remix 062 ~ path of seduction

images by “_intherain_” :: original post
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

path of seduction

strained by the stress
and drained by the storm,
i stopped at the pub
and hopped on the stool

a bearded bloke bumped me
without any pardon
and slapped on the smile
of a half-plastered fool

“she purrs like a kitten!”
he boasted to his comrades,
“the shriek of her wheels!
the roar of her engine!”

i heard myself laugh
and sipped from my draft
and slipped into a dream
of speed and abandon

fifty and sixty
and seventy and eighty
kilometers per hour
heartbeats per minute

ninety and one hundred
and one-ten and one-twenty
and one-thirty and one-forty
and one-fifty and faster!

the laughter awoke me
and spun me around,
i searched for my words
and cut through the chatter

“she sounds like a beauty!”
i burst loud and clear,
“what make and model?
a porsche or an audi?”

the bearded bloke chuckled
but offered his answer,
“you misunderstand fella,
why not ask her yourself?”

his girlfriend dazzled
in her half-zipped denim
while her wide eyes flashed
with the wild shade of “go!”

“what make and model?”
she purred like a kitten,
“my make is russian,
and my model is seduction”

remix 058 ~ yearning

images by “_intherain_” :: original post 1 2
remixed image by “xjaymanx


i am the fire hydrant in your chilly rainstorm
wanting to spill my bottled oceans
and swirling emotions into your
soaked concrete streets

i am the red hydrant in your silver reflection
wishing to free my imprisoned tears
and windswept fears into your
mirrored asphalt roads

longing to flow and flee
in your turbulence
and tolerance

yearning to be furious and free in the streams and the sea

but forever bound
to the muddled
and puddled


remix 037 ~ i wish

images by “_intherain_” & “medvedev” :: original post
remixed image by “xjaymanx

i wish

as i
left her
in quivering tears
in the shivering rain

i didn’t look back
i couldn’t look back


afraid i would be drawn back into
her reckless aims and
careless games

as the
years fade away
i have one stabbing regret

i wish

i wish i could remember
the color of her