Blog 200 > Tasty Tales from the Toybox

Awww, Danni, thanx! How have you been? Oops, wait. Oh no, a new fabricated message! Damn, lol. Ah well, although Cherokee-Hawaiian adult-film actress Danni Cole never actually sent me this sunshiny and spectacled cheer, the beach-house fantasy sounds like a perfect summertime anime episode, doesn’t it? Hahaha… Well, my Tumbling Toyboxers, it’s that time of the week again. Another weekly mega-cast to keep the otaku-sensei aghast! So, to celebrate this 200th Blog of the Toybox, we’re gonna take a dive at not only revealing why we blog to express and connect, but also why we choose to Twitter or Toybox. Why? Not only that, we’re gonna take a splash at unraveling why anime can never really be stupid. Why not? On top of those, we’ll trickle under our friendly neighborhood Uzumaki and Minami, trample past a few real-world and random-worded antics, and tumble upon the bottomless fall and bubbling rise of this humble Toybox! Sounds edible? Cool. So let’s turn on the oven and get ready to heat your inner mayhem. It’s time to cook this tasty show…

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Blog 184 > Rewind in Anime, Myself & I

Ah, another year, another list of anime. The endless cycle, lol. But for this post, I take a farther look back to the older anime titles of the 80s and 90s. Including an old issue of an anime magazine I’ve kept since that time. A few memories. And still a few mysterious titles. But fascinating nonetheless. Plus my latest figure video, lol. Now let’s begin…

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Blog 162 > Fumie From Edelweiss

Wow, too much time has blown like the wind!… First, even though this is my 23rd anime-figure photoshoot, it’s my first indoor photoshoot in TEN MONTHS since November 2007! Second, my 85th figure has taken FOURTEEN MONTHS to finally arrive since my July 2007 pre-order! But all the delays and waiting has finally paid off. After falling in love with “her long raven-black hair, white windblown dress, and old-style pistol and shotgun” in July 2007 (Blog 099), my latest photoshoot of 1/7-scale “Fumie” from the Edelweiss eroge (Japanese erotic videogame) is now one of my most-favorite photoshoots ever, lol. Moreso than I felt back then, “There’s just something gothic yet classical, stoic yet carefree, angelic and demonic, about her!”

For this Canon DSLR photoshoot, I used my (a) ceiling light, (b) two halogen desk lamps, plus (c) my camera flash, to collect about 200 shots in about 120 minutes. Which are typical numbers for me. Finally, I narrowed the near-200 shots down to 90 shots. The best part is, except for resizing and watermarking, absolutely NO Photoshop enhancements were applied to the photos at all. Nice, that’s how it should be. I hope you enjoy the shoot!

Warning > I recommend Firefox 2/3 since IE 6/7 tends to break under the photo pressure, argh.

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Blog 159 > Saber-Hectic September

Yeah, another grinding week in the real world. Office-chained client-work for IBM continues to be grueling. I continue to endure burn-out mode while my blood-shot eyes (including my supernatural left eye, lol) approach boil-out mode. Yet despite it all, I manage to limp along with anime and web design as my crutches, lol. So, in no particular order, a few highlights over the last couple weeks…

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Blog 099 > Weapons in the Wind

Whoa! When I first saw her, I virtually fell in love with her! In fact, it’s been a while since I ordered a figure BEFORE seeing an anime portraying her. In this case, she’s 1/7-scale “Fumie” from the Edelweiss eroge (Japanese erotic videogame) with her long raven-black hair, white windblown dress, and old-style pistol and shotgun. There’s just something gothic yet classical, stoic yet carefree, angelic and demonic, about her! So yeah, I ordered her with a target release of November-December 2007. For those interested, the videogame story site is provided with the image below.

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