remix 062 ~ path of seduction

images by “_intherain_” :: original post
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

path of seduction

strained by the stress
and drained by the storm,
i stopped at the pub
and hopped on the stool

a bearded bloke bumped me
without any pardon
and slapped on the smile
of a half-plastered fool

“she purrs like a kitten!”
he boasted to his comrades,
“the shriek of her wheels!
the roar of her engine!”

i heard myself laugh
and sipped from my draft
and slipped into a dream
of speed and abandon

fifty and sixty
and seventy and eighty
kilometers per hour
heartbeats per minute

ninety and one hundred
and one-ten and one-twenty
and one-thirty and one-forty
and one-fifty and faster!

the laughter awoke me
and spun me around,
i searched for my words
and cut through the chatter

“she sounds like a beauty!”
i burst loud and clear,
“what make and model?
a porsche or an audi?”

the bearded bloke chuckled
but offered his answer,
“you misunderstand fella,
why not ask her yourself?”

his girlfriend dazzled
in her half-zipped denim
while her wide eyes flashed
with the wild shade of “go!”

“what make and model?”
she purred like a kitten,
“my make is russian,
and my model is seduction”

27 thoughts on “remix 062 ~ path of seduction

  1. thanx! :) … and for your nice comment, i’ve decided to move you up to the top of my remix list… but now i have a dilemma, since you’ve changed your hair color, should i still remix your “blonde stare” from aug 13th? hmmmm…

  2. hahaha, thanx!… but i think my remixes get better only if the photos get better! ;)))

    p.s. … and i saw somewhere that you liked the BMW Z8, am i right? :)))

  3. thank you very much! maybe i should start learning russian! :)))
    большое спасибо! возможно я должен начать выучить русского! :)))

  4. awwwwwww! thanx! :)))

    for me, i think the strength of the “remix”, depends on the strength of the original photo(s)… of course, getting to KNOW more about the person helps me to ADD MORE to the remix ;))) … as YOU should know! hehe ;)))))

  5. you’re VERY welcome! :) … by the way, can you guess my favorite stanza in the poem? ;))))
    вы ОЧЕНЬ радушны! :) … by the way, можете вы угадать мои любимейшие линии в стихотворении? ;))))

  6. hahaha, thank you for the warning! maybe i won’t learn it! :) … but english isn’t the easiest language either! :)
    hahaha, вы для предупреждения! возможно я не выучу его! :) … а английская язык не самый легкий язык также! :)
    [translated with: ]

  7. Hehehe, I got the point! ;)
    So I’ll tell more about me and my “remixes” could be better and better every time as you know me better? Lol :D
    AND..I want you to help me and teach me Photoshop ’cause you are so GOOD! :)

  8. awww, thanx ;))) … yeah, i think i’m getting better too… just take a look at my earliest remixes, and they seem so SIMPLE… argh, hehehe…

    … do you have free AIM? (from …if you want, we can chat faster than email…

  9. I just installed it :)
    Just tell me your username by email and I’ll add you. You’ll be the first on my list, hehe ;P

  10. BTW, I just showed some of the pictures of me you “remixed” to my friend Chantal and she doesn’t like it…She LOVESSSS IT! :D

  11. your favorite stanza is probably the last one)

    and my is:

    his girlfriend dazzled
    in her half-zipped denim
    while her wide eyes flashed
    with the wild shade of “go!”

    i think it’s the best one because of the chic language (or art of language).
    hope you will understand what i mean ) and correct -))

  12. wow, you’re right! ;)))))

    + YES, my fave is the last one ;)
    + YES, your fave is the best, most colorful ;)) (and my second fave! hahaha, i’m glad it’s correct!)

    i also think that this the most-natural most-powerful way for both stanzas to work and flow together ;)))

  13. haha, i’m glad!… hmmm, maybe chantal would like her own remix?… any photos you think might be cool to work with? hehehe! ;)))

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