remix 051 ~ uninvited dream

images & words by “benderrrrr” :: link to original post no longer exists
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

uninvited dream

you used to love that freckle. always said so.
funny how i had a dream about you last night.
i’ve never had a dream of things in the past.

you were saying that thing from ‘vanilla sky’
i kept mentioning things like ‘vanilla’ until you understood.
i loved your face when you realized i knew that quote too.

you loved to say that corny stuff.
i guess i liked it deep down,
but now i just roll my eyes at it.

the magic is gone you know.
new person,
new start,
new times
i guess.

this isn’t about missing you. because i don’t.
i actually think i dreamt this because i don’t miss you.
does that sound weird? at least confusing?

maybe the dream presented a closed chapter?

i’m not looking back. or wishing i have what i had.
i’m just praising this memory
as it popped up uninvited,
in my dreams,
last night.

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