remix 061 ~ until the waterfall

images by “french__kissed” :: original post
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

until the waterfall

fluid strands
plummet upon
jagged shoulders

ledges below ledges
boulders beneath boulders
legends fading before legends
in a neverending series of echoes

whispering their forgotten mists of yore
weeping for tragic loves and glorious wars
cascading towards earth in their brutal crusade
until the waterfall princess casts her crystal forgiveness

remix 060 ~ one of her eyes

images by “spunky_m” :: original post
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

one of her eyes

as the spiraling maple leaves
lazily descended and veiled
the cobble-stoned boulevard
in a copper-shaded fantasy

she strolled beside him
her slender hand in his grasp
her chestnut gaze shimmering
beneath her black pin-striped hat

as they glided past my bench
humming in their happiness
one of her eyes winked at me
and i recognized the friendly tune

“i’ll be there for you…
when the rain starts to pour”
“i’ll be there for you…
like i’ve been there before”

as they faded into the distance
like memories into the past
i stared at my own gloved hands
and wished i had been there for you

remix 059 ~ what if

images by “benderrrrr” :: original post 1 2
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

what if

“what if life
is just a dream?”
she asked me
as i pulled my sleeve
and turned to check my watch

“what if you
are just playing
a role in that dream?”
she wondered aloud
and leaned towards the mirror

“i don’t know”
i said softly yet hurriedly
to her long-haired silhouette

“what if it’s not
even your own dream?
and death is simply waking up?”

“i don’t know”
i repeated quickly
with less time to spare
and less patience to share
as showtime loomed even closer

then a flash hit me

“so without
free will, you wouldn’t
mind if we missed the concert?”

she smiled widely
and then approvingly
at my black-tied reflection

before applying her bright pink lipstick

remix 058 ~ yearning

images by “_intherain_” :: original post 1 2
remixed image by “xjaymanx


i am the fire hydrant in your chilly rainstorm
wanting to spill my bottled oceans
and swirling emotions into your
soaked concrete streets

i am the red hydrant in your silver reflection
wishing to free my imprisoned tears
and windswept fears into your
mirrored asphalt roads

longing to flow and flee
in your turbulence
and tolerance

yearning to be furious and free in the streams and the sea

but forever bound
to the muddled
and puddled


remix 057 ~ unsheltered

images by “shakalaka_baby” & “xjaymanx” :: no original post
remixed image by “xjaymanx
words written in 1994 by “xjaymanx


i gaze


i await the rain
    the storm
as a flower opens
    helplessly and willingly
yielding to the summer

i gaze
into the turbulence
    the thunderclouds
as your fingers soon rain
    upon the willing keys
and sprinkling
and pouring yet again
    upon the black and white
splashing the passionate
upon me
    my body
    my face
    into my smiling eyes
       my yielding ears

i weather the emotional
your powerful swirl of musical
    wind and water
as my body shivers
    in the chilling breeze
and breathing quickly

but your rain softens
your clouds lighten

and i gaze
my heart beating loudly

until the clouds
leave me


remix 055 ~ good to be bad

images & words by “1poetic_tragedy” :: original post
remixed image & words by “1poetic_tragedy” & “xjaymanx

good to be bad

went away
for the weekend


i know that
if my daughter
were just like me
and acted just like
i’ve been acting lately

there’s no way in hell
i’d leave her alone
for the weekend

not that i’m complaining

just blasting my music
and dancing around
in my undies

sometimes it
just feels
so good
to be

remix 054 ~ laying in the grass

images by “french__kissed” :: original post 1 2
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

laying in the grass

i gaze at her
laying in the grass
with her skirt strings trailing
like lazy kite tails swaying in the haze

does she realize her influence?

i smile at her
shining in the sun
as i spiral around her gravity
like icy satellites captivated by the fire

does she realize her power?

she winks at me
as sixty seconds whirl
and another sixty minutes swirl
and another twenty-four hours take flight

does she realize at all?

remix 053 ~ emerald mermaid

images by “jennyboozz” :: original post
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

emerald mermaid

and falling
with her breathing tides

and flowing
upon her caressing waves

and turning
beneath her shimmering mists

with the
elegance of an
emerald mermaid

and gleaming
with her own little fairy tale
within her own little mystical world

remix 052 ~ shattered

images by “cardboardboxed” :: various original posts
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx


“what’s wrong?” i said,
“i don’t understand!”

