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Hello-hello! Welcome back, folks, friends, and fellow Toyboxers! Are we there yet? Is it time for another weekly mega-odyssey into medieval mayhem? Of course, why else would we be here? This week, our mega-cast catapults us into the far-reaching heights of the blogging otakusphere, ricochets through the wildfiery depths of the watchful anti-hero underground, and crash-lands into a rowdy crowd of indie-film partiers. Yeah, just another normal week, lol. What else is new? So sit back, relax, crack open a can, and let our broadcast take control…

Part 1 of 5 > Moe, Otaku Outlook & Featured Posts of the Week

Otaku Outlook. Moe! Otaku! Posts! First of all, let’s start the show with our latest look at the otaku blogosphere. If you’ve been following the “otaku blog battles” for the last few months, you should be somewhat familiar with the general trends flowing since April’s Supercops (Blog 198, Part 1) to May’s Tales (Blog 202, Parts 1-2) to June’s Angels (Blog 207, Part 7) mega-cast. Consequently, here’s the latest “otakuspheric” batch of estimated theoretical values, according to Website Outlook.

As you can easily see in the first chart, “Sankaku Complex” yet again continues to mega-shred the otakusphere while “Danny Choo” continues to float weightlessly in a pilot-less Gundam, lol. Feel free to enlarge the chart. While it’s taking longer than anticipated, my Tales (May 2009) question still remains: Will “Sankaku Complex” finally double the theoretical value of “Danny Choo”?

Okay, as always, let’s omit the “Sankaku Complex” and “Danny Choo” paths to get a closer view of the smaller mortal blogs. Again, feel free to enlarge. Luckily, it looks like almost all of the otaku blogs across-the-board have either stayed level or rose in value. Yup, I think we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief, lol. Based on these specific trajectories, the overall otakusphere seems to be generally stable, if not healthy. Congratulations! With special congrats to “Happy Soda” who still manages to reign the theoretical $10K-to-20K range!

Ah, now let’s focus on the theoretical $0K-to-3K range. Do you remember who won our little “race” last month? Yup, Duckie-chan won, lol. So who’s our theoretical $0K-to-3K winner this month? Well, if we can trust Website Outlook, our winner is: Coco-chan! Congratulations, Coco-chan! Like with Duckie-chan, we don’t know what prize you’ve actually won, but we’ll figure it out eventually, lol.

Remember, my Titanic Toyboxers, once your otaku-blog exceeds an estimated worth of $3K, it no longer qualifies for this little “race”. Just to keep it interesting, hehe. So there it is. Good luck, next month! Now from our general otaku outlook, let’s leap to “moe”.


Japanese Moe. Moe! Otaku! Posts! Second of all, what does the Japanese term moe mean? Here’s one definition according to Wikipedia.

Moe (/mo.e/, pronounced “mo-eh” literally “budding”, as with a plant) is a Japanese slang word originally referring to a strong interest in particular types of character in video games or anime and manga. For example, meganekko-moe, “glasses-girl moe“, describes a person who is attracted to fictional characters with eyeglasses. “Moe!” is also used within anime fandom as an interjection referring to a character the speaker considers to be a moekko. It is even used in some anime, such as Ouran High School Host Club, Ai Kora, Lucky Star, Kaichou-wa Maid-sama!, and K-On!. There are various interpretations of what moe is today. Joseph L. Dela Pena argues that moe is a pure, protective feeling towards a character.

Hmm, what does the term mean to me? To me, to restate the above definition in my own words, “moe” can be likened to the word “cute”, especially as it applies to cute girls. But perhaps a fonder, more emotional or more protective form of “cute”. Something like that, lol. So why am I bringing up the term “moe”? Well, we’ll see in the following featured posts of the week!


Featured Otaku. Moe! Otaku! Posts! Wow, it’s been a while since my last “Featured Otaku Posts of the Week”! Well, the wait is over, hehe. Here’s my latest batch of “Featured Otaku” since April’s Supercops (Blog 198, Part 4), May’s Redheads (Blog 201, Part 1) and Succubi (Blog 203, Part 2), and June’s Shikaku (Blog 204, Part 1).

Let’s begin with Otaku Dan’s post “The Anime That Defines The Decade” (14 July 2009).

So what was Otaku Dan’s ultimate choice? Sadly, he chose “Gurren Lagann” (5 of 5 stars), lol. Not that it’s a bad anime. In fact, it’s a great one. But it’s not quite one that “defined the decade”. Inevitably, alternative choices flooded the scene. Here’s a couple by the notoriously Angry Mimi-chan.

Mimi: It definitely has to be “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu”. Haruhi changed the anime world so much, in so many ways. Haruhi was the first to start the online (and everywhere else) dance trend, which now continues on in other anime. She brought tsundere to a different level, and started a religion.

My runner up would be “Code Geass”, which brought Nietzsche and every other type of philosophy into an anime that had sex-appeal, mecha, comedy, and strategy. CLAMP = geniuses.

While Angry Mimi-chan’s choices of “Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” (4 of 5 stars max for a short season) and “Code Geass” (5 of 5 stars) are both outstanding contenders, I have to disagree. I mean, “outstanding” isn’t necessary the same as “defining”. Although “Haruhi” undeniably comes close! Alas, here’s my choice.

xJAYMANx: @Densha-Dan: Great question. Although I think you missed the mark. “Gundam” is obviously a contender alongside “Mazinger” for the 70’s. But clearly, mecha ruled. Next, while the film “Akira” definitely caught American audiences, can’t forget the “Robotech” series for that same reason in the 80’s. Ah, then the 90’s saw the likes of Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell), Hideaki Anno (Evangelion), and Hayao Miyazaki (Nausicaa), so any of their masterpieces could qualify, lol. At this point, it wasn’t simply mecha anymore, lol. But for the 00’s? That’s pretty tough. Was there truly a masterpiece?

Well, if a studio ruled above all else, it would probably be Kyoto Animation. Not only with their “Haruhi”, “Lucky Star”, “Air” and “Kanon” hits, but probably their flagship series “Clannad” as well. Not mecha at all! But rather, based on a dating-sim visual novel. And if any genre defined the 00’s, it wasn’t mecha-related. Alas, if the growth of “Sankaku Complex” is any indication, it would probably be related to moe, an eroge, or a dating-sim, wouldn’t it? In that light, “Clannad” takes the title of “Anime That Defined the Decade”. A decade of moe, eroge and girls-girls-girls, lol. So far.

