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Ah, Code Geass… Whatever anyone else says, it’s still undeniably “ambitious and wide-sweeping… still one of the most-intellectually engaging 5-star series” I’ve ever seen, ranking alongside other epic animes like “Death Note” and “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex”. I finished the final episode last night, but since I’m too lazy to write any more thoughts on it, I’ll direct you to my past comments, lol.

Oops, sorry, I lied. I’ve got one more intriguing thought. While wandering Wikipedia, I stumbled upon a fascinating comparison. The Wiki article on Lelouch Lamperouge describes him as a Byronic Hero. In other words, as privileged yet outcast, perceptive yet flawed, cunning yet conflicted as another dark Byronic Hero ~~ Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman. Wow, never would’ve made the connection before. But yeah, they definitely share the same intense burdens of a secret identity, sacrificing personal happiness, and wielding their righteous power from the shadows. Lelouch Lamperouge’s Zero and Bruce Wayne’s Batman. Both symbols of dark justice in their respective worlds.

P.S. On a lighter note, thanx Miko for cheering me up, and for the awesome tracks! If anyone wants to listen to the Korean artist Nell, just click on the tracks which appear in the right-most column of my blog. Easy. Enjoy! >_<

9 thoughts on “Blog 167 > Code Geass & Dark Knight

  1. Never wanting to say anymore but say it’s one of the best series in your list, eh Jayman? Haha… I get what you mean. Either way, whether you love it or loathe it, it cannot be denied that Code Geass is one of the best ever made. I mean, who can ever come up with many plot twists than a bucket of soap on a series? Okay, maybe Prison Break has it…but an anime?

    Also, I didn’t thought in retrospect on your comparioson between Bruce Wayne and Lelouch being Byronic Heroes. That’s a nice observation!

  2. @J85: Yeah-yeah, I know, I know. >_< Ahh, but it all depends on the believable preparation and execution of the plot twists, lol. Some might say "Code Geass" kinda pushes the limit, too outrageous. But then again, it's an anime with green-haired and purple-haired girls, haha. For live-action, the "Battlestar Galactica" series is infamous for its mind-bending yet realistically-twisted cliff-hangers, lol. But wait, if I remember, weren't u turned off by "BSG"? @Miko: Awww. ^_~

  3. @Mimi: Ah, true, definitely a mind-bending phenomenon. Don’t know if I’ll miss “Code Geass” as much as more-emotional series like “Wolf’s Rain”, “Air” or “Kanon”. But alas, anime seasons, even the brainier or funnier ones, come and go like spring and fall. Always a taste for the new.

    P.S. LOL, the title “Misunderstood Hero” suits you. If u start a club, can I join? >_<

  4. Hey how’s it going? Looks like we’ve both been neglecting our blogs lately… xD That would be a fun club to start lol and yeah i agree the ending wasn’t as emotional but still great!

  5. @Mimi: Hey hey! Well, if u eliminate work, anime, and sleep, then not much, lol. Yeah, I try to post each weekend, in fact, trying to put one together tonight, just stuff I watched. More brainy this time? Who knows?

    P.S. LOL, why not? It’d be fun to play Diethard to your C.C. I’ve already got the acronym ~ M.U.H. >_<

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