remix 061 ~ until the waterfall

images by “french__kissed” :: original post
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

until the waterfall

fluid strands
plummet upon
jagged shoulders

ledges below ledges
boulders beneath boulders
legends fading before legends
in a neverending series of echoes

whispering their forgotten mists of yore
weeping for tragic loves and glorious wars
cascading towards earth in their brutal crusade
until the waterfall princess casts her crystal forgiveness

10 thoughts on “remix 061 ~ until the waterfall

  1. Wow! I looks so mythical :)
    The only thing missing could be a rock to hide the side of my rib cage :P But that’s an amazing job though…With the ligthing and everything, it looks like I’m really there! Amen to you! ;)

  2. haha, thanx again! :D

    …i can still put a rock, but then we’ll be hiding more of you… and why would we want to do that? :)))

  3. Lol, you’re too kind ;)
    But…admit that the side of my rib cage looks a little bit too “unatural” because on the original picture the “rest of my chest” if we can call it like that is hiding under the blankets ;P
    BUT, that’s still an amazing job you did with this picture…I couldn’t have done it better :) I also svaed it in my computer :)

  4. hmmm, but here, the rest of your chest is hiding behind the rocks, right? … maybe it’s just me, but i don’t think it’s “unnatural”… :))))

    if you want, LOL, we can debate this forever, hehehehe ;)))))

  5. LOL…no, I won’t “debate” with ya :P
    It’s just something I see because it’s me. Maybe if I had a different opinion (beside yours) it would help me a lot knowing if it’s that obvious :P Or if it’s just me again :)

  6. hmmm, well, told me she liked it!… and my thought the overall concept was neat!… so it’s not a glaring issue… but i also wouldn’t mind playing with the shadows of the rocks you’re lying upon (one thing i’m not fully satisfied with, hehe), to see if i can make it more “real”… and make it even better :))))

  7. Hehehe go ahead and play if you want to…But, I just want to let you know I’m not forcing you to do so :P But I’m happy to know that other girls liked it (because I tought they’d think I’d look too skinny on that picture), that was my only worry :P

  8. okay!… i replaced the pic with a NEW ONE… i added the shadows where your body meets the rocks… i think it ADDS to the realism ;) … and looks MORE like your body is leaning into/behind the rocks… what do you think? :))))

    … save this pic and compare to the previous one, if you want ;)

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