So what do you think? Does “Clannad” (5 of 5 stars) define the “moe and eroge” decade?

Next, let’s visit Angry Mimi-chan’s post “80% Akiyama Mio Cosplay Goodness” (14 July 2009).

While it isn’t a terribly intellectual post, it’s still a rather adorable one. Oops, I meant “moe”, lol. Here’s our brief exchange. Including my goofy final pun on the “K-On!” ending-theme song.

xJAYMANx: @Mimi-chan: Heyyy, here’s my 80% congrats!… Honestly, I agree with a couple of comments above. You look like a different girl each-and-every post, especially from each-and-every angle, lol. Boggling. >_<;

Mimi: Thanks!! Yeah I’m tired of looking different :’P Am trying to take better pics recently. ^^;;;

Btw i stored all of my figures, including Haruhi, in my basement ^^;;;;;;;;;;; which is why THAT post is taking sooooo long ;_____;

Stupid lazy me…

xJAYMANx: @Mimi-chan: Awww… “Please don’t say you are lazy”, lol.

Next comes Angry Mimi-chan’s post “If You Were a Girl For a Day” (14 July 2009).

Hahaha, while the topic isn’t shockingly new, it’s still definitely one of the more mind-boggling (and body-boggling) questions: What would you do if you were the opposite gender for a day?

xJAYMANx: @Mimi-chan: LOL, ummm, let’s see… (1) Hire you for some wardrobe advice, then (2) walk into a bar of hot lesbians?

Mimi: Oh i forgot you’d still be attracted to females ^^;

xJAYMANx: @Mimi-chan: Haha, interesting point! Would my attraction change for a day too? Gahhh. >o<;

Altair.Hashan: so then when u turn back does it make you gay if you slept with a man? xP

Mimi: lol i don’t think so since you were a girl..

xJAYMANx: That’s why it’d be “safer” to find hot lesbians, lol.

xJAYMANx: @Mimi-chan: So now, I think it’s time to turn it around… What would you do if *you* were a guy for a day? Don’t hold back, lol. ^_~

Mimi: I’d win a piano competition and experience the sheer joy of being a man for a day ^^ … nahh I’d just masturbate all day ^^;

xJAYMANx: @Mimi-chan: Awww, lol, that’s it? All day? I mean, I can name a couple things that’d probably feel better than that, lol.

Hahaha, next is Angry Mimi-chan’s post “Angry Mimi Dot Com 1st Birthday (+ Q&A)” (17 July 2009).

Congrats, Angry Mimi-chan! Although technically, while your original “Angry Loli @ Blogger” blog was created one year ago, your current WordPress-based “Angry Mimi Dot Com” hasn’t reached one year yet. Just an observation, lol. And now the “Question and Answer” session.

xJAYMANx: @Mimi-chan: Oops, I better add that note to your “Mimi’s Rage” Facebook group! But rest assured, for the past year, you’ve been one of the livelier colors in the otakuspheric rainbow. Awww. So let’s see. Questions, questions, questions…

1> If you traveled faster than the speed of sound and approached the speed of light, would Mozart’s “Requiem” still be an auditory masterpiece? Why or why not?

2> If a composer could mathematically translate the human genetic code into a symphony of music notes, would that symphony be a masterpiece? Why or why not?

3> If your blog had never survived the first 6 months, where would you be, and what would be doing, right now? If one isn’t satisfactory, then the three most probable outcomes, lol.

Mimi: Oh eff I have to leave seriously right now so uhm Jay those are too confusing I don’t like comprehend fast enough >.< K see you next week. I really have to go (to a far away place for some fun business that’s a secret but will tell when the time comes). : P

xJAYMANx: @Mimi-chan: Heyyy, no worries. Though a “confused” answer would’ve been just as illuminating and amusing as a “comprehending” one, lol. Good luck on your secret-spy trip! ^_~

Mimi: Ok Jay here are my attempts!

1) Uhh sure, although I have no clue what Mozart’s Requiem sounds like because I’m less musically adept. :’D

2) Yeah it would, cuz it would be quite popular.

3) Hmm. 1. On Nico Nico Douga. 2. On SanCom. 3. On DC.

xJAYMANx: @Mimi-chan: Hehe, nice!

1> Clue: Ahh, but would you still be able to enjoy music if you traveled faster than music? Double clue: If a tree falls in a forest, yada yada, lol.

2> Really? Isn’t it possible that our “human genetic symphony” might sound like an insane “Nico Nico Douga” video? Nooooo! ^o^

3> So basically, no change, haha. >_<;

Confused yet? Hahaha, finally, here’s Angry Mimi-chan’s post “Angry Mimi Signs” (18 July 2009).

Of course, I couldn’t resist a good musical challenge! After a few listens to Angry Mimi-chan’s masterful piano performance, I wandered a bit through YouTube to try to confirm my suspicions, lol. While I felt good about the composer, I couldn’t verify the exact piece. So I had to go with my gut below!

xJAYMANx: @Mimi-chan: Hmmm, intriguing game! Will you collect responses before approving them? Or will you let other commenters see previous guesses? Whoa, I gotta admit, when I heard the 2nd half of this “mystery piece”, certain themes felt like Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody #2! Very similar!

So based on my limited knowledge, I’ll guess Liszt. If I had to guess further, it’s probably one of the 19 Rhapsodies? ^_~;

To my surprise, since she hadn’t moderated my comment as other comments appeared, I must’ve guessed right! Right?

Mimi: We actually have one winner so far. Just fyi.

xJAYMANx: @Mimi-chan: {Innocent eyes, feigned surprise} Whoa! What? So soon?

Mimi: Someone here is quite musically adept. ^^ I’m surprised.

xJAYMANx: @Mimi-chan: {Tilted head, raised eyebrow} Hehe, I wouldn’t know. But I probably wouldn’t be surprised who the “angry influence” is.

