remix 064 ~ marmalade dream

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remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

marmalade dream

and there! there she was
down abbey’s winding road,
a-hopping and a-skipping,
a-lugging a hard-day’s load

“you’re such a strange girl!”
i chuck-chuckled from my tree,
and hanging upside down,
i joked “help! i need somebody!”

revolving on her toe
like a rolling club-band’s drum,
she waved with bandaged fingers
like a lefty’s guitar strum

“you know what you are?”
she blinked her blackbird eyes,
“you’re a dork and a dweeb,”
and flashed her skirted thighs

“thank you very much,
you freaky pink-lipped reptile,”
and from my rocking perch,
i flung my rainbow smile

in warhol’s fifteen minutes,
she joined my little tree house,
and tickled my lonely heart
like a cat with yesterday’s mouse

“what do you want to be?”
i asked of lucy’s future,
she sighed to the nowhere sky,
“a famous paperback writer!”

as summer’s sunset dove
like an orange submarine
she left me with a kiss goodbye
and a final marmalade dream

remix 059 ~ what if

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what if

“what if life
is just a dream?”
she asked me
as i pulled my sleeve
and turned to check my watch

“what if you
are just playing
a role in that dream?”
she wondered aloud
and leaned towards the mirror

“i don’t know”
i said softly yet hurriedly
to her long-haired silhouette

“what if it’s not
even your own dream?
and death is simply waking up?”

“i don’t know”
i repeated quickly
with less time to spare
and less patience to share
as showtime loomed even closer

then a flash hit me

“so without
free will, you wouldn’t
mind if we missed the concert?”

she smiled widely
and then approvingly
at my black-tied reflection

before applying her bright pink lipstick

remix 051 ~ uninvited dream

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uninvited dream

you used to love that freckle. always said so.
funny how i had a dream about you last night.
i’ve never had a dream of things in the past.

you were saying that thing from ‘vanilla sky’
i kept mentioning things like ‘vanilla’ until you understood.
i loved your face when you realized i knew that quote too.

you loved to say that corny stuff.
i guess i liked it deep down,
but now i just roll my eyes at it.

the magic is gone you know.
new person,
new start,
new times
i guess.

this isn’t about missing you. because i don’t.
i actually think i dreamt this because i don’t miss you.
does that sound weird? at least confusing?

maybe the dream presented a closed chapter?

i’m not looking back. or wishing i have what i had.
i’m just praising this memory
as it popped up uninvited,
in my dreams,
last night.

remix 048 ~ daddy’s little girl

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daddy’s little girl

daddy’s little girl is growing up
but she still keeps it
with her

her old pink and mirrored music box
given to her by her dad
on her fourth

adorned with amethyst musical notes
and emerald spirals
and sapphire

she still keeps it
with her

after twelve birthdays have passed
its jumbled contents
look a little

but the contents within her heart
have hardly