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Welcome Katsuni! Welcome back, my trusty Toyboxers! Your maniacal master of the mega-post broadcast has returned with yet another five-part foray into the feline realm, lol. But why Katsuni? Hehe, why not? Actually, whether by demon or by design, it’s quite amusing how French-Asian adult-video actresses seem to slink their way onto my posts! Last week, French-Japanese idol Maria Ozawa. Then this week, French-Vietnamese star Katsuni. Yup, this week, our feline odyssey explores terrifying tiger tactics, shuffling little kitties, and of course, internationally captivating catfights! All accompanied by over 90 images! So beware, if you’re still cave-dwelling with Internet Explorer, ditch the buggy IE, and let the browsing fox fire up your soul, haha. On your mark! Get set! Go! Hope you enjoy the show…

Part 1 of 5. Terrifying Tiger Tactics. Yup, let’s begin the show with something terrifying in the real world! Well, not quite terrifying. Just the unknown and unfamiliar, lol. Starting in about one week, on Monday, March 2nd, I will be assisting not one, but *two* “Tiger Teams” in the in-depth analytical reassessment of our corporation’s software application products. Both the “Real Estate” and “Projects” applications. Whew, intimidating!

While not a “tiger team” in the true sense of security penetration, the idea of an aggressive task-force-based analysis and reassessment is there.

In fact, both five-man teams will be operating concurrently over a period of six weeks. Yup, you heard me. Concurrently. For six weeks.

So while I’m not an SME (subject matter expert) in either application, as Technical Writer-Editor, I will be providing all-area support in the documentation and refinement of materials.

In other words, I’ll be acting as all-purpose “Floater”, “Utility Player”, “Designated Hitter”, or “Linchpin” in the operation. Kinda scary. Especially with such top-notch personnel I’ve rarely seen.

But maybe not so scary, lol. Once I get familiar with the new flow, I’ll do fine. As I’ve always done. Unfortunately, this may impact the quantity or quality of my weekly mega-posts. Or my comments on your blogs. Hopefully not. But it may. So starting in March, wish me luck! Hopefully, my mid-March birthday doesn’t suffer too much either, lol.

Part 2 of 5. Albums, Roommates & Menaces. Argh, enough about work! Here we come to the random menaces of the mega-post! Not much about tigers, lions or kitties. But maybe a Boston Terror~~ oops, I mean, Boston Terrier, lol.

Here’s the story. Yesterday, Saturday afternoon, during the closing credits of Jackie Chan’s “Police Story 2” (1988), my roommate Lisa walked in and asked me to help her with Microsoft Word for Mac. In fact, this little Word project was one of those random Facebook chain-mail memes, lol.

Specifically, the meme takes a random image, random title and random quote, to create your randomly-generated “Album Cover”, lol. So for the next hour, I instructed her how to take a screen capture and crop the random image, paste it into Word, then insert and format the text boxes over the inserted image, before capturing and cropping the final product. Man, the Mac-based Word is such a pain! But we got it done, lol. Here’s her random “Album Cover”.

Say “Hi!” to the bright-eyed Guiness the Menace.

Say “Are you okay?” to the drug-eyed Lisa. Actually, she’s been taking a variety of meds on-and-off to fight off an intestinal parasite for the last month. Food poisoning. Pretty draining. And scary.

Yet she’s still awake and amused enough to be a dork, lol.

Guiness monitors the situation.

And manages to ignore it.

The motley crew. The ex-wife’s sister. The tailed menace. And the four-eyed otaku.

Interestingly enough, Lisa is wearing her boyfriend’s shirt over her ex-boyfriend’s-drawn tattoo, while staring at her ex-husband’s-provided MacBook, lol. Guiness is lounging upon my Mom’s knitted blanket piled on a couch found and bought by me and my ex-wife. While I wear my cool two-year-old Donna Karan frames and poorly-executed but comfy “Mimi’s Rage” long-sleeved T-shirt. A picture is worth a thousand words, lol.

Guiness is being pretty lazy.

Hmm, whose eyes are more mindlessly vacant?

Guiness must be thinking, “Whatcha lookin’ at, fool?”

Ahh, here’s the direct image of Lisa’s final randomly-generated “Album Cover”. Random yet still somehow stylish!