Mimi: Haha.. wait, really? O.o

Mimi: To the person who got it right.. I still can’t believe it. If I hadn’t learned this piece, I never would’ve guessed THAT closely to the actual piece. That was so seriously close! :’O!!

xJAYMANx: @Mimi-chan: LOL, why? I thought you were the virtuoso. Must’ve been a “perfect storm” of passion, perception and coincidence.

xJAYMANx: @Mimi-chan: Hahaha, okay, you don’t have to moderate this comment yet either, since I can see that my first one is still being held, lol. But it’s a pretty winding and amusing story. The 1st seed was back in January when you were trying out for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra. I mean, I played some piano as a teen. But somehow I found myself analyzing your “Waldstein” piece, lol. The 2nd seed was probably in April. I don’t know how, whether it was random YouTube searches, or if you mentioned Liszt in your blog posts, but something made me add “Hungary Rhapsody #2″ to my Radio Stations on April 7th, haha. Shortly thereafter, I watched the YouTube Symphony Orchestra performed on April 15-16th. Then the following week, you mentioned Liszt in your April 22nd post “Why why why do you blog?”. So it’s possible that you might’ve mentioned Liszt earlier, between January and April. In any case, it stuck in my brain that he was one of your favorite composers, lol. But here’s the funny thing, when I heard “Hungary Rhapsody #2″ again, it was something I already recognized as a kid! One of those old Looney Tune cartoons with Bugs Bunny or Tom & Jerry where the occasional story revolved around classical music. But I never knew what it was called or who composed it. I mean, I haven’t listened to classical music in years. At least, not regularly, not since college. Until earlier this year, lol… In other words, if you had never tried out for the YouTube Orchestra, I never would’ve guessed who wrote this “mystery piece”. Hahaha, such a strange world.

Then finally, in Angry Mimi-chan’s next-day post “All Your Mudkips Are Belong To Me! A Mudkip Miracle” (19 July 2009), she announced the winners.

P.S. The winners are Jay and unellmay who both guessed “Franz Liszt.” Jay was closer than even I would have been had I never learned that piece, with a more-specific guess of “Hungarian Rhapsody #2.” I’m impressed beyond words. Franz Liszt’s Hungarian Fantasy (or Fantasy on Hungarian Themes) is actually based on a Hungarian Rhapsody. :’O!! So there you go. Congrats you two! ^__^

P.P.S. I’m gone this entire week but will be back on Sunday to make signs and throw some PMS into this blog.

xJAYMANx: @Mimi-chan: Gahhh, so damn close I could taste it. And thanx! Yeah, I was hoping it was one of the later “Hungarian Rhapsodies”, but I’d definitely welcome a sign based on a “Hungarian Fantasy”. Who wouldn’t? Especially if it resembles your top “80% Mio” pic, lol. Mudkips and PMS not included.

Whew. That was a mega-ton of Japanese moe, Hungarian music, and Angry Mimi-chan! But enough about anime and otaku, let’s hyper-leap from angry teens to aging anti-heroes, lol.


Part 2 of 5 > Watchmen – 2007 Flashback

Ahh, “Watchmen”. Before we dive into the 2009 film, let’s flashback to my ancient mini-cast “Blog 115 > Who Watches the Watchmen?” (28 October 2007). Here’s one of the first posters that appeared back in 2007.

Here’s what I wrote back then.

Wow. A couple months ago, on August 26th, 2007, an email subscription sent me an eye-popping article on the “Watchmen” movie coming in 2009! For those of you who know the title, you know what I mean! … When I first read the award-winning “Watchmen” comic back around ’87-’89, I was immediately drawn in and amazed by the violence, psychology and complexity of a world where superheroes grew middle-aged and cynical. Not only that, but the symbolism — especially of the watch — within the comic and how frames seemed to meld from one to the next definitely made an impression on me. I think this was the first time I was exposed to such darkness in comics, manga or anime. And coming in 2009, I new “Watchmen” CG film will hope to live up to the highest expectations!… Below, here are 6 photos of the old “Watchmen” comic I’ve kept since high-school…

Awesome, huh? Here are the 6 photos I mentioned.

Ten to midnight!

A peek at Chapter IV.

Four to midnight!

A peek at Chapter IX.

Another bloody angle.

Now that we’ve flashed back for a tangy taste of the “Watchmen” past, let’s flash forward for a spicier spoon of the “Watchmen” present, lol. Are you ready?


Part 3 of 5 > Watchmen – 2009 Film

Like I mentioned above, I’ve known about the oncoming “Watchmen” (2009) film since 2007. Then in March 2009, it finally premiered. Well, just a little over a week ago, on Sunday, 12 July 2009, I finally found the time to watch it! And guess what? It’s freakin’ good! Once again, I was “amazed by the violence, psychology and complexity of a world where superheroes grew middle-aged and cynical”. If I had never read the original comic, I’d definitely give this film at least 3 of 5 stars, if not 4 of 5 stars (which is my “official” rating, hehe). But having actually read the comic, this faithful film also deserves 5 of 5 stars in the eyes of its comic-book fans! An outstanding and blazing adaptation! To celebrate its epic anti-heroic glory, here are over 30 of the “biggest and baddest” high-res posters, wallpapers, and other images from the “Watchmen” film. Be warned! And enjoy!

Ah, one of the signature scenes from the comic and film.

An early poster of the intense cast.

The international poster at 5800px. Notice the muscular enhancement of Dr. Manhattan?

Next, the Spanish version. Quien vigila? (Who’s watching?)

A lone mask in an unmasked city. At 5500px.

Another version of the city. Notice the replaced “elephant” blimp?

The Romanian poster. The same unmasked city. The same intense cast.

The music album cover. Again, Dr. Manhattan is slightly different from the above.

An awesome up-close IMAX version.

The stunning cover of “Entertainment Weekly”.

Next, here are some vivid 3600px snapshots of the individual characters. The Comedian.


Nite Owl.

Silk Spectre.

Dr. Manhattan.


Next, here are some intense 1920px wallpapers of the cast. Again, the Comedian.


Nite Owl.

Silk Spectre.

Dr. Manhattan.


Haha, even more 1920px wallpapers of the cast. The Comedian at war.

Rorschach on the street.

Nite Owl under the ground.

Silk Spectre under fire.

Dr. Manhattan on Mars.

Ozymandias in the sky.

Finally, some memorable stills from the film. The Comedian is not laughing.

Rorschach has had enough.

The Minutemen in their prime. Decades before evolving into the Watchmen.

Wow, and there you have it! A spicy sample of the intensely multi-layered comic-book film. Next, let’s swoop upon the seafaring “story within the story” within the “Watchmen” world. Do you get seasick?


