Blog 137 > Operation Rebox

Ah, my sad but necessary “Operation Rebox”…

Whoa, while I can’t beat the number of boxes in the earlier “Room O Boxes” post, I’m grateful too! Especially if I have to “rebox” all of my opened figures before my eventual house-move in the next few months. So, as a loose follow-up to the Triple Monitor post, here’s my 12-step “Operation Rebox“. Wish me luck! T_T;

P.S. Here’s the link to my DC Member News post, hehe.

12 thoughts on “Blog 137 > Operation Rebox

  1. haha I gasped when I saw how many figures U got, don’t show FatB lol *cough* and I’ll try to e-mail you in next couple days ^^;

  2. LOL, thanx, I think! Couple days is fine, since I know how busy you are. Don’t show, FatB? Why not? ^_^;

    P.S. You seem to mention or reply to FatB quite a bit, hahaha… Got a crush on his wickedly unhinged sense of humor? LOL.

  3. Don’t you know fatB is taking over the world? (I remember that he mentioned about him not being safe with other people’s figures before lol)

    LOL As for a crush errr well first off I’m married ^^; 2nd, I don’t even know what he looks like LOL!!! That guy is certainly a man of mystery ^^;;;;;

  4. Haha! (1) Just b/c you’re married (nice sweatdrop!) doesn’t mean you’re dead, lol (just ask my ex-wife’s boyfriend~~ or not, lol)… (2) Looks aren’t everything~~ only 90% of everything, but don’t quote me, lol… (3) Ah, mystery is always more~~ um, mysterious, lol.

    P.S. Nope, didn’t know he was taking over the world… but it’s funny how much you remember what he says, hahaha ^_^;;;

  5. well…. how can you not remember something like hershley’s kiss (the kinds from the toilet) LOL!!!! I guess his verbal spewage cracks me up, and he was one of the first few people I noticed “talking” to me over DC ^^;;;

    Looks are important too even tho I gotta agree it’s not everything :P

  6. Ah-haha, the Hershey’s Kisses that goes best with white couches? Those? ^_~ Yeah, I agree, he’s one of the more colorful characters. And that comment about arranging his figures according to breast size, lol. Oops, not that I *remember* it, lol.

    Actually, I only started getting back to DannyChoo in early May ~~ with my “Anti-Hai-Jacking” and “Mirai in Battle Mode” posts ~~ probably because they were hijacked. Gotta admit, starting his hijackings is such a brilliant strategy, lol. In the same way, your “Nude Mirai” and “Haruka” posts caught unusual attention. Recognition and popularity can be addictive, lol, yeah?

    P.S. True, not everything but… Do you miss Mimi too? Danny probably! ^_^;

  7. Told U fatb is taking over the world… lol
    and oh I e-mailed U, but not via gmail ^^; hopefully it did not go into junkmail :P

    and yeah dunno where she went?

  8. What? I replied to your SG mail! Forwarding to your Gmail…

    I think I read somewhere she’ll be offline till mid-July? She’s preparing to apply to either Harvard or Yale. So maybe she’s studying for final exams? Could be it… ^_^;

  9. No he hasn’t, but I think I figured out what u meant… You’re subscribing to Danny’s RSS feeds? You see, I don’t do it for individual posts or members… YET, lol. ^_^;

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