Lisa, Guiness & Me
Feb 21 | Lisa’s Random Album Cover

And here’s mine! The band: Wan Chai Sports Ground. The title: “Those he professes to love” comes from the quote, “A man who thinks he has a higher purpose can do terrible things, even to those he professes to love” by Denise Mina, “Hellblazer: Empathy is the Enemy” (2006).

Lisa, Guiness & Me
Feb 21 | Jay’s Random Album Cover

Heyyy, whether or not you have a Facebook account, wanna create your own random “Album Cover”? Here are the steps.

Create Your Own Random Album Cover

[1] Go to “Wikipedia” and hit “Random”. Or click here. The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

[2] Go to “Random Quotations”. Or click here. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

[3] Go to “Flickr” and click on “Explore the last seven days”. Or click here. The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

[4] Use Photoshop or similar to put it all together.

[5] Post it to Facebook and tag the friends you want to join in.

Good luck! If you’re crazy enough to create one, and brave enough to tell me, feel free to comment with your link, lol. Can’t get any more random than that, now can I?

Part 3 of 5. Magnetic Return of Maggie. Ah, finally time to step away from reality! And time to bask in the magnificence of Maggie, lol. Like I mentioned above, I just-yesterday watched Jackie Chan’s “Police Story 2” (1988), the action-packed sequel to the ground-breaking (and glass-shattering) “Police Story” (1985). Pretty damn decent for a sequel!

But guess what? Even though I raved about “Police Story” three weeks ago, and even though I watched the commentary and heard Maggie’s name mentioned several times, I never realized until the “Police Story 2” extra features, that this Maggie was the same internationally-reknowned Maggie Cheung from the films “The Heroic Trio”, “In the Mood for Love”, “2046” and “Hero”. No clue whatsoever!

One main reason is that in the original “Police Story”, Maggie looked noticeably heavier. Then several years later in “Police Story 2”, she clearly lost weight. But even after watching the sequel, I still didn’t realize who she was. Until the DVD extras, lol.

As we see in her first scene in “Police Story 2”, I think another reason is that her character May is more playful and humorous than other more-dramatic characters I’ve seen later in her career. In fact, May is an even more comedic side-character in the original “Police Story”, lol.

Ah, here she is with actor-director Jackie.

So now you understand my failure to recognize Maggie, lol.

It’s still pretty mind-blowing. Such modest beginnings for such acting legends!

Not only did Maggie work with Jackie, but Jackie worked with Bruce Lee.

Seems like almost everything can be traced to Bruce Lee.

But I’m not so sure about Maggie’s double sweater. Two of them? Pink and white?

Ahh, these outfits are more agreeable, lol.

Still, she looks so young here!

Let me check… She was only 24 years old in 1988!

Awww, that’s all for Maggie. Don’t wanna give away too much of the story, lol. Fortunately, she returns once more in “Police Story 3: Supercop” (1992). I’ll let you know how it turns out! Stay tuned!

Part 4 of 5. Captivating Capture of Katsuni. Hmmm, from one exotically-feline Asian beauty to another, hehe. And why not? It’s my blog, isn’t it? Hehe.

But alas, if you remember my “Pirates XXX” (2005) review two weeks ago, you’ll already know I was looking forward to the sequel “Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge” (2008, Wiki link). Especially Katsuni’s kat-like performance, hehe. Well, here we go! But my captions may or may not be intentionally wrong, lol.

Ahh, Katsuni’s character, Pirate Empress Xifeng reveals herself for the first time in the saga!

Just like Darth Maul unhooding himself in “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace”.

But way sexier, lol.

Don’t you agree?

Wait, what’s she going to do?

Will this guy die?


Yeah, bloody probably, lol.

Ahh, someone finds Empress Xifeng!

But does Xifeng care?

Probably not.

Xifeng: “Don’t you love my French accent?”

“Because I love my French accent.”

Time to twist the plot.

And look sexy.

Xifeng: “Look at me!”

“Don’t you think I’m sexy?”

“Because I think I’m sexy.”

“Hmmm, how sexy are you?”

“Not as sexy as my French accent.”

Gotta admit, pretty decent special effects for an adult film.

The costumes ain’t bad either!

Ah, a sexy weapon.

Xifeng readies, aims and fires!

What? What’s happening?

More effects!

Even more effects!

Ahh, power.

Ultimate power.

Everyone else fails.

Ahh, someone else finds Empress Xifeng!

But again, does she care?

Xifeng: “Prepare to die.”

“Now I’m really sexy.”