“that’s right!” she screamed,
“you don’t understand!”

“get out!” she shoved
and slammed the door behind me
yet all i could do was stand numbly in the hallway

to nurse my wounds,
both physical and cynical,
under the crackling cackling fluorescent light

she was right, after all,
i didn’t understand her

i couldn’t understand her
narcissistic loves or
monotheistic fears or
anti-depressant hopes or
self-destructive dreams or
decapitating nightmares or

her intermittent urge
to inscribe her bitter misery
onto her deftly-traced double-spaced skin

and all i could do was stare blankly down the hallway

in bruised silence.

but when i heard her cry,
her sobs shattered my doubts
and i turned to her door once more

with a determined sigh,
i shut my bloodshot eyes
and raised my knuckle to the artificial wood

and knock-knocked.

remix 051 ~ uninvited dream

images & words by “benderrrrr” :: link to original post no longer exists
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

uninvited dream

you used to love that freckle. always said so.
funny how i had a dream about you last night.
i’ve never had a dream of things in the past.

you were saying that thing from ‘vanilla sky’
i kept mentioning things like ‘vanilla’ until you understood.
i loved your face when you realized i knew that quote too.

you loved to say that corny stuff.
i guess i liked it deep down,
but now i just roll my eyes at it.

the magic is gone you know.
new person,
new start,
new times
i guess.

this isn’t about missing you. because i don’t.
i actually think i dreamt this because i don’t miss you.
does that sound weird? at least confusing?

maybe the dream presented a closed chapter?

i’m not looking back. or wishing i have what i had.
i’m just praising this memory
as it popped up uninvited,
in my dreams,
last night.

remix ~ scrapbook notes

scrapbook notes

  • thanx to all of you who’ve made this scrapbook experiment an awesome experience!
  • so, yeah, i did it! as a companion and backup for this livejournal community scrapbook, i’ve launched the new xjaymanx_remix website. so far, i’ve added the most-recent five remixes, but i’ll continue to add as i find time. enjoy!
  • lots on my “remixes to-do” list: benderrrrr (2), night_huntress, 1poetic_tragedy, and cardboardboxed…
  • p.s. and as always, questions or suggestions are always welcome.

remix 050 ~ short but sweet

images by “jennyboozz” :: original post 1 2 3 4
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

short but sweet

short but sweet
we’re jake and jenny
cupcakes and strawberries
we’re cup-jakes and straw-jennies!

two peas in a pod

two snozzberries on the wall

two three-year-olds giggling and wiggling on the floor

one playing and straying like one
another playacting and reacting like one
but both of us smirking and snickering and tickling

we’re sticking out our tongues!

i love him
his visit was
sweet but short

and i miss him already

remix 049 ~ never meant

images by “spunky_m” & “french__kissed” :: original post 1 2
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

never meant

“i’ll be back soon”
he said

“just a few days”
he smiled

she smiled back
“okay, you promise?”

he nodded
“i promise”

one week passed

but he still couldn’t
bear the thought

he still couldn’t
bear the heart-breaking thought
of looking into her eyes

he still couldn’t
look into her soul-searching eyes
and tell her the truth

he still couldn’t
tell her that he never meant
to keep his promise

never meant
to be with her again

never meant
to see her again

never meant
to fall for her

never meant
to fall in love
with her

one month passed

he was never given
more than

remix 048 ~ daddy’s little girl

images by “benderrrrr” :: original post
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

daddy’s little girl

daddy’s little girl is growing up
but she still keeps it
with her

her old pink and mirrored music box
given to her by her dad
on her fourth

adorned with amethyst musical notes
and emerald spirals
and sapphire

she still keeps it
with her

after twelve birthdays have passed
its jumbled contents
look a little

but the contents within her heart
have hardly

remix 045 ~ cracked

images by “caboosylucy” :: original post
remixed original by unknown
words by “xjaymanx

| remixed original by unknown


her golden soul

focuses on
the black emptiness
and the white nothingness
within her
without her
without him

without him

without his candlelit presence

with nothing
to console her
but her




remix 044 ~ dreaming in digital

images by “xjaymanx” :: related post
remixed image by “xjaymanx

dreaming in digital




waiting for the
inspiration to emerge
in her sapphire clarity
from beyond the instant

wrestling with the
formation of emotions
pouring from her oceans
of photos and phrases to




a piercing moment
of existence
in the universe

a consuming moment
in digital