remix 049 ~ never meant

images by “spunky_m” & “french__kissed” :: original post 1 2
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

never meant

“i’ll be back soon”
he said

“just a few days”
he smiled

she smiled back
“okay, you promise?”

he nodded
“i promise”

one week passed

but he still couldn’t
bear the thought

he still couldn’t
bear the heart-breaking thought
of looking into her eyes

he still couldn’t
look into her soul-searching eyes
and tell her the truth

he still couldn’t
tell her that he never meant
to keep his promise

never meant
to be with her again

never meant
to see her again

never meant
to fall for her

never meant
to fall in love
with her

one month passed

he was never given
more than

2 thoughts on “remix 049 ~ never meant

  1. This is really sweet! And a great poem too…Made me cry. It was like you knew me because I could easily identify myself to the caracter in your poem ;)

  2. thanx, i’m so glad! you made my day ;)

    … i really appreciate the kind words… that’s exactly the emotion i was aiming for… i don’t know how your pics guided me there, but just the utter heartbreak of his silence, then i look at the your far-left photo (hopeful/waiting), and it comes crashing down even more… ::nods:: … funny how such silent pics can weave such closely-felt little stories… thanx again ;)

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