Blog 169 > MP3 Audio Broadcast 001

Saturday, 9:15pm, 11 Oct 2008
MP3 Length 13:33 Minutes

  • OP – “Into the Battlefield” from Crows Zero [2007].
  • Stuffy nose, cold weather, Miko sick, hope u feel better
  • Rearranging house, plasma TV soon, remove old wood shelves, TV stand, sit on floor
  • Behind on blogs, website to design
  • Mimi‘s comment on high-school classroom, feng shui?
  • Lisa is home, Guiness the dog is there
  • Danny’s blog, Mimi’s comment on hikikomori vs. otaku
  • Behind on TV shows and anime, Harry Potter 5
  • Lucky Star OVA, Sayonara Mr. Despair (Zetsubou Sensei), WTF LOL, 4 of 5 stars
  • Star Wars (Clone Wars) TV, Roughnecks (Starship Troopers), good formula for kids, Yoda!
  • Crows Zero, 8 Mile, Eminem, Lose Yourself, D12
  • Treadmill, hours editing a blog post, pain in the butt, life of a blogger, too lazy to write up
  • ED – “Lose Yourself” from 8 Mile [2002] by Eminem.

13 thoughts on “Blog 169 > MP3 Audio Broadcast 001

  1. you wanna make me cry in my sickness?
    I´m weak and sentimental over here since I got sick.
    Thanks for the nice greetings babe, I happy to actually HEAR you talking to me hehe
    And ya kinda made me feel better.
    But would make it better to be there with you and have you take care of me, sitting in front of you plasma tv and watch japanese drama or anime. buhu
    Gaaaah mentioning that makes me think watching Crows Zero with you might help.
    I am still listening to the broadcast hehe
    You are so cute lol
    You wanna sit on the floor since you are watching anime the whole time? hehe
    haha bubbling about the window question right now lol
    I didnt even realised you asked that haha
    But no idea why lol
    Ohhhh Guniess *sneezes* aaaawww >_<
    gah you know what I am thinking about to recored sth too lol
    Just for you to share my sickness lol
    Gah I am such a sharing person ^^
    Even I bet you don´t me to share that haha

    ._. wanted to keep it around 10 min lol

    YOU FAILED !!! <3

    lol sniff sniff
    I bet I can top that ;___;

    hm why you talk about Yoda and Jedi, what about beloved chubaka and jarjar

    ohhhhhh~~ Crows zero fighting scene *drools*
    are you seriously saying 8fukkin mile and Eminem are close to Crows Zero? I think I have to kill you now ….. omg and now the 8mile music ….grrrrrr


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  3. Received your message, man! Thanks, and only today I have the time to check the comments ^_^” so forgive me! When I first started my blog, my first criteria is to update it everyday (or every two days). so being off the blog for a week is something I’m not accustomed to (hence, defeated the purpose of “Otakuism, Evereyday!” title). Haha, but I’ll be back with more reviews and a special Lucky Star OVA review (since I’ve just got the video yesterday, and I’m planning on watching it after my exams!).

    Nice office setup, by the way… Love the anti-Guiness barricade ^^! Oh, and I spotted the Sawatari Makoto Max Factory figure. Love that, but I heard that it’s out of stock everywhere… I really must get my hands on her soon! Oh, regards to Lisa as well! Spreading the otaku love ^^!

  4. I love the robot bits to bit, but the Clannad movie… I didnt like it nearly as much as the tv series…. I didnt like the fact they changed the robot into a weird clowny-looking thing… And the character designs were a bit different too… the eyes…

  5. @Miko: Aww, ur welcome, lol. Gahh, yeah I failed, but oh well. Thx for ur sniffly-but-funny audio reply. That’s why my comments on ur blog seemed funny too. Get well soon. ^_^

    @J85: No prob! Hmm, nobody’ll worry if u don’t post “everyday” like DC. It’s about quality not quantity, right? Thx, haha yeah, need that “Anti-Guiness” barricade. Hey, how did u know I had the Max Factory “Sawatari Makoto”? Since I didn’t say anything here, where did I mention her? Sure, I hope I remember to tell Lisa. ^_^

    @M132: Ah, I understand, two different directors, two different formats (single film vs. episodic), thus two different interpretations. Luckily, I saw the “Air” film, so it prepared me for the “Clannad” film style. But if I had to choose, definitely the beautifully smooth TV style! Ah yes, the eyes… >_<

  6. @Jay

    well since today i am coughing as fukk, i wont explain more detailed
    anyways, YAY i can happily say this is my 5th pneumonia in 4 years.

    and yes its meant to be ironic.

    i go die now, bye

  7. This be a ‘podcast’ so to speak? =o
    I used to generally skip them as I’m hearing impaired, but I’ll give this one a try :3 Will give you feedback later~

    Love your defence line, lol~

  8. @Koshiko: Yup, I guess it would qualify as a “podcast”, wouldn’t it? Take as much time as u need, tho u might have some other better use of 13 minutes, lol… Thanx, no offense to Guiness, but necessity is the mother of invention, eh? >_<

  9. So that’s what it is~ podcasts are basically speeches/rants, was wondering what the big deal was >.<;

    Interesting to hear your voice, lol~ It’s pretty strange on the internet, since so much of it is text/visual based, though I can see the appeal in the recent popularity, it’s not only pretty easy for the podcaster to create one, but also for the listeners as it’s ‘portable’, no need to stay seated at the computer.
    Was this your first attempt? =o You got me wondering if I should attempt one, lol.

    I’m wondering about the reference to Zetsubou Sensei in the Lucky Star OVA though, which part was that? I haven’t watched ZS just yet ^^;;

  10. @K: Yeah, not really a big deal. Then again, I don’t think my audio would be the ideal example of a podcast, lol. Thanx, yeah, unorthodox, but that’s why I did it, something different. True, can play it over again in a MP3 player, if one so wishes, lol. But I’ve done these before, about a dozen recordings a few years ago. They’re buried in my website somewhere, but they’re too cheesy to link again, several years later, lol.

    P.S. Ah, do u remember the strange sequence with the (I think) frogs, extreme contrasts and perspectives, and old sepia silent-film frames? THAT’s the rip-off of Zetsubou, hehe. Strange mind-twisting WTF stuff! >_<

  11. Goodness… I’m never watching that series, felt sick just watching that part, I can’t imagine sitting through anything longer =/ [Keroro & co were so cute at first, but they had to ruin it ;_;]

  12. @K: LOL, that bad? But the “Lucky Star” version really twisted it beyond WTF comprehension, lol. I mean, “Zetsubou” can be beautifully bizarre and wacky, but at least it has some kinda story which makes some kinda sense, lol. No Keroro. >.<;

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