Part 4 of 5 > Watchmen – Tales of the Black Freighter

So do you get seasick? Haha, whether you do or don’t, we’re not done with the “Watchmen” world just yet! In fact, on Tuesday, 14 July 2009, just a couple days after watching the film, J85-man left a couple of “Watchmen” comments on my Keion (Blog 209) mega-cast, mentioning the “Black Freighter” as follows.

Jusuchin85: @ Jayman: Well, it does follow the graphic novel intensely (minus The Black Freighter story; that was released on BR and DVD days after the premiere). The only difference is the ending. So, apart from that (despite the ending), it really did stick to its customary conspiracy theories. Really a sight to watch!

Jusuchin85: @ Jayman: The film covered every arc perfectly. I think the same way as you. When I watched the movie, I realised that some aspects have to be adjusted to cater for the modern logical sense. Then again, they should make the whole destruction much more…futile. I remember reading the graphic novel, and upon reaching the end, I was having the “Oh shi… That is UBER destruction on a wide scale!” expression. Yeah, they should have done that. But nothing’s perfect, right? It’s still impressive in my books!

Have you watched “The Black Freighter” already?

Well, after reading his comments, I downloaded and watched the “Tales of the Black Freighter” that same night, haha. While the animated feature can never be as impressive as the film, it’s still a grotesquely mesmerizing tale, and a revealing backdrop for the “Watchmen” universe, earning a twisted 3 of 5 stars. To celebrate, here are a few snapshots from the feature.

Of course, I haven’t forgotten my fake captions, lol.

Tales? Plural? Maybe just one tale, lol. Should’ve been “Tale of the Death Loli”.

Sea Captain: “Nooo! My ship! I must survive! I must find the Death Loli!”

Sea Captain: “Why has the Death Loli forsaken me?”

Sea Captain: “Sorry, my dead friends. I must make haste!”

Dead Friend: “Find the Death Loli! Find her for us!”

Sea Captain: “Ugh. The birds. The smell. The Death Loli taunts me.”

Sea Captain: “But I shall survive her Death Game.”

Sea Captain: “I shall survive her Death Game even at the cost of everyone else.”

Sea Captain: “Death Loli! I am here!”

Sea Captain: “Death Loli! Where are you?”

Sea Captain: “Dammit! Where’s the Phantom of the Opera when you need him?”

Haha, did you enjoy the fake Death Captions? Ahh, of course you did! Especially you, Kris-chan, since I know you “loved” Gerard Butler as the Phantom in “The Phantom of the Opera” (2004), hehe. I think your exact comments on my Angels (Blog 207) mega-cast went something like this.

Kris: I’ve even seen the disastrous movie-musical version they did a bit ago. It was HORRID, but I saw it. I was in agony the entire time though. Gerard Butler should never EVER sing EVER again. The girl (Emmy Rossum) wasn’t impressive either. Actually, Butler should just stay out of movies (and theatre) all together.

Kris: Anyway, I was not entertained by the Phantom film. The singing was atrocious. Some of the set designs were absurd. They threw out Maria Bjornson’s gorgeous and brilliant costume designs from the Masquerade scene and replaced them with these horridly bland gold and white messes. And Butler’s makeup design was pathetic (too concerned with him still being “pretty” I guess). I spent the entire film rolling my eyes and shouting at the TV in anger.

Now, Kris-chan, you didn’t have to hold back, did you? LOL. ^_~


Part 5 of 5 > You People – Revisited – Part 3

Heyyy, you people! Yup, yet another wacky episode in the life of filming “You People” (2010). Continuing the “You People” saga from my Tales (Blog 202) and Gravure (Blog 208) mega-casts, here’s our latest batch of random snapshots, lol.

First, here’s another handful of still photos from 17 June 2009. Yup, Charisma finally found time to post them on Facebook, hehe. In the foreground, that’s Kelly the director, also known as Charisma’s husband. A quick rehearsal, lol.

Remembering what I have to do!

Waiting for the director’s instructions.

Removing my distracting cell phone, lol.

Ah, preparing for the scene. Random pose?

Staying out of their way, haha.

Then one month later, on 18 July 2009, the “You People” wrap party over the weekend!

Yup, my half-hour drive begins. Beautiful 7pm sky!

Haha, “You People” the cake!

Yup, you got it. The “Race Card” and “Reality Check”, lol.

Another angle of the impressive icing!

The party is under way!

Some food…

Some conversation…

Some cheese burgers. Some macaroni and cheese…

My clever mac-and-cheeseburger! Although you can’t really see the macaroni smashed in my burger, lol.

More conversation…

More food…

More burgers. More hot dogs. More slabs of pork!

Another view of the stacks of meat, lol.

Everyone involved in the film, everyone I met, was nice.

Yup, the cast, the crew, the extras, friends and family, even the dogs, lol.

The stacks of meat continue to grow!

But if the stacks of meat weren’t enough, here’s some dessert.

Oops, almost forgot the apple pie back there.

Ah yes, “You People”, the Game of Stereotypes!

Midway through the party, time for the “You People” bloopers! A full half-hour of bloopers, lol.

Setting it up.

Still setting it up.

Yup, still setting it up.

Introducing it.

Still introducing it.

Kelly the director still finding his seat.

A-ha! Ready to begin the show!

I think this dog’s name is Abby?

Abby searching for food?

Kelly shaking hands with Will, the robe-wearing star of the comedy film.

Clearly, Kelly is having a heck of a time, haha.

Ah, Mark setting up the “Rock Band” drums for Logan.

Is John Paul ready to go already?

Kelly’s wife, Charisma, is starting to look tired.

Yup, definitely tired, haha.

Trying to look cool with the “Rock Band” guitar.

Clearly, Charisma is an expert blur-ographer. At least, tell me when!

Again, such expert blur-ography! Please tell me when!

Luckily and finally, Charisma manages to take a clear snapshot. Goofy but clear.

This time, it’s Charisma’s turn to be goofy, lol. Hey, Logan, where are ya going?

Yup, the inevitable mirror shot.

Umm, upon closer inspection, Charisma is indubitably tired. Nuff sed, lol.

What? Logan is still awake?

