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Black Rock Shooter. Yup, she’s attacked and blasted the anime world like a tornado-twisting thunderstorm. While I’ve ducked and dodged through the barrage of irresistible PVC figures, even I couldn’t avoid the hype surrounding the “Black Rock Shooter” (OVA, 2010) anime, released last month, haha. So why not shoot out my own speed review, right? While my text might be short and sweet, rest assured that my gigantic volley of images will pummel and pump you up! Well, enough said, let’s get ready to rock and go!

Part 1 of 3 > Black Rock Shooter > Origin

While you and every other anime or figure fanatic might already know the origin and development of the “Black Rock Shooter” phenomenon, for those who haven’t caught up yet, here’s a brief summary from Wikipedia.

Black Rock Shooter (ブラック★ロックシューター Burakku Rokku Shūtā?), stylized as “Black★Rock Shooter”, is a 2010 Japanese original video animation (OVA) produced by Yutaka Yamamoto’s studio Ordet and directed by Shinobu Yoshioka. The 50-minute OVA is based on the song of the same name by Supercell and its accompanying music video with illustrations by Huke. Musical composer Ryo and Huke, both members of Supercell, collaborated on the project. A “Pilot Edition” of the anime was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc (BD) in September 2009, and the full version was released on DVDs bundled with select magazines from July 24, 2010 and is subtitled in seven languages.

The origins of Black Rock Shooter date back to an original character illustration titled “Black Rock Shooter” by the artist Huke, who posted it on his blog and the online artist community Pixiv on December 26, 2007. Ryo of Supercell was inspired by the illustration and created the song “Black Rock Shooter” based on that character. Huke joined Supercell and provided the illustrations used in the music video of the song, which was later posted online on the Nico Nico Dougavideo sharing website on July 13, 2008, which as of August 2009 had over 2.2 million views. “Black Rock Shooter” features vocals from the Vocaloid singing synthesizer Hatsune Miku.

Produced by Yutaka Yamamoto’s studio Ordet and directed by Shinobu Yoshioka, an original video animation (OVA) project based on “Black Rock Shooter” and its music video was announced on August 22, 2009. The screenplay was written by Nagaru Tanigawa and Shinobu Yoshioka, and character design was done by Yuusuke Matsuo. The music was composed by Ryo and the ending theme song is “Braveheart” performed by The Gomband.

If I’m not mistaken, here’s the original illustration by Huke once more. Mesmerizing. Enlarge it.

Meanwhile, here’s an impressive high-res rendition by Joeian @ DeviantArt.

Wow. Now that you’ve refreshed your memory, or taken your first taste of “Black Rock Shooter”, get ready to rock!

Part 2 of 3 > Black Rock Shooter > Anime

Black Rock Shooter (OVA, 2010) [23]. Last weekend, on Saturday, 21 August, I finally watched and completed my 23rd anime title of the year. And the first thing I have to say is, “It rocked!” While the real-world high-school plot was rather simple, it was nonetheless presented and portrayed gently and genuinely. Contrasted with the bleak battles of a punk-gothic and apocalyptic parallel other-world, both extremes enhanced and played off each other well. Mesmerizingly. Stylishly. Beautifully. In a nutshell, my speed-review is: “Wow, a black-rockin’ and jealousy-battlin’ ride, 4 of 5 stars!”

To celebrate, here are 113 cool screen captures from the first half of “Black Rock Shooter” (OVA, 2010). Enjoy, and feel free to enlarge!

Once again, wow. Yup, 113 screen captures blasted by so fast! Haha, and that’s only from the first half of the OVA! Still want more?

Part 3 of 3 > Black Rock Shooter > Figures

Ah, the figures! Can’t forget the stylish “Black Rock Shooter” figures, can we? In fact, we’re gonna rock to a total of 7 irresistible figures.

