Blog 073 > Vacation Day 3a of 6

Hey! Following Day Two, comes Day Three of Six! In these 3 videos plus 36 photos, we reach the Boston portion of my East Coast Vacation. Everything from fights to laughs, hahaha! So enjoy the mayhem!

Video 007 – Road to Boston. My parents, my brother Joel and I left at about 5am in the morning!

Video 008 – Killing Some Time. Finally reached Boston about 9:30am, but no available rooms yet! So it was time to check out the mall…

Video 009 – Meeting Doctor Jeff. Finally met my youngest brother Jeff outside the Barnes & Noble. So we all headed back to get some breakfast at Au Bon Pain, get our room with a nice view (for just 4 of us; Jeff still had his dorm to pack up), then wander around the streets and parks under the drizzly Boston sky.

Stay tuned for Day 3b of 6! Evening cocktails and colleagues, lol.