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“From Drunk to Punk Trooper”
Saturday, 1:15am, 25 Oct 2008
MP3 Length 16:27 Minutes

  • OP – “Virgin’s High” by MELL from the anime “Sky Girls” [2007].
  • Second broadcast, hope not as crackly and staticky
  • Jackie Chan‘s and Woo Ping’s ground-breaking 1978 Hong Kong film Drunken Master
  • Got 89th figure Queen’s Gate Alice; Potter-esque “Zero no Tsukaima” (4 of 5 stars)
  • Anime in a philosophical light: No art is stupid? Anime is art? So no anime can be stupid?
  • Hated Metropolis, disliked Amazing Nurse Nanako
  • Sent in my absentee ballot, voted for NONE of the above candidates, liberating
  • Japanese street fashion, funny stuff, lol
  • “Punk Trooper”, Stormtrooper or Jedi drop-out, bounty hunter in black, jack of all trades
  • Katana bokken, test for Halloween costume, damn helmet so hot to wear or breathe
  • Punk Trooper!
  • ED – “Last Regrets” by Ayana from the anime “Kanon” [2006].

Hmm, so what else can I add that I haven’t mentioned in my broadcast? Well, all week I went to the International User Conference hosted by my software company. Pretty interesting. Even though I was a session monitor ~~ handing evaluations, counting attendance, getting free snacks and drinks, haha ~~ decided to wear a neck tie on Tuesday, lol. First time wearing one in probably a year! Don’t know why the photo makes my black shirt look purple, but it’s supposed to be black, lol. Then on Wednesday, actor and former US Senator Fred Thompson addressed the conference. Fascinating biographical, political and economic stuff!

Then Thursday, like I mentioned, got my impervious polypropylene katana bokken. Wow, heavier than I expected, mimicking the weight of a real katana. Just swinging-and-stopping it works the forearms and triceps! Haven’t smashed any concrete blocks yet like I’ve seen in the video ads, cuz I don’t wanna clean up the mess, lol. Too lazy. But maybe sometime I’ll try it in the backyard, haha. Definitely fitting for “Punk Trooper”. >_<

Ah, my first test of my “Punk Trooper” outfit. Remember when I talked about the concept of a “Stormtrooper or Jedi drop-out, bounty hunter in black, jack of all trades”? Well, since I like the helmet but didn’t wanna-be another clone, another big part of the concept also comes from the politically-incorrect big-jugs-and-big-guns anime “Desert Punk” starring the masked Desert Punk (Sunabōzu), lol. Another awesome and hilarious character to add to the great bounty-hunter-and-smuggler characters in sci-fi and anime: Captain Han Solo and Boba Fett from “Star Wars”, Captain Mal Reynolds and Jayne Cobb from “Firefly”, even Spike Spiegel and Jet Black from “Cowboy Bebop”.

So just mix the masked Boba Fett and masked Desert Punk together, throw in some black boots, a black coat and a black katana, and sprinkle a touch of Dark-Force powers, and you’ve got my Punk Trooper. I mean, katana-slashing definitely works cuz Stormtroopers can’t shoot the side of a barn anyway, haha. Unfortunately, I can’t wear the helmet, plus the heavy coat, for more than a few minutes at a time, or I’ll sweat-and-steam to death. Looks “cool” though, pun intended. >_<


13 thoughts on “Blog 171 > From Drunk to Punk Trooper

  1. nice so u keep broadcasting

    oh jacky chan, i love the drunken master movie.
    jacky is classic. i love him.
    actually i like almost all his movies.
    i grew up with him and always watched the movies with my cousin. makes me think of that again.

    though i must admid jet lee is taking over my sympathy lol

    hm btw i never thought ud be into harry potter gah
    i must say i hated all ppl talkin about it.
    buying the books and watching the movies.
    i always told myself i will NEVER watching them, nor read.
    but one day i thought i should at least watch the movies, so i did lol

    but HP manga/anime? o_O

    art stupid?
    excuse me?
    i am an artist and id say art is in the eye of the beholder, but its never stupid.
    if u say anime is art ok
    BUT anime can be stupid, art not.
    so i wouldnt agree anime is art. though it is somehow lol
    cuz anime is just a way of expressing urself, like art or movies or music or whatever.
    so in the end…stupid anime exist.
    stupid art, no.

