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Can you see? Can you tell?
I gotta soul I wanna sell
Maybe shallow, maybe true
You gotta show me what to do

Close your eyes, hear my mind
Like a song you gotta find
Fall upon me, and you’ll feel
It’s your lie I wanna steal

If you swallow, if you sway
All your walls will melt away
If you gotta, shred my skin
If you wanna, let me sin

Gotta wanna sin
Don’t you wanna sin?
Gotta wanna sin
God’ll let us sin


17 thoughts on “Blog 189.1 > Gotta Wanna Sin

  1. @xJaymanx: lol
    And more like Supernatural Padalecki snackage lol. Much prefer Sam.(Dean from Gilmore Girls first to me lol) Though Ackles is cool too. I did have proper snackage too though hehe.

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  2. @Miko-chan: Hahaha, thanx. Wow, u actually liked something I wrote! ^o^

    @M-chan: Whoa, “Padalecki snackage” sounds even kinkier! LOL, I just know Ackles from Jessica Alba’s “Dark Angel” sci-fi series and from “Smallville” too. Hehehe, but “snackage” sounds just so wrong somehow… like “sausage”… ^_~

    P.S. Awww, your drawings are pretty cute. Sadly, u probably already know that my once-decent hand-pencilling skills kinda rusted away, lol.

  3. @xJaymanx: lol I didn’t like Ackles in Dark Angel…. or Smallville really lol(he went crazy… saw an ep with him in 2day lol, will do 2mro aswell hehe)….. maybe he was….too young? LOL. When I saw Dark Angel I was fairly young. Pre-Tennant phase to say the least lol Snackage is a great word!!! Great great word! Not in the least dirty. Me and my friend Katie have filthy minds…. but we never thought of it as dirty lol. Your pervy-guy-mind had to lower the bar lol.

    And your drawing skills haven’t deteriated that much have they???

    Oh, almost forgot lol, I do have photoshop, and paintshop pro. I just couldn’t be arsed to fiddly with colour at the moment in time, maybe later.
    Yup. She shrunk, or her clothes got bigger… either way lol.

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  4. @M-chan: Really? Too young? Yeah, maybe Ackles was a bit young, but he was at his sarcastic best in “Dark Angel” (2000), lol. Didn’t like him much in “Smallville” though. Maybe he got too old? Haha!… Wait, me? My pervy-guy-mind? I’m not the one who said “Padalecki snackage”, lol. Ahh, okay-okay, I yield to “snackage” if u yield to “pervage”, lol… Whatever “pervage” may be. I’ll leave it to your and Katie’s so-called dirty minds, hehe. So-called until I see proof…

    Ehhh, at one time years and years ago, I could sketch and darken an anime character in a few hours. Looked pretty nice. But now, I’ve lost the mind-to-hand capturing control, lol. Here was my last attempt in August. Doesn’t come out the way I intend it. Hmm, maybe I’ll post some of my good old college stuff some time. Maybe. But about your Photoshop, what the frak does “arsed to fiddly” mean? Hehe, I can guess, but like u said, my mind might be too dirty to try! But perhaps not as dirty as your skirt-dropping loli! ^o^

  5. @Luckie-chan: Hehe, that’s it? If “buying figures” is your primary sin, then you’re definitely purer than most! Now, “buying dolls”? Well, that might cut u down a notch or two from the heavenly scale, lol. ^_~

    P.S. For me, I think Kotobukiya has been the deadlier poison, hehe.

  6. Kotobukiya is deadlier, but they disguise themselves so well. I mean they have anime, comic book, movies, the ArtFX line and Star Wars. I mean, c’mon Star Wars.

    Y’know, if I happened to be a comic book buff, I’d really be torn between anime, video games and comic book stuff. Kotobukiya has one of the most gorgeous non-anime line out there.

    My anime poison is ALTER as I indiscriminately buy anything and everything they have because I love them. Megahouse for bringing me hot women with killing intent (see Queen’s Blade/Gate). Sexy.

    Despite this, I’d still say that Kotobukiya is a deadly mistress. Be careful, Jay. She might consume your soul in the form of a Star Wars trooper of some sort. I hear her beckoning out to you.

    Jem´s last blog post > Bunnies, swimsuits, Maids, and Street Fighter. Oh my!

  7. @Jem-chan: Hahaha, heyyy, I’m trying to log off and go to bed!

    But it’s already too late for me, Jem, lol. Haven’t u seen my “About” page or my Blog 160? The Kotobukiya Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, and Darth Maul (no photoshoot yet) have already been consumed. Just as their Dark Force consumed the soul of my wallet, lol. Too late, Jem. =_=;

  8. Poor Jay. Just take a rain check. No need to reply right away unless you are a semi-insomniac like me.

    You’re absolutely right. By definition, sin is bad. I wholeheartedly believe no one is free from sin. If they said they were or tried to pass off something superficial as a sin, that’s total bs.

    For me, I think prudes frankly no longer exist in the world or they are hard to come by. If you hear a person telling you that they are a prude, they are actually probably one of the biggest sluts or a prude who doesn’t get attention and has the capacity to be a slut. I hear it far too much especially from “innocent” girls.

    I used to be deathly afraid of sin. Now, I don’t care as much as long as all my killings are in Grand Theft Auto or Gears of War^^

    Jem´s last blog post > Bunnies, swimsuits, Maids, and Street Fighter. Oh my!

  9. @Jem-chan: Awww, thanx.

    Sorry if I was falling asleep, lol. Yeah, I tend to agree with u. The twist is that the definition of a “small sin” or “innocence” seems to shift and shudder as slippery as a digital slut, lol. So the question is: If u *sin* in a computer-or-video game, as the fictional-or-fantasy world gets realer and realer, is it still a *sin*? Hmmm. ^_~

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