Blog 123 > Frumpy Orange Photoshoot

Frumpy! Yep, that’s what Lisa called herself, haha… Hey, remember my Blog 120 > Orange Christmas photo-post? Well, back in early December, due to various circumstances, my ex’s sister Lisa asked to move in with me as a housemate. Actually, I’ve known Lisa since she was a 12-year-old brat in 1994, so she’s not totally unfamiliar. But after a full 5 weeks of moving and assembling her stuff from 2 or 3 other places, and fulfilling her first-month’s rent to me, last night (Wednesday the 16th) was her first night staying over. Which somehow included an impromptu photoshoot in her new orange bedroom and “frumpy” stay-at-home outfit!… Consequently, here are 13 of the better shots. For more of Lisa, she can also be found at MySpace > EvieVanCovet. Enjoy the odd and orange frumpiness!