remix 050 ~ short but sweet

images by “jennyboozz” :: original post 1 2 3 4
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

short but sweet

short but sweet
we’re jake and jenny
cupcakes and strawberries
we’re cup-jakes and straw-jennies!

two peas in a pod

two snozzberries on the wall

two three-year-olds giggling and wiggling on the floor

one playing and straying like one
another playacting and reacting like one
but both of us smirking and snickering and tickling

we’re sticking out our tongues!

i love him
his visit was
sweet but short

and i miss him already

21 thoughts on “remix 050 ~ short but sweet

  1. thanx! ;) … haha, went really well with the J-shaped snozzberry dots on her wall… (see the center image?)

  2. totally DIG IT
    by far the coolest and best!
    i love the take you did from the ‘snozzberries’
    i love it… how can i post this in my journal I LOVE IT!
    oh and…
    thanks for making my day better from all the peepingjerks LOL

  3. LOLOL, hahahaha! thanx! i had so much fun (and frustration) with it! ;D … well, you have 2 choices:

    (1) you can save/upload this to your photof*ckit account and tweak the irritating pixel sizes… OR (2) just post the following code (i have enough bandwidth at, haha!):

    [img width=802 src=””]

    NOTE ~ remember to change the brackets [ ] to … and you can change the width if it’s too huge ;D

  4. ::flashes to monitor:: … hmmm, i think i saw “jennyglasses1” in selfportraits… and isn’t “jennycurl” the same as–

    –oh, wait! slightly different pose… wow, these are so effortlessly stylish! especially “jennybed” and “worldomination”!!! triple thanx!… but now– but now– how to weave a little story (or TWO?) from these? … okay, LOL, now my brain really hurts… :) ;) ;D

    [p.s. ok, i downloaded them, so if it’s more comfortable for you, you may remove your comment at any time, hehe ;D ]

  5. on another note… jen/shaka and i were having lunch at TGIF the other day, talking about our LJs and LJ friends (like you!)… and realized that when we started out, we didn’t know what the “friends” page was about… and it took us a while to figure it out: that the “friends” page collects all our friends and communities we’ve added, and displays them in one location, so we can view others’ updates from our own journal (and not go to everyone else’s journal)…

    … and because you’re more of a poster than a commenter (which is okay!), we were wondering if you already knew this function (since we didn’t at first!)… well, that’s all… sorry to bother you with our thoughts, hehe! ;)

  6. no I didnt! Thanks! I will have to check that out!
    I have had crappy DSL at home, due to construction- so when im working I usually lurk a little, but still have to work :) (kinda like you hehe)
    I will check this out!

  7. I will check this out!

    LOL, but i warn you, i also used to have in my friends page, and IT WOULD TOTALLY FLOOD my friends page! dozens of posts per day!… so i had to ultimately remove it.

    and just like i write in my last LJ update, i’m thinking of removing from my list… for the same flooding reason… ;)

    to the lurkers, unite!… well, except maybe picturian… LOL…

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