“Deadly sexy.”

The epic catfight ignites!

Sword to sword! Blade to blade!

Xifeng: “Yes, I’m way sexier than you.”

“Way sexier.”

Haha, just like Morpheus taunting Neo in “The Matrix”.

But way sexier, lol.

Deliciously sexier, haha.

The claw-to-claw catfight continues!

Epic swordplay! Epic sexiness!

Xifeng: “Yes, my French accent is way sexier than you.”

So how does this epic pirate-hunting, monster-slaying and catfighting tale end? Haha, ask me and I’ll tell you! Nevertheless, another 5 of 5 stars for “Pirates II – Stagnetti’s Revenge”. Not only for the sex, but the comedy, drama and cannon-blasting action! For more, check out my previous “Pirates XXX” post (Blog 188). Or take a chance and visit the “Pirates XXX” official website (NSFW link). Let me know what you think, hahaha!

Part 5 of 5. Figures, Shuffles & Catfights. Dammit, already? Already Part Five? Yup-yup! After the appetizers and the main course, here we are with our final dessert. Ah, the cute girls of the “Shuffle!” eroge (erotic game) and subsequent anime series. Once again, bringing back my old locked-away photoshoots, like my “To Heart” shoot last week, here’s my third-oldest figure photoshoot of all time. My 15-shot “Shuffle” photoshoot from 09 November 2006! Featuring the orange-headed Kaede (CharaAni, 1/6th or 1/7th-scale) and the purple-haired kitty-draped Primula (Alter Sei, 1/8th-scale).

Giggling playfully in her crouched pose, orange-haired Kaede was my 29th figure (of 92) in October 2006.

Oh yeah, before I forget, sparked by my conversation with Meimi132-chan here, she started compiling the rules for an “International Figure League” here, lol. Yup, an international tournament similar to the Saimoe tournament! But for specific anime figures instead of anime characters!

Cool idea? Or bad? Hehe, I think it’s pretty decent. If “moe” anime characters can engage in catfights, why not figures? Yup-yup, can’t have too many catfights, lol.

So far, Meimi132-chan is suggesting a nomination period to determine the top-40 eligible figures. Then from there, a six-round tournament!

Sitting innocently against the window, beneath her adorable pair of kitties, purple-headed Primula was my 25th figure (of 92) in October 2006. Awww.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if Meimi132-chan is still pursuing the idea. Or if she’s temporarily busy for the moment.

I suppose I could assist. Sadly, like I noted at the top of this post, I’m gonna be doubly-tied up-and-down with work through all of March and the beginning of April.

But who knows? We’ll see how it goes. Assuming people care about a figure league, lol.

Ahh, here’s a nice kneeling composition.

And here’s one of my faves. I just love Kaede’s giggling expression, hehe.

The mysterious Primula gazes through space.

But I’ve always felt that the incomplete window seems… umm, a little incomplete, lol.

Same thing with the partial curtains… umm, a bit odd too, lol.

At least it’s unique. In fact, both of these “Shuffle” figures are rather unique. Primula’s partial window. And Kaede’s closed eyes, lol. Do you know of any other figure with both eyes shut?

So check out Meimi132-chan’s links above. We still need to fine-tune the tournament details. But we’re getting there. Hehe, an “International Figure League”. Why not? There are worse things out there, aren’t there? LOL, and besides, who doesn’t love a cute catfight?

Whew! Is that everyone and everything? Thank you, Katsuni, Maggie, Kaede and Primula! As well as Lisa and Guiness, lol. And Jackie, of course. I hope you enjoyed this week’s frantic five-part feline foray into terrifying tiger tactics, shuffling little kitties, and of course, internationally captivating catfights! French accents included, lol. Yup, another five-legged mega-broadcast has come and gone. Don’t forget to create and link your own “Random Album Cover”! Don’t forget to take a peek at “Police Story 2”, “Pirates XXX” or “Pirates II”, if you can. And don’t forget to share your bubbling thoughts on an “International Figure League”, moe or not, lol. Oh man, I think my brain is beginning to hurt. Ouch. Throbbing. Ache. Need. To finish this. Soon…

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  1. Stomach flu/food poisoning is always a b*tch to deal with. I got food poisoning from a Chinese restaurant and was best friends with the toilet real quick. Then, in my fit of hysteria and induced delusion, I tricked myself into thinking that I was better just so that I can eat my dad’s juicy pork chops. The succulent meat as I bit into it was such a gratifying feeling. This was short lived though as I made an immediate beeline to the bathroom. Hello, best friend. Did you miss me? I spent the week sad with my saltine crackers.

