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LOL, this sounds unbelievable but maybe not?

1> Let’s start with the background… Almost 3 years ago in September 2005, I first met dancer Anna (Kiev, Ukraine) via LiveJournal. Since then, we’ve kept in touch via LJ, Facebook and email. Separately, last year in April 2007, I first met lolita-cosplayer Kaori (Singapore) via Exchanging occasional comments in our LJs or blogs, Kaori also introduced me to Facebook’s “Human Pets” community.

2> Today, July 5th, 2008, I received a new email from Anna in Kiev. She asked me if I could photo-remix some of her photos and gave me a LiveJournal link as an artistic reference.

3> That link was an entry in the “ru_glamour” community LJ, titled “Jin Zemotion” and posted by member “jolita”. Wow, some amazing photography! So naturally, I had to follow the link to the original website.

4> That link took me to the website of photographer Zhang Jingna (Singapore/Beijing). So naturally, as I browsed, a “lolita” thumbnail caught my eye.

5> That thumbnail opened an amazing “lolita” photo named “Midnight Game“. Take note that “All images and materials found on this website are copyrighted to Zhang Jingna”. Prior to this post, I made sure to get permission from Jingna…

6> But guess what? It suddenly struck me that I recognized the model in the upper left! Wasn’t she a cosplaying friend of Kaori in Singapore??? So I checked my “Human Pets” home page for my list of “Last Viewed Your Profile”. I clicked “Shao” from 210 days ago. And…

7> I couldn’t believe it! In her “Human Pets” profile, Shao (Singapore) included a lower-resolution version of the same exact “Midnight Game” photo from Jingna’s site! LOL, such an incredible coincidence from Singapore to Ukraine! Or maybe *not* so incredible? The nature of the internet?

Have you experienced anything like this too? LOL ^_^

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  1. oops i cant believe i just saw this post ^^” i was there at the shoot as well, except that i left much earlier(wasnt feeling well lol)

    perhaps from my lolita outings’ picture posts, you can recognize the rest of them~! :3

    [xJAYMANx’s Note > Comment copied from old Toybox]

    Kaori´s last blog post > Korean Pop night concert in Singapore

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