remix 059 ~ what if

images by “benderrrrr” :: original post 1 2
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

what if

“what if life
is just a dream?”
she asked me
as i pulled my sleeve
and turned to check my watch

“what if you
are just playing
a role in that dream?”
she wondered aloud
and leaned towards the mirror

“i don’t know”
i said softly yet hurriedly
to her long-haired silhouette

“what if it’s not
even your own dream?
and death is simply waking up?”

“i don’t know”
i repeated quickly
with less time to spare
and less patience to share
as showtime loomed even closer

then a flash hit me

“so without
free will, you wouldn’t
mind if we missed the concert?”

she smiled widely
and then approvingly
at my black-tied reflection

before applying her bright pink lipstick

2 thoughts on “remix 059 ~ what if

  1. likkke it!

    ahh. i’m a genious basically XP

    (and just out of curiosity; what consert were we about to attend to?)

  2. thanx ;) … well, this was a bit of quick-thinking fiction, so i didn’t really have a concert in mind… just a very expensive black-tie concert that the guy character didn’t want to waste, hehehe!… but i suppose it could’ve been a high-society opera or ballet?… who knows?… i’ll leave it up to the readers’ imagination ;)))

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