I must admit, the “You People” wrap party was fun after all! After the delicious plates and hilarious bloopers, I managed to play some “Rock Band” with Charisma and Logan. Charisma stayed for only a few songs, including my signature vocals for “Sex Type Thing” by Stone Temple Pilots, hehe. But afterward, Logan and I rocked out for the next 10-to-12 tracks, including songs by Blink-182, Flyleaf, Garbage, Nirvana and The Police. Although Logan took the microphone, it didn’t stop me from singing along too! In fact, if I had worn a headset-mic, I might’ve beat the vocals-plus-guitar for a few of those tracks. After an hour or hour-and-a-half, my throat felt raw! And at 12:30am, I finally hugged and waved my good-byes, lol.


Damn, yet again, that was fast and furious! Yet another weekly mega-odyssey into medieval mayhem ends in a flash. Another mega-cast catapults us into the far-reaching heights of the blogging otakusphere, ricochets through the wildfiery depths of the watchful anti-hero underground, and crash-lands into a rowdy crowd of indie-film partiers. So once again, thank you. Of course, let’s not forget to thank the glowing guest-starring gals who graced our mega-cast! Thank you, Duckie-chan, Coco-chan, Mimi-chan, Kris-chan, Haruhi-chan, Silk Spectre, Death Loli, and Charisma. What would you do if you were the opposite gender for a day?

Till next broadcast. Peace. Out.


Final Flashback

Sea Captain: “Nooo! My ship! I must survive! I must find the Death Loli!”


24 thoughts on “Blog 211 > Moe, Watchmen & You People

  1. @ Jayman: Watchmen truly deserves an expansive rating. But, like what you mentioned, if the movie didn’t follow the comic then it would have garnered a lower rating. I guess you know the reason why lol.

    I forgot to mention that I have yet to watch “The Black Freighter” yet; even after I recommended it to you lol. Maybe I’m the kind of person who waits for the HD version to come out.

    Lol, my site is only worth $2956.5 USD. Still way behind the prominent ones! ^^
    .-= jusuchin85´s last blog > Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 EP 02 =-.

  2. @J85-man: True, if it didn’t follow the comic well, then yeah, I probably would’ve given a lower rating. But what’s more important is the difference in the perception between those who’ve never read the comic, and the fans who have. There’s probably a difference of 2-3 stars between these perceptions… LOL, what? Why would you recommend anything you haven’t seen or enjoyed yet? That’s truly odd, lol. But I’m not disappointed. “Black Freighter” was still rather intriguing… Heyyy, $2956.5 ain’t bad! Thanx for reminding me, I just added your blog to my “blog battle” list. Then again, if you exceed $3000, you can’t “win” anything. ^_^

    P.S. Btw, if you’ve noticed, I haven’t commented on your blog lately, since I tend to avoid weekly-episodic posts for titles I haven’t touched yet. To avoid spoilers! Moreover, my own personal philosophy is to save any reviews till the end of the series, not to write mini-reviews-previews each week. Besides, I’ve got too much stuff to find and fit each week. But that’s just me, lol.

  3. @Jayman: Haha that was the first time I’ve recommended something that I have yet to watch, isn’t it? Actually, I knew part of the story through the comic, but I haven’t experience the animated version of it yet. Since the BluRay version is out, I’ll grab it together with “Watchmen” and enjoy the weekend.

    2-3 stars? Yeah, that’s true. Most people’s perception on the movie is dull so they rated it as “dull”. I guess they too will say the same when I mentioned that “Transformers 2” is as bad as it could get. To each his own, like you said.

    Well, I didn’t expect to win something! ^^ But, I don’t think I can compete with the big guns like yourself, Danny, Mimi and Otaku-dan just yet. Still a long way to go! But, it’s kinda good to do something like this once in a while!

    If you asked me which series defined the decade, I would say that Code Geass takes the cake. It defines what is meant to be a different way of storytelling. Intrigue, complications, makes the viewer think in an anime series like they never thought of before. I don’t think you get to see this in other series (well, maybe not in my book just yet), so it’s really a defining thing. Also, I’m not putting the concept of mecha in portrayal here, but the whole concept of storytelling.

    No problem, man. If there are any indications of when you want to watch a series and I happen to do an episodic review on it, then maybe you can check it out. But yeah…last time I don’t have anything much to write so I decided to give episodic reviews as an experiment and see its outcome. It could turn out to be good or bad, but I’ll give it a shot for this season at least!

    Well, at least one day of the week is reserved for other posts! ^^ Not episodic, just more random stuff!
    .-= jusuchin85´s last blog > Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 EP 02 =-.

  4. @J85-man: Haha, even if I remembered to put you on my “blog battle” list, I still don’t know what prize to give! I mean, I still haven’t decided what to do for Duckie-chan or Coco-chan, lol. Oh well. Hey, no worries. I welcome the random stuff once in a while. Good luck with that too!

    Hmm, while I agree that “Code Geass” was a spectacular 5-star series, somehow it doesn’t fit the term “defined” for me. If “changing the way of thinking” is the goal, then I can definitely see how others would agree. But in terms of intrigue and complications, it’s not shockingly new. Complex political storylines have been around since “Evangelion” and “Ghost in the Shell” (film and series), even lesser known titles like “RahXephon” and “Gasaraki”.

    With “Code Geass”, the main character was what made the series. Far from being a “weak and whiny kid” or “female cyborg”, Lelouch was brilliant and arrogant. Which is probably why “Gurren Lagann” was popular too. Kamina was just as pompous and loud, haha. But that’s why their respective series were so different from the rest. Characters that aren’t pathetically insecure like Shinji or every other teen mecha pilot, lol. Even the sarcastic Kyon in “Haruhi” or deliquent Tomoya in “Clannad” helped to define and enhance their respective Kyoto Animation series.

    Yeah, perhaps it’s simple preference. But instead of the mecha or political path, I took the romantic eroge-type path. While dating-sim-based anime like “To Heart” and “Da Capo” been around for ages too, “Clannad” redefined the storytelling to an entirely different dramatic level. Stratospheric. Magical. While “Code Geass” Season 2 began to collapse under its own weight (and production complications), both “Clannad” and “Clannad – After Story” seasons are more-perfectly formed arcs.

    Besides, I think the “closer to home” romantic-dramatic-comedic titles ruled the 2000’s moreso than the “global or galactic” mecha-based titles. The tearful heartfelt ones, not the intellectual chess-type ones. “Clannad” redefined those heartfelt ones.

