post 341 ~ fate in numbers…

post 341 ~ fate in numbers… congrats to the fastest friends to be safe from the “passover” cut-off, lol… (see “safe list” on previous post 340)… as for other news…

  • 5 days ~ returned to the office after 5 days either sick at home or working from home… while our first-floor “dungeon” is like a prison cell where all u can focus is on work, it’s like a prison cell in its spartan and claustrophobic nature… STILL don’t understand the original need to move the 3 of us downstairs away from the 3rd floor… but i guess i’m lucky to work at home at all ;)))
  • 24 hours ~ finally finished “24” season 2 over the weekend… it rocked! better than season 1!… and while it’s a show definitely designed “for the ride”, i doubt i’ll ever buy the DVDs… that’s what “battlestar galactica” is for! LOL ;)
  • 50 weeks ~ funny, finally returned to watching the hit korean show “damo” again (ordered the DVD set last month!)… and according to my gmail, it’s been almost a YEAR (50 weeks) since i last saw it as a rental… never finished the series, which is why i bought it when it finally hit amazon!… and FEELS like it’s only been a month, not a year!
  • 3 “fate” figures ~ lastly, yup! i caved!… after ordering the first “black saber” figurine from … yesterday, ordered TWO more “saber” figurines from … averaging only $50 per 7.5-inch figurine! nice ;)

    #1 ~ Fate Stay Night 1:8 Saber

    #2 ~ Fate Hollow Ataraxia : 1:8 Saber (Casual Wear Ver.)

    #3 ~ Fate Hollow Ataraxia : 1:8 Black Saber Dress

  • 14 “fate” episodes ~ meanwhile, i’ve downloaded the first 3 available chapters of the english-version “fate stay night” manga… and in the process of downloading the 14 available episodes (jap with eng subtitles) of the “fate stay night” anime so far, now playing in japan… completed 9 downloads so far!!!