  • [01] Black Rock Shooter | Pre-Painted Kit – e2046
  • [02] Black Rock Shooter – Original Version | PVC Figure – Hobby Search
  • [03] Black Rock Shooter – Black Blade Version | PVC Figure – Hobby Search
  • [04] Black Rock Shooter – figma Version | PVC Figure – Hobby Search
  • [05] Black Rock Shooter – Animation Version | PVC Figure – Hobby Search
  • [06] Dead Master – Original Version | PVC Figure – Hobby Search
  • [07] Dead Master – figma Version | PVC Figure – Hobby Search

[01] Black Rock Shooter | Pre-Painted Kit – e2046. First, let’s start off with the garage kit based upon the original illustration by Huke. Wow, originally almost $200 USD, she’s now in the $140-150 USD range.

[02] Black Rock Shooter – Original Version | PVC Figure – Hobby Search. Next, here’s the 1/8-scale PVC yet slightly more-affordable version of the garage kit above. Scheduled for December 2010 re-release, she’s currently in the $90-100 USD range.

[03] Black Rock Shooter – Black Blade Version | PVC Figure – Hobby Search. Third, here’s another 1/8-scale PVC, but even more affordable than the figures above. More skin too, haha. Released in June 2010, she’s currently in the $60-70 USD range.

[04] Black Rock Shooter – figma Version | PVC Figure – Hobby Search. Fourth, we have the smaller figma-scale PVC, but even more affordable. Not only that, she’s highly poseable and playable, with her interchangeable “blue fire” eye, “Rock Cannon” and “Black Blade” weapons. Nice. Released in August 2010, she’s currently in the $20-30 USD range.

[05] Black Rock Shooter – Animation Version | PVC Figure – Hobby Search. Fifth, here’s another 1/8-scale PVC, portraying an entirely new action pose based on the anime. She too includes an interchangeable “blue fire” eye. Scheduled for October 2010 release, she’s currently in the $90-100 USD range.

[06] Dead Master – Original Version | PVC Figure – Hobby Search. Now, let’s take a peek at Black Rock Shooter’s just-as-striking rival and deadly opponent, Dead Master. She’s a 1/8-scale PVC with removable weapons. Scheduled for November 2010 release, she’s currently in the $80-90 USD range.

[07] Dead Master – figma Version | PVC Figure – Hobby Search. Lastly, but not least, we have the figma-scale PVC, even more affordable than her 1/8-scale PVC above. Like her “Black Rock Shooter” rival, she’s highly poseable and playable with her removable “Dead Scythe” weapon and accompanying giant flying skulls, haha. Scheduled for October 2010 release, she’s currently in the $20-30 USD range.

Wow. Double wow. Gotta love that final figma battle scene! Well, did you survive the multiple-wave mega-broadcasted “Black Rock Shooter” attack? Nevertheless, multiple thanks to Huke, Ryo, Supercell, Hatsune Miku-chan, Black Rock Shooter, Dead Master, e2046, Hobby Search, and of course, my Tempted and Toyed Toyboxers. Thanks for surviving!

P.S. Satoshi Kon-sensei. May you rest and dream in peace.

Till next broadcast. Peace. Out.

Final Flashback

Hmm, of the four battle girls who appear in the “Black Rock Shooter” anime, isn’t this yet-unnamed girl the hottest? Not that I’ll order one, but I wonder if they’ll ever make a PVC figure of her too, hehe. What do you think?

32 thoughts on “Blog 222 > Black Rock Shooter Attack

  1. Yep, I saw the BRS figure with the flaming eye when I was in Hong Kong- so no need for me to allow your ‘gigantic volley of images’ to load, hehe. She looks quite nice, and judging from her popularity, a figma might be in order- who knows?

    Hmm, I didn’t know that Supercell was behind the BRS song. Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari and LOVE&ROLL by them are two of my faves now- though I’m not sure if I’d like the Vocaloid-ish music:3
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Japanese Film Festival 2010 =-.

  2. @A20-man: Hey, what’s up? I’m confused, both BRS and Dead Master already have figmas, as shown in the figure shots above… I agree, Vocaloid-ish music isn’t my cup of tea either. Rather, I’d prefer MELL-ish J-rock along the lines of Black Lagoon’s “Red Fraction”. Nice.
    .-= xjaymanx´s last blog > Blog 222 > Black Rock Shooter Attack =-.

