remix 037 ~ i wish

images by “_intherain_” & “medvedev” :: original post
remixed image by “xjaymanx

i wish

as i
left her
in quivering tears
in the shivering rain

i didn’t look back
i couldn’t look back


afraid i would be drawn back into
her reckless aims and
careless games

as the
years fade away
i have one stabbing regret

i wish

i wish i could remember
the color of her

5 thoughts on “remix 037 ~ i wish

  1. Hey, I did this picture! =)) Cool!

    And I really like the way you made this photo and the poem!


  2. thanks! ;) … so i should thank you too for taking the photo! i’ll add your username at the top ;)

    …a great photo can tell a story whether it’s true or fiction… ;D

  3. LOL, thanks! :) … like i told medvedev, great pics can tell a good story (if you look hard enough)… and makes my remixes easier ;) … you’re free to look at my other remixes too ;)

    for me, your username “in the rain”, the happy black/white photo, also seemed to tell a sad story of past regret, and made me wonder about her/your eye color… so that’s what i wrote!… glad you like it ;D

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