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Urban Vinyl
Photo 0671 by Megan | Click to enlarge

Those funky rabbit-shaped “dunny” designs!

When my kewl new friend Megan mentioned her “Urban Vinyl” toys for the first time (Sept 12th), I had no idea what she was talking about, lol. Were they made out of vinyl? Japanese toys? American? But after a bit of Google research — such as finding and — I gotta say: Whoa! That UV style is literally wild! If I’d have to compare it to a cartoon I’ve seen, I’d say “Ren & Stimpy”, very exaggerated, very brightly colored, like “comics on crack” (she liked that metaphor, lol)! But apparently, this toy style has gotten so wild that some designs can sell for hundreds of dollars! Is that possible? Well…

According to Megan: Some toys are based on already-known characters, but most are just designs, I’d guess you say. Some of them will have one standard shape like the “dunny” which looks kinda like a rabbit shape (you’ll see in my pics), but different artists will design their own version of it. But with most of these toys, they only release a limited number of them, so if you miss out on getting it when they first come out, you will have to pay a high price on eBay to get your hands on one. Or some artists will design just a one-off, often hand-painted, which go for a price. I can’t even tell you how crazy it is. I stopped collecting as much these days, because it started getting a little more crazy than it was just for the joy of collecting “art.”

For an anime-figure collector like myself, this toy genre was definitely an eye-opener! Like a different toy universe I never knew existed! But now, without further delay, here’s Megan’s toy collection! Thanx Megan! And to the rest of you, enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Blog 110 > Urban Vinyl Toy Survival!

  1. Im jealous, lol. I just discover the kidrobot site and imeadiately fell in love with the dunny and munny toys. unfortunately I have yet to get any but love your collection.

  2. LOL, oops, these are not mine, these are my friend Megan’s dunnies, etc. My collection only includes anime and sci-fi figures. But I’ll tell her! =)

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