  3. Oops. That’s what happens when you don’t wait for all the images to load, lol.
    Didn’t know there was a figma, though. I’ll stick to my gundam kits anyway, hehe.

  4. @A20-man: No worries. Let’s see, according to Hobby Search, BRS was just released last month. So her pre-release hype must’ve been buzzing for only a matter of months. Besides, you’ve been doing a bit of global wandering during that time, eh?… Ahh, understood. Which poses the question: Where are your Gundam photo posts?
    .-= xjaymanx´s last blog > Blog 222 > Black Rock Shooter Attack =-.

  5. Just one month- I’ve been hibernating for the other two (3 months for my summer holiday). As for my gundams, I only have three kits at the moment, one of which I got waay back in 06: Photoshoot. I’ve only recently gotten into it again, and they’ll (the posts) will be out… eventually. Mashing out a one month long travelogue is torture, even though I’m working on it bit by bit:P
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Japanese Film Festival 2010 =-.

  6. @A20-man: Ahh, hibernation is good. Which I’ll be practicing over this Labor Day Holiday weekend. A bit of over-sleeping, over-napping, maybe even some under-blogging. Or at least trying to gather the pieces for my next one… Looking forward to your future “Gundam” post, but no need to torture yourself over a “huge” blog post. At times, I’ve had to split 200-300 images into two mega-casts, haha… So maybe split yours into two episodes, and toss the Gundam in between?
    .-= xjaymanx´s last blog > Blog 222 > Black Rock Shooter Attack =-.

  7. Technically, only June was spent in true hibernation- July was spent overseas, and August… I did spend a lot of time on my bed, no thanks to my new brick with a screen. Spent hours whacking away at Metal Gear: Peace Walker. Bedtime became something like 5-7am:P

    Hmm, never woulda figured you for a Gundam fan. They’ll have to wait, though- I want to finish off the travelogue first. In the meantime, I do have some pre-composed posts ready to be published, hehe.
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Japanese Film Festival 2010 =-.

  8. @A20-man: Ahh, no worries… As for Gundam, in general, you’d be right. But ever since I finished viewing the original “Mobile Suit Gundam” and “Gundam Wing” classics, I can actually recognize certain Gundams now. Sure, no problem, I can wait. I hope. But for a sec, I thought your “pre-composed posts” looked like “compost”. Ewww.
    .-= xjaymanx´s last blog > Blog 222 > Black Rock Shooter Attack =-.

  9. Smelly meld of words there, heh. I get that a lot, too- the most recent being melding ‘positivism’ and ‘austin’ into ‘autism’. I don’t think my examiners would be too happy if I wrote that down, haha.

    The first Gundam and Wing, eh. Both pretty famous, though I haven’t watched either. Did watch the Endless Waltz OVA, though. My gunpla kits are from more recent times, though. Why don’t you check out Gundam 00? It’s quite nice, despite the usual Gundam-tropes.
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Japanese Film Festival 2010 =-.

  10. @A20-man: Ha, now that’s an interesting blend. Yup, before getting into any of the newer “Gundam” series, had to dive into the originals. Definite background requirement. Ah, haven’t seen “Endless Waltz” yet, but that should be next. In fact, just finished “Char’s Counterattack” last month. So whose universe is “Gundam 00”? Original’s? Or Wing’s?
    .-= xjaymanx´s last blog > Blog 222 > Black Rock Shooter Attack =-.

  11. @Jay: Not too much just trying to get back into the whole blogging game and also try and get my hands on at least one BRS figure XD
    If you managed to get some screencaps of that too, that would be awesome!

  12. @Duckie-chan: Ahh, nice choice! For me, if I ever “unretire” from collecting, I’d probably grab the Figma BRS. More action poses! Well, I think there’s only one OVA so far. But if it’s still as popular as I think it is, then yeah, probably more coming soon!
    .-= xjaymanx´s last blog > Blog 222 > Black Rock Shooter Attack =-.

