post 424 ~ tomb raider phase! again?

Lara Croft in Wetsuit
Lara Croft in Wetsuit (TR2) | Image from

post 424 ~ yup, before i knew it, i’m in my “tomb raider” phase again!

i remember finishing the classic TR1 and TR2 games (for PC) in the mid-to-late 90s, and even worked halfway into TR3 as late as 2000-2001… (before “The Matrix” saga consumed me)… last month, i added “TR: Legend” (XP) to my wish list, and this week, for my x-mas wish list, it re-ignited my interest once again… today, i even purchased a 1/6-scale 9-inch “Lara Croft in Wetsuit (TR2)” figure on ebay!

BUT yesterday, my ex told me she planned on getting (or telling someone to get) “TR: Legend” for x-mas, for her recently-purchased XBOX 360!… whoa, at first, i was jealous (well, maybe i still am, lol)… but then, hey– i could play it for free, and maybe the controls won’t be as familiar as a computer keyboard… who knows?… in any case, today i decided to flash back and install my old pre-XP TR3 once more, but some of the audio and video sequences skip and repeat like a broken record, gah!… fortunately, the XP-compatible TR2, TR3, and TR4 versions are less than $9 each (including shipping) on ebay, hehehe ;)))

p.s. other than the “jedi knight” and “enter the matrix” games, “tomb raider” is the only other title i’ve felt strongly enough to actually FINISH!… ah, the good old days ;)

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  1. this weekend i’ll have to show you Dead Or Alive Extreme 2–i think you’ll really like it :) My character is a Japanese girl named Kokoro.

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