Blog 077 > Vacation Days 5-6 of 6

At last, the final post of my East Coast Vacation! These 70 photos range from our house to scenic waterfront to elementary school to international airport, from the outdoors to indoors to vehicles to FOOD, lol. Enjoy!

Photo 001. On Monday, just another highway rest stop on our way back from Boston to New York.

Photos 002 to 004. Dad taking my brother Joel to the train station for his return to New York City.

Photos 005 to 013. Here are the colorful trees and sky above and around the house.

Photos 014 to 029. That Monday afternoon, after Mom and I returned to the P.C. Richards store to exchange the malfunctioning CompactFlash memory card for her Canon 350D, we drove around for a bit. We visited the Nautical Mile waterfront in nearby Freeport, Long Island. Awesome views! Then afterwards, drove to my old elementary Oak School #3, lol.

Photo 018. Like I said, awesome views!

Photos 025 to 029. Haha, I couldn’t resist getting photos with Mom’s black Mercedes-Benz!

Photos 030 to 042. After the Nautical Mile, we visited my old elementary Oak School #3, lol. There have been definite changes, and yet at the same time, not much has changed at all!

Photo 036. Ah, the playgrounds where I was once a Kickball King! LOL!

Photos 043 to 044. Back at the house, Mom agreed to let me drive her Mercedes-Benz around the block with her as passenger, lol. Not bad! I think I need one, lol.

Photos 045 to 047. Mmmm, a tasty Filipino dinner! Awesome squid (pusit), shrimp noodles (pansit), and brown rice! Oops, don’t forget the fish, lol. Third helpings, please!

Photos 048 to 049. Tuesday already! Here are some pretty old photos of me as a kid at the beach. Total geekness, LOL! Of course, Mom probably took this photo.

Photos 050 to 057. More Filipino cuisine for a Tuesday lunch, before my flight back to Vegas. This time, not only fish and noodles (pansit), but also some awesome Filipino eggrolls (lumpia). Can’t get enough!

Photos 058 to 063. For the hell of it, and to kill time before my flight, I decided to reassemble Jeff’s old LEGO X-Wing Fighter. Only the wings and engines and random pieces were detached, so it was no trouble. Still looks pretty damn good!

Photos 064 to 070. Ah, John F Kennedy International Airport, waiting for my evening flight back to Vegas. Interesting side story: As I waited by the gate, one black-haired Russian-sounding girl in a brown cap and white jacket, who had been sitting alone, found a group of young Russian-sounding travellers also bound for Vegas. It was fascinating seeing them meet each other for the first time. Enough for me to pull out my Canon 350D and take a few shots. Coincidentally, the cute black-haired girl also reminded me of a LiveJournal friend living in Russia. Although my LJ friend is cuter, lol. Right, Lena? :)

That’s all, folks! I hope you enjoyed my vacation posts. Until my next vacation, take care!