  13. Char’s CA, eh. I like that guy, and after reading his back-story on wiki, I actually felt like getting up to search for the show. Not enough time at the moment, though. Just too bad he has to keep getting his ass handed to him by that kid Amuro:(

    Gundam 00 is actually set in Anno Domini- so it’s entirely original. Which means no Zakus for you, if you happened to like those one-eyed beasties, hehe.

  14. @A20-man: Ahh, well, Char’s cleverness did border on lunacy perhaps. No wonder he appealed to you, haha. Let me know when you bleach your hair blond and wear a white mask, eh?… Yet another new universe? Ah well, I guess that’s one way to revitalize a battle-tired series. No prequel baggage.
    .-= xjaymanx´s last blog > Blog 222 > Black Rock Shooter Attack =-.

  15. Haha, I don’t see that happening anytime soon- I don’t think blond would suit me. So what if blondes have all the fun, heh. As for a mask… a ‘hannya’ mask would be nice, actually.

    You’re right about the missing baggage, but there’s still the subtle nods towards the original- masked antagonist, pilot rivalry, singing lady…
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > For I am become Death- the Destroyer of Worlds =-.

  16. @A20-man: Nah, I don’t think a Hannya mask would impress the ladies. Although a few blond highlights never hurt Japanese actors, eh? Hmm, a singing lady was in the originals? I’m trying to remember, but I don’t recall a singing girl in either the original series “MS Gundam” (Lala didn’t really sing) or “Gundam Wing” (I doubt Relena could sing)… Which reminds me, which universe does the “Gundam SEED” branch inhabit?
    .-= xjaymanx´s last blog > Blog 223 > Women of the Clone Wars =-.

  17. Depends on what type you’re trying to attract, hehe. Although I’m not entirely sure what. No singing girl? You’re probably right, then- I haven’t watched the original- just assumed that ‘singing girl’ was one of the series’ trademarks. I do know that they nicked the idea from Macross, though.

    SEED and it’s (much derided, though I found it ok) sequel SEED Destiny take place in the Celestial Era (C.E)- or was it Cosmic Era? Another one that’s independent from the original’s timeline. The only one that’s in line with the original is the ongoing 6ep Gundam Unicorn OVA series, and possible the MS Igloo OVAs, though I’m not too sure about the latter.
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > For I am become Death- the Destroyer of Worlds =-.

  18. @A20-man: Yup, that’s right, “Macross”. I guess singing girls are another way to boost the merchandising cashflow. Can we say “K-On”?… As for “MSG Seed”, that’s yet another universe? Man, why can’t these writers stick with one universe and develop it, instead of creating these dead-end branches? I mean, can’t they learn from the single ever-expanding and largely self-consistent “Star Wars” universe? Gundummies. ^_~
    .-= xjaymanx´s last blog > Blog 223 > Women of the Clone Wars =-.

  19. K-On? Shh, you don’t want the extreme fans to lynch you, do you? That’s blasphemy to them, hehe.

    Yep, another universe. I guess it’s just the fans of the original who’re clamoring for an expansion to the U.C timeline- those newer to the series don’t really seem to mind. Look at it this way- new universes allow the writers to go nuts with new concepts. SEED gave us ‘SEED mode’, ‘coordinators’ (sorta like Newtypes, without the psychic link), and best of all, nuclear drives. Which makes the miraculous death-cheating escapes all the more amazing. Just imagine surviving a blast at the epicenter of a mini-nuclear blast- I kid you not.

    Gundummies? That’s a nice one, lol. On a side note, flour is ‘gandum’ in Malay- which has led to some hilarious verbal accidents this side of the world:P
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > For I am become Death- the Destroyer of Worlds =-.

  20. @A20-man: Haha, well, if the extremists can’t admit the merchandising factor, then they’re more naive than I thought!

