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Hey, this time, she’s finally finished! Remember my *Blade* black-white art almost a month ago? Well, here’s the color version! Like I’ve mentioned many times, *Blade* is based on the Muay Thai (kickboxing) fighter Christine Toledo, commissioned by Alias Fight Wear, and obviously drawn in an anime style, lol.

But a couple weeks ago in July, I met Christine for the first time and saw my first Christine fight! So here’s my photo story, lol. ^_^;

A couple months ago in June, when my co-worker friend Melanie introduced me to her friend Christine’s website, Muay Thai was totally unknown to me. But over the weeks being exposed to it, I grew more and more fascinated by it. To the point where I’d welcome the chance to see a Muay Thai match. Hey, why not, right? Here’s an intimidating photo of Christine when she still had her long hair, lol.

Well, that chance came when Melanie was able to grab a free ticket for me to the “World Championship Muay Thai” event scheduled for Saturday, July 26th, 7:30pm at the Las Vegas Hilton Theatre. Wow! On top of that, she also invited me to the Muay Thai press conference scheduled for the previous Thursday, July 24th, 5pm at the Filipino “Cafe Moda”, where I met Christine for the first time. I must say, far from being the intimidating fighter in the ring, Christine (just like Melanie) is down-to-earth, charming, funny, with that touch of wackiness that almost every Filipina girl seems to have, haha. Isn’t that true, Mom? Awww, here’s a great photo of Christine (on the left) and Melanie (on the right).

After the press conference, here’s a photo of Christine Toledo with her British opponent Ruth Ashdown. Two days till their battle!

The day of battle! Here I am on Saturday, July 26th, at the Las Vegas Hilton, making my way through the parking lot to the theatre.

Here’s my awesome view from the theatre balcony! The first match started a half-hour late at 8pm, but wow, the 3-hour event of 7-8 different matches was amazing. Ups and downs, punches and kicks, and boos and cheers, haha!

One of the highlights of the evening~ The ring bikini girls! The blonde holding up the “Round 2” card was pretty hot, lol.

But the Asian girl holding up the “Round 3” card was even hotter! Her name was Jo!

A-ha, of course, J.P. (in the cool shades) and me (trying to act cool), cheering for the bikini girls, haha. I met him at the Thursday press conference. But I can’t believe Rowena (sitting to J.P.’s right) thought the blonde was hotter. No way! ^_~

Here’s Christine during her Muay Thai ritual before the start of her match, while Ruth focusses behind her. The rest of the photos are pretty self-explanatory…

Congrats Christine! Thanx everyone for reading! Hope you enjoyed the post! ^.^;

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  1. P.S. And if u liked the post, let me know what u think of this cool new comment style, hehe… Or conversely, if you’ve been experiencing any slow-downs or connection errors with this site. Ah, the burdens of a separately-hosted blog!

  2. Cool ^^ Muay-Thai Kick Boxing! Now I see where Christine the Blade (anime ver.) came from. Now you’ve a new sport to participate anytime soon? ^^

    I like the comment style. Simple, nice and neat. I did experience wp-admin errors before though. Even if I’m just visiting the site to read your stuff, I sometimes get that error. Maybe you can look into that?

  3. LOL, nahhh, not participating myself ^_^;

    But thanx for the feedback! Yeah, apparently it’s a common error with (according to my Google searches). The strange thing is when I asked my host about my current WordPress 2.0, they said they didn’t have a record of the installation! WTF! So I’m looking into installing a newer WordPress 2.6 (and moving/copying data to it). So maybe they’ll have a record of it if/when I do. ^_^;

  4. Well, mostly because I hadn’t been blogging or visiting much until the last few months. And recently, I’ve been busy with work and/or artwork that I’ve been too tired to blog. But now, only after I’ve returned, do I notice the glitches, lol… I finally found an export tool today, so I plan to upgrade shortly.

    Argh, much easier and lazier to watch anime. ^_^;

  5. @J85: Hehe, English dubs irritate me, so it’s definitely Japanese language with English subs. Actually, just finished ep-8… So shocking, it might finally be getting good after all! ^_^;

    @P-Chun: Thanx! But nahhh, lol, the close-up shots were taken by Melanie. If it were me, I probably would’ve taken more shots of the bikini girls, hehe. But maybe not *bending over* like in Gordon’s posts. ^.~;

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