    Both yours and Lisa’s random album covers turned out really nice. I can’t stand Maggie Cheung. Whenever I’d watch the Jackie Chang flicks, I always wanted to slap her or something. Jackie Chang ftw!

    Katsune is definitely exotic with her very un-asian features. I wonder if she’s ever gone under the knife. I heard her speak and there’s no mistaking in that accent being sexy. hahaha, you included G rated pictures of the porn. That top picture that you used of her is really nice.

    Jem´s last blog post > Bunnies, swimsuits, Maids, and Street Fighter. Oh my!

  2. @Jem-chan: Ah, I’m very fortunate never to have experienced food poisoning. At least, not that I’m aware of! But Lisa has gone thru it several times, and this last one in January was one of the worst she’s ever had. Still ongoing. Yeah, at first, she reacquainted herself with Mr. Porcelain T. Bowl. The T for “toilet”, lol. Then additional symptoms appeared, followed by several tests, until some nasty parasite was determined. Ugh. In turn, followed by several weeks across several different debilitating drugs to kill it. But no luck. Double ugh. Parasites are still having a party in her intestinal tract… Hope I never have to suffer thru that.

    Hey thanx! Though I like Lisa’s album better than mine. Then again, I like my band’s Hong Kong name, hehe. Did u create yours yet? Wait, don’t tell me, you’re too lazy, lol… Haha, yeah, Maggie Cheung isn’t quite stellar in the first two “Police Story” flicks. Then again, she was pretty young back then. Maybe she improved in “Police Story 3”? But don’t spew any spoilers!

    You think Katsuni is un-Asian-looking? Really? Despite her being half-French, I think she’s *very* Asian looking. Although, u may be right about the knife. Looking at her earlier photos, she almost certainly underwent breast enhancement. Nothing wrong that with, unless they’re *too* enhanced, lol. But there’s no need to enhance her French accent at all, hahaha! Liked my fake captions? I think they accompanied the G-rated screencaps quite well! Not risking any X-rated shots! Ahh, thanx again! Yeah, that “apple” photo is the best one I could find, lol. Not bad at all… Btw, Katsuni kinda fits your fetish for blood-spilling sword-swinging ass-kicking fems, doesn’t she? ^_~

    @Joe1991: Haha, no arguments here!

    @Miko-chan: Heyyy! I did my *best* to minimize the boobs and naked skin, hehe. But yeah, Guiness is still an adorable menace… Good luck with Oz! Should be safer than Blowfish, lol. ^_^

  3. lol tz tz guys…..all perverts, all u can think about are boobs and naked skin and sex with girls that doesnt even exist in the “real world” or if they do exist, only after lots of operations. making it double D here and push up the lips and suck out some fat here.

    seems guys love sluts. I dont get it.
    if you want plastic, fuck a doll oO

    that was a very negative comment, sry BUT at least I tried



    Miyabiko´s last blog post > Blog 47: 愛してる。だから、愛してくれてバカ!

  4. @Miko-chan: Ahh, that’s why it’s called “fantasy” or “fiction”, and not “reality”, lol… Ehh, yeah, maybe your comment is a little negative, but not too bad coming from u, hehe. I *hope* u tried! >_<;

  5. @Coco-chan: Heyyy, Coco-chan! That’s a great reaction worthy of a true Toyboxer, lol. Got a new blog yet? Hayaku hayaku! Then I can add your banner to my random rotation!

    Hmm, lemme check out the album… Heyyy, what do u mean? That’s an awesome combination of randomness! Why so strange? Just a pick a cool font or two, position the text along the left side, then voila. Awesome album cover. ^_^

    P.S. Hehe, Lisa tells me Guiness is gonna be 8 in April. But still as feisty as a youngling, haha.

  6. I hope Lisa gets better. They need to annihilate those parasitic bastards. I’m actually not very good at Photoshop. It’s the husband who is and he is lazy. I used to have photoshop on my laptop, but my laptop committed ritualistic suicide and I lost everything near and dear to me in file form.