  5. @Jayman: Haha, maybe you can review a site once in a while? That way, both traffic can be shared either way. Just a suggestion though, lol. Maybe you have something better?

    The random stuff is still in progress. It really depends on whether something comes to mind or not. Sometimes, I too need a break from blogging just for a speck of inspiration. That’s why I always have a notebook and a pen with me; ideas comes in at random times, so the book helps me to write these inspirations. So, the episodic reviews helped me to improve my blogging skills by a bit more.

    I can see where you’re coming with using CLANNAD as a definition of the ’00’ decade series. When I think of what you mentioned, I gave it some thought: not many titles has a good and meaningful second season; due to the weight of expectation being placed over it by its predecessor. CLANNAD has that kind of enclosure that really fits the genre and not very open-ended.

    I remember bashing Code Geass R2 slightly last year (I think on this blog, or was it on mine? lol). It did start well, but somehow I feel the series was rushed. The concept remains though (carried from the first season). But one thing it left was so Evangelion-isque: an open-ended ending which makes you create your own ending. But can we place Death Note in the same definition of “changing the way people think”?

    Let’s put it this way: it’s really hard to judge the series that defined the decade, but it’s easier to list down series that define the genre of the decade! lol ^^
    .-= jusuchin85´s last blog > CANAAN EP 02 =-.

  6. @Jay: Whoa, that’s a lot of Mimi, haha. I haven’t dropped by there for some time, though- her new address takes forever to load at times. It’s kinda funny that the Toyboxx loads faster, given that I use it for scrolling exercise:)

    Hmm, if I were a girl for a day? A day isn’t enough, haha. I’d probably hit the malls with an unfortunate friend- I’ll be waltzing into boutiques, trying out clothes, and she will have the job of taking photos (Guys fashion is just sooo dull). No wait, make it a guy, just to further vex my victim…

    @Jusu: I’ve been doing some reading, and apparently Sunrise, or Clamp, in a recent artbook, stated that Lelouch is dead, so there goes the ‘open-ended’ ending. But then again who trusts Sunrise when it comes to life and death, eh? I’ll just keep believing that Lulu is exchanging jabs with C.C somewhere over the horizon.
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: How Harry Lost his Lobster =-.

  7. Oh dangit, I wrote a comment but my internet died when I pressed “submit” and ate it. T____T

    I won the mini race? o.o Do I get a lollipop?

    Guh. My friend still hasn’t lent me his Watchmen book and I wanted to read it before seeing the film =A= Gotta go bug him again…

    If I was a guy for a day? I really would look like a 14 year old boy D: I guess “go pick up hot chicks” is out of the question. I’ll go find myself some bros and do man stuff then.
    .-= Coco the Bean´s last blog > Anime Expo 2009 =-.

  8. *** Don’t worry, I’ll get back to J85-man and A20-man soon! ***

    @Coco-chan: LOL, well, I hope you can get the internet to vomit back your comment! Hehe, yup, you won this month’s mini “blog battle”. Hmm, what kind of lollipop then? (At least, not a laptop, which I thought for a second!) LOL, coconut-flavored lollipop? With a chewy cocoa center?… Yeah, if you have the chance, taking a few days (or week) to read the comic-book could give you some great background to the entire story and film. Might be dry or boring during the “historical” sections, but again, gives such a layered depth to everybody and everything… Hahaha, not the 14-year-old topic again!!! But sure, why not “go pick up hot chicks”? If you read my comment to Mimi-chan, I wrote “go into a bar of hot lesbians”, lol. I mean, why waste time with other guys?

    *** Don’t worry, I’ll get back to J85-man and A20-man soon! ***

  9. @Apri: Is it? I didn’t know it was confirmed, but that’s just a rumour, right? ^^

    However, thinking about it, that would be probable. He being not dead is like…”WUT?!”. But it could be a funny prospect that C.C. and Lelouch are “playing” somewhere over the horizon!

    But some also said that Lelouch is the caravan rider. We can’t really confirm that though, but I just miss Anya and Orange-kun! ^^
    .-= jusuchin85´s last blog > Bakemonogatari EP 02 =-.

  10. @J85-man: Review a blog? Well, since blogs are by nature constantly evolving and changing, that would be like reviewing a moving target, lol. Besides I already feature specific posts by specific bloggers I like anyway, don’t I? Ahhh, gotcha, reviews as a blogging exercise is a great reason. I should’ve thought of that too. As for random ideas, I agree, I jot things down in Notepad, TextEdit (iMac), or in a Gmail to myself. Sometimes they appear in the next mega-cast, sometimes they wait.

    Exactly! In some cases, can’t ignore the Season 2. While “Clannad”, “Code Geass” and “Death Note” are all spectacular 5-star series to me, when you include Season 2 or the last 12 episodes for “Death Note”, “Clannad” is the most-complete most-fully-formed series. I’ve read that “Code Geass” was originally planned for 3 seasons, so “rushed” is a great observation. And in “Death Note” (yeah, I think it changed the way people think), after one opponent dies, the story seems to fall flat…. As for “Clannad”, it could probably be my first 6-of-5 star rating, haha. If I chose to do that. But in the end, it depends on your “definition” of how an anime “defines” the decade. Some chose intellect and strategy, but I ultimately chose heart and spirit.

    @A20-man: Haha, ahh, so you noticed all the Angry Mimi-chan-ness? Really? Faster Toybox? Even though she’s only one U.S. state away from me? Must be the provider… Well, obviously, a single “girl” day isn’t enough. I’d definitely want to explore the sexual from their perspective. Haha, but why the malls and boutiques?!? That’s just too stereotypical for you!

    @J85-man and @A20-man: Ah, Lelouch can never die, lol. I agree about the “caravan driver” theory. I mean, who else would C.C. be talking to? To Orange? Haha, but if not Lelouch, I wouldn’t be surprised if he delivered “Pizza Hut” pizzas around town…

  11. @Jay: I’d probably do all that too, but the ‘I hate men’s fashion’ being the main thing that’s been nagging me since.. ever, that would be the first thing I’d do, especially since I already know that I’d probably fit in most women’s wear. Looking good in it is another matter altogether, though:p

    Pizza delivery Lulu? If you’ve listened to the sound episodes, jobs like that are impossible for him- I think it’s one of the R2 sound episodes, ‘Lelouch ni wa ikenai arubaito’. C.C just keeps turning up to torture him. No subs of course, so you’ll have to find a text translation somewhere.

