Blog 051 > Spirit of the Matrix!

Pretty uneventful day, except for one thing: The Matrix. Some 3-4 years since the height of the Matrix hype, a fellow fan of and member of the Hardline message-board community popped out of the blue on my LJ: Trialia. She wondered whether I’d ever complete Construct 2.0, the half-finished resurrection of the defunct from 3 years ago. Well, I only lost interest because everyone else seemed to, but if she and others are interested, why not?

Of course, along with xJAYMANx_toybox, I’d like to better tweak the design for Firefox, plus convert HTML to PHP, and replace tables with CSS, LET ALONE add the rest of the fanfic content, so it’ll take some time. But what a “Whoa!” project, haha! =))) In the spirit of The Matrix, here’s one more version of Photo 001, hehe…


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