered in some Applebee’s for dinner.

    C&D – Cease and desist

    I went nuts for Romeo X Juliet. I LOVED it. Enough to buy it immediately when it was released here. I thought it was great. It’s very well done (Gonzo does great animation). And the opening intro still gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. In Shakespeare Juliet is kind of generic; she’s certainly no Viola or Beatrice anyway (two of his strongest female characters). In the anime she kicks ass (literally; she’s this sort of Robin Hood type character, it’s great). It’s not a very traditional telling; it’s a total re-imagining, which is probably why I liked it so much.

    Well, you know how I feel about the Fruits Basket anime (to remind you, I thought it was horrid, lol). So Skip Beat! is WAY better. I don’t think Skip Beat or Ouran will make you cry though. They’re both very silly and goofy. Skip Beat goes into the realm of the ridiculous from time to time, but you don’t even really notice, because Nakamura just slips it in there so expertly. Ouran is meant to be a parody of everything shojo. So, I guess…you might cry tears of laughter.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Bikes, Cakes and Promises =-.

  37. @Kris-chan: What’s wrong with 26? It’s only the 2nd integer that can be divided by the prime number 13 evenly, lol. That’s pretty momentous! But I didn’t know you could “order” for Applebee’s. I thought it was simply a sit-down restaurant-type place… Ahh, I see! Hmm, the way you describe it, maybe I’ll try out “Romeo x Juliet” after all. Sounds similar to how “Gankutsuou” was a kick-ass reimagining? Haha, while tears may not flow, I’ve still been giving “Sayonara Sensei” the highest marks. So if “Skip Beat!” and “Ouran” follows suit, why not? Still haven’t found the time to watch yet… Especially when cute girls IRL are willing to participate in my “best-friend-in-training” program, lol. ^_~

  38. Hello Jay, I hope you don’t mind me commenting on some of your older posts.

    I seem to have missed that post from Danny. (As well as a plethora of other posts D:) I personally feel that deleting content is like denying the past, which is why I’ve never done it myself. If I say/do something, I’ve gotta live with it. Though, given his position I’m inclined to be a bit more understanding. Still, I’m sure I’ve participated in some of those “ecchi” threads myself so it’s a bit :( to see them go.

    I rather enjoyed that chatlog between you and Dan :P I think I’ve yet to meet a straight guy IRL who doesn’t cringe at the mere mention of man on man action. They all shrivel up at go “Coco, why did you SAY that!?” Ah, “Clubber Dan”, the other side of “Otaku Dan”. Maybe it reflects on his split personality? lol.

    (OT, but this comment is kinda hard to write. I have a webcam chat AND an instant messaging window going on and it’s taking up the majority of the screen x_x )

  39. @Coco-chan: Heyyy, Coco-chan! Aww, I don’t mind at all! But isn’t that like asking Shakespeare’s forgiveness for being a few centuries late in reading one of his plays? Not that I’m remotely close to Shakespeare.

    Yeah, I hardly visit “DC” or “Sankaku” anymore due to the attraction and distraction of Real Life. But I agree! Deleting past content is like “deleting old memories”. Or as you hinted, conveniently white-washing old responsibilities. In any case, me too, sad to know that the old ecchi will disappear. Even if I don’t visit anymore.

    Hey, thanx! Quite a few Toyboxers enjoyed that otaku-y-otaku chat too! Not often do we delve into the minds of otaku bloggers in mid-stream. {Cringe} Yup, man-on-man still triggers the cringe. But I gotta admit, not as badly as others. After all, as I said above, I don’t vomit, lol. And in the following mega-casts, you’ve already seen my Blog-214 explorations into the “she-male” underworld, haven’t you? ^_^

    P.S. Hmm, I wonder… Are you (ahem-ahem) “boasting” about your web-chat popularity too? Anything like my Blog-216 video-chats? Sadly, I don’t think you use Gmail’s video-chat, do you? ^_~

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