    Ah, you remembered about my bloodthirsty fetish. Yes, she definitely does. I would have no problem dating her as she is gorgeous especially in that first shot. Well, nothing wrong since it doesn’t look frightening, but I guess silicon is not as soft as au natural. What I meant to say is that she has unasian features such as better face definition and voluptuous lips. She’s got great, broad shoulders, too.

    Ah, isn’t Police Story 3 when Jackie and Maggie…just kidding! I don’t even know if I watched Police Story 3. I watched one that made me go ‘wtf’. Boo to G-rated, haha.

    Jem´s last blog post > Bunnies, swimsuits, Maids, and Street Fighter. Oh my!

  7. @Jem-chan: Yeah, I hope so too. And if Lisa can upgrade to a full-time job, maybe she can pay me rent again, lol. Yeah, unfortunately, those harsh-ass drugs are pretty brutal on her immune system too. So it’s a double-edged bi-atch.

    Ahh, no need for stinkin’ Photoshop. I mean, Lisa used Microsoft Word for Mac, right? So u can’t quite hide behind that digital excuse, haha!… Yeah, it’s pretty hard to forget your bloodthirst, but if u wanna date Katsuni, I’ve got no problem with it. In fact, I’m giving u the green light. Aww, come on, if u were close enough to actually feel her un-Asian features and look into her untamed eyes, would silicon-vs-natural body heat really make a difference? Really?… Heyyy, don’t even try to spoil the sequel, haha. Even if it’s fake spoilage! But u should be grateful that Maggie doesn’t return in PS4, hehe. Say what? G-rated? Well, according to the PS2 special features, Jackie’s made FIVE “Police Stories”. Yup, five! Hmm, starting to smell like the “Police Academies”? Ewww, lol.

  8. @Miko-chan: Ahh, we don’t have to. We can talk about something else… either tattoo-related or not, lol. Though right now, work is getting more and more intense. So I’m getting more and more anxious too. Hectic. Almost frantic, lol. Maybe something more relaxing or calming to talk about? ^_^

  9. That Album Cover thing sounds interesting!
    I think ill make my own later ^^

    Your captions are quite…interesting :D

    Thats interesting! You have characters of the Shuffle Char i like (Kaede) and my brrother likes (Primula).We both dont like the one the other does! But thats what makes us brothers eh?
    The only other figure with closed eyes that come to mind are the Choun Shiryu figures since her eyes are always closed in the Anime/Manga

    Blowfish´s last blog post > The Japanese Garden

  10. hmmmmm, i dont get it how come you are so busy since i went to japan.
    we never talk anymore…..

    but well I would have sth to tell you.^^
    you should watch Hebi ni piasu (snakes and earrings)
    I told u about the book, you said you wanna read it but i dont think you did -.-

    so oh well you can get the dvd now

    Miyabiko´s last blog post > Blog 48: this is the story, this is my life ….

  11. @FlyingBlow: Haha, u mean the porn captions? I tried to have fun with them, lol. But that “Shuffle” thing sounds strange. Can’t like them both? At the same time? I mean, they’re different but they also complement each other too. But if I had to choose, I’d choose, hmmm… Probably Primula, lol. Because she’s one of those violet-or-blue-haired silent-genius-types like Rei Ayanami or Ruri Hoshino… Ahh true, you’re right about Choun Shiryu. Never thought about her! Oh well, lol…

    P.S. Hey, not bad. The band and quote are actually pretty cool. Too bad about the album photo though, lol. ^_^;

    @Miko-chan: You keep asking, and I keep telling u, lol. Since the recession, companies are trying to do more with less. So that’s what I’m doing. Doing more with less time. And less time for me to enjoy the weekend or play on the internet…

    P.S. Okay, done! I added “Snakes & Earrings” to my downloads. Should take a few days or so. Is it better than the book?

  12. good boi ^^

    well i dont wanna say it better than the book because the book is my favorite book and as usualy you cant put every detail from the book into a movie, but they did a pretty good job for this movie.
    and i must say its one of my favorite movies now.
    i have it since yesterday and watched it 6 times already

    Miyabiko´s last blog post > Blog 48: this is the story, this is my life ….

