Blog 027 > Bloody Hell! Part 1 of 4

That’s right, BLOODY HELL, mwah-hahaha!!! Even larger than my previous “Genshiken” set, here is my most-complex most-ambitious photoshoot to date, taken Dec 31st and Jan 1st! Once again, improving upon my original HP-digicam photoshoots in Sept 2006, I’ve combined my 3 favorite anime vampires — 1/8-scale “Saya & Hagi” (from Blood+) and 1/7-scale “Seras Victoria” (from Hellsing) — into a single scene before a nighttime London intersection (both anime series have scenes in London). With this first set of 2007, I stopped myself at a total of 100 Canon shots, and could only trim it down to the best 90 shots. Damn, with each photo session, it keeps rising from 50% to 70% and now at 90% showability, I’ll need FOUR posts! But to make the fun last, I’ll spread them out every other post, hehe! And now, without further ado, here are the photos!

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