remix 058 ~ yearning

images by “_intherain_” :: original post 1 2
remixed image by “xjaymanx


i am the fire hydrant in your chilly rainstorm
wanting to spill my bottled oceans
and swirling emotions into your
soaked concrete streets

i am the red hydrant in your silver reflection
wishing to free my imprisoned tears
and windswept fears into your
mirrored asphalt roads

longing to flow and flee
in your turbulence
and tolerance

yearning to be furious and free in the streams and the sea

but forever bound
to the muddled
and puddled


6 thoughts on “remix 058 ~ yearning

  1. ha-ha!! my fire hydrant is here ! =)))

    your poem.. he)) i felt sorry for the red hydrant… it seemed to me it really wanted to fly.. :)

    btw, what filter did you use to achieve such water effect?
    i tried to play with this image too. :)

  2. you’re right, your hydrant! ;) … i didn’t plan it, but yeah, i felt a little sad for the hydrant (and the character in the poem who felt like one)… wishing to be free… thanx, i’m glad you liked it!

    let’s see, in photoshop, i used the Distort > Ripple… i seem to like the ripple effect for your photos! … and maybe because of your username too, hehehe! ;D

  3. thanx, perps!… in fact, if you click on the “original 1” and “2” links at the top, you’ll also see that the “red hydrant” and “reflection” images came from two separate shots… i think it came out nicely! ;)

  4. haha, her “i wish” remix is also ripply! ;D

    but i’ll be sure to use ripples with ALL of your future remixes, mwah-ha-ha!… okay, maybe not… ;D

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