  13. Blog should open this weekend-ish, after I get my schoolwork sorted out. =.=

    Hmm, I imagined that with those names the cover would be more energetic? I dunno lol

    8 years huh? So if 1 year= 7 dog years he should be 56? :P

  14. ***Sorry for the delay, everyone! Work is getting intense on a near-management level.***

    @Miko-chan: Good boy? Sounds like I’m being trained! But the download finished! And this morning, I peeked at the first 5 minutes… Wow, dramatic opening! Especially when the pretty girl takes off her earplugs and *BLAST!*, the music appears, lol. Was that Shin? LOL ^o^

    @Coco-chan: Heyyy, coool! But no hurries, no worries. As long as you’re comfortable with your studies. That *should* come first, lol. Should. Could? ^_~ Hmmm, well, not necessarily more energetic. But maybe if u placed the text in a certain angle, in a certain font? Come on, lol, haven’t put it all together yet? Besides, it can’t be any worse than my crappy one. A couple of female friends have already said mine looks like a freakin’ Bon Jovi cover! Nooooo! Oh wait, correction. Blowfish probably has a worse one, lol… Yup, Guiness is in his middle ages. But you’d never know with all the restlessness he has. Hehe, does he look old to u? ^_^

    @TT-kun: Haha, u mean it’s even *huger* than my other mega-posts? Possibly with the 90+ images, but haven’t measured the full lengths of them all, lol… A-ha, somebody noticed the angles! Yeah, that’s intentional for a more dynamic or dramatic composition. Ever since my first photoshoots, plain-old horizontal shots never sat well with me. But that’s just me. Thanx!… And no hurry with the album cover. I don’t usually do these “everyone is doing it” Facebook or blog chains, but because Lisa had been nagging me, I caved, lol.

  15. Good luck with the Tiger Team thing! :) You can do it~

    That’s also pretty good work with Word. XD I’m grouchy cos I got a..-checks- SERBIAN POLITICIAN from Wikipedia. Wiki Random hates me. T_T I don’t want to make album art featuring a politician! (Even if he does have a kinda-interesting name like Tomica Milosavljević…and is born on Christmas Eve..>.>)

    I laughed out loud at your captions for Pirates 2. XD I wanna watch it…was badgering niisama to bring it along some time. But his response was something like, “…” It’s quite amusing, though — I believe it’s the second time in recent days I’ve seen screenshots with captions dedicated to how hot one of the characters (because one of them was 2D..) is. -grins- (Probably not so amusing if niisama did that. XD)

    Katsuni looks Asian to me..hrm. Some people do have bee-stung lips. (Shu Qi, anyone?) And speaking of enhanced boobies, I’ve always wondered whether they feel different. Hmm.

    jenn´s last blog post > Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo 8 – Find Me a Head..

  16. @Jenn-chan: Awww, thanx for the Tiger cheer. You’re the only one so far!

    Hahaha, “Serbian Politician”? Isn’t that a Polish punk band? LOL, just teasing, but I know exactly what u mean. I tried creating my second album, but I just got crap like “Electronic Gaming Monthly”. A magazine! Sux, lol. Oh wait, u mean u got the name “Tomica Milosavljević”? I thought u got “Serbian Politician”, lol. Ah well, just wait a day and try again. Maybe mine will work out too…

    Awww, thanx again! I thought the captions (fake or not, lol) were pretty humorous (okay, cheesy) for that time of night. Glad I’m not the only demented one! Hahaha, great brotherly silence! But I don’t know if I’ve ever been *that* dedicated to any 2D characters. A character may be pretty or kawaii in an anime. But hot? Hot enough to get bothered over in the real world? Or maybe I have, but just don’t remember, lol.

    Yeah, I thought she seemed Asian enough. Ahh, yes! Shu Qi! I remember her from the film “So Close”. Precisely! Like an Asian Angelina Jolie, right? Now she could qualify for “hot”, hehe. Coincidentally enough, did u know Shu Qi started her career in soft porn? Hmm, maybe I’ll look up her other films… As for enhanced boobies, I’ll let u know if I ever have the opportunity to feel the difference. If. Ever. ^_~

  17. @jay: Would you like some Tiger beer too?! XD (It rhymes with cheer…-hides-)

    Rofl! That’s quite funny. I might have done it if it weren’t that guy..yeah..that -was- his name. -wry- Actual Minister of Health, I think!

    I cheated a bit — rerolled the Wiki twice before I got an Iron Maiden album’s name…ah well, it’d do. (Better than The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby >.>) Seems to have turned out rather emo, but here it is. (I had to resist tweaking the background since I was on Photoshop, but not sure about the ToU for that pic so..XD Also, hopefully html works..)

