remix 060 ~ one of her eyes

images by “spunky_m” :: original post
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

one of her eyes

as the spiraling maple leaves
lazily descended and veiled
the cobble-stoned boulevard
in a copper-shaded fantasy

she strolled beside him
her slender hand in his grasp
her chestnut gaze shimmering
beneath her black pin-striped hat

as they glided past my bench
humming in their happiness
one of her eyes winked at me
and i recognized the friendly tune

“i’ll be there for you…
when the rain starts to pour”
“i’ll be there for you…
like i’ve been there before”

as they faded into the distance
like memories into the past
i stared at my own gloved hands
and wished i had been there for you

16 thoughts on “remix 060 ~ one of her eyes

  1. ohhh this was great! hehehe I love that you felt nostalgic AND used the Friends theme in there. ;)

  2. haha, thanx! ;) … well, the character on the bench isn’t necessarily me (just some nostalgic loner)… but i’m glad you think so… after all, he could’ve been me!… and thanx for the wink! :)))

    p.s. damn, i just caught the “be=been” spelling error in the last line… sorry! fixed it! :)))))

  3. yeah, the pics definitely go together ;) … hence the remix above, hehehe… but a user icon, i don’t usually do them, since there are millions out there anyway ;)… and there’s no guarantee it’ll be used… but fulfilling a request, that’s different ;D

  4. hmmm, how easily you manipulated me into that “trap” ;)… but i willingly accept; which set of pics did you have in mind? ;D … color? b/w? or animated perhaps? hehehe ;D

  5. trap eh?!!!
    I was kiddin really, I know how to make those. But if you want to, hmmm thats a project for tonight (take funny pics) Im already doing a tarot shoot for jenmommy

  6. haha, that’s okay ;) … *sigh of relief, gets out of icon trap*… better to put your focus on her tarot shoot… ;D… *intrigued*

  7. how did i miss this one?? it’s beautiful

    thank you very much! ;))) … hmmm, maybe you were too busy wiping the keyboard keys from your eyes, hehehe :)

    …unfortunately in the las vegas desert, we mostly have palm trees, so we don’t get to see the beautiful changes in leaf colors in other parts of the country/world…

  8. y’welcome :)

    wow. you’re seriously missing out, man. i don’t know if i could ever live in a place where it’s summer all the year or winter. i’d go nuts. sweden has perfect climate for me – cold winters, hot summers, rainy falls and freash spring. ahh.

  9. no way! i definitely DON’T miss the meters of SNOW! and the below-zero temps! argh!… no more shoveling snow for me! :))))

  10. SISSY. snow is beautiful how can you ever say the contrary?? the cold? well it’s a bitch. but the strong ones always manage to out live it.

  11. LOL, okay, well when you get to drive your own car, spend a half hour shovelling the snow out from around the tires, spend another half hour waiting for the ice to melt off your windshield, try to see past 3 meters ahead of you, and try not to skid into an oncoming truck… THEN tell me if the snow this beautiful, hahahahah :)))))

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