    About the “Gundam” multiverse, true enough about “shiny new things”. But writers going nuts with new concepts doesn’t necessarily add more dimensions, layers or textures to the saga. Rather, it might “water down”, even muddy or confuse the overall multiverse. My guess is simple writer laziness; too lazy to work within the original rules, yet too lazy to create an entire new non-Gundam title from scratch. Thus, the path of least resistance is to piggy-back over and over upon the “Gundam” name.
    .-= xjaymanx´s last blog > Blog 223 > Women of the Clone Wars =-.

  21. Gah, they’d probably go nuts if you even dared suggest that the show is popular because the girls are cute. I haven’t watched K-On though, so I’m not really in a position to pass comments anyway:S

    “Shiny new things” aren’t all bad… I’m in a generous mood at the moment, so I think I’ll attribute their reluctance to continue with the original material as them having considered that era as ‘closed’. On the other hand they could just be scared shitless, not daring to touch what gundummies consider to be holy ground…:P

    …come to think of it- I’m too lazy to check, but maybe it’s because the original writers just aren’t around anymore. It is an old show, after all^^;
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > For I am become Death- the Destroyer of Worlds =-.

  22. @A20-man: Really? You’re saying typical “K-On!” fans not only can’t admit a musical-merchandising element, but they also won’t admit a “moe” or “kawaii” factor either? Haha, if that’s true, that’s sad. But not unexpected…

    Which raises an interesting philosophical question: Would “K-On!” fans who love a show without a 30-year history, be considered better fans than “Gundam” fans who willfully ignore Gundam’s own 30-year history? Hmm.
    .-= xjaymanx´s last blog > Blog 223 > Women of the Clone Wars =-.

  23. Huh, weird. Seems that my college has blocked certain words in your site- dunno if it’s from the page title or content. Maybe the admin saw Blog 223 and thought it to be NSFW:S

    As for your question, I guess it just proves that love really is blind… and self-centered, if they want the show to go in the direction they want it to, and would go crazy at the slightest deviation- character not a virgin, blablabla…

    Back on point, I wonder how K-On! could possibly run for 30 years. Considering the fact that season 2 has them, what, a year older- I dunno if the fans would want to watch their K-On! girls as 30+ something ladies. Worse still, married (the horror).

    As for Gundam, most of the diehard fans I know (plamo kit builders) love the original series. I find the classic RX-78 Gundam rather dull, but they gush over it… and they actually look down at the newbie SEED-maniacs with scorn, heh.

  24. @A20-man: Hmm, weird. Then again, I wouldn’t know how your college filters operate… Regarding running for 30 years, ah, you overlooked the key ingredient of Gundam’s longevity: creating unrelated new stories or parallel universes! But in K-On’s case, it doesn’t need to go that far. The story could just follow Yui-chan’s imouto for the next couple years, or jump 10 years ahead to a future “K-On” club group, or jump 10 years backward to Sawako-sensei’s death-metal band, or jump to a “K-On”-type club at a rival school, or jump to a past owner of Yui-chan’s “Gita/Geeta” (guitar), haha. The possibilities are endless! Enough to last 30 years, eh?
    .-= xjaymanx´s last blog > Blog 224 > Angel Beats & Dead Monsters =-.

  25. I think they block words, not just sites. I can’t access Facebook there, which is understandable, but I can’t even enter it as a search term, which is plain ridiculous=.=;
    Eh, I didn’t think about it that way. Yup, I can see how that would be a successful formula- guess my initial idea of a potential sequel was just too grounded in reality, hehe.

  26. @A20-man: Haha, makes me wonder what else you can’t search for… Ah, “too grounded in reality”, now that I wonder about it, very few anime which are grounded in reality actually stay in reality. Quite rare. I mean, if every series was like the final episode of the original “Haruhi – Season 1”, where they’re just sitting around because it’s raining or listening to the radio, then that would be a rather boring series. Too grounded indeed.
    .-= xjaymanx´s last blog > Blog 224 > Angel Beats &amp Dead Monsters =-.

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