remix 053 ~ emerald mermaid

images by “jennyboozz” :: original post
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

emerald mermaid

and falling
with her breathing tides

and flowing
upon her caressing waves

and turning
beneath her shimmering mists

with the
elegance of an
emerald mermaid

and gleaming
with her own little fairy tale
within her own little mystical world

9 thoughts on “remix 053 ~ emerald mermaid

  1. mine! hehe
    I love it… I love the way you made my moonstone pendant glow, and also put one over my birthmark i hate… LOL
    I love it!
    I shall whisk away thru the air
    and anticipate the dewy rain to sprinkle my body
    to feel the scales begin to change
    and swim away to the mystic

  2. (i finally got to the office!)… hahahaha, thanx! ;) … yep, i thought of everything, didn’t i? ;)

    …but it’s eerily similiar to your glitter-blue painting, isn’t it?… the blue and green and glitter and even the drip/ripple effect… ;D

  3. yeah I know! good minds think alike!
    I made a “cloud” one to go with this painting… I will take a pic this weekend and post it… since they belong together.
    Oh and I did some research on the picturian guy, and his name happens to be Tommy.. odd no?
    Anyway, I took him off my friends list- and changed posts to friends only. He should get the hint. Some people?! either they think they are slick, or they think others are too stupid.
    ps:: glad you made it to work safe! :) lol

  4. …yeah I know! good minds think alike!
    i think “brilliant” is the word you’re looking for… funny how many of them of named “jen” (yep, shakalaka_baby)…

    …Oh and I did some research on the picturian guy…
    yeah, not only are they named “tommy” but they also live in the same flushing/queens, NY area… but enough about his sorry ass…

    …ps:: glad you made it to work safe! :) lol
    LOL, getting here via the highway is the easy part! the hard part is STAYING here and STAYING AWAKE! ;D

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