Blog 178 > Blog Antics & Anime Battles

Holy crap! I’ve got so much crap to talk about that I may not fit in any anime crap, lol. But I’ll try. From old layouts to new readers, from post updates to blog widgets, from shiny iMacs to blazing Zazzles, and maybe some random tunes too. But what else? Anime mascots? Seems like every anime blog is caving in with their own new mascot~ not only Mimi, but Koshiko, Dancing Queen and the latest Meimi132 too~ inspired by DC no doubt, lol. Fortunately, I haven’t succumbed to peer pressure… yet, lol. But we’ll see.

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Blog 159 > Saber-Hectic September

Yeah, another grinding week in the real world. Office-chained client-work for IBM continues to be grueling. I continue to endure burn-out mode while my blood-shot eyes (including my supernatural left eye, lol) approach boil-out mode. Yet despite it all, I manage to limp along with anime and web design as my crutches, lol. So, in no particular order, a few highlights over the last couple weeks…

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Blog 051 > Spirit of the Matrix!

Pretty uneventful day, except for one thing: The Matrix. Some 3-4 years since the height of the Matrix hype, a fellow fan of and member of the Hardline message-board community popped out of the blue on my LJ: Trialia. She wondered whether I’d ever complete Construct 2.0, the half-finished resurrection of the defunct from 3 years ago. Well, I only lost interest because everyone else seemed to, but if she and others are interested, why not?

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post 312 ~ fire & electra

post 312 ~ man, the work week is speeding by!… mailed my christmas package to my family in new york… ordered my jen-shaka’s new DELL laptop… trying not to get burned in the fire between two LJ friends… meanwhile, last night, after several nights, finished my first “matrix” illustration in almost TWO YEARS! ;)))

  • here’s “electra” a.k.a. … also posted on her website… enjoy! :)))