remix 054 ~ laying in the grass

images by “french__kissed” :: original post 1 2
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

laying in the grass

i gaze at her
laying in the grass
with her skirt strings trailing
like lazy kite tails swaying in the haze

does she realize her influence?

i smile at her
shining in the sun
as i spiral around her gravity
like icy satellites captivated by the fire

does she realize her power?

she winks at me
as sixty seconds whirl
and another sixty minutes swirl
and another twenty-four hours take flight

does she realize at all?

6 thoughts on “remix 054 ~ laying in the grass

  1. Re: incredible post! french__kissed
    2005-08-15 19:40
    (link) Thank youuuuuuuuu! ;) :DI didn’t realize you could come up to such interesting and original ideas from my pictures ;) I had fun doing these (even if I didn’t like myself that day because I had greasy hair and I couldn’t wait to go back home to wash them, lol)I just saw the remix you did with that grass picture…wow! I don’t think you need Photoshop 7.0 when you know how to work the Photoshop, DOT. LOL, I’m only a beginner and can’t do much with it :P It’s a really cute poem by the way, so sweet :P(Reply to this)(Parent) (Thread)
    Re: incredible post! xjaymanx
    2005-08-15 19:49
    (link) you’re very welllllcccccooooommmmmeeeee ;) … i know! so many ideas if you know where/how to look at them!… hehehe, greasy hair…and thanx-thanx-thanx! i think so too, don’t really need to spend cash for an upgrade… OH YEAH, did you see how i worked the “24” (years old) into your poem? …nice, huh!… and thanx! i had fun with the sun/solar/revolving/system flavor to the whole remix… …um, but DOT? is that some canadian expression? …hehe ;D(Reply to this)(Parent)

  2. “ you realize we’re floating in space??” reminds me of the song…

    nice. i like the part:

    as i spiral around her gravity
    like icy satellites captivated by the fire

    very psychedelic ;)

  3. hmmm, which song is this? ;)

    and of course YOU’D be the first to call something “psychedelic”… what a surprise, NOT… ;)))

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