Blog 226 > From Angels to Devils

Ah, from Angels to Devils! More specifically, a 5-day Utah hiking trip that conquered (1) Zion National Park’s strenuous “Angels Landing”, (2) Bryce Canyon National Park’s breathless 8000-foot elevations, and (3) Arches National Park’s dehydrating “Devils Garden”. Wow, such an awesome, inspiring and unforgettable trip! Here’s the day-by-day breakdown…

  • On Tues, May 3rd, picked up my brother from McCarran Airport.
  • On Wed, May 4th, drove several hours from Las Vegas to Zion.
  • On Thurs, May 5th, conquered “Angels Landing” and drove a couple hours to Bryce.
  • On Fri, May 6th, conquered “Bryce Point” and drove five hours to Arches.
  • On Sat, May 7th, conquered “Devils Garden” and “Delicate Arch“.
  • On Sun, May 8th, drove seven hours back to Las Vegas.
  • On Mon, May 9th, dropped off my brother at the airport.

At this point, it’s probably not too worthwhile to describe the granular details — the random road-trip discussions, the last-minute fuel-or-lunch stops, the endlessly colorful small-town landscapes, the wide-and-wild spectrum of breakfasts and burgers, even the laid-back lend-a-hand hiker culture, let alone the drenching sweat-and-awe of the actual hikes themselves — because it’s pretty difficult to convey unless you’ve experienced them yourself!

Nevertheless, from our combined 800+ photos, here are just 50 photos spanning across these 3 stunning National Parks. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Enjoy!

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