Blog 206 > Anime Adrift


When anime arcs drift towards earth
Like spiraling sakura petals
Do you sift for the prettiest dance?
Or do you embrace the orchestral trance?

When anime flames ignite into dust
Like twinkling firework sparks
Do you blink at the fiercest light?
Or do you bathe in the fountains of flight?

When the anime waves finally wane
Whispering in the sunset mist
Will you sink beneath the soulless shores?
Or will you soar beyond the moonlit stars?


11 thoughts on “Blog 206 > Anime Adrift

  1. Ahh, not bad,
    I might add.

    But focusing on classics
    And ignoring other antics.

    Isn’t that blinking
    At the fiercest twinkling?

    Simply saving the best
    By forgetting the rest?

  2. @A20-man:

    True, it’s admirable to gain
    Through storms and seasons
    Such treasures through pain

    Whereas others may agree
    To curse a microscopic reason
    Upon rotten or forgotten trees

    I won’t fret or forget

    Such pleasures to ingest
    With majestic leisure
    The bird’s eye view of the forest


    Hehe, don’t quite get?
    I don’t comprehend
    Your content or intent
    But I’ll pretend

    The message? The metaphor?
    Should we dissect the sand?
    Or freely enjoy the shore?
    Feel the waters in our hands?

    Must everything be logical?
    To calculate pleasure and pain?
    Alas, the inexplicable is eternal
    And immortal beauty is insane

  3. I wanted to reply
    But poetry I must decry
    Because when it gets late
    My brain decides to break

    Anime is a love
    That fits some like a glove
    Others find it crass
    And would rather chew on glass

    I like this and that
    And pull from the whole batch
    But sometimes I admit
    I watch more shojou a bit

    For the pretty boys
    I just can’t resist.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo =-.

  4. @Kris-chan:

    Hahaha, no need for excuses
    Late-night brains have their uses
    Or reveal their own breakthroughs
    Don’t you agree?

    Ahh, I probably concur
    With the anime you prefer
    Bits and pieces of every flavor
    And every tease

    I may adore cyberpunk
    And forbidden sci-fi love
    But more retro steampunk
    If you please?


    Ahh, no worries, Aprilius
    Your stamina impressed us
    Well, by “us”, I mean “me”
    That’s pretty easy to see
    I look forward to your return
    With a fiercer fire to burn


    Hehe, to defy the haiku
    Like a courageous otaku
    But I must kindly disagree
    That pain burns eternally

    I’ve experienced my share
    Love can be broken or unfair
    But the pain eventually fades
    Into quite bearable shades

    Do you lack a new pleasure?
    Or a new joy to treasure?
    To wash the scars away?
    And embrace the next day?

  5. An uncertain future is upon us
    Not too sure what to make of it
    I think I’ll manage but I
    May have to learn to move on
    Enough are fond memories?

    ((I failed at making a limerick so I stuck with grade-school acrostic ;_; ))

  6. @Coco-chan:

    Aww, I doubt there’s harm in attempting and failing
    Because building limericks are rather constraining
       Flashing like showers
       Fragile like flowers
    Yet anime memories can be quite sustaining

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