    @Jusu: I think I read about it somewhere on this site - Something about an artbook mentioning that Lulu is dead, period. But like I said, who trusts Sunrise?

    I like the caravan rider theory too… hmm, exactly what form of ‘playing’ are you thinking about? lol.
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: How Harry Lost his Lobster =-.

  12. @A20-man: While fashion is always a moving target, I’ve never found myself revving my thresholds to the degree of “hating” it. Though those 70’s bell-bottoms are quite an extraordinary nuisance… Yeah, why not? Pizza Hut Lulu could speedboat-deliver some pepperoni to Yagami Light along the Atlantis beach, and all of them, Lulu, Light, Ryuk and a few Death Lolis can have a merry time splashing in the Atlantic sun. I’m sure C.C. will crash the party with a slice of leather and sprinkle of dominatrix-laced antics. Extra cheese, please.

  13. @Apri: Lol you know what I mean! But looking back in context of the series, it really should be done on 3 seasons; just like how Jayman put it. I think that the first season was done rightly so, the second would be about C.C. and the third has the plot of Suzaku and his struggles. They are still some unanswered questions, but since it’s ended the way it is…it should be done as it is. What I’ve heard was that the original script was meant to cater for a longer period of time, but Sunrise says no so they have to rewrite into something…different.

    @Jayman: Haha, but what I meant was a general idea on what the blog is about. But, it’s like what you mentioned: it’s ever changing so it’s hard to actually describe the blog in pure context.

    I do have a schedule to follow ever since my blog is up and running. That way, it keeps me organised and not looking for content. But in regards to the random post, it really depends on whether the inspiration struck my head where it matters most. That’s why I often leave one day as a day of review to think whether I want to blog or not. It keeps me going back to real life stuff per se.

    CLANNAD has that enclosure that ensures the story ends just that. No unanswered questions, no plot holes. Just a perfect ending. It’s really difficult to find a series that has the momentum to go on even after the first season, so CLANNAD emphasised that.

    To define the series of the decade is really hard judging from the vast array of genres to cover. If you were to list that by genre, then I agree that CLANNAD takes the cake in the heart-and-soul category. For the redefinition of mecha, that would go to Gurren Lagann. In terms of politics and intrigue, Code Geass fits in nicely. ^^

    @Apri and Jayman: I remember Lelouch can’t even match Suzaku for athleticism; what more for pizza delivery! ^^ Don’t forget the pizza-butt stance from C.C. ! But where does the extra cheese go? Hmm…makes her look so casual when one wonders that she drowsed herself with cheese on her pizza everytime! I think that Ryuk will definitely love apple pizza lol!
    .-= jusuchin85´s last blog > Bakemonogatari EP 02 =-.

  14. @Jay: Wrong choice of words, I guess. It’s just that every time I go shopping for clothes, and walk past shop after shop that sell nothing but women’s wear, it gets a little depressing. Even worse, I hardly ever see anything that I like- although I do find myself liking some from the ‘other side’. I should probably design my own clothes, but I don’t draw very well.

    Haha, since when was C.C a dominatrix? In the audio drama I mentioned, Lulu’s first job was at a burger joint- C.C came in and caused a fuss by ordering Pizza- and then pizza flavoured burger. His second last job was guarding a factory which happened to contain… frozen pizza. C.C used the Black Knights to burgle it- so I’m guessing Pizza delivery Lulu is out of the question too^^;

    @Jusu: I’m not really a Suzaku fan (I’m quite anti-Suzaku, in fact), but yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing Suzaku struggle trying to live up to Zero’s name, with his limited intelligence. Oh wait, he has Schneizel to help him, so things shouldn’t be too difficult…

    Don’t know about the original script being changed, but I did remember reading something about Taniguchi’s ‘apology’ to viewers. Then later on they said that it was misconstrued, yadda yadda. I say we just forget everything they tell us, accept the show for what it is, and if we want Lulu to be alive with C.C, that’s how it is then. Unless season 3 comes out and they show Lulu being buried after being Zero-stabbed…

    p.s. Pizza butt stance? No idea what that is but it sounds… interesting:3
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: How Harry Lost his Lobster =-.

  15. Missed most of this as I’ve been away for a week….
    I haven’t seen Watchmen yet, but I’ve been wanting to. It’s on the list! It’s also something I need to read (may have to find someone to borrow the book from).

    As for an anime that defines the decade…. To be perfectly honest, and I really hate to admit this…. It would probably be something like Naruto or Bleach. Everyone recognizes it. You love it or you hate it. Half the cosplayers are from it. It’s hugely popular on both shores. Maybe Haruhi had a bigger impact in Japan, but it’s not well-known in America. Naruto dominates everything here, and it’s brought in tons of new anime fans (though whether they will transition into liking shows other than stuff like Naruto will have to be seen later). It’s going to impact the type of fans here. It may very well define a new generation of anime watchers (er, well, it HAS already, but you know….). That’s what I think right now, anyway. After, you know, the decade is OVER and has passed for a bit, we’ll really be able to see what has affected the industry and fans the most.

    Being a guy for a day…. I’d probably do much of what I do every day already. :)
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Flowers of Evil =-.

  16. @J85-man: LOL, okay, maybe not a real review, but I think my occasional mention of a blogger or blog should be satisfactory, right? Yeah, assembling the content for a new post is always a moving target too. Sometimes it’s a pain to find enough of it. Then sometimes it’s a pain to pick out the best because there’s too much! Just like this weekend. I spent a ton of time separating stuff for this week and stuff for next week. Then the act of separating sparks even more new stuff, lol. Gahhh… Okay, forget Lelouch, let’s just have C.C. deliver pizza in a skimpy shorts-and-tank-top “Pizza Hut” uniform!

    @A20-man: Nahhh, C.C. just seems to fit the dominatrix fashion, lol. But how about C.C. as pizza delivery girl instead? (See my reply to J85-man above.) Hmm, while I’m not familiar with the audio drama, I have seen the YouTube of “Code Geass” set to the music of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”. Ever since Mimi-chan first posted about it, and since I posted the video too (here’s the link to my Blog 178, I’ve become addicted to that song. I still get chills watching that video… Yeah, I think J85-man needs to remind us about C.C.’s “pizza butt stance”. Unless he means the way she eats her pizza, laying on the bed with her butt in the air, lol.

