Blog 069 > Vacation Day 2 of 6

Day Two of Six! The next dozen photos show much-much older photos, originally taken around the time of my Mom and Dad’s graduation from medical school in 1967. In mid-1967, Mom was age 23, and Dad was age 25. Needless to say, these old photos have always amazed and mesmerized me as a little kid and even today as a grownup guy, but now I’ve finally captured them in digital form. Amazing, lol.

Next, Photos 013 through 018 show a drawing I did about 20 years ago! But after looking up my archives, my original letter-sized black-and-white pencil sketch was created on 24 July 1989, so it’s actually 18 years ago. Still, this drawing also mesmerized me enough to create a larger-scaled color version. Her name is Arria. Hmmm, I wonder if her name is based on Arianna, my first-ever crush in kindergarten, lol.

Photos 019 and 020 are pictures of my parents’ wedding photo, obviously, lol.

Video 005 – Old Golden Photos.

Photos 021 and 022 were taken right before Mom and I visited the P.C. Richards electronics store to shop for her Canon 350D Rebel XT. I believe Mom took these. Not bad, eh? LOL.

And yes, we actually bought it! Wait, I should say Mom actually bought it! Plus a 4 GB CompactFlash memory card. Interestingly enough, after the battery was fully charged and inserted, we found that the memory card caused an error message. I confirmed it by testing it in my own Canon, then verifying that my 8 GB card worked perfectly in her Canon. Unfortunately, we decided it was too late to return to the store, we couldn’t return until Monday, and so she couldn’t bring her new camera to Boston. Fortunately, I brought mine.

Video 006 – New Silver Canon.

Later that night, my old high-school friend Stacy picked me up at about 8pm, and we drove around the area. So many old yet new places! And since Outback Steakhouse was packed, we settled on Red Lobster for dinner. Mmmm! And funny high-school stories! Afterwards, she even allowed me to take a look at her still-in-construction home and her tiny sleeping daughter, and to check my email, lol. Finally back home about 11pm. Time to wake up in the morning: 5am!

Stay tuned for Day 3! New York to Boston!