Blog 062 > Seven of Nine

+++++ Star Trek Voyager – Season 4 (1-26) – Started 07/15/06. Finished 05/05/07. My speed review: “DOUBLE-WOW! The Borg! Seven of Nine! Still one of the best Trek seasons ever!” (5 of 5 stars!)

As I might have mentioned in previous posts, I finally finished Star Trek Voyager, Season 4 (1997) for the second time, after starting it nearly ten months ago! (The first time was back in 1997-1998.) I should probably blame Battlestar Galactica for breaking me away from anime moreso than usual, lol. But clearly, the most outstanding feature of this already remarkable crew was the introduction of Seven of Nine, played by Jeri Ryan. Her character combines the most recognized features of the Star Trek universe: The Vulcan-style “logic” and full-figured “femininity” of early Trek, fused with the greatest innovation and most-elaborate adversary of modern Trek — the Borg Collective — first introduced in The Next Generation.

In Voyager Season 4, Seven not only further defines the series via the complex relationship between Borg and human, machine and man, but also as a substantial adversarial foil for the convincingly quick-witted Captain Kathryn Janeway. Intriguingly, their friendship is reminiscent of the Kirk-Spock emotional-logical contrast, an absent Trek element that isn’t quite missed until it reappears with Seven-Janeway. Add to that, Jeri Ryan’s visual and vocal beauty, and her memorable assimilation is complete, lol!… 5 of 5 stars! I hope to start Season 5 (1998) again soon!