    (Niisama isn’t actually, my brother, by the way. Just in case. ;) ) Hrm. Quite a few people would probably argue for the 2D side. To each their own, I guess. I personally think Rider in Fate/Stay’s pretty hot, but it could well be her character design. :P

    Strangely enough, looking at pictures of Shu Qi, she really isn’t all that pretty. (Maybe they were bad pictures. XD) Probably the way she acts, though. :) Been a while since I’ve seen her in a movie, and lol, So Close might have been the last one, haha. And yup, I know she did.

    That’ll be good! All in the name of science, of course! :D

    jenn´s last blog post > Maria Holic 8 – Mother Mary Festival = Cosplay Party!

  18. LOL at the screenshots from your pirate AV’s.

    And such cute shuffle figures! I remember watching the first episode on a site called keiiichi’s-something…. was quite a while back… The Alter Asa Shigure figure looks awesome… I want her….
    Seeing figures with closed eyes is always strange lol. Looks very cute though.

    Annnnnnd as for the mascot names… I never ruled out the names with ch as a middle syllable or something, but I didn’t mention that they were a possiblity lol. Michi and Sachi are sooooo cute though! Michi makes me think of ‘SuperGals!’ and Sachi makes me think of Denno Coil, even though it was spelt Saatchi(I think) in that lol.
    Theres Michuru too. But Michuru Yamada is Chie Yoshioka’s friend in To Heart 2 AD lol. Michieru? lol Chihuru? Churuma? lol Too many choices…

    Meimi132´s last blog post > Chue? Chuuko? Churu?

  19. @Miko-chan: Haha, I haven’t seen that much of the film yet! So I dunno who Ama or Shiba are yet. Don’t tell me yet! ^o^;

    @Jenn-chan: Hmm, I hope Tiger beer doesn’t taste like Tiger piss or Tiger Woods, ewww, lol. Ahh, u can’t hide with that Serbian Minister attached to your hip (I don’t know what that means, lol). So don’t even try… Hahaha, okay-okay, cheating approved (u know what I mean), whether *emo* or not. But what’s “ToU”? Don’t worry, I wasn’t wondering about Niisama, lol. But now that u mentioned him, why not? Ha, just teasing. Perhaps not as teasing as “Rider”, but does “Rider” get u really hot? I mean, hot enough to, umm, you-know-what? LOL, that’s what I meant. That’s why I can’t understand that… But yeah, “So Close” is the only film in which I’ve seen Shu Qi, so maybe she got fuglier recently? I don’t know, lol… Science? Ohh, u mean boobie science? Haha, sure, why not? ^_~

    P.S. Hahaha, your album cover definitely looks heavy metal! At least it doesn’t look like a Bon Jovi cover. Ugh. Poor me.

    @M-chan: Heyyy, sorry for my delay. Work is driving me insane! Busy is good but still insane!… Hehe, aww, thanx. I had fun with Katsuni, lol. Oops, you’re not thinking what I think you’re thinking, are u? Yes u are! No further comment, lol… Aww, thanx again. Yeah, this Kaede is definitely cute. Much cuter than the standing poses of her other figures. Which is why I chose this one! Still not convinced over the Asa Shigure figures, hehe… Oh no! Not more mascot names! Yeah, I agree with Michi and Sachi. For me, Sachi reminds me of Sachiko in the “Nana” anime, hehe. Of course, u could always name her after a “Battle Royale” character, eh? Like Mitsu or Mitsuko after Mitsuko Souma! LOL ^o^

  20. @Coco-chan: Hey, congratulations again! Looking forward to your coming posts. If u can throw together an album cover, then a blog should be a piece of cake, lol. Yeah, right! Awww, thanx, I’ll let Guiness know! ^_^

    P.S. Done. Added your blog to my blog roll, lol.

  21. @jay: Tiger beer. How do you know how tiger piss or Tiger Woods taste like, hmm, hmm? XD ToU – terms of use. :) I know some photographers don’t like people fiddling with their pictures, which I understand. Niisama is niisama. -halo-

    Rider is hot. I’m not gonna admit anything about any possible hentai phases I might have gone through, but real life’s always better. :) Of course, real life tends to get offended if you compare them to impossible standards i.e. actresses/stars/porn/2D… XD

    I’ve never liked that f word. :( It looks so sad. Just talking about some pictures I’ve seen — that, and I’ve never really been a fan of Shu Qi’s/really noticed her work, so. :)

    Hey, nothing wrong with Bon Jovi. XD That font’s Papyrus, by the way, isn’t it?

    jenn´s last blog post > Koukaku no Regios 7 – If We Work Together~

  22. @xJaymanx: LOL I doubt I’m thinking what you think I’m thinking lol. I had to check who Katsuni was by reading back haha.
    Still not decided on a name yet…gah… I’ll have to go through each and see which sounds right.

