Blog 036 > Gateway to Chaos! Part 1 of 4

Remember when I first received her back on November 30th? Well, I finally took my photoshoot on Jan 7th and 8th! And they keep getting bigger and bigger! Even larger than my previous “Cosplaying Genshiken” or “Bloody Hell” sets, here’s my largest photoshoot thus far, taken of 1/7-scale “Igunis” from the Chaos Gate Jingai Makyo hentai/erotic videogame. With just over 150 shots, I surprisingly managed to narrow it down to the best 100 shots (hopefully, my maximum limit from now on, lol), which also keeps it down to four posts (of 25 shots each). So enjoy the photos!

Otakurl it! | See Danny’s Photoshoot

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