    @Kris-chan: Hey, no worries. Welcome back! Aren’t you glad I don’t post more than once per week? Yeah, I recommend reading “Watchmen” before seeing the film. Especially with your particular tastes, lol… As for “Naruto” and “Bleach”, I’ve never really hated these series, so I know what you mean. In fact, the first several seasons of each title are really good. But like I suggested, it depends on one’s meaning of “define the decade”. In terms of commercial and popular success? In terms of artistic breakthroughs? In terms of present-day Japanese appeal, or naturally-delayed global effect? In the case of otaku bloggers, we probably see it in terms of the “otakusphere”, not in terms of fans who don’t know that “Naruto” is an anime. In the 80’s or 90’s, it was different. The internet hadn’t developed enough for an “otakusphere” to really exist. But nowadays, the otaku blogosphere seems to govern the land. Not the uninitiated newbies who lag a few years behind, hehe. Then again, that’s just my own point of view as a so-called Western otaku.

    P.S. That’s it? Being a guy wouldn’t make you curious at all? LOL.

  17. I probably won’t get around to reading it first. But that’s OK. I saw V for Vendetta first, read it later (prefer the book, although Hugo Weaving is completely awesome).

    I hate Naruto, but I love Bleach. Still, personal preferences aside, it’s hard to ignore either. Every convention I go to, there are droves of Naruto characters. You can hardly move 5 steps without running into someone who, at the very least, is wearing one of the headbands on their head. The manga volumes dominate the New York Times best seller (manga) list. Bleach always gets on there too. Both shows’ DVDs are top sellers as well. In America, they are defining a new generation of anime fans…though as I said (and because, as you mentioned, many don’t realize Naruto is “anime”) it remains to be seen if they’ll branch out into what you and I consider anime fans, or remain interested only in specific types of shows like Naruto. Because most of those people probably don’t even know KyoAni exists. I hate to split it into “mainstream” fans and regular fans, but in America, the mainstream is what sells, it’s what gets on TV, it’s what’s promoted at cons, it’s on the cover of magazines (when I was reading Otaku USA, half of them had Dragon Ball, Naruto or Bleach on the cover). In America, where anime is still a niche hobby, the Haruhis and the Gurren Lagans will rarely be recognized. In contrast, Evangelion is extremely recognizable. Everyone who considers themselves an anime fan has at least heard of it, if not seen it. I’d wager even some Naru-tards have knowledge of its existence.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Flowers of Evil =-.

  18. C.C as Pizza delivery girl? Even worse, all you’ll get out of your order is crumbs, if you’re lucky. Don’t ever place a pizza in her care if you’re hoping to eat it, haha! Unless of course she’s in (As described by Lulu in the comedic R2 sound eps) ‘moe-moe maso(chist) meido shoujo’ mode:3

    As for the video, it looks like whoever made it promoted Lulu to ‘God Emperor’, hehe. Not that I’m complaining, of course. I wrote a mini requiem for him once with the exact same title, minus the ‘god’ bit- although I used Waga Routashi Aku no Hana instead of this ‘vida’ song. Still, the lyrics for this song fit the video perfectly- beautiful find. Speaking of AMVs, there’s a good old one for the Kenshin OVA, but the audio has been removed, sadly:

    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: How Harry Lost his Lobster =-.

  19. @Kris-chan: Ah, saw a downloaded version of “V”, haven’t read it. But I agree, Hugo is impressive. In fact, next time, I might enjoy it more if I could follow along with some subtitles!

    As for “Naruto” and “Bleach”, they aren’t that different to me. The same loud delinquent kid with the bright hair, surrounded by teachers, friends, and enemies. Just a difference in age range. I wonder if the grown-up “Naruto Shippuden” anime is more like “Bleach”. I’ll try it eventually. But that’s the thing! My guess is that your reluctance with little kids IRL is probably obstructing your enjoyment of “Naruto”. But that’s just a guess… Regarding “Otakusphere” versus the “Narutosphere”, like I said, they each have their own unique perspectives and definitions of what’s good and not-so-good. Thankfully, I’m part of the latter, lol.

    @A20-man: Well, if I’m lucky, all C.C. will be wearing are those pizza crumbs! But hey, don’t thank me, thank Mimi-chan. She was the one who originally found that “Code Geass on Coldplay” gem. I’m sure I linked her old post. But isn’t Coldplay the type of music on your “Torture List”?

  20. CoCo…RUN! You don’t want “the prize” believe me! I’ve never been the same since!

    Also I really liked Watchmen too, I saw it in theaters when it first came out. My friends decided to watch it on a whim, and I’ve never seen so much male genitalia in a movie in my life. My boyfriend giggled in EVERY single scene where his giant smurf was exposed too, so it was hard to not laugh at scenes that were supposed to be serious. But I went into that movie with no expectations and was quite pleased with it and felt I got my money’s worth. I like it when super hero stories have a dark edge to it. When my sister asked me what it qwas like I said it was like an adult version of The Incredibles.
    .-= lovelyduckie´s last blog > My Dream Room – The Beginning =-.

  21. @A20-man: Haha, no problem, as long as C.C. delivers to *my* house!

    @Duckie-chan: Ehhh??? What *prize* did you get? I didn’t even know I sent you one! Hahaha, never been the same since? Oh crap, it isn’t *that*, is it???… Awesome, I think you’re the first girl to actually admit she liked the “Watchmen” film, lol. Even without reading the original novel! But you’re exactly right, this was one of the first (if not *the* first) dark-hero or anti-hero masterpieces in the comic universe… As for the male genitalia, it’s *your* fault for causing this question to pop into my brain…

    Just how much male genitalia have you seen in your life? ^_~

  22. Full frontal male nudity in movies? Not much at all. THe only other movie I saw it in was that British Horror movie…was it “28 Days Later” ? Anyway the opening scene is the main guy laying totally naked on a hospital bed. It took me a while to realize what I was looking at too…thought he had on fuzzy undies at first.
    .-= lovelyduckie´s last blog > My Dream Room – The Beginning =-.

  23. @Duckie-chan: Haha, well, I was referring to real life, but I suppose movies will suffice! Eww, please, no fuzzy undies please! But in the end, I think we can largely agree that female nudity is much simpler and easier to look at, lol.

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