    And how do you know we don’t stretch like that? LOL How do you know we don’t have pajama parties and pillow fights in our underwear? Aha! You don’t! It’s all myth and legend lol.

    Meimi132´s last blog post > More Mascot Art

  23. @Jenn-chan: Hahaha, I really *don’t* know. But I don’t wanna find out how they taste either! Ah, terms of use! Yeah, I see. But if there’s no watermark or logo or other notation, if somehow feels “safer” to me. And maybe they shouldn’t post it on Flickr, lol… Hmm, I think I’m getting more and more lost with Niisama and Halo, so I’ll quietly tiptoe away from there. No need for u to elaborate, lol… Ahh, yeah, I think most every otaku floats thru that “hentai” phase once or twice, hehe. But it depends on the person who gets offended by impossible standards. If they’re secure enough and realize the fantasy aspect, etc. But sometimes, “possible” standards might even be worse since it’s harder to distinguish why someone’s supposedly “hotter”, lol… Ah, sorry about that. I don’t usually use it, but when others use it, especially females, the extra “f” seems to get the point across faster. Just like the other “f” word, hehe… Yup-yup, Papyrus! Seemed to work with my “Wan Chai” band name at the time. But maybe not. Why do u ask? ^_~

    @Luckie-chan: True, it’s easy to forget! Yeah, he was a mega-star in Asian, way before his “Rush Hour” films. I never really knew till recently that he was a mega-director, even a singer, back then too, lol. Awww, thanx. Yeah, that’s the cutest Kaede I’ve seen, hehe. Heyyy, better watch out with your Gravatar icon. Cuz Jenn-chan above has the hots for Rider, lol. ^o^;

    @M-chan: Haha, okay-okay, lol. I guess u don’t have as dirty a mind as I thought u had. Unless it’s even more so? Hahaha… Hmm, well, u could hold some kind of “mascot name” tournament with six rounds and everything, couldn’t u? LOL! But that could last weeks!… Ah, yes, stretching girls in underwear. Well, I lived with one girl for over 10+ years. Then her sister for another 1+ years. And I gotta say, I don’t recall a “standing underwear stretch”, hehe. All the “underwear stretches” I’ve seen are sitting in bed or couch or chair or maybe on the floor. Of course, yoga doesn’t really count, lol. As for the pajama parties and pillow fights, definitely myth and legend! Sadly. =_=;

  24. @jay: Unfortunately, I’m probably one of the less secure people I know. :( Standards are always hard to handle, but everyone has them. Don’t worry about using it! You could swear a billion times and I would still just tsk and try to skip those bits. Though I have to admit hardcore swearing is a lot more jarring. XD

    Just wanted to see if my font identification was right. :)

    And couldn’t help but notice your response to Meimi132..pillow fights and pajama parties really depend on the people, heh. I don’t really have the former (too lazy to actually fight, not to mention no siblings to bish on) but have did have the latter a few times. Maybe you can have a daughter, then suggest they have pajama parties with their friends! :D Wait…there’s something a bit wrong with that… >.> XD

    jenn´s last blog post > Clannad After Story 17-18: Tomoya and the Loli

  25. @Jenn-chan: Yeah, I know what u mean. If it isn’t looks or fashion, it’s love or relationships. If it isn’t love or relationships, it’s money or career… For me, my insecurity is money. Especially with a mortgage and car payments (loan, insurance and gas). So it’s a harder time to enjoy things for myself. Oh well, hopefully the global recession will fade sooner than later… Hehe, oh wow. Then stay away from my comments on Jem-chan’s blog. Some really hardcore swearing when my computer freezes, lol… So now that your font identification has proven accurate, Ms. Detective, did u crack the uncrackable crime case? LOL… Oh yeah, I definitely agree; everything depends on the people. Not just insecurities, but parties as well, lol. I guess I’ll leave the “pajama parties” to your imagination, since u seem to have a (umm) *healthy* imagination at that! >_<;

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