Blog 143 > Christine the Blade – Part 1

Yes, she’s finally done! Following *Akiko* in my *Girls with Attitude* series (lol) is *Blade* (black/white version), based on the Muay Thai (kickboxing) fighter Christine Toledo, and commissioned by Alias Fight Wear. Can’t wait to see how the T-shirts look, lol. ^_^

P.S. Coming soon is *Blade* the COLOR version! And after that, *Bleach* for Jennie L and *Violet* for Miko. That is, unless something else pops up to disrupt the order? =.=;

3 thoughts on “Blog 143 > Christine the Blade – Part 1

  1. Triangle mouth~! Influence from Puppy? hehe~
    Nice work for the b/w version, the t-shirts should look great~! I’ll keep an eye out for the coloured one coming soon ^_^

  2. Hey thanx, Danny, Koshiko!

    But as Koshiko pointed out, it’s probably because of her *triangle mouth*, haha. Yup, influence from both *Minami-ke* and *Puppy-Chun*, of course, though Christine does have that expression in the occasional photo, hehe. ^.^;

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