remix 055 ~ good to be bad

images & words by “1poetic_tragedy” :: original post
remixed image & words by “1poetic_tragedy” & “xjaymanx

good to be bad

went away
for the weekend


i know that
if my daughter
were just like me
and acted just like
i’ve been acting lately

there’s no way in hell
i’d leave her alone
for the weekend

not that i’m complaining

just blasting my music
and dancing around
in my undies

sometimes it
just feels
so good
to be

2 thoughts on “remix 055 ~ good to be bad

  1. Ohh i love it! I thought you were gonna use the other pic
    i like what you did with this one though… very awesome.

    Hope you do more :-D

  2. LOL, i thought i was gonna use the first pic too!… until you started posting your other pics, haha! ;) … hope you don’t mind my rearranging your words, but it worked out pretty well ;D

    yeah, i hope to do more, but my list is getting pretty long, argh!… we’ll see what i can do!

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