    but ya if u dont wanna watch it again, then just DONT!

    eh why did u vote? its nov 4th isnt it?
    im confused…hm

    and i must say ur pretty much an addict…..
    almost every post is about a new figure u got…
    seriously how much do u pay for those?

    and halloween, why the trooper?
    btw how much did u pay for that helmet.
    hmm i dont really see the funny thing in a punk trooper.
    u actually failed lol
    punk trooper would make me think about a trooper costume with a pink mohawk and broke clothes.
    like holes in the jeans n stuff u know.
    why ur not going as CHUBAKA (chewbacca) or Jar Jar?
    thats what id love and i think ud win the contest.
    oh btw at this point i am requesting the chubaka noise for ur next broadcast lol

  2. @Miko: LOL, u always get things confused. I never said “art is stupid” (I’m an artist too), but I’m just ASKING otaku and anime fans~~ If “art is never stupid” and “anime is art”, then logically “anime is never stupid”. So anime otaku should never complain based on “stupid”, lol. >_<; Yeah, Election Day is Nov 4th, but like other states, Nevada has "early voting" from Oct 18th thru 31st. And "absentee ballots" (which I did) can also be mailed early as long as it's received before Nov 4th. Well, as every figure collector knows, shipments can come MONTHS, sometimes a year, after an order. So even though my "addiction" stopped in June (with a few impulse exceptions), the orders are still coming even in October, haha. My last 3 orders should come by the end of the year, or early next year. ^_^; Why the trooper? Maybe cuz of the cool new CG-animated "Star Wars - Clone Wars" TV series, and maybe a little of (he wears full armor). But I like the "Desert Punk" idea of a trooper, not the "Sex Pistols" idea of mohawks, lol. So I'm not talking about the rock-music definition of "punk", just the classic definition (hoodlum, renegade, outcast, etc.). Chubaka costumes?!? Nooo wayyy, but maybe the noise. ^_~

  3. hmmmm still I am confused about what u said about art n stuff, but nevermind…

    oh ya we have that early postal voting stuff too, but i never vote anyways. well i vote zero too lol
    always cuz i never know who to vote, plus i think all politics are the same, they make promises about changing things but in the end they dont lol

    hmmm still…how many fugres do u have? and u didnt reply my answer….how much do u have already and how much did u spend? must be a lot

    and booooooooo~ about the costume lol
    i wanna see u as chubaka or jar jar
    or which would be funny….xerxes from 300 XD

  4. @Miko: Ah, figures, yup, a lot… I had a discussion with Meronpan a few weeks ago about this, lol. Right now, he’s worse than me! Which is why I’m stopping at about 92 figures (97 is incorrect)… Nooo Xerxes, but maybe I should see the film. >_< @Andy: Thanx, man!

  5. U do a radio show??

    -ah Drunken Master …classic. Love the 20min ending fight. I think thats one of the longests fight sequences ive seen.

    -U know in the pic w/da purple(hehe) shirt u sorta remind me of Dr.Drew .

  6. @Guin: LOL, sure seems like a radio show. That is, after all the multiple screw-ups, re-takes, music and editing, haha… Yup, definitely a classic film, can’t believe it took me so long to find it and get to it… Dr. Drew the sex-health guy?!? LOL, at least u didn’t say Dr. Phil.

    P.S. Hey, noticed you’re watching “Persona – Trinity Soul”. Only up to episode 5 so far, but it ain’t bad, different for a mecha series. Unfortunately, got side-tracked by “Zero no Tsukaima” S1 and S2. Now it’s “Rosario + Vampire”. Gotta luv ecchi-ness, lol.

  7. @Gina: Awww, thanx!

    Although I admit, my “Punk Trooper” video isn’t particularly illuminating, lol… Ah yes, “Star Wars” and “Highlander” could be pretty electrifying! Although more earth-bound than “Highlander”, I strove for a more unkempt and dirt-smacked “Firefly” taste with a touch of “